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This is a delicacy in Denmark

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Maybe I'm retarded, but I never understood how you're meant to eat such stacked meme burgers/sandwiches. Using a knife and fork to cut it up individually seems to invalidate it being a burger in the first place.

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that pot is way too small and everything looks undercooked

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I would take my shirt off and eat it with my hands

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braps for days

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Yeah it's a dumbass fat fuck thing. Too many toppings, stacked too high, falls apart as soon as you pick it up. Great way to ruin a burger.

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Is it required to look like a dick while eating boiled food ?

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do Europeans really just boil food in one pot?

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oh well its just a burger with too much mayo some beets and an egg, the sauted onions look pretty good.
>second egg and burger
well I like my eggs a little more done that doesn't look too bad
>fried onions all over the plate
>green onions all over the plate
great now its just too messy to properly eat
>half smothered in gravy
the line was crossed some time ago, and then he crossed a second one, have fun with a soggy gross bun because that shit is going to be seeped by the time it gets to the table.

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It's really not hard. You squish it a bit and then pick it up and start eating. The shit meme part that makes it difficult to eat is pouring fucking gravy over it.

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holy sloppa

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blessed Kay

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is that milk chocolate on one half and white chocolate on the other?

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don't knock it til you try it, it really makes a difference in the overall flavor profile.

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How large is your fear grimace?

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>That will be $200 plus tip

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That's why you add flower to the board, dummy

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It feels like those mexican videos piling doritos on top of ramen on top of corn dousing it with mayo and bbq sauce and ketchup and lime and fruit punch

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That's quite common and usually doesn't end up this tragic.

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I guess the brown sauce is gravy and the white sauce is bearnaise?

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>Umut Sakarya
This is the average swedish name by now.

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Noma is $450 per person. No tipping in Denmark though.

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>This is a delicacy in Denmark
no it is not. Umut is a filthy roach who self admitedly just likes sauce. thick sauce. he isnt a good cook, he is being paraded by media because he is a well integrated roach but in reality his food sucks.
picrel is concidered a delicacy in Denmark. we have lots of michelin star restaurants and most people eat well, unless they are from some little town in jutland.

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Noma is *up* there though. I generally assume eating out in Denmark wherever you go is expensive anyway so no need to tip, whereas in America say, things are cheaper and you are expected to tip as standard. Providing the owner doesn't jew out and cash the tips for themselves

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thats a shitty "done up" version of the holy bøfsandwich, by some turkoid that the media likes for some reason.
this is closer to the true thing.
it is not a burger, it is a bøfsandwich, a beef sandwich.
the danish sloppa demands the respect of being eaten with a fork and knife.
shut up faggot nobody but skagen-infesting liebhavers and hipstery københavnere care about Noma or the other shitholes that got approved by

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>he doesn’t know the guide separated from the parent company

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>it is not a burger, it is a bøfsandwich, a beef sandwich.
>''stacked meme burgers/sandwiches''
Yes. I acknowledged that.

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dont care, a fucking tire company.
eating a sandwich with a fork and knife is completely acceptable, i agree that eating a burger with them is ridiculous
all burgers are sandwiches, but not all sandwiches are burgers

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>eating a sandwich with a fork and knife is completely acceptable
I disagree, but I'm Australian and you're a Dane. We have different opinions on how to eat certain foods and that's fine.

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>here’s my opinion
Into the trash it goes.

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understandable, i suppose the danish penchant for the openface sandwich has made us more open to eating "regular" sandwiches with cutlery
does aussieland have their own sloppa sandwich as well?

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Not really to be honest, most sandwiches here are really standard. Protein of some kind, lettuce, tomato, onions and some form of sauce. Unless you count a chip sanga, which is the same shit brits do with their chip butties - though we add roast gravy to ours.

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no it's gravy

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>beetroot and egg on a burger

that's cultural appropriation you dog cunt

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Australia just steals everything from America

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pickled beetroots are pretty underrated honestly.
far superior to sliced pickles

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Is it really Kay?
You have to admire how she is able to fuck up everything she makes.

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To get to the mijölk of course.

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I don't see an issue with using a knife and fork for sloppa sandwiches or open face ones, but generally I would say just don't make sloppa sandwiches in the first place, add a reasonable amount of gravy or what have you and its fine, I do it for thanksgiving sandwiches, also I can't stand soggy bread.

