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There's literally no difference.

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Yes there is and you're a retard for thinking otherwise

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>nnnoooo, not le heckin preservatives! it's literally sawdust!
Imagine believing the sensationalist news media.

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K.Y.S. tastelett.

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It's a shittier cheese to begin with, ignoring the filler that they add.

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Except the taste, and you can't shave off big pieces for a nice garnish

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My opinion doesnt come from the media you fat flyover retard. It comes from having a palette, and a brain. There is a big difference in a natural cheese and an artificial processed cheese product. Its called parmesan for a reason, its not real PARMIGIANO

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They are pretty much the same except for taste, texture and price

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You can make that type of cheese outside of the parmigiano region and it'll still be the same

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>It comes from having a palette
Gonna paint me a fucking picture with that, pansy boy?

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>having a palette

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>having a palette, and a brain
u tried...

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You can produce something similar, but it's really hard to get the same result. Climate, air, diet, race, lifestyle, water and other things change the product to some exent

Also nobody that can't receive the PDO for geographic reasons have the will to follow strictly the product guidelines, and end up with a different product

I'm not even that guy but it's funny to see how many newfigs all toghether

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This. it tastes more of the corn starch and preservatives than it tastes of parmesan
its basically powdered 'cheese substitute' in the way it tastes. I know there is REAL cheese in it.... but somehow they fucked up the flavor of it

also the real parmesan lasts longer because its not pre-grated. so mold cant get into it nearly as easily. I'd be shocked if half of the green kraft cans in people's fridges didnt have several blue spots of mold.
Even with the preservatives they still dont outlast real parmesan. I mean half the point of parmesan is its shelf-stable milk. its hard to make it better than it is.

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you would literally never know if the shaved parmesan was some blonde thots dead skin cells off her soles or not unless you were patrician and did like the right on OP's pic

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>B-but muh terroir
Shut the fuck up you nerd, it's cheese.

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>Diet, race, lifestyle
Are you still talking about the cheese?

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Stick with tendies and fast food then


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he's an italian-aboo. he thinks the artificial monopoly that makes them legally allowed to claim parmesan HAS to come from this tiny region (coincidentally owned by a narrow handful of companies) and everything else is just "parmesan-like"
breh its not hard to get a specific mold sample and move it somewhere else.

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>funny to see how many newfigs
this place is riddled with redditfugees

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>he thinks the artificial monopoly that makes them legally
Nobody is stopping anybody to produce parmesan cheese you cretin, how is that a monopoly?

> them legally allowed to claim parmesan HAS to come from this tiny region (coincidentally owned by a narrow handful of companies) and everything else is just "parmesan-like"
"Parmigiano" means "from the area of Parma" you mouthbreathing mongoloid, you can guess why you cannot name it parmigiano if the cheese is not produced in those areas

> breh its not hard to get a specific mold sample and move it somewhere else
You are an abvious retard

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>abvious retard

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>fat flyover retard
Lol not that anon, but only burbcucks unironically use “flyover”. Actual urbanites would much rather visit the country than your shit subdivision.
You should also realize that producing a facsimile of a product outside the original’s protected zone doesn’t magically make it artificial.

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>You are an abvious retard

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>You are an abvious retard
Now call me a newfag again.

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>You are an abvious retard

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>You are an abvious retard

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>You are an abvious retard

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>You are an abvious retard

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How assblasted can someone be in order to samefagging this desperately? Is this your first day on 4chan?

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mad cringe

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Not him, but- Flyover = suburban
Clearly you're some ignorant coastfag who's never been to the interior if you think flyover states are majority rural and not largely suburban. Or are you so retarded that your peanut brain translated "flyover" to "rural", and you think rural coastal states are flyover, even though flyover was coined to refer to states coastfags "fly over to get to places worth visiting"?

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There’s literally no similarities

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>You are an abvious retard

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Good then keep buying Kraft sawdust, I'll enjoy the good while you revel in your garbage

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it literally doesn't taste anything like the real stuff. it's just some low-grade cheddar mixed with tree pulp. it tastes vaguely like cheese and real parmesan is also cheese, but that's where the similarities end
just buy pecorino if you can't afford real parmiggiano. there's probably some decent knockoffs out there too. any decent, mature, sharp cheese will be better than cheese-flavored sawdust anyway

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There isn't.

The sooner we get rid of you the better.

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This is why 'Muricans with no sense of taste all swear lab experiment beyond bean patties "tastes just like real beef!" lol

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>This is why 'Muricans with no sense of taste all swear lab experiment beyond bean patties "tastes just like real beef!" lol
Beyond & impossible meats are the velveeta of "meats".

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>samefagging this hard
>You are an abvious retard

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Holy mother of cringe dude, go back to /reddit/

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>Holy mother of cringe dude, go back to /reddit/

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>le epic cringemeister my dude!! XD!!

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God bless the Protected Designation of Origin.
I am guaranteed to get the real Parmigiano-Reggiano and not get the fake american shit if i buy Parmesan.

t. Nazi

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> ip counter didn't increase
kek, have sex virgin

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>buttblasted over maymay faces

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Brilliant bait. I’ll remember this next time I’m drunken shitposting.

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Anyone try making carbonara with kraft parmesan?
Just ran out of the real stuff and I dont feel like going to the store just for that

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gotta love how everyone focused on your misspelling because you're correct

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the difference is that for grated they use low quality cheese not matured for long enough to develop the msg crystals that give parmesan its characteristic taste, and you can only have nice and big gratings from a whole piece

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abvious retard

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Yeah, it’s pretty abvious they’re all the same guy.

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Nevermind the 95 IQ misspelling, your logic is still retarded. That would be like if it were illegal to advertise a Ferris Wheel unless it was personally built by George Ferris.

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> That would be like if it were illegal to advertise a Ferris Wheel
> a type of constructon is the same as a cheese
Nice analogy retard.

> hey do you like this california wine?
> yes where it is produced
> mexico

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>Nashville hot chicken
>made in cedar rapids, Iowa

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> champagne
> made in arizona

> kobe beef
> made in canada

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>poopoodoodoo weeweemoomoo
I hope a fucking truck drives through your fucking living room and fucking kills you you fat fucking shit fucking fuckshit tranny fucker.

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Literally salted sawdust. I still use a shit load of it anyway

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PD(O|C)s are applied principally to products that go into some trasformation process or products that are from a specific territory, not recipes or dishes you idiot
Products under PDO are generally
- distilled
- aged
- cured
- fermented

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t. sawdust merchant

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>eats cheese
>calls others fat
amerilard detected

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Yes, given the same milk and the same climate and the same process held to the same standards, the outcome would be the same regardless of whether it was actually produced in the region or not.

Fake 'parmesan' is not made with remotely the same quality ingredients nor to the same standards.

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I do, but that's because I live in rural Japan and have no other options. It's alright, but if you're used to making carbonara with real cheese you'll notice a bit of a difference. Imo its still good though

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