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is it unhealthy to use 1 whole stock cube in a meal that is essentially 1 serving/1 pot? i crave the salt

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Here's an easier way to get an answer to questions like this.
>Google how much salt is in a bouillon cube
>Google how much salt you're supposed to have in a day

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I often pop two cubes in a small pot of water with onions and garlic as a hangover treat.

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most people dont eat enough sodium, i eat 3x the "recommended' amount

who even reccommends this shit anyways? i dont think ive ever heard an actual doctor(not a vacc pushing libjew) talk about nutrition

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everything is unhealthy and it's up to you to decide what you give a shit about and what you don't.

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Probably HRT making you crave salt hon.

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rent free

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Just tryin to help hon

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lol an actual troon

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doctors are usually so godamn stupid when it comes to nutrition all they're capable of is looking at a BMI chart

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