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the peel is cold; just put your hand in back of the pizza when you slide it on. also you don't even need the stone in the first place.

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at least she seemed to do good cooking the fish, though normally I would bake or smoke salmon since I like them better.

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It never stops to amaze me how spastic and uncoordinated some people are.

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Well it's just a shitty, bland soup.

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God I fucking hate women, what I would give to smack this bitch for this fake bullshit. You just know she's not a vegan at all, much less for 2 years.

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Noma is such a fucking scam.

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>I'm sorry fishy
>Proceeds to have kids just to abuse them
Humans are fucking retarded

>> No.16715770

>I'm the most pathetic person ever
Probably not, but she's giving it a good try...

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How poor are you?

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>you'd be surprised how many people hasn't [sic] cracked an egg befoore
well yeah the prices these places charge to trust fund retards who I'm sure have never even boiled water before
also you know they probably have to sign something before they get the heated plate which just adds to the hilarity of it all

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nice chopsticks bitch

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>shit on garbage meme food that also happens to be expensive
>insecure spergs come out of the woodwork
every single time

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>Go to a restaurant
>"Here's an egg and some herbs you have to cook yourself"
>not a scam

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I don't see what the issue is, you're clearly too destitute to ever afford to eat at Noma. I don't shit up your skyline chili and McDonald's trailer trash threads.

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That's a really shitty version of it made by some asshole.

Could almost have been a passable poorfig meal if he'd browned the sausages on a pan instead of cutting them up and boiling them.
Could also easily have made a quick roux and done the veggies in a mustard sauce like a fricassee instead of just boiling them and plopping the mustard on the plate.
I get that it's supposed to be a really easy meal to make, but a stew or fricassee isn't exactly challenging either, goddamn it.

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>If you're not stupid enough to waste money on food you have to cook yourself or moss and sticks then you are poor.
You are retarded. Noma is a joke.

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Have you been?

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What do these con artists do if you decide not to play along and decide to scramble the egg?

>> No.16716030

It's your money.

>> No.16716033

No, because I don't need to experience a scam to realize it's a scam.

>> No.16716034

Spoken like a poorfag flyover

>> No.16716038

I like the self-deprecation

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>I like my eggs a little more done
Manchild detected
Then you cry about a soggy bun on a gravy sandwich.
Ever had turkey ala king?

That burger was lame but not for the reasons you give

>> No.16716071

>I don't see what the issue is
I do. You're trying to hide it behind low effort bait but you're still a retard.

>> No.16716072

the inability to consider others opinions even when different to your own is a sign of being an autist, and while I can't be sure I have had turkey ala king I have had chicken gravy (that is to say gravy with bits of chicken in it and not just made from broth) and its fine if you put it on and eat it before it turns into too much of a mess, but with the size of the burger and general waiting time by the time you get it at your table its probably going to be too soggy, and if not its going to be soggy by the time you are nearly done with it.

>> No.16716074

They cry and piss their pants and shit their pants then they revoke your free milkshake coupon and the owner self harms. Don't do it.

>> No.16716076

really? because that sounds like more of a show than paying $400 for them to make me fry my own eggs.

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You don't get it man, you sound so poor right now. Who wouldn't want to fry their own egg? I've never done it before and I'm thankful to Noma for providing me the humbling opportunity to do it, twice a week, so I can pay to feel just like any other self reliant pedestrian (who definitely ISN'T poor).

>> No.16716090

Scramble it with what? your bare hands?

>> No.16716093

>He doesn't use his hands as a spatula

>> No.16716116

Are you fucking kidding me? She didn't cook the skin, at all, and it's very clearly fucking raw, it's fucking jiggling. I could taste how cold the inside is just watching the video. Think before you speak, numb nuts.

>> No.16716128

I couldn't tell much because of the quality but I think the jiggling is just because she is shaking so hard, can't see the skin really but she did put it in the pan skin side down so she cooked it at least some, and its putting out steam so I am gonna say its probably not cold, and she likely fried it on each side since its browned all over instead of just skin and the top.

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You're a retard, you're not allowed to speak about salmon ever again, knucklehead.

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not an argument.

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webm thread more like cringe thread

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yeah, thats just the way webm threads are, either gross out stuff or the thread moves at a snails pace and its mostly arguments, at least this thread isn't ja/ck/ spam and I don't see the guy posting american food 1 through 8 or however many he has.

