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I want to make the fried rice I can get only get at your run of the mill Chinese restaurants, I want the flavor down to a T frens

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Imported gutter oil and cat meat.

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Use jam instead of plum sauce

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Use MSG and sugar whenever you can

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why would you even want to eat chinese food?

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it's so delicious it was my birthday meal my Mom would always pick me up early from school and we'd go get it
Now I just want to drink and eat Chinese food but homemade and not cat

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stop being such elitist fags
Chinese food is good and hearty

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>shitty cuts of meat that are somehow tough as leather while also being paper thin
>shrimp raised on chicken shit
>empty carbs in the form of rice
>corn syrup sauces

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if you are OP ignore these faggots, this board is a shithole that can't cook for shit and literally praises fast food, go check recipes from kenji, chinese cooking demystified and souped up recipes, best english language resources for these techniques, fried rice essentially comes down to the right rice (preferably day old rice that has had time to dry), good heat management (if you don't have a wok with a high heat burner, don't overcrowd the pan), salt, MSG, oil, and good egg technique helps a lot (essentially deep frying the eggs first in hot oil). for fried wontons idk, I can't imagine it's that hard, not really a chinese recipe so you'll have to wing it but just get wonton wrappers, find a filling recipe that you want (probably some pork, green onions, soy sauce, ginger and garlic), and then deep fry the dumplings you'd regularly steam.

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so tasty
shut up virgin

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>day-drunk surburban mom tier MSG paranoia
It's in the dry goods aisle at your local supermarket under the name 'seasoning salt.' Pick some up and put a teaspoonful into the pot next time you make soup.

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>omg bottom feeders gonna bottom-feed
>omg rice is bad
>omg msg is bad
>omg corn raped my mom
Fuck off, schizo.

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