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Hey, anybody know a good source for visual calorie guide for the most common foods?
Like what 200,300,400,500 calories look like of rice,pasta,meat etc.

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If you're counting calories, it's going to be a lot easier to weigh your foods rather than try to eyeball them.

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Remove sugar and processed foods from your diet to help your hunger and fullness signals go back to normal, then instead of counting calories to lose weight just alternate between days of fasting and normal eating. If you don't have weight to lose then just fast a day or two every week or two to keep your hunger and fullness hormones in good condition. Doing this will simply naturally prevent you from overeating, no calorie counting needed, as long as you listen to your body and don't snack out of boredom.

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This is probably the solution OP. Tare your plate/bowl then load up and lighten up and calculate.

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It is not because the main weight is water and it varies a lot on how you cook your stuff. Taring raw stuff is often better. Weight of 1kg ground meat will vary a lot depending how long it is cooked for example

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If you have ocd traits or are otherwise mentally vulnerable you may also develop restrictive anorexia which is a fun hobby to have.
To OP, weigh all (at first only calorie dense) ingredients going in.

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Im already fasting 18-20 hours every day.
I dont want to weigh food, i dont have weigh machine

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Then just cut out sugar and processed food. It's hard to overeat on whole foods and they'll properly trigger your fullness signals so you can eat intuitively.

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It means jackshit if you eat "normal" on rest, the fatties have a skewed opinion of what normal is.

Eat less fatty.

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Well just don't be dumb about it and weight everything raw then divide by total portions of the final meal.

>listen to your body and don't snack out of boredom.
Yeah I don't think fatties understand that

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I think the problem goes deeper than that. It's like an addiction. You'd never tell an alcoholic "just listen to your body". Losing weight isn't fun.

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>eat intuitively
One of the problems is that fatasses have a broken "intuition" for food. They'll eat 4 cups of oatmeal and don't feel remotely satisfied.

Exactly, you can't just start them off with "feelings" kind of advice. They need to retrain their entire perception of food and need something concrete.

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>It’s accurate enough for thousands of people but I’m different

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baked potato > pasta

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No, he's right. The suggestion in >>16744028 is to weigh the cooked food, but it's far more accurate to weigh the raw ingredients, which is what nutrition labels are always based on. If you're weighing cooked food the calorie measurements will likely end up off by dozens of calories or at worst could be off by hundreds.

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You are the one that is different here anon, weighing things raw is the default suggestion when it comes to calorie counting.

And it is even less accurate if you weigh a plated finished product because there are variety of ingredients that will have different ratios depending on how you cook. "Nutrition of 300gr pasta with bolognese sauce" means jackshit since it can have a great variance on how much fat, protein, carb or water in it.

Weigh raw ingredients if you want accuracy.

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>develop restrictive anorexia which is a fun hobby to have
hi, ortholexic here, i cannot eat cakes anymore or i feel like shit for 2 days, and now i think pasta is gonna be cut out pretty soon, fun times indeed

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I had a phase the last few months were I compulsively took long walks to (inefficiently) burn extra calories. The peak being about 100 miles in one week. Basically as many hours as a part-time job. Great use of my time.
It's amazing how much the brain can achieve under prolonged nutrient deprivation. Made me even more obsessive about cooking.
I had an aversion to fat (esp. cooking oil) but luckily not any "fear foods" like you mention.

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No thanks I'd rather not have a miserable life

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worst thing is,cooking is my main hobby
i love cooking, i love baking cakes,i'm good at western and asian food but i just can't eat past 2 bites, it makes my significant other and my coworkers happy at least

cooking is a great way to actually control food, you make it, you portion it, you are in charge, no one is gonna mess with you when you are cooking ( yeah, i'm also the time who likes to be alone in the kitchen)

it makes total sence if people with eating disorder are actually pretty decent cooks

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I'm a slim and fit person. It's not that hard.

You can eat simple sugars and refined carbs, but they won't make you feel full. You could eat 3000 calories of pasta in one sitting, but that's impossible with whole grains. So minimize those foods. They're empty filler. Same with alcohol.

Get plenty of exercise. Run and lift. You'll feel better too.

If you're already fat, then you will need to feel hungry as you lose weight. Fortunately, the hunger pangs pass within a few minutes. Tough it out. It sucks but is nothing like quitting drugs or smoking, so deal with it. Eat fewer calories than you burn, and you'll lose weight.

Also be aware that eating causes a dopamine spike. Eat because you need energy, not because you're sad or bored.

You're welcome.

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That's funny because recipe research, meal planning, cooking and eating are not only my main hobbies, they're also the only ones left.
Together with grocery shopping these things are also the most stressful.

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If you think eating seasoned ground beef, steak, ham, bacon, chicken, eggs, cheese, nuts, greens, etc is a "miserable life" then I don't know what to tell you.

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4, maybe 5. I have generally one big meal a day and a snack (usually fruit) in the afternoon.

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i went to a farm when you pick up the crop in the field this afternoon, it was great because fruit and vegetable are ''it's okay, they are greens, you can eat it ' ( but potatoes aren't okay)
but yeah, when you have to go for the groceries meat and dairy,and stuff i can help but thinks which are '' good'' and which are '' not okay, too fat'' or '' not okay, you don't need carbs''

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PUFAs are the devil

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Thanks, i will try this.

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join our fatty contest on /fat/

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im not fat, im 86 kg at 183cm and pretty lean. I just want to get to 10 bodyfat.

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>not having a database of common food calories per 100g in your head
>not being able to estimate with precision the weight of a food portion just by looking
>not being able to caculate on the fly the calories in a dish/portion

Lmao, im dumbbut not that dumb.

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buy a fucking scale

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This fucking retard doesn't know that everything has mass and mass has weight.

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>Fortunately, the hunger pangs pass within a few minutes.
Are you high or just fucking retarded? If the pangs passed within a few minutes, the entire fucking world wouldn't be having obesity problems would we? The pangs do not go away anywhere near that quickly, and the human body is evolutionarily wired to do everything it can to keep weight ON as a measure against starvation.

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I believe what he meant was the DAYS of fasting you mentioned. Not eating for an entire day triggers your body's 'famine' response, causing one to be extremely miserable.

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On the contrary, I find not eating for an entire day to clear my head and generally be energizing and provide a very nice reset. Fasting is great.

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Most people would tend to disagree with you, just be aware of that.

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Buy a scale. They cost like nothing, just make sure it has a zero functionality.

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Okay, you're right. The body is hard-wired to crave food 24/7 and to gorge itself constantly. There's no hope whatsoever. Have fun being obese.

Or, you could actually fucking listen to what I had to say. Go outside sometime and look around. Is EVERY person obese? No? Then it's possible to not be a giant fucking tub of lard, you ignorant fattie.

When you have a hunger pang and food craving, yes, it does pass within a few minutes. At least it does for me. Yes, I'm still hungry, and food would make me feel better. But the intense cravings and rumbling stomach only last a few minutes. If you've ever quit hard drugs, it's very similar. When you get cravings, the worst lasts a few minutes and then passes. Have some will power and slim down. Use what I said in my prior post to eat less than you burn in a day. Get some exercise and stay under 2000 calories. Done.

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>that sixth portion size
Mama Mia! Lotsa pasta!

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Hunger hormones literally stop flowing after about 30 minutes. Anything other hunger you think you're experiencing is purely psychological.

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>weigh machine
it's called a scale anon

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