>> No.16716177

Do white people really?

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nords have no sense of taste, their most notable dish is fermented shark, or some horrible abomination of a pizza, or.... this thing.

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There wouldn't be anything wrong with it if he had used some actual stock and some other protein than that disgusting sausage that is just pork assholes and flour.

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We only learned of spices and seasonings beyond salt and pepper like 30 years ago, please understand.

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wait this is that anime where the lady eats fried chicken and talks about black people

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I always wondered how they kept the cheese from spoiling. Or not the cheese itself, but the sauce that remains in the wheel

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nah this is jack

>> No.16717322

Yeah, well spotted. Wakakozake.

>> No.16717373

>That impresion of pure disgust "she" expressed after the first sip

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Coffee time!

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>All these Amerilards seething over boiled vegetables
Not enough sugar for your taste?

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The first part is pleasantly erotic

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Did he fucking put 3 bouillon cubes in less than 1.5L of water?

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god fuck, it's over for americans

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>hay oil

>> No.16717826

>this kills the cheese

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People from a few european countries eat burgers and pizza with a fork and knife. It truly is the only acceptable way to eat one of those sloppa burgers. You say it ruins the point of the dish being a burger if you have a fork and knife, but it is all about presentation. Most people wouldn't find a plate of a deconstructed sloppa burger that appetizing.

>> No.16717876

chef john knew exactly what he was doing

>> No.16717879

>5 cumshots worth of mayo
>caramelized onions
>candied beets????
>sausage patty
>sausage patty
>fried onions
>green onions
>smashes the fucking shit out of the sandwich, breaking the yolks and spreading them over the bun
>cover it in gravy
>cover it in alfredo
I really hope someone breaks into this dude's restaurant and kills him.

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>> No.16717904

Fish is like the most humane meat that you could eat.

>> No.16717908

There is no way she is fucking up on accident. She has made so many cooking videos that she should've accidentally learned how to cook by now.

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>be food normie, never heard of noma
>look it up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaIH1kgfQVQ
>they're scooping brains out of animal heads and eating stuff that looks like large beetles
kek it's literally temple of doom but with scandinavians

>> No.16718038

its part of the cancerous movement known as "New Nordic Cuisine"
basically rejecting the hundreds of years of industry to gather ingredients from across the globe, in favor of pretentious "local" ingredients.
so if you like literal moss, quail eggs, uncooked fish, topped with only the finest crushed pinecones and birch-tree bark, then Noma is the place for you.
and dont forget, if you find literal dirt in your food, dont fret! its meant to be there.

>> No.16718079

When my coins moon I'm going to Noma bros this sounds like it makes poorfags seethe.
>verification not required

>> No.16718123

it'll only run you about 500 bucks per person at worst.
too cheap for actual nice clientele, its 90% pensioners pissing away the last of their money, and company dinners.

>> No.16718146

"oooh jeeze. looks like I'm fucking up here."
"better finish fucking up"

>> No.16718160

I thought so too, but the soulless eyes of her son (it is her son right?) whenever he tries her food and is like "tastes great kay :^)" can't be faked. Those are the eyes of someone who has suffered for years.
In my headcanon she also makes more "experimental" stuff for yt, while making easier stuff in everyday life. Then again pancakes are about as easy as it gets.

>> No.16718198

>Dis nigga eats pine cones

>> No.16718249

I can't decide what his facial expression is trying to convey. It resembles an affectation of disaffectation while proving he is willing to eat it, but I feel like I'm getting it wrong somehow.

>> No.16718259

No time for a second take, boyo, camera's rolling.

>> No.16718339

not saying it tastes amazing but as a swede this looks like a typical cheap meal you'd see here to me, so I doubt he's uncomfortable eating it

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File: 2.87 MB, 200x354, white girl makes mashed potatoes.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is that milton freidman?

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File: 1.77 MB, 640x360, rabbit cleaning.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16718596

gets me every time

>> No.16718598

0% chance someone doesn't jerk off to stuff like that

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Actually shit, we do, this lad reminded me >>16715644

Sometimes we add pineapple too.

>> No.16718646

Went to noma a few years back, it was enjoyable. Not filthy rich by any means, but on the upper end of middle class. Some people don't understand the concept of food as art.

