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ALDI Appreciation Thread

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Specially Selected Brioche Buns are the business

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trader joe's

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these be good
over priced hipster trash, aldi has prices for the working man

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Trader Joe's is literally just a hipster version of ALDI

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Yeah I don't know the register people seem like big faggots who get mad if I put my hands on my cart when checking out. The convoluted system of carts there is literal autism.

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I’ve only experienced one Aldi, which opened fairly recently in my area.

I would describe my overall impression of it as:
>Alternate-timeline Trader Joe’s
Not even trolling.
Let’s walk into into TJ’s. What do we see?
>Young single “career women”, buying overpriced food to eat alone and a bottle of cheap wine to drink while browsing social media and convincing themselves they’re better off than their old friends/classmates who’ve gotten married and had kids
>35+ single/‘successful’ “wine aunts” buying overpriced food to eat alone and a bottle of cheap wine to drink while *still* trying to rationalize that it’s worth never being called “mommy” to live the ‘free/adventurous’ life their married friends could only dream about

Okay, now let say we've travelled to the timeline where those same women instead chose family life and motherhood.
Let’s walk into Aldi’s now. What do we see?
>The exact same women from the previous timeline, except now they’re buying cost-effective yet perfectly nice-quality food to feed their families, strategically using sale-items to plan family meals, and using a bit of the resulting savings to treat herself to a bottle of cheap wine to enjoy after the kids are asleep, everything is good-to-go for the next morning, and she pours herself a glass to enjoy while browsing Facebook, and feeling a sense of pity for her friend who is still single at 39 but still says she wants to settle down and have kids someday once she’s done with her “adventuring” phase

Of course I could be entirely fucking wrong because this opinion is based on one single Aldi. I also haven’t slept since Friday. Shut up and get off my nuts.

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this is pretty much exactly what ALDI was going for with their remodeling

before they made all their stores look more modern about....2? 3 years ago? ALDIs tended to look........"Soviet" is too strong a word, but it was a stupidly no-frills store....it just felt like you were being judged BY the store for daring to shop there

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>These be good
Speak English you fucking nigger.

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In the Netherlands they sell Trader joe's at Aldi

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Trader Joe's is run by ALDI Nord, which is the same half of the company that handles the stores in the netherlands

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Maybe you are just brain dead? You get a cart, fill it with shit, then they put all of the shit in the cart that is sitting next to them. Since you just put all of your stuff on the belt, the cart you brought up is now empty. You give the empty cart to the cashier in exchange for the one that is full of your shit.

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>convoluted system of carts
confirmed for being a goddamn 8-year old

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i like aldi. this girl that i used to hook up with is now engaged to a guy that works as a regional manager for aldi, he makes bank and when she introduced us and i found out what he did i mentioned how often i shop at aldi, he seemed appreciative but he didn't hook me up with any deals or swag. kind of a dick move but whatever.

anyway the mama cozzi stuff they stock is pretty good for the price, and their stuffed pasta is money

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its two companies
not divisions

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it's fuckin ALDI, bro

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Got a nice ski jacket from aldi but then the eastern states went into mad lockdown do I couldn't make it to perisher for the season

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I beg for money out in front of Trader Joe’s sometimes and these independent white bitches give me decent money. They think it goes to food but I spend it all on heroin and weed lol. The store is way to afraid of being seen as politically incorrect so the most they do is ask me to go into the parking lot and not be in front if the store but I know they won’t even call the police on me. The manager there is some blue hair acab bernie bitch who won’t make me leave. Trader Joe’s is cool lmao

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>heroin and weed
delete your account

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ALDI sells pistachios for less than $6 a pound and I love them for it.

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Still haven't figured out how to use these carts. Can someone help?

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>10lbs of makeup
>not fat

10/10 in Clapistan

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you're gonna need a sharpie

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You put your cock up against it and cum. Idk how that would help you use the cart tho

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Fucking retards

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if you can find an approximation of image related at your local ALDI, buy it. you can thank me later.

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I prefer Trader Joe's when I can, but damn the Aldi prices are hard to beat. Trader Joe's seems to have slightly better quality produce and more unique/organic items, but everything is just $0.30-1.00 more expensive compared to aldi.

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Aldi has good shit for good prices but going shopping there always makes me depressed as fuck

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if you can get it at ALDI, buying it at Trader Joe's or your local grocery store is dumb anyhow
you go to Trader Joe's for the quirky stuff you DON'T find at ALDI

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Full of Indians and Pakis and muslims, no thanks

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Who's in charge of specially selecting them?

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But I like my cart

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t. Register faggot
Each and every one of you I've talked to management about you being rude. Enjoy unemployment

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Wish I was so I could tell you to hurry the fuck up and get out of my checkout lane because you are holding up the line

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My fiance (gluten free)

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Aldi has an absolutely pitiful produce section, nearly everything is moldy and the variety is laughable.

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It's my go to for the basics, occasionally they run out of something I like, but if I go again in a few days it's usually back in stock. There's quite a few things they have as occasional specials that I really wish they'd just stock all the time.

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you're mom

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Any hidden gems at Aldi's?

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these taste exactly like those little packets of cookies you got in your Happy Meal when you were a kid, 10/10

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