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UK bros...

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You import your co2?

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How ever will Frosty Jack's survive?

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Thanks, Bloomberg...

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I guess that means the environment is saved, right?

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shithead, you're already BONGISTAN

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But it did...

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I think I've drunk a grand total of about 3 sodas this year. I'm not sure why you'd down that stuff regularly. It's just mediocre tasting empty calories. Now's a good time to quit.

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Wow the effects of the carbon tax for all the world to see.

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apparently it's ultimately related to a natural gas shortage. it gets used to make fertiliser, and the CO2 comes from that as a byproduct.
anyway who gives a shit

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This is literally it
>noooo my local waitrose is out of polenta and Comté! We need millions cheap Albanian lorry drivers !!! No I will not just 'buy British' our food SUCKSSS ;_;

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none of the scientists in half life were british nor were they experiencing food shortages

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>Shortages across the planet due to lockdowns
You aren't as smart as you think you are

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Hahaha fuck Brexit

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Back to beer for everyone i guess.

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>switch to all green technology
>run out of carbon dioxide
what a monkey paw dilemma

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Funny how continental Europeans somehow don't have any sorts of shortages despite all that.

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>literally free in the air
>brits run out of it.

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you need a co2 license for that

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>Remainers are literally crying over soda pop

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I honestly don't understand why. So far nothing regarding trading really changed and the UK is still treated as a EU member.

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The elites are punishing britbongs for daring to protest against being ethnically replaced, they must be punished so others don't think about doing the same

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I wonder if there is some sort of master loicense you can buy or extort
*rubs hands*
*puts small hat on*

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I guess you could call it a GAS license haha.

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A lot has changed if you'd bother to actually read the news. Brexit has fucked the UK because of all the additional paperwork and conditions they need to comply with in order to do trade with the Europeans. Businesses that relied on same-day logistics and the like were totally wrecked. Small and medium businesses that exported perishable goods are most affected. It's almost as if this was foreseeable and forewarned.

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>Leftists are pretending they care about small businesses
You're falling no one, we all know you fully supported the lockdowns and bought everything off amazon for the last 18 months

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in this case it's not much to do with brexit, the trading of natural gas just didn't change much. there's a few reasons for europe not having such an issue though.
we store way less natural gas in reserve (total and per capita) than a lot of european countries do. we also don't produce much locally and some of what we do produce is shut down for maintenance thanks to previous covid restrictions.
we did have some fertiliser plants in the uk which is where the CO2 comes from, but they're shut down due to high natural gas prices. europe does have similar problems here but they can operate more off reserves and obviously they're prioritising local customers.
i'd suspect brexit could come into this with shipping infrastructure issues but it really isn't the driving force. the gas is just too expensive.

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>understanding cause and effect is somehow a leftist thing
A broken clock is right twice a day. That said, continue to seethe as you inevitably import pakis to make up for the lack of seasonal european workers to pick your harvest while crying about the big corporations/globohomo while doing nothing to stop them.

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Sip em if you got em

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My beaten down Citröen with the gaping hole in the catalytic converter is doing nothing to put CO2 in tanks.

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Brexit has fucked up the UK because they're a bunch of cucks and didn't even Brexit, so now they're in limbo.

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I don't want the beetus, thx

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I guarantee you do, you just don't work in fields dealing with the shortages

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and bongoloids have the gall to call the US fat

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I think there's an even greater irony in the fact that this is a fucking Bloomberg article. Globalists have the amazing ability to talk out of both sides of their mouths.

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Feel free to provide evidence to your claims. Meanwhile, even the nationalist shitstain papers can't ignore the self-inflicted brexit wounds anymore:

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Just drink it flat it's not like it tastes any worse.

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Okay here's just medical shit. I'd guess you guys also can't get flex for HVAC stuff as well. Probably flanges and other metals just like the US. You aren't special. Everyone's been fucked.

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Nice try moving the goal posts, we're talking about food. And if you actually bothered reading the links, most of the things there have alternatives or are being solved presently.

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>Food and Cooking

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If they're dealing with the shortage well enough that nobody notices, there is no shortage.

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This happened a few years back. Guess what happened?
For 1 week. 1 WHOLE WEEK you could only buy 1 bottle of the carbonated beverage of your choosing in each store you went to. 1 bottle! That was it, some stores even ran out of some tasty sweet carbonated beverages for 1 WHOLE FUCKIN WEEK!

With how Britain dealt with the chinkflu, curfews, restrictions and entire parts of shops taped off because 'only necessary goods' were allowed it kind of puts it into perspective a little bit.

But yea, this is all Brexit's fault and it's really fucking scary what bigotry does to a nation or whatever.

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CO2 isnt food and my claim was you were facing shortages in other fields. I didn't move any goal post

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>product used in food process on a cooking board
>w-we weren't talking about food!
Keep moving those goal posts, you disingenuous fuck.

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>read the news

You spelled propaganda wrong.