It's delicious, it's a fun adventure (especially with a partner or friends who have a similar mindset), and it's an entirely unique experience. It's essentially just an interactive art exhibit that you enjoy with more than just your eyes.

I probably wouldn't go again unless the menu changed radically in terms of themes, would rather spend the money on visiting a different artsy fartsy restaurant. My take on these kinds of restaurants is that it's a more of an experience than a meal. Same as how I might go to a casino, or rent a cabin, or take my partner to a nice hotel in a different city for the weekend, etc.

>> No.16718679

its probably ordered so often they dont even have to worry about it.

>> No.16718707

looks good

>> No.16719239

the way he cut towards his hand is fucked up

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lol poor jutlander faggot spotted

>> No.16719791

holy fuck how quick he pulled that shot

must have tasted like literal vomit acid

>> No.16719808

Imagine fucking believing related companies are in any meaningful way seperate except on paper for tax and accounting benefit reasons and to satisfy antitrust laws

>> No.16719832

Anyone who eats pizza with utensils should be shot in the face.
And chicago lasagna is not pizza.

>> No.16719844

Why are soibois so unable to do anything right?

>> No.16719883

>Bro, Maximum security prison sounds like a bad time

>> No.16720075

I hate women so goddamn much.

>> No.16720190

I love how the lady kept her composure so well.
"Dear me. Oh goodness. Why look at you go. I'll just take care of this while you screech like a capuchin then"
She's gonna be a great grandmother someday.

>> No.16720230

>not skin side down first
Jesus christ modern women need to be sent to internment camps

>> No.16720233

Italy was overrun by barbarians. Everyone in Italy is somehow descended from barbarian hordes. Eating pizza with knife and fork is a barbarian custom.

>> No.16720261

Did I just watch somebody perform tranny surgery on a tomato?

>> No.16720272

>my partner
Opinion discarded

>> No.16720278

Jutland more like bestland

>> No.16720283

It's not Alfredo, it's Bernaice. And it's a beef patty

>> No.16720300

lmao amerilards and arabs insisting on eating their sloppa with their hands will never not be funny

>> No.16720308

It\s also pickled beets

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I moved to Aabenraa last year and I gotta say the people here are really nice.

>> No.16720366

Dra åt helvette, vad dåligt.

>> No.16720408

So you know that the food at any given restaurant is bad without going there?

>> No.16720409
File: 87 KB, 600x749, 1513010613276-1512684443850-enhanced-buzz-9329-1389214671-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cured salmon, swedish meatballs, and cinnamon rolls (no, not the glazed into oblivion, dried up, American ones). Are three things easily more notable than the Icelandic piss shark, flygande Jacob, and some fastfood bullshit, and they all come from the same country. You could easily make another list twice as long for all of the Nordic nations combined (no, not you, Iceland).

Ask any American if they've ever enjoyed gravlax or Swedish meatballs, and odds are that most people will have had and enjoyed at least one of the two, and many will have had and enjoyed both.

If all cuisines are to be judged by the worst ideas from the 70s, then America, France, Italy, and Japan are all beyond fucked.


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>> No.16720433


>> No.16720438

Just use a knife and you could do that a little bit faster.

But, a bit impressive nonetheless.

>> No.16720442

It's just povertortilla
It won't win any awards, but it's always there and ready to go when you need it

>> No.16720443

this guys entire deal is being extra its just like the instagram pictures and no ive never seen anyone eat this shit like that

>> No.16720446

Hey! I find it very offensive to slam on us juten just because we are naturally good with money.

>> No.16720481

fagging with faggish

>> No.16720601

You can literally order a beer bong, filled with gravy at his restaurant. He\s all about being extra.

That said, his lowkey classic dishes like stægt flæsk, parisian steak etc, are all pretty standard. Then theres the shit like his two-sauce bøfsandwich and the bearnaise döner kebab

>> No.16720607

she did the opposite of put it skin side down you blind shit

>> No.16720708

lol retard

>> No.16720726

what you mean by part of? this faggot started that whole circus.

>> No.16720783

what's the fucking point when you can't tell any flavors from each other. It's just sugar on top of sugar on top of sugar.

>> No.16720804

I have no trouble telling the flavours apart.

