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post the worst cuisine from your country

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That Jewish woman is beautiful

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all women are beautiful, chud

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Boiled peanuts are awesome ya yank faggot.

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>I fucked my sister while in line at Dollywood
General Sherman didn't go far enough.

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skyline chili

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Cant really think about anything, brazilian cuisine is great.

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>posts during peak english speaking hours
you think you're slick huh?

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there's litchrally no reason for this garbage to exist

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Anything that's copying American trends.

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Absolutely fucking revolting.

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Do Dutchmen really?

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cajun boiled peanuts are delicious wtf are you going on about?

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It's so bad, it's actually good.

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Stop gender assuming shitlord

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Did people actually like those?

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look at it this way: if it's the worst and it's awesome, things are looking pretty damn good

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Brown sauce is based on sandwiches.

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This is a real thing british people would eat in the 50s

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they're fucking delicious fresh from the deep fryer after 12 beers

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That lady looks like Ann Coulter if she didn't have Marfan syndrome.

I honestly can't think of something from Denmark I don't like. I know plenty of people from other countries would call some of it bland or get weirded out by the pickled herrings etc. but I like it all.

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You mean the 1850s?

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picrel, it's your typical breakfast of the uneducated poor white trash here

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Why would you cover the bun in sauce? How are you supposed to eat it?

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The post immediately above this is very poor-quality bait.

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noodles with poppy seed, butter and sugar

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He gets it

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I'd devour this in one sitting during my uni drinking days. Would probably shit my lungs out the next day though.

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Yep, it's insane how cheap you can buy munchie boxes given the amount of calories and meat you can get in some of them

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Stop pretending you're Australian if you don't like this, go home faggot
Had a legitimate point

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why is japanese cuisine so hilariously bad?
the main staple dish of nipponland is sushi which is literally just fish on rice
their curry is just watered soup
ramen is just inferior version of authentic Chinese noodles
even instant noodles is taiwanese (Chinese) and not from japan

why could the nips not make a satisfactory cuisine?

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Isnt authentic american cuisine eating stuff from indian graves?

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But he's right, you'd get your hands all sticky

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>hot boiled

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what the fuck lol
is that supposed to be bantz?

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America is dominating your culture more and more every day. Soon your thousands of years of culture, tradition and culinary artistry will mean nothing and will fade away as it is absorbed into Pax Americana. Your ancestors will be forgotten everywhere but history books and your descendants will curse all those who came before them.

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in some developed countries you use utensils - and not your hands - to eat food.

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no question, it is this.

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i dunno what the fuck that is but it looks good

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how fucking bad can macaroni be?
come on now.

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Its true tho

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armenian living in Ukraine
Armenia has disgusting soup where main ingridient is pig feet, and Ukraine has aspic where main ingridient is pig feet

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pig feet can be soft if cooked right. you can eat the whole foot.

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I've never eaten this because it's not from my region, but this shit is disgusting. Fermented, essentially rotting pork.

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>Canned rubbery and watery mushrooms
Man I hate this

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That webm of the woman that puts instant noodles on the damned "prepared" doritos for sure, but these stupid gummy beer things piss me the fuck off too

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the reason i know this is from scotland is because of irn bru but the only reason i know that irn bru is from scotland is because of the meme about that flower of scotland letting you stir last night's haggis for the price of one

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What’s her biceps routine

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>eggs, olives, deenz
Would devour

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fuck you, I'm a burger and I would still fist fight you over this

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Yeah crubeens are great.

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makes more sense than the absolute retardation you've posted t b h

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Spiedie USA, New York.
spiedie, it's a bunch of sloppy chicken on some bread that idiots make festivals over and charge money for.
These fucks are dumber than a box of rocks.

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i like pretty much all other finnish foods but cant stand carrot casserole

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I'll see that and raise you a spinach souffle, if we combined them then we'd have an intercontinental sloppa quite worthy of /ck.

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Bøfsandwich is just good

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Made for hot sauce.

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Plain spaghetti on top of spaghetti bolognese?

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all women should be downgraded to non human sex slaves for everyone pleasure.

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Don't use words you don't understand.

