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Are you guys seriously still using grocery stores??

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I wish I had money to blow so I wouldn't have to go grocery shopping anymore

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Yeah but mostly delivery.

I like to use Blue Apron sometimes as an alternative to doordash type lazy meals. Hello Fresh is a little too downmarket for me.

It's not for groceries it's basically just a restaurant meal that you cook yourself so it's less nasty and soggy. Same concept as korean BBQ, except you have to do the dishes.

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>it's basically just a restaurant meal that you cook yourself
ah so I get all the price and none of the convenience, excellent

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Hellofresh is about $9 per meal, delivery included. I don't know what kinds of nightmare food you get delivery from, but you can barely even get McDonalds for that much once you include delivery fees and tips. Let alone food that isn't mystery meat and chemicals.

I fail to see what could be more convenient than food that arrives at your front door without lifting a finger, unless you mean turning on the stove and maybe slicing a potato is a horrible inconvenience even harder than schlepping to the nearest restaurant, showing your vax card, pretending to be friendly to the waiter, and then waiting for another 30 minutes for your food.

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This. Inlaws had some Blue Apron boxes sent to us after my daughter was born, and it was nice, fairly hassle free, good food, but I looked into the price and there's no way I'm buying it myself. I'll get the groceries and prepare the meal myself, or I'll have someone else get the food and prepare it for me. No overpriced middle ground.

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If you don't mind soggy vegetables and lukewarm meat for twice the price, then delivery is fine, I guess.

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>$9 per meal
Don't know about Hellofresh. Feeds one or two? If two, I imagine the portions are miniscule. I'm American, if it's not expanding my waistline I'm not interested.

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Not where I live.

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>I wish I had money for blow

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That’s what wives are for.

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That's the price based on a 2-person box delivered 3x a week. It's cheaper for the "family pack" but if you're preparing that much food you probably don't mind just making a big le creuset of sloppa every night to shovel into the screaming munchkins before getting on facebook to argue about 5g.

As to the size of the meals, I'm not a hamplanet, and I don't associate with hamplanets, so maybe that's why I'm ok with it. I've never felt underfed. I do tend to have a glass of wine with the food, so that contributes some calories I guess.

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For two months now I've been getting all my food from drive thrus because I don't want the government monitoring my movement. I'm feeling a bit unwell and my food budget has gotten higher than I'd like, but there's no way I'm submitting to the authoritarians.

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Hmmm. I'll look into it anon. Do have a couple of munchkins, one who will eat most anything I will, the other picky as hell. I'm no hamplanet either, but when I do cook a full, proper meal, I go all out, get my fill, and have leftovers to spare. May give it a shot, could be a nice occasional supplement.

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thats way more expensive dude

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I dont want their prepackaged recipes. I prefer to make whatever I want. Tomorrow Im cooking a big pot of healthy chicken stew that starts with a whole chicken

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I will spend a little more to put my dick in my food maker and have it create new life that I can then use for labor. Stop thinking so short term.

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I fucking hate these meal kits for retards. When they sent me a shrivelled quarter of a cabbage and a bag with 2 cloves of garlic I cancelled immediately.

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all this shit is for brainlets honest to god. how about i make what i fucking want with ingredients i picked out

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>you tried it
You're just as retarded, don't try to take the high ground.

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Grocery store in my town does free house delivery, might as well do that. I like going to the grocery store tho

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Ah I loved not making my own food.
Yeah no ill stick with shopping every now and again for food.

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Nigga, today I just found out my roommate's car will play pong with his car so he can text and drive and has a Siri/Alexa button on his steering wheel instead of a volume/tuner button, and my coworkers car has a headsup display on his windshield of the surrounding street area along with other data. There is a small to large obstacle course where the sexiest fittest girls go to run while wearing yoga pants in the heat and end up climbing all over an obstacle for everyone to see with their pants now soaked in sweat all stretched out and looking like fucking latex in the sun. I don't even know what fucking planet I'm on anymore.

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Hell no, that's like paying for a PPV when you can just stream it for free. Don't be a pay pig, take the food bank pill.

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>bread rolls
>tim tams
t... time to get creative I guess

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Roast veggie on lettuce sandwiches with tim tams for dessert

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Not him and never bought it myself but whats wrong with trying something as innocent as a food box in your life faggot? What are you afraid to have get fucked and get AIDS from a grindr hookup?