>> No.16720835

>Fish is like the most humane meat that you could eat.
What? Fishing industry is filthy and destroys the wildlife, humane if you buy from someone who fishes themselves and with a rod

>> No.16720837

Retarded tiktoker that tries to be random

>> No.16720839

Awww poor baby pls give me your amazon wishlist and cashapp so I can give you all my money because Im a pathetic beta

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There is such a thing as an educated guess, though.
You haven't tasted the food in this webm but you probably still have an idea about whether it's good or not.

>> No.16720873

Compare the price and quality of that shit with the Noma menu.

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>> No.16721817

As usual, the sight of empathy confuses and frustrates the average (undoubtedly male) board dweller.

>> No.16721883

holy fuck this cracked me up, what animal is that even? Amd what is that sloppa supposed to be?

>> No.16721961


>> No.16721965

fuck this massive faggot

>> No.16721987

But w*men don't have feeling.

>> No.16722019

That beef sandwich looks like cthulhu.

>> No.16722040


>> No.16722048

M*n don't even know how to spell.

>> No.16722070

Such empathy... Truly the fairer sex.... .

>> No.16722169

xD are there really men on 4chan, the most woman-filled corner of the interwebs??

>> No.16722298

This makes me miss the shaved frozen milk place I used to go to

>> No.16722312

what she's doing is the opposite of empathy
she's using the carcass of the poor fish to boast on social media about how "rightful" she is for feeling "bad" for eating meat
it's all about her, if she were really empathetic she would just eat the fillet off camera without crying because she's already an adult who should be held accountable for her stupid decisions

>> No.16722321
File: 2.96 MB, 480x360, cucmber slicing.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not to mention she fried it skinside up

>> No.16722331

Eating disorder 100%

>> No.16722383
File: 2.87 MB, 640x360, How to Make Cheese at Home.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16722418

but'll eat a dick in a NYC minute.

>> No.16722453
File: 2.99 MB, 640x360, wu gok - taro croquette.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16722539

this is why you're fat

>> No.16722661

Bög är han

>> No.16722673


>> No.16722690


>> No.16723133

>he doesn't aerate his sauce

>> No.16723150
File: 2.45 MB, 640x360, brandy butter.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16723221


>> No.16723361

>no, not you, Iceland
t. tastelet who doesn't enjoy buttered fish and kjötsúpa

>> No.16723466

hah HAH isnt this so le WACKY, BLURSED CONTENT?

>> No.16723512


>> No.16723545

>keep waiting for punchline twist

>> No.16723568
File: 14 KB, 300x265, 1415212567228.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anon goes to India
wtf they expect me to eat with my hands?
>anon goes back to america
If you don't eat with your hands you're a faggot

>> No.16723665

Do americans really?

>> No.16723722

People can expect a tip all day long. Im not paying for the food, then tax, then 15% tip just because someone is too lazy to go to a community college for a year to learn a trade. Going from serving fat people from Ohio pancakes to making $60k a year starting as a tradeworker is only 12 months of your time, a lot of which can be done virtually.

>> No.16723759

what a repulsive amount of sugar

>> No.16723816

Fishing industry helps ensure that ocean pollution is kept to a minimum, you fucking retard. Without them there would be no monetary incentive to not just dump liquid toxic shit into the ocean.

>> No.16723826

Tipping is garbage don't get me wrong but are you suggesting we should upgrade to robot servers already, since the human ones don't deserve a living wage? Thinking the servers are stupid for not working on something else is falling for the restaurant owner's scam, make them pay the servers a full minimum wage like all their other workers, why do we have to pay their service as an extra.

>> No.16724757

what kind of pretentious satanic ritual do you have to perform to be accepted into the reigns of employment in this slop house, wherein you're only tasked with babysitting a cackle of faggots for an hour whilst getting paid big money to do it?

>> No.16724764

love from kyrgyzstan

>> No.16724765
File: 2.40 MB, 640x360, perfect crime.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never thought of this before. Swedes must be laughing their asses off every time they hear the opening lines of the Danish national anthem.

>> No.16724801

Hay smells wonderful. Hay oil is probably based.

>> No.16724865

it looks like dry pea soup and boiled dog

>> No.16724899

Are you american?

>> No.16724930
File: 2.90 MB, 1280x720, jack lid.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am hoping it's rabbit

>> No.16724965


>> No.16725081

I laugh a little every time I see a book store while visiting Copenhagen.

