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For me it's English style with some nice black pepper. Delish.

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American "style" is what you make when you don't know how to make scrambled eggs.

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gordon ramsay/marco pierre white style is cook it for 2 hours until its runny slop and fry some whole cherry tomatoes, fucking morons

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Do Americans really?

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Nope. Its the same as french or english depending on personal tastes. Never seen eggs like that even in the most filthy, run down diners

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At worst in a (bad) diner, they're overcooked, and become more like rubbery nuggets.
I've never made or ordered scrambled eggs that look like that in my life.
That looks more like if you were scrambling eggs for a quiche, didn't add cream, and decided to make a thin omelette out of it.

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>don't do it like any of those pics
>actually haven't really seen two people ever do them quite the same

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scrambled eggs are a stupid idea to begin with

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How? It's only stupid to make them sopping.

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I can make gordons cum eggs just fine, it's not hard to stir a fucking pot
I prefer the yolk and egg to be somewhat separate in muh scramb' so I first cook them like I was doing fried eggs then mush them up when they're half done, I've tried every way and this is the best
they just taste better like that simple as

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>imagine being unable to cook an omelet
scamblecucks everybody

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Why does America make everything shit?

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I've cooked scrambled eggs both ways and it still tastes bad. Only regular eggs and boiled eggs taste fine when I cook em. When other people make me scrambled eggs its tasted really good.

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The Chinese layered ones you make in a wok are pretty good.
You have tasty browned bits with soft runny bits in between

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sometimes i'm just to lazy to get a clean bowl to beat the eggs in, so i do it in the pan while it's cooking.

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middle but 50% egg and 50% butter

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French but with American cheese

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american eggs are greasy spoon diner eggs.
they are cooked on a flat griddle instead of a pan or a pot.
those are spatula eggs instead of wooden spoon eggs

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I've been amerifat my entire life and I've never seen that retardation on the right. It's always the left one.

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Hard scrambled fills me up more then softly scrambled even if it's literally the same amount of eggs. Even more so if they're fried. What gives?

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Maybe because you have to chew hard scrambled more and it feels more like solid food. Supposedly that's one reason why a smaller amount of sugar from fruit is more satisfying than more sugar from something like juice.

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Scramble is harder to cook than an omelet. Like comparing a milkshake to a mousse.

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no, scrambled eggs are what happens when you fail at cooking an omelet, retard

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I cook mine til its brown because I hate myself

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I like the ones on the right but they didn't cut them up
french eggs are for faggots and Gordon can't even cook a grilled cheese

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Scrambled eggs are for children and effeminate men.

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I just toss my scrambled eggs into the microwave with a little milk and they always come out closer to 'English' in that image. Have no idea how that 'American' abortion was produced.

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I’m American I’ve probably eaten scrambled eggs at 1000 different diners in my life and never once have I ever seen that blue shit on the right, it looks like pic on the left always

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I love eggs in most all forms, but generally dislike scrambled.

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the pic was made by some roastie who hates america despite living there

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This. Also it comes out like English for me. I don't think I've ever set out to make scrambled eggs, every single other style is better.

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Soft scrambled egg is disgusting, Gordon Ramsey is a wanker. The best scrambled eggs are in large dry curds that can be easily forked without falling apart, and should have some browning

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This, absolutely. I want to pierce a piece of egg with a fork and have it stay on.

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i make american scramble for sandwiches on the go. i make english if i'm just eating scrambled eggs. Little chopped green onions on top or chives mixed in is nice.

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The left one is american.

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>i make right scramble for sandwiches on the go. i make American if i'm just eating scrambled eggs. Little chopped green onions on top or chives mixed in is nice.

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i'm american and nobody i know, even the most boomer of boomers, cooks eggs like the picture on the right. it's always more like the left.

>> No.16820162

sounds like you burnt it

>> No.16820177

Looks like it was just left in a pan untouched until cooked through then "scrambled" by mixing them up afterwards

>> No.16820185

It's not that the eggs are green, it's that the eggs are folded in sheets rather than being puffy clods as in English-style or silky mush as in French-style.

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If the picture is accurate, and I think it isn't, the eggs on the right were how one of the cooks at my dorm cafeteria made the eggs. They were the best: rich, buttery, and sleek. You could slurp them up like noodles. The other cooks just poured the egg mix into a tin and baked it so they came out like puffy cakes as dry as styrofoam.