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that's australian i think

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Post-WW2 rationing took a while to come out of

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They have a very different flavor than roasted. These have a much more 'legume' flavor than roasted.

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Fairy bread is very much a things for children's birthday parties. The kids love it.

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Nix the mushrooms and you've got a good brekkie right there.

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Half price discount sushi

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Those gas station hot peanuts are from raw dried peanuts, ehh, not so good. They are soaked for hours upon hours to even get tender.

Boiled peanuts made traditionally are not those, but must be a seasonal fresh product. They are supposed to use tender shelled and immature GREN peanuts which are very perishable, though they can be shipped frozen to extend the season. Green peanuts are immature, not fully grown, and have a combination of smaller peanuts inside the shell as well as a thick peanut-like lining that also sucks up the delicious briney cooking liquid, which is fun to eat. Make the real boiled peanut at home, just be prepared to pay about $5-10 for a couple pounds bag of green peanuts and give it about 2-3hours on your stovetop in sea-salted simmering water. When it easily pops open and they are soft and squishy, and brine ffilled inside, they're done. Eat them hot. Or, chill overnight in jars (in the brine) to let it get really good. They are better cold, I think.

Publix, Winn-Dixie has them in season right now! When you buy a bag to cook, inspect the bag carefully, flipping it over, and make sure it was shipped cold, because improperly stored, or unsold for too long, then it can get moldy. Very perishable!

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The ones and chesnuts from nyc street corners are pretty good, the sad thing is that they're usually in tourist trap areas.

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The chicken burger

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ara, shashlik davai

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You can tell a psychopath when you see the whites above their eyes and their gums when they smile

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Thanks for the contribution you lazy faggot

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too much avo and burnt the fucking toast, gross. avo toast is good when you dont put too much on and you drip some soy sauce and black pepper on top.

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well you can boil something and then let it cool down. hot boiled means it was boiled and it is still hot and ready to eat.

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Love the roadside boiled peanuts you can get in the south. Never tried the gas station ones, just doesn't seem right when you grew up only eating them when purchased from the side of the road.

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thats "cheese" anon.

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I don't know why you put it in quotation marks. That is actually cheese.

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my mum used to make this until i begged her to stop, its so fucking bad, she loves spinach so she loves it but i can't stand even the smell of it.

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its that dogshit american "cheese". it hardly counts.

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Only the garbage countries

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utensils to eat a burger? fuck off cunt. just pick it up get your hands messy and clean them afterwards.

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You seem unreasonably upset about cheese from the US.

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I really don't get the appeal for custard with fruit. I see it at weddings all the time.

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kesäkeitto, or summer soup
mushy veggies and milk

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>cheese popular in other countries? let's copy them
>let's use the lowest quality ingredients and simplest techniques to mass produce them for the bottom feeders of our country
>nobody likes our cheese? let's beg the government for subsidies to keep our industry alive

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You seem to be the racist, as is very common with your types. I simply don't give a shit about your fucking nations and don't want to visit them.
If you want to call me racist for disagreeing with you then you must have been shillary supporters since that's the best that they can do.
Are you still seething in your closets because Trump beat your annointed one?

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Once again, you seem far more upset than reasonable when it comes to cheese.

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the gas station ones usually are canned. specifically that brand you can find the cans of peanuts stored in the cabinet underneath.

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Enjoy your worms.

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It's the skyline four way. It's spaghetti with a cinnamon based chili, onions or beans, and that weird orange cheese.

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king crimson reference

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What I remember as american food growing up as a young kid in New York City
>possum/gopher soup
>moose head cheese
>groundhog liver
>fried scrapple with party cheese salad
>pre-packaged horse meat "hot dogs"
>rat meat braised with motor oil
>one time, grizzly bear brains
Europeans have no idea how bad it really is. No one in the USA knows what the fuck a hamburger is or fried chicken. American food is disgusting. Literally the worst parts to eat of any animal. Makes sense because americans are the race of humans closest to animals. They make disgusting noises when they eat, slurp everything, men in the suburbs lift their fucking wife beaters over their sweaty stomachs while laughing and chewing with their mouths full of food. Like what kind of idiot decided bare hands are the most practical way to eat fucking spaghetti. Starving Nigerians who eat grass have a better diet than the average american.

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