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I feel you man, realizing that you start to lose touch with the world is a strange and odd kind of feeling.
It honestly just makes me hate society and wish for WW3.

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>buy hacked hellofresh voucher codes at a 90% discount
>almost feel forced to eat it for every meal everyday until its patched because its far cheaper than grocery shopping
>freezers will be full of hundreds of hellofresh meals because I can't eat them as fast as I buy them
Hmmm, I like this meal plan service thing so far

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because there's no cameras at the drive through and your car doesn't have a license plate that identifies the owner?

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Hello Fresh was kind of fun at first. It was a decent stop gap for eating something different than the same standards. But the quality suddenly tanked. They frequently forget items or they'd bpack the smallest possible vegetables into the bag. So, provided they didn't forget it outright you end up with two golf ball sized potatoes that are somehow supposed to fill a sheet pan and be a key component of the meal. Also fuck combining sour cream, some sort of seasoning, and water until it reaches a drizzling consistency.

Hello Fresh ultimately made me hate cooking for a little while

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>so it's less nasty and soggy
But I can cook perfectly fine without someone else picking the ingredients for me. It's a scam for adult children.

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where can i buy those

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i just shop less often

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I buy them on discord and telegram, but the guy I buy them off only has codes for the UK site

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You absolutely delusional midwit. First, forgo the delivery aspect of it because it's greatly cheaper and you get much more calories for the same price. Second, McDonald's isn't mystery meat or chemicals, their quarter pounders are cooked using fresh beef. Almost everything on their menu aside from some things like the breakfast burrito and hotcakes have zero added ingredients beyond that which you would buy if you bought it in the store and cooked it yourself. Now with those out of the way, Hello Fresh is $9 per meal of 500 to 800 calories each which isn't enough for a guy who uses his brain and body. For $6 or $7 I can get 1500 calories at McDonald's for a single meal (2 for $6 quarter pounders and coupon for a large fry). I also get more protein per meal than with hello fresh which is predominantly the "foul" protein, chicken which is of the lowest magnitude in nutrition profile. For $9 I can buy over a pound of ribeye steak and vegetables to boot. Hello Fresh is not convenient either forcing you to make meals or throw away ingredients when other things may arise. Cooking your own food with grocery store purchases is cheaper and more convenient and with a vacuum sealer, the same convenience can be had with shelf stability, lower cost, and greater nutrition.

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Nice copy pasta, autist.

>> No.16780476

It isn't copy pasta and it is not longer the the hello fresh shills posts. Refute it or GTFO, burned out dopamine receptor cumbrain reddit porn addict.

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Do you grow your own food?

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>unironically defending McDonalds "meat"

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Try making friends with an extrovert, it’ll help

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Yes, it is real meat. In case you didn't notice, mutts are always the ones using McDonald's as a whipping boy for all ill health when in fact it's their other unhealthy eating habits and choices. It's just an easy target for midwits to blame.

> Quarter Pound 100% Beef Patty*
Ingredients: 100% Pure USDA Inspected Beef; No Fillers, No Extenders.

>Prepared With Grill Seasoning (Salt, Black Pepper).*weight Before Cooking 4 Oz.

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>But the quality suddenly tanked
Seriously goddamn, I started this up mid-pandemic and it was pretty cool for awhile but then twice they just straight up forgot to put any meats in the box meaning the whole thing was fucking worthless.

I binned them off for Gusto which was a bit better and the menus more interesting, but even these guys fucked up worse as twice the delivery just didn't show up/got lost.

You have one fucking job, put food in a box and ship it.

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- you'd still have to cook, wash the pans, etc.
- most homemade dishes are actually very cheap. what's the cost of the ingredients for a nice plate of pasta? maybe 50 cents?
- If you don't want the hassle of preparing food every day, you could still cook in bulk and then store the individual portions in the freezer. There's a lot of recipes you can prepare in advance with no drop in quality.
stuff like Hello Fresh is for people who are not creative enough to come out with good simple recipes every day and like to waste money on overpriced stuff.

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Are you seriously comparing the cost of a bowl of boiled macaroni to the cost of a 7 ingredient meal with meat and fresh vegetables and dairy?

If you just care about calories obviously questions of fun and convenience are going to be lost on you.