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The whole scrambled egg debate is retarded. Just scramble the eggs how you like and shut the fuck up about it

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I didn't know that Americans have their own style of scrambled eggs.
Looks yummy though.

>> No.16820495

The original image from the insider was already pretty bad, and didn't need editing.

>> No.16820519

this is a good one, it also looks like it will be good with tomatoes

>> No.16820529

It's english for me but with american as well.

>> No.16820559

Can you accurately guess what country I'm from?

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Make way for the master

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None of these looks seasonned. Scrambled eggs is bland no matter what way you cook it. Add a little salt and pepper and maybe a bit of chives. The english one looks like it has the best texture. It's not runny like the french or like a shredded pancake for the american one.

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This looks fucking disgusting. Ramsey is such a hack

>> No.16820795

Stopped watching at
>crackinh eggs on side of pan instead of a flat surface

>> No.16820809

He doesn't like scorching hot crispy creamy asian-style fried eggs

>> No.16820837

American here. Not once in my life have I ever seen someone prepare scrambled eggs like in that pic

>> No.16820841

just make hollandaise.

>> No.16820973

This but the American way we're you cook the egg in the still hot pan of bacon grease.

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This is how I cook eggs:
>scramble, add extra stuff like pepper and onion
>pour onto pan, let it cook until the bottom turns brown
>use spatula to roll it up into a burrito shape

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i've never been served french style scrambled eggs at a restaurant
always english per that image, or something thereabouts

>> No.16821120

why are the images more saturated from left to right?

>> No.16821142

That looks like runny potato salad

>> No.16821149

Because he photoshopped them to bait replies and you fell for it.

>> No.16821184

but i don't think OP did it himself, this reeks of food youtuber/blog

>> No.16821187

The original is right here so yeah he did. >>16820495

>> No.16821195

I'm english and I cook it more like the french
Only time I cook it like the american one is when I'm making fried rice

>> No.16821214

That one is not american.

>> No.16821254

This is good too

>> No.16821281

I’m American and didn’t even know there was a difference. Mine always look like the ‘british’ ones, only ever seen ‘American’ style at diners and just assumed they looked that way because they were pre-made or something

>> No.16821283

What diner? Nobody makes them like that you fucking liar.

>> No.16821303

I refuse to believe the "american" style is even real. Literally never had eggs that looked like that, even in shitty diners or cafeterias.

>> No.16821344

Scrambled eggs are easy as fuck.

>put some butter in pan on low heat
>crack eggs into pan
>turn heat up a bit once you have all the eggs cracked
>mix eggs up
>continue tossing the eggs around until most of the wetness is gone, but not all of it
>pour on plate
>sprinkle with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Shit takes like 2 minutes at most. You must be one of those faggots who think french omelette are hard. I could make a french omelette every day if I wanted to but the taste is too rich for me, and don't like creamy eggs.

>> No.16821346

Dennys and Waffle House.

>> No.16821410

Not even remotely, but apparently yurotrash is so fucking gullible that they'll believe any retarded shit you throw at em. Why are they like this?

>> No.16821412

I've lived in America for 15 years and have never been served scrambled eggs like that either at a restaurant or anywhere else

>> No.16821448

Sit down and shut the fuck up.

>> No.16821459

Strange, I’ve never been to that waffle house or dennys.
Maybe different line cooks do things differently?

>> No.16821467

>someone posts bait image
>all the posts look like a reddit comment section, "as an American blah blah blah blah"

>> No.16821471

no. not really.

>> No.16821670

Maybe you're a lying piece of shit.

>> No.16821805

Custard eggs are pretentious and a meme. I want mine fluffy and meaty.

>> No.16821832

Hard scrambled digest slower, any hard done eggs will make you constipated. You can lessen the effects by eating with something which has laxatative properties.

>> No.16821840

french >
and this is coming from an american

>> No.16821858

I really enjoyed those threads. I was just thinking about Megan the other day. Funny you should bring it up.

>> No.16821860

Somewhere south of the Danube, east of Trieste, west of the Caucasians. I'd guess Romania but could be Turkish.

>> No.16821864

I season mine with cream, smoked salmon, salt and pepper.

>> No.16821868

Do you use a smoked salmon shaker?

