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Rate dinner

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Sugary Asian sloppa/10

>> No.16755936

it sucks dave

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your idea of a diet
and your garbage niggerdrink is warm

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the label thing never works right

>> No.16755943

>lowest quality steak sliced thin
>a ton of undercooked broccoli
> All smothered and drowning in a pool of sugar syrup sauce
Chinese takeout is a scam.

>> No.16755952

and how isnt that healthy its just beef and broccoli in a light sauce moron

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Whenever I drink vodka I may sure it’s not Kasser’s

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God bless the Chinese

>> No.16756014

it was good and very healthy

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Damn I thought you died. Where you been manlet?

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banned by the man this place is terrible with that

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>it tastes good
>it fills you up
>it's cheap
>it doesn't pretend to be anything it is not

Where is the scam?

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there's no fried rice with roast pork bits in it

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>banned by the man this place is terrible with that

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are you okay anon

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10/10, would gulp down a dl of the vodka straight away.

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>uses deciliter as a measurement

Get this eurotrash out of here

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do you also root for the iggles and phillies as well

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Hunan beef extra extra spicy. Why can’t I ever get the chinks to make it spicy enough? Is it bc they don’t have any hot peppers and just dump chili oil into the goop? Am I a victim of anti white racism with respect to the spice level of my food?

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Your dinner looks like a basic bitch

>> No.16758912

You can't keep living like this, man.

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I hate shitty asian takeout. Not mediocre asian takeout - mediocre asian takeout is comfy as fuck. I mean shitty asian takeout, like your pic.

I once ordered Orange Chicken from a new place, and that shit had so much fucking sugar that as soon as it cooled a bit I literally couldn't pick the chicken up, it was glued to the plastic.

Looks like your beef and broccoli is having the same issue here. Toss that shit. The Vodka is enough calories, anyway.

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>fills you up
uhhhh idk about that one my guy

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It's been a while
Looks good

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