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>Pure USDA Inspected
Wow that's some quality product you're eating there. So good that it met the bare minimum standards to be sold legally for human consumption in america, land of the free. Aim high, 4chan.

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Some and some I forage from the forest near me. I'm just now dehydrating some yellowfoots to last me the winter.

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>trusting the wagies to select the good produce of the batch for you
>trusting the delivery wagies to not bruise the produce
if not
>dealing with all the wasteful packaging plastic

as much its convenient to order stuff online, I still prefer buying fresh stuff when I can see and touch them, so I that I can pick out the firmest onions in the pile and smell any seafood before buying them.

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just to note, when my local area was in lockdown, the family did try multiple grocery delivery services.
they werent too bad, but there was a lot of shit that you wouldnt have to deal with if you bought your stuff in person, such as being sent leafy greens that were already yellowing or heavily bruised fruits.

ordering frozen pork straight from the butchery was based though

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I too enjoy paying 10x the normal price just so I don't have to leave my house.

>> No.16780962

Unironically this, I'd rather waste money than go out

>> No.16780972

The argument still stand, you can prepare a great dish with some kind of meat and fresh vegetables for a lot less than $9 for just a barely adequate portion. You still have to cook it yourself anyway, it just takes a bit more planning.
Quality fresh food is expensive, but not THAT expensive.

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I'm seeing these niggers push their product a lot lately, giving away 20 'FREE' MEALS
I'm fairly certain that they just buy Wal-Mart's almost expired produce and ship it to you

>> No.16781002

that's the price *per serving* and from what I've heard the portions are on the smaller side.

>> No.16781007

Y'all don't get a box of assorted produce delivered each fortnight?

>> No.16781085

where I live most supermarket chains have websites where you can shop online and have your food delivered to your home at the same prices. You just have to pay a few euros for packing and shipping, but you can often avoid the additional costs through special offers.

>> No.16781096

I live 2 min biking distance from a grocery store. I'd rather pick the produce myself than have someone else do it for me.

>> No.16781126

some people want the convenience of shopping online and/or don't want to have to deal with other people (we are on 4chan after all).
So, it's still better than being scammed by Hello Fresh

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>here's your carrots for two people, bro

>> No.16781141

do Americans really?

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You say "just" as if that negates the whole concept of convenience products.

Instacart: "just" 1.5 billion USD last year
Uber eats "just" 2.5 billion
Grubhub "just" 1.3 billion
Doordash "just" 2.9 billion

These are "just" the US-focused companies, do you want to get into the size of the delivery economy in asia, latin america, europe? I don't think you want to "just" go there, just-kun. What do you think you're "just" missing here, just-kun?

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shut the fuck up you miserable normie faggot, you are just as much as an npc mongoloid as the "retards" that guy was describing in his post if you tried that

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Yeah, Hello Fresh and others are a scam and I understand the convenience of shopping online. Still I prefer to find some time in my day to do shopping.

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I was only talking about Hello Fresh, which is expensive, has rather small portions and in the end you have to cook it yourself, so it's only marginally more convenient than making the recipe from scratch.
delivery services like Ubereats make more sense to me, because the meals are ready to eat. and it can be something that's not easy to prepare at home, like pizza or sushi.

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pizza and sushi are incredibly easy to prepare at home

what's your idea of easy? pop tarts?

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you can easily make pizza at home, but it will never be the same as one cooked in a professional oven at a very high temperature.
For sushi, it takes some manual skills and a few unusual ingredients (nori seaweed, rice vinegar...) in order to make it. It's a lot more convenient to eat it at a restaurant or have it delivered at home. I always choose the former, but I can understand ordering it with ubereats or something.

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>nori seaweed and rice vinegar

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Who the fuck eats purely to minmax calorie intake? Eat because you like food.

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Thats fine for two people. Show full meal fatty. Meals are supposed to satiate hunger not make you feel stuffed.

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Yes, I like to browse.

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>burned out dopamine receptor cumbrain reddit porn addict.
I love this place because no matter how far gone I am, there are always going to be people like this who make me feel like the ultimate boring normie

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just go to the grocery store and buy the meal yourself and you'll find that some of that cost has magically gone away

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>Meals are supposed to satiate hunger not make you feel stuffed
I find it hard to believe that anyone browsing 4channel's cooking board really feels that way

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