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post your hot sauce and the scoville on that bad boy

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Dunns River Jamaican style hot sauce is great
Made with Habanero and Cayenne, which are 100k and 30-50k peppers

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Scoville is a bullshit qualitative measurement where the numbers mean fuckall and it's just decided by a bunch of neckbeards sitting around eating peppers and say "oh, yes, that one is 25 times spicier than this one".

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Franks red hot is fantastic. It's made with Cayenne so it's got decent heat but it's not insane. I've eaten a big fat steak before and dripped Franks over every seperate bite individually because it actually has such a good taste.

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Quality bait post

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garbage taste. franks is c-tier at best, along with Louisiana (too salty) and crystal (too bland)

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I am a big fan of your pick related.

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the only acceptable answer

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We've arrived.

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>Halapeno - 5,000 scovilles
>whole slices on pizza or out of jar and chopped up into food
>tasty and pretty hot, if you eat some slices it will clear out your sinuses and wake you up

>Scotch Bonnet - 100,000 scovilles
>Good for making powerful hot sauce
>Eat one picked straight off a plant in the Caribbean
>intense incapacitating pain
>need to wait for like 5 minutes before I can even finish it on the 2nd bite
>eyes watering, coughing, spluttering

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Absolutely fucking based

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Whats the difference compared to regular tabasco?

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Not that anon, but I buy the same thing (fresh, not some weird 2011 thing).
It uses peppers from the best growing areas of the original farm (Tabasco’s peppers are grown in multiple countries now due to product demand), it uses white wine vinegar as opposed to distilled, and is aged in barrels for about 3x longer than the regular.

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This and Byron Bay Chilli co. Habanero with mango and lemon.

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This brand is peak good hot sauces.

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>Official Hot Sauce of /ck/

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way too spicy, tone it down a bit

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Are these the old labels? I don't remember them looking like that.

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I will never stop shilling this.

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I ate their pickled sliced habenaros and they were great. I didn't know they had hot sauce too.

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Its the best balance of flavor and heat I've ever tasted. The garlic, shallots, and carrots in the sauce make it the most versatile, imo. I buy them by the gross. I wish they were available in the US without having to buy online. I encourage the anons to just order a single bottle, you won't wanna go back.

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They used to sell a bunch of their products at Walmart but that was years ago.

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Oh really? That sucks. I've been going through ebay/mexgrocer for a while. I learned of it in a restaurant I'm pretty sure was a front for the cartel, and had been looking out for how to get it for years. Was the Walmart you went to somewhere near the Mexican border?

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I ordered it from Walmart, but it was online, I'm not really sure how that works. There was no shipping charge and it arrived quickly though, I would think that meant it was from a closer store as I was nowhere near the border.

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Walmart owns other stores. Maybe they owned a mexican grocery nearby. Still, totally worth getting a bottle if you can, just to taste the perfect sauce

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based and truth, this and texas pete is all you need

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I got a huge bottle cheap. Did not like it, let it go bad. How do you use it? Seemed bland to me.

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Fresh? You know one of the special things about about it is that it's aged longer, right?

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You know that the aging stops when it’s removed from the barrel, right?
So yes, fresh. As in bottled recently. Not bottled 10 years ago.

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Sure, now let's see yr bottle with time stamp! Is there anyway to actually get this for a decent price? Amazon 20 bux free shipping, their website you pay for shipping so it's the same. Stores don't carry it. I don't pay for porn either.

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I freshed your momma in Dodge last night if you know what I mean...

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None because I don't have a finely coiffed beard.

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Not a clue.

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>is there a way to get something that sells for a premium for a reason for cheap
You aren’t going to find better than the $12 on the Tabasco website

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Of course you do, are you from frisco or christopher street?

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Yeah, but it's still 20 once you pay shipping. I wonder if the shipping stays the same for more bottles and then split the cost with other local saucetards.

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How do you know 2011 was the bottling date and not its birth date?

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Generally a decent company want to make sales, this isn't rocket science. A decent company will give you options, here's one that does. This hot pepper powder will last me.https://www.sonoranspice.com/collections/trinidad-moruga-scorpion

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Because they occasionally sold it as a special edition thing before they made it a regular product.
What makes you think otherwise?

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I got knowledge and sheeoot and wear a baseball cap backwards indoors!
Cope beotch1lol!111

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It is fairly bland but that's one of its advantages. You can use a good quantity of it without overwhelming every other flavor vs. the few dabs you use of other hot sauces. It's really more like a condiment.
I like to use it to coat chicken thighs then broil them. You get spicy flavorful crispy skins

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The thing is I can't find it anymore, I used to buy it by the case. Bah! No more. I even called the guy up to try to convince him to do another production run and he told me straight out that was very, very expensive.

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I want Luca Brasi sleeps with fishes sauce.

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you like salty white vinegar anon

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I put this on everything nowadays

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never buy el yucatero black otherwise they're good
they scorch their peppers for all the sauces but they burn them into ashes for the black, it's basically an ashtray in aspic

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i like cholula. it's not very hot but it tastes good and they have a bunch of nice flavors.

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I cannot believe people are putting ghost pepper sauce on their food daily. That shit is so abhorrent and painful, it's like an exercise in spiritual sacrifice. That is, sacrificing the pleasure in eating your food. Who hurt you?

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There is always a bottle in my house and it forever lives on the kitchen table, alone, king of the condiments.

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This is not the "delusional faggots who unironically believe that crying at the slightest hint of spice somehow makes them masculine" general.

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Yes, this. It's more of a marinade than a hot sauce. The XX Hot version cut with butter makes a great wing sauce too. The african pepper varieties used in this give it a different sort of taste than a habanero. Less fruity, a bit more black-peppery. Good stuff.

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I find it has a coppery metallic taste sometimes. Not all their bottles, but some of them

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damn thats one of the only ones i havent tried and i was excited to :(

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Very embarrassing bottle design but this does the trick. I think it's over 2 million units. The first few drops are fine, but after that, you're suddenly in pain. So you have to eat it very carefully. To be honest, it's too hot, and I probably won't buy it again.

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think its like 2000 but I dont care at all. it tastes good on Mexican food. otherwise I like crystal. if I want really spicy food ill put peppers in it

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had this the other day with some deenz on crackers with pico de gallo and it was so goddman good

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Accept no replacement

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Their slogan isn't "i put that shit on everything" for naught.

Great sauce for so much stuff.

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My go to for everything, bonus cheap as fuck

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Valentina black is so cheap
Some of the shit in this thread is like $1 and something per oz, valentina is 4 cents. They actually sell at mexican food prices. You have to impress me to sell at 25 times the price of valentina
one bottle isn't so bad as a novelty but I bought a big pack thinking it was just normal el yucatero but hotter and I hated it very quickly. In fact I probably thought it was just hotter EY because that's how Valentina works

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>Hot sauce???

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I like tabasco. I like chipotle. So I bought a bottle of that. I didn't think it possible to ruin to good things so thoroughly but mcilhenny seems to have pulled it off.

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All of these are just original Tabasco with less peppers and 5x more salt. I know they're cheap but they're just acidic brine. At least try Valentina for your super cheap hotsauce needs if you haven't already, it actually has flavor and is not off the charts kidney damage salty.

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>hot sauce thread where no one's taking the soyjack twitter immigrant bait
pretty based

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Thank god. I was having withdrawals.

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>pretty based

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I want tobasco, but i'm poor

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anything similar to el yucateco Caribbean I should try?

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