>> No.16725087

Welp. You've found a way to make a lot of people 200% angry. Well done. A low bar, but you've done it.
I want to beat that dumb bitch into the dirt for acting like such a faggot.

>> No.16725105

Guy who already made it big off gme here. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. A frugal lesson for those retarded enough, like yourself.

>> No.16725111

Youre a fag dude. No amount of money in the world will change that. You will always be lesser in the eyes of everyone. Even people on the lowest rung. Remember that.

>> No.16725288
File: 2.88 MB, 640x360, 1614822038180.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's really satisfying to look at

>> No.16725307
File: 2.79 MB, 800x500, cut.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16725399

Some of those look really good, but I fucking despise those like the duck skull and the duck wing. I am mega against putting stuff on the plate that you're not supposed to eat. I don't need a duck beak or a dirty wing with shit ridden feathers. Just plate the fucking brains or meat and I'll eat them.

>> No.16725402

are those ants in the blueberry dessert?
wtf? what do they add to the dessert that makes them essential?

>> No.16725403

The blueberry doesn't work on its own. It needs to have something with it.

>> No.16725453

Look at those bazooms she's like a human hen

>> No.16725463

women were a mistake

>> No.16725467
File: 2.91 MB, 900x506, 1604096505819.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16725498
File: 2.77 MB, 480x270, aunt myrnas party cheese salad.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16725507

It still bugs me that Jack didn't learn how to cook before making a cooking show

>> No.16725513

>> No.16725517

>> No.16725522

>> No.16725540

>> No.16725543

Fuck you

>> No.16725580



Alright, I'mma try dat.

>> No.16725582

So taro root baos? I like it.

>> No.16725599

What is that? Bamboo heart? Artichoke heart?

>> No.16725604

The whole point of a sandwich is that you can pick it up with your hand. Euros are just tone-deaf retards who can't lighten up.

>> No.16725626

someone must have done this while the rabbit was alive, just to see it go around freaking out

>> No.16725646

>t. horse

>> No.16725656

Instead of bullying you for being a phonefig, like I should, I will just tell you that the filename is "sake and bamboo"


>> No.16725694

>whole foods
the "im sorry fishy" seems blatantly sarcastic at first, until you remember it's a woman

>> No.16725710

I take it you haven't seen the videos then.. but it's not rabbits

>> No.16725724

i do boil almost all food i eat. ama

>> No.16725727

Christ, my man on the right eating like he just got out of prison

>> No.16725736


>> No.16725756

i love the choice of veggies but this looks terribly done.

>> No.16725784

this. i wish i could k*ll her

>> No.16725795

>While you went out and partied, I studied the fish

>> No.16725810

>but it's not rabbits

>> No.16725824

did this stupid shit just try and filter whey out using a fucking felt tiger print blanket what the fuck

>> No.16725832

>> No.16725917

Ah, they forgot to dust the peel with either semolina or cornmeal.

>> No.16725950

Hmm I wonder why the blades are in two layers. Would it be too much for the cheese wheel to handle, the thickness of all the blades inside it at the same time? Less force needed with two layers? Interesting stuff.

>> No.16725953

this is pretty cool, any idea where its from?

>> No.16725954

Man, this bitch is generous with the hooch. I approve.

>> No.16725968

Drag. If they used a single layer, there would be too much drag and it would destroy the cheese instead of slicing through cleanly.

>> No.16725972

Rabbits are incredibly fragile creatures, it could easily die the moment you catch it. Their heart just stops.
I was once walking back home from duckhunting, saw a rabbit run across the path. I took a shot at it with a shotgun and saw it disappear into the bushes next to the path.
I found the rabbit there in the bush, dead. I took it home of course but it didn't have a single hole in it, it just died.

>> No.16725978

le funny youtuber throwing eggs meme fucking retard how old are you

>> No.16726018


>> No.16726026

I want to know why the person recording thinks its a good idea to just let the slop run off the ladle like that and plop back into the pot, it actually reminds me of vomit and looks so fucking unappetizing. Also that carcass, whatever it is... just lmao.

>> No.16726027

not exaggerating, this is probably my favorite /ck/ webm of all time.