>> No.16821872

this is the true 'american'

>> No.16822104

They're franchises ran by a corporation. They have a strict code about how food is prepared, any cook that goes off those guidelines gets fired within the month

>> No.16822363

Freshly ground is the only way to go. The preground stuff is basically just pink saw dust.

>> No.16822377

scrambled eggs are what you make when youre too autistic to eat a runny yolk...

>> No.16822383

speaking from experience, btw. finally came around to the fried egg and im not going back. scrambled eggs fucking suck.

>> No.16822388

The color is colder in the image of the American egg. You can tell by comparing the color of the wood and bread. They obviously did this to make the American egg image look the worst. Still, no one fucking serves eggs like that here in the US. This shit was made by a seething european who just wanted to make America look bad.

>> No.16822391

>no chew
>no bite
>essentially mayonnaise

>> No.16822439

I tried all types of fried eggs and I prefer scrambled. I just don't like how rich the runny yolk is, and the egg white is bland as all fuck on its own. Always need something to dilute the richness, like bread, or the egg white to make it appetizing to me. If you are mixing the yolk with the white on your plate then you might as well fucking do it while cooking.

>> No.16822485

What the fuck is crème fraîche and what's a good equivalent for an American that doesn't and to fuck around with leaving dairy out for half a day?

>> No.16822517

>and the egg white is bland as all fuck on its own
fried egg sandwich with siracha, cholula, some lao gan ma chili crisp, and a lil' squirt of ketchup.

>> No.16822524

have you tried frying in high heat, shallow oil, on cast iron, while ladling hot oil over the yolk? you get an awesome amount different textures.

>> No.16822541

Sour cream, basically.

>> No.16822551

Well, yeah, if you are adding a bunch of other shit then a fried egg is fine.

So basically cooking it like a steak? Sure, I'll try it.

>> No.16822561

Left is what any American thinks of for scrambled eggs. Right is someone failed at folding an omelet and said fuck it, while drunk.

>> No.16822573

Scrambled is the worst way to cook an egg.
Over-easy is the finest method known to man.

>> No.16822696

The only thing I add consistently is salt and pepper. Tried cheese once, it was alright. Probably won't bother with that again.

>> No.16822717

New Jersey Chad detected

>> No.16822803

>I tried all types of fried eggs
wow so cultured

>> No.16822866

>So basically cooking it like a steak?
i saw some portuguese or italian cook do it on youtube. there's probably a name for the specific style. its like a poached egg yolk with a crispy fried egg white.

>> No.16822927

I haven't seen "American" eggs like pic related since my dipshit cousin microwaved his eggs when we were kids. I'm in the south and mine are usually a little overcooked but more akin to the English style in OP, but loaded down with onions and peppers like I tried to make an omelet and gave up.

>> No.16822994

I put pecorino cheese and pepper on my eggs
They are really gud

>> No.16822997

I don't like egg paste. The french can call it haute cuisine all they want or whatever it is very unappealing to me

>> No.16823948

Why is there a light blue filter over the rightmost pic? Look at the wooden background and how much more blue it is than the other two.

Food photography can be so dishonest.

>> No.16823965

Every scrambled eggs I’ve ever had or made looked nothing like the american example. That’s what happens when you cook eggs for the first time on stupidly high temp

>> No.16823976

kek it's always funny seeing euro versions of american food. nobody here in america cooks scrambled eggs like that on the right, never seen that a single time in my entire life it always looks like the shit on the left and only time i've eaten the slop in the middle is when some dipshit saw an epic LE GORDON RAMSAY!!! video and made me babypuke for breakfast

>> No.16824579

>this is coming from an american
Apparently it's not. If you were american you would know the picture isn't accurate.

>> No.16824593

Ever scrambled egg I’ve gotten looks like the right pic (obviously, without the blue filter). The thick sheets of eggs are what you get when you put eggs onto a hot pan or griddle. Maybe they’ll chop it up with the spatula for you, but you can always tell that it’s a chopped up sheet. When I cook for myself, I scramble the eggs in the pan to get the mixture of white and yolk, but the rights what’s always served to me.

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Mix sour cream and heavy cream. You can also make your own pretty easily it only takes a day.

>> No.16824604

You mean the faggot OP? The original picture was posted in the thread.

>> No.16824609

The faggot OP photoshopped it. The original was posted in the thread.

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