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How was I disingenuous? I never even brought up food in the first place

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EU is just another jesuit controlled expansion. Just wait until the purges like in Croatia during ww2 repeat again.

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Good thing I have a stockpile of Coke and still don't regret voting leave

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Global warming is caused by fizzy drinks. Big Soda was the nemesis all along.

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What's wrong with the rail system they're always yammering on about?

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/pol/ is pure cancer.
Be the chemo by reporting any and all political threads and posts as off topic.

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I’m extremely rich and I own a monopoly of sorts but it’s time to end the monopolies.

All monopolies.

This would can and should be infinitely better for all.

I know that the people who make gas cars feel disgusted when they see gas cars. Everyone is ready for real progress. And everyone makes mistakes.

Heaven of earth for all.

The only god of gods is true love.

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Oi ye got your fizzy wizzy license?
thats gonna be 5 extra prayers at the mosque for ya

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In a few years we'll have carbon vacuum technology that sucks co2 out of the atmosphere. Coca Cola has already invested. https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/coca-cola-and-microsoft-invest-in-giant-carbon-dioxide-vacuum-2021-09-14

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to be used in fizzy drinks, I should have said. Please forgive me I just ate a big meal and I'm delirious.

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Does that mean we're running out of carbon and oxygen?

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It is so weird to me that there are people who deliberately produce CO2. Not only that, but they just got government aid to produce CO2.

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No it fucking didn't! The main reason for this is fuel prices going up, and they are going up everywhere, just as there are shortages of everything everywhere from wood to computer chips.

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For how much longer will the bongs remain in denial over the fact that they willingly destroyed their own economy?

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t. yuropeon

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Restaurants will even get deliveries of CO2, there are companies that drive around tankers of CO2 just for this.

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Brexiters didn't vote for this...

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Lmao just breathe on it. Just open your mouth and exhale, nigga.

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Start bottling the exhaust and selling it to the limeys

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It's kind of funny that the public still has no say in governing after they trailblazed it for all of western society.

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This gets an article, but the fact that EVERY SINGLE SOFT DRINK (aside from coca-cola) has been reduced to undrinkable piss water over the past couple of years because of a moronic tax on sugar in food? Yeah, who cares about that.

I used to drink a can every couple of weeks or every month. Now, regular coke is 33% more expensive than "coke zero", and every other beverage on the market has been completely ruined by a switch to a new disgusting "blend" of 10% sugar, 90% sweetener.

Anyone know a place that does cheap imports of soft drinks from countries that haven't implemented draconian thought policing measures? I don't care about paying upwards of a quid a can.

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>This gets an article
Yeah, a (((Bloomberg))) article. Funny how the name synonymous with "NNOOOO, DON'T DRINK SOFT DRINKS!" is also attached to an article warning people that they won't get their soft drinks unless they submit to globohomo. Utter shite.

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Nah, it was labour voters, 24 years ago

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Girls don't like boys who post about globohomo

>> No.16729387

It's a good thing real women don't post here, faggot.

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>There is so much carbon dioxide that it's superheating the globe and causing an unavoidable apocalypse
>There is not enough carbon dioxide to make gay British fizzy drinks for a small island worth of people
Which is it?

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I don't care what girls think.

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If you only drink 1 can every month then why do you give a fuck about it being a bit more expensive?

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Go ahead and take your care engine's exhaust and mix some soda with it, retard. Do you actually think that's a fucking argument?

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Just replace the salt that's ordinarily in the soda with baking soda. All soda is acidic so it will naturally create Co2 while giving it the salt it needs.

Sure it won't be as viable on a large scale indefinitely but it would help in the short term.

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Liberals really just can't take jokes, can they?

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australia is the only place i've been that has proper fizzy drinks nowadays

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It's annoying that it's more expensive because they think this seriously deters fatties.

My main problem is the fact that my choice of a dozen or so cans has now shrunk down to ONE. I like coke, if I had to pick just one of them to save it would've been coke, but I liked 7up, sprite, fanta, tango, dr pepper, and probably another half dozen that don't spring to mind right now. All of these drinks are now undrinkable thanks to nanny state meddling.

And what impact has it had on obesity rates? Fuck all, because sugary drinks were hardly the issue. Want to stop fatties? Charge them more tax for being fat cunts. A set of scales for every office, mandatory physicals, problem solved.

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Cant you make infinite co2 by fermenting sugar??

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the immigration issue was a psy op, it wasnt as bad as the ads claimed it was. the real issue with UK genetics is too much inbreeding. you could use a little fresh pussy.

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No, the only way to make new CO2 is to smash carbon and oxygen atoms together. Since the UK isn't part of the EU any more they lost their all-access pass to the Large Hadron Collider and have to pay per molecule of CO2 created, so they can't afford to make enough for all the soda.

