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Is streetfood safe to eat. How's the hygiene in those vans? I don't think there's running water so how do they keep clean?

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they're only open for like 2 hours so they have all morning and afternoon to clean and prep

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Should we tell him?

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tell me what?

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Pretty sure they are legally required to have handwashing sinks in there.

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Who can actually find food trucks? They are open at times and locations that only make sense to themselves. If you're lucky, they'll post on social media or some hipster food truck finder app of the week.

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In a lot of cases, local governments have imposed rules on them that are stricter than what is required for brick and mortar restaurants. This is because the restaurants usually feel threatened by the food trucks, and lobby the city council with sob stories about how dangerous they are.

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How many health violations do you hear about from all the "legitimate" establishments? How many places get middling health inspection grades posted in the front window and still get to operate? My local news had an entire popular segment on gory footage of cockroaches and rat feces here in a major city, and they ran that segment for a decade without a shortage of footage.

Seriously, you trust spiteful teenagers at a fast food restaurant not to blow a snot in your sandwich for the lulz, but you're weirded out by food that isn't served from an expensive leased building? You'd eat dinner at a friend or relative's house even though you're pretty sure they haven't cleaned under their stove since the day they moved in, but if someone wanted to openly sell takeaway food from their own kitchen, your first thought is "how long until they kill someone"?

The idea that food can only be considered "safe" when served by someone who pays licensing and compliance fees (and payroll tax on staff to handle the paperwork while they run a restaurant), from under a roof rented from a wealthy property manager, is transparent plutocrat propaganda. They want to keep communities from forming micro-economies that would undermine franchises owned by the expansionist rich, and they enforce it as much with the police as they do by fostering distrust among people who've been pre-conditioned to instinctively trust uniforms.

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So...that's a no?

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Stop paying poor people to make you something to eat.

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>My local news had an entire popular segment on gory footage of cockroaches and rat feces here in a major city, and they ran that segment for a decade without a shortage of footage.

Slime in the Ice Machine starring Marvin Zindler?

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Underrated post

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Wtf did I just watch.

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It looks like a gussied up version of something a prisoner would make with foods that can be found in the commissary. That place probably has a lot of spic and nigger customers, so they're selling foods that they'll be familiar with.

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I've never had a bad experience with street food. But I think it depends a lot on where you are and local knowledge. When in doubt, go with the cart all the locals are eating form.

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not poorer than your local chinese restaurant

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I don't know what to even say to someone who sees a functional grill, ventilation, and refrigeration system in the back of a truck, and says "cool trick, too bad we'll never have the technology to put a SINK in there".

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It's called professional standards of the culinary arts that your friends or 32 year old Brittany's MLM scheme do not posses.

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Having worked in many resto kitchens, I'd bet that the small kitchen that most customers can see is far cleaner than the average cook line.

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You usually know about them because they're almost always in the same place near your home or workplace every time you pass by.

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>cooking anywhere except a formal restaurant
>pyramid scheme

Delegating your thoughts and decision-making to institutions might actually be the lesser evil, when the alternative is trusting a brain that comes up with shit like this.

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What is this abomination?

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Food trucks were better before their popularity blew up thanks to food network "reality" shows. Now most of them are garbage chains owned by restaurants.

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