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You do peel your mushrooms, right?

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Sure, I peel my mushroom everyday.

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Only ever seen Americans do this. Can see why they're so scared of vegetables if they put this much unnecessary work into them

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It's also done in haute cuisine. You cook fonds/fumets from the peels then though.

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When anon goes to the grocery store he goes to the bakery to pick up his mushrooms

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No, anon goes into the woods to find the mushrooms when they're in season.

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And when they're out of season he goes to the grocery store and heads to the dairy aisle to find his mushies

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No, retard. Why would I?

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Smartass anon Btfo

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I've tried it both ways and it makes no difference
the only important thing is that you remove the stalk since they're inedible

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The stalk is how they (shrooms) reproduce. Of course (they) won't let you digest their reproductive organ, (they) can manipulate stuff like that.

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>remove the stalk since they're inedible
how am I eating them every time then? check mate atheists

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Anon you're only supposed to eat the stalk. The cap's only good for stocks.

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The spores are in the gills you retard.

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The entire mushroom (fruiting body) is the reproductive organ. The stalk is just to raise the head up to get better spore coverage.

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I also de string my celery

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Of course

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Haha fuck off, no you don't

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are you saying we eat mushroom cocks??

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Only when they're starting to get old and a bit slimy.

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Fungus cocks, but yes.
Also, it's neither a plant nor an animal.

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False. (They) reproduce via the stem.

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Retard. Nobody peels them but we do cut off bad spots.

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>the only important thing is that you remove the stalk since they're inedible
I always cut the stalk up and cook it with the rest. Are you telling me I can't digest it?

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i only peel white truffle.

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Of course you can't. They (shroomies) won't let you. The stalk is how (they) reproduce. Shroomies stay alive inside your stomach and can manipulate stuff in your body. Don't eat (them).

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are you okay dude?

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Considering I'm not under (their) control, I'd have to say I'm perfectly mentally sound.

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This is some kind of American circumcision thing, isn't it?

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American here. First I'm hearing of it being a thing. Still not sure it really is. Thinking it's a troll. As an American though my iq is above room temp so I will Google it. Which you can do as well anon. Retard

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its a jap thing

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