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>nanny state meddling.
>A set of scales for every office, mandatory physicals, problem solved
the solution to big government is bigger government, gotcha

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>and every other beverage on the market has been completely ruined by a switch to a new disgusting "blend" of 10% sugar, 90% sweetener.
I despise we can't even have soft drinks that don't taste like shit because the nanny state needs to protect muh children
Fucking fat kids aren't going to start drinking water over this how about you deal with the "gateway drug" that is squash, literally only chavs and kids drink that revolting shit
There's this too that hasn't been hit by the sugar cuckery

>> No.16730389

If you're going to meddle, at least do it in a way that would actually have an impact on what you pretend to be fighting against.

Personally I'd err on the side of killing all fat fucks, they're a net drain on the NHS and it only makes sense that they should be paying more than the rest of us given how many problems are linked to obesity.

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...normalfags do realise the shortage is due to fertiliser farms closing and not brexit right?

>> No.16731390

what's wrong with squash :(

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>he knew it was a bad idea

>> No.16731423

I'm a bit of a weirdo, I still drink diet juice but not ones flavoured with aspertame, usually only ones with sucralose, steva & good ol' citric acid. What I do is I get myself a good ol' 2L bottle, 2 empties and I put a liter of cordial/squash in each and dump the 2L bottle of diet juice right into it. I haven't drank a "regular" soda or one with aspertame in it for around 6 years now.
Really when it comes down to it I'd be drinking lemon/lime cordial in sparkling/carbonated water but it's actually more expensive and surprisingly harder to buy than just regular diet lemonade as it's out of stock more often. If I can't find it I'll just drink cordial/squash etc but not nearly as fun.

The drinks are over carbonated anyway desu, I think they do it because regular folk can't pour their shit into smaller bottles or measure out what they drink.

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>no carbon dioxide
nigga just exhale

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The level of rosbif cope ITT lmao

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>things that people said would happen if Brexit went through happen
>be surprised and outraged when they happen
Well at least it feels sort of good to know that the US isn't the only one with retarded voters.

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>nor were they experiencing food shortages
and yet the only food in the facility gets blown up in a microwave by some nerd with a crowbar, and then they all die
coincidence? i think NOT

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filtered and ready to go? absolutely, unless you want some fat dudes canned farts injected into your drinks and sprayed over your vegetables to keep the fresh in transport

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>the nanny state needs to protect muh children
apparently they doing seeing how fat the fucking kids are lmao

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>European gas shortage caused by brexit
u wot lass?
Did the brexiteers go in and sabotage mainland Europe as well as negotiating almost nothing? Damn, no wonder they got a raw deal. Didn't expect them to have that much influence and power.

It's entirely the fault of the fertiliser farms ceasing production due to the gas shortage and price increases. The UK doesn't have great gas stores so the co2 produced is being prioritised to the medical industry and not food/drinks manufacture. You can hate brexit all you want but it has absolutely nothing to do with this.

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Years back they removed all the "unhealthy" options from school cafeterias over here thanks to a moronic campaign from a celebrity chef.

How well has the childhood obesity rate improved since then? Well, it's just gotten worse. And it's going to keep getting worse until they actually bother putting big shiny numbers on each packet.

This thing is worth 1 no-no point. This other thing is 2 no-no points. If you hit 10 no-no points in one day, you should stop eating. Everything packaged for individual use, because fat cunts can't stop buying party size bags and eating them all by themselves in one sitting.

Proles have no concept of portion control because these basic skills aren't taught, they're assumed. And "this is a handful of food, that's enough" grug thinking goes out the window when you have delicious refined sugars that tell your brain "eat all of this, eat all of this right now", and when a handful is already half your calorie count for the day instead of 1/20th if you were eating bugs and berries.

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I'm only 31 but food education was absolutely abysmal when I was at school. Even in the mandatory home economics classes you get early high school, it was teaching you the most basic homemaker skills and cookery.
Then when you get to third year and you have to choose subjects you're taking you're left with classes that will teach you useful stuff like biology/chemistry/maths etc. You'd be more likely to see nutritional information in classes like physical education & biology etc than you would in home ec, waste of a slot that's there to teach kids how to cook pasta & bake.

Jamie Oliver was right when he went on his crusade against school meals, schools had vending machines and offered carb heavy lunches. If you were a povvo kid surviving on free school meals this isn't great.

>> No.16732061

>And it's going to keep getting worse until they actually bother putting big shiny numbers on each packet.
They really need to. It's really astounding that food manufacturers can get away with selling foods without glycemic index info on the pacakaging when there's such a bad obesity epidemic.

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okay cool story, anyways, back to restrictions on sugars in sodas

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All the inbreeding is being done by the muslims, I don't think any demographic interbreeds more than them

>> No.16732385

>leave EU because you don't want white Christian immigrants from Eastern Europe
>millions of Pakis is fine
Br*tain in a nutshell.

>> No.16732396

Why not just get some from the rest of Europe? Here in the Netherlands we have tons of the stuff!

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