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It's scientific proven you cook better when a little tipsy.

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Is that the bro who's friends with marco? Is he based? Seemed like it on Marco's show.

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100% agreed. Never trust a sober chef.

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nah it only makes my shitty cooking more tolerable

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this is what happens when you cook drunk

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UK bros. Remember watching the documentary on Keith Floyd and then waking up the next morning to hear he'd died.

Based Keith.

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Keith Floyyd, had cooking shows since the 1980's, think Rick Stein was first on TV on Floyyds TV show.
Yes, he is one of those people that you forget he is dead, then remember, and are a bit sad, like Rik Mayall.

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It is what it is, toobz

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Boglim needs his ranch

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I legit do cook better (or at least, more efficiently) when I've had a drink beforehand. I think for me I am always too cautious that I'm gonna fuck something up so it takes me 3x longer to do anything, but when I am buzzing I just do shit without hesitation.

Of course I'm not cooking a seven course meal or anything that actually would take a lot of multitasking and focus.

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Keith Meets Keith? I'd forgotten that timing though.

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if i'm cooking something with wine in it i'll get two bottles of whatever i'm using, one for the recipe/for dinner and one for me while i cook

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you do everything better when you're a little tipsy

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Correct. It helps you loosen some inhibitions. Problem is people don't know how to stop when they're just buzzed.

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You bet your ass!

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>Rik Mayall

Why you gotta go do dat!?

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