>> No.16726115

absolute pigchad on the right

>> No.16726120

remember when he could even use that arm

>> No.16726291

Denmark is a fine country and I did not crack up at your dumb language, it's okay

>> No.16726755

I've not seen this webm in years, it still get me

>> No.16726785

>luvely accent
>avant garde esoteric cooking knowledge
>based taste in tshirts
>massive flapjack honkers to motorboat you into a coma every night

would you /ck/ ?

>> No.16726790

Looks like Yuri bezhmenov

>> No.16726800

ah, okay, at least there are no illusions about eating this with your hands.

>> No.16726804

You might have anger issue bro, most people just have a laugh

>> No.16726824

This shit tastes so fucking good

>> No.16726832

>> No.16726840


>sand niggers

ye not denmark

>> No.16726845

Benihana...? Beni fucking Hana?! Why, oh God, would you choose a chain of fucking hibachi restaurants to bring me down?

>> No.16726868

So start sucking cock you massive faggot.

>> No.16726876

A woman is why you're here, you pathetic loser.

>> No.16726878

>ruining what could be steak au poivre by dumping American dirt bag shit on it

>> No.16726890


>> No.16726908

Wat dat

>> No.16726927

cheese aged inside sheep skin I believe

>> No.16726939

>> No.16726989

I can understand not wanting to eat cows, sheep, and pigs. I myself even don't like eating chicken that much since I twice raised them from hatchlings. But fish? This bitch is having a breakdown about fish?

>> No.16727008

fucking kek, i want to see someone do this at a restaurant now

>> No.16727029

>Not offended by him holding the fork in the right hand and the knife in the left hand.
Tell me you're American without telling me.

>> No.16727032

>im the most pathetic person ever
at least she knows

>> No.16727033

>not having a custom print cheesecloth

>> No.16727035

A midget.

>> No.16727041


>> No.16727051

This would make prepping for tea parties /so/ much easier. Is there a guide on how to do this beyond just copying the motions?

>> No.16727057

>jack lid
He is indeed a pakled

>> No.16727073

There's now way this wasn't scripted. How do you even fuck that up? Those machines are so easy people working at starbucks can use them.

>> No.16727163

He probably just thought all the hot water/steam and pressure would be gone since the coffee was finished and started disassembling it which released it.

>> No.16727323

Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pleVzyX_CZQ

>> No.16727374

They're the absolute best, I wish they weren't so hard to get right at home.

>> No.16727394

only took 2 years until the body said no, huh?

>> No.16727445

>cooking with Lucille Bluth

>> No.16727490

>people ITT defending pretentious shit

>> No.16727579


>> No.16727860

it's staged sadly

>> No.16727883

>I am having a mental breakdown because my body refuses to follow my moral understanding of the world
>I know, let me record myself and post it on tiktok!
Yes, I don't feel anything but contempt.

>> No.16727916


>> No.16727947

It looks like one of those infomercials that show people being completely retarded at doing a basic task to sell you something equally retarded

>> No.16728071

looks like demiglace on one side and sausage gravy on the other.
denmarkbros,,, I kneel,,,,

>> No.16728081


>> No.16728087

achievable natty?

>> No.16728107

the worst part of this video is this retard's knife skills

>> No.16728131

This woman got stabbed, or is the stabber? The fuck would either of them be doing on their phone here?

>> No.16728139

Yeah seriously even someone who does arts and crafts should know not to cut like that

>> No.16728146

>that poorfag seethe

Enjoy the mcdonalds

>> No.16728172

Babish cannot cook. He is a frontman and someone cooks for him every time. He is utterly incompetent in the kitchen in any episode where it's his full body on screen the whole time; he chops shit wrong, sears it incorrectly, can't manage heat, etc

>> No.16728225

Københavnersnuder get out.
Originally, yes, but somewhere along the line we learned how to make bread that was actually good, so now it's an integral part of the meal.
Also, only subhumans touch a sandwich after mucking out hay.

>> No.16728320

Rosmarin, persille, timian, salvie -- you just don't think about these as "spices" because noone bothers to crush them into powder and put them in little bags. Fjeldaber have no excuse.

>> No.16728945

Those are herbs, not spices.

>> No.16729347

Some creatures are so pathetic they evoke a more visceral hatred from me than evil.

>> No.16729351

I bet you wipe your ass with silk too

>> No.16729389

Do svenske sataner really cook like this??

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