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Anyone have an alternative to hanger steak I can use for pick related cheap af? I thought about using to round sous vide it for 24 hours then searing it and cutting it cross grain

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isn't hanger steak already the cheaper alternative?

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No lol

Flank, hanger, and skirt all cost as much as strip now lmao

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It's fucking ridiculous. Normie youtubers ruined cheap cuts.

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I'm trying to find alternatives to make just for myself at home. Thinking I may try the to round idea since it's so cheap. I have a real good marinade so the lack of amazing flavor is a non issue

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What are they doing with it?

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Your title is "Flank steak alternative", your post says "alternative to hanger steak" and your picture is skirt steak.

How retarded are you? You answer is in your picture. Much closer than using round.

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Poor people always get their recipes stolen and then see the cost of the ingredients go up. Happened with chicken wings and many other foods.

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>What are they doing with it?
It's not that they're doing something with it so much as they're "popularizing" it. What used to be a relatively cheap piece of meat because demand for it was low precisely due to it being a finicky, tough piece of meat is suddenly viewed by the bourgeoisie as being OMG delicious and really so easy to make, and since it's so inexpensive they snatch up loads and loads of it.

Same thing happened to beef short ribs almost as soon as they appeared on Fox & Friends. Their price went from being on par with round to being similar to ribeye.

Of course, it could also just be that people are looking for the cheapest piece of meat they can get their hands on.

Oh, and for round, I really like hammering the hell out of it, breading it and frying it. Sawmill or chicken gravy.

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They literally are used interchangeably smoothbrain. And they are all overpriced now

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I recently used petite sirloin as an alternative to flank in beef and broccoli. Turned out great and here it's only $3.97/lb on sale

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Considering whites love to blame everyone else for everything that is wrong with the world, it's remarkable how you're trying to take credit for the increased demand for cuts of meat that have always been popular in latin america

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Seethe Bean

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>They literally are used interchangeably smoothbrain.
You asked for alternative to flank steak and hangar steak, I gave it to you. Learn to formulate your questions better next time, retard.

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We could easily reduce demand by killing all spics

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do you understand what "consumption" even means in "latino donor collborative"? it's basically how much housing, food, and medicine non-white (when conveneient) non-black non-asian people consume in america. from the governement.

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I don't listen to people whose countries can be ruled by a fruit company

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That is skirt steak in your photo friend

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Hanger steak is one of the rarest cuts because there is only one per cow. Thus unsustainable and pisses off libs too. Think before you speak on steak

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