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A lot of people don't understand the concept of a food bank, and even more feel "too proud" to go to one. I'm going to show you what my local food bank provides to anyone who shows up, free of charge no irrelevant questions asked.

This is one week of food for two americans. Maybe you guys could help me come up with meals to make out of all of this?

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They also gave me a bunch of meats/cheese/deli foods.

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> Chili with beans

You mean bean soup

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I also got a bag of breads and sweets.

i assumed that was dog food

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And the vegetables

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I also got even more vegetables

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They really got stuff like this? I only ever imagined it was just a bunch of canned soups, ramen, boxed mac and cheese, etc. Do you get to choose or do they just give you a random selection?

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And then I got a few bags of fruits
>a bunch of weird small plums and apples
Probably going to can those

There were a few casualties, but overall not too much I had to throw away
>four squish shallots
>two rotten onions
>one burst yogurt
>one squished plum
>one rotten nectarine
>two soft radishes

You used to go in and shop like you would in a store, but for the last year you just pull up and they load a bunch of bags into your trunk because of covid restrictions.

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Also not picture is
>3lb potatoes
>2lb onions
>1lb shallots
>2gal milk

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It's all based on donations from local grocery stores. A lot of the perishables are about to hit the best by/sell by date or hit it a few days ago, but most food is still good for a while after that. I have a freezer so I'm going to freeze a lot of the bread, meat, some cheese, and the big cups of pre-cut fruit.

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what state do you live in?
and is your living area heavily populated?

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do you live in a rich area? around here the food bank gives stuff like generic boxes of cereal in a brand you can't actually buy anywhere, bags of 'chili' with the consistency of gelatin, and absolutely nothing fresh, and they vet everyone's income

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Eastern WA, near Spokane.
>entire county has 500,000 people
Not huge but not small either.

This is not a rich area, but there are a lot of stores here for the amount of people that actually live here. Most of those stores work with the food banks to get fresh food to people who need it.

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keep fighting the good fight OP

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You hit the jackpot op. But I will say, stocking up on so much fruit is either a dumb move on their part, or an asshole move on yours. Either you make some jam or all that goes in the trash.
Or are the *target demographic of food banks* expected to be able to make smoothies? Not sarcastic, they probably are.
America is really weird.

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It's entirely based on donations. They are given this food for free and have only a couple days to distribute it. If they don't give it away, they will have to throw it away. All I did was pull up, ask for "food for two people" and they did the rest. I didn't know what I got until I unpacked it all at home. I assume the logic is to give me enough food that even when some of it goes bad, I still have enough to make it through the week.

Also that extra giant bag of plums/apples is not normal, it's probably from someone's farm.

that's what I'm going to do with a lot of it and I don't see the problem with that, I bought my blender for $7 at goodwill

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Are those penis rings?

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mint flavor

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That is worth going to the food bank, but I dont think we have them around here, they take the food to distant villages in the middle of nowhere

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Didn't say there's anything wrong, just that you wouldn't expect someone who can't afford food to make smoothies. Not that you seem like you couldn't afford it.
Are you poor or just frugal? Should I expect to see you on extreme cheapskates? Just trying to wrap my mind around the fact that a person who has nice furniture and decoration would not only grab free food from dumbass boomers with white guilt, that's I guess reasonable, but would also buy a $7 blender.
But I don't know man, maybe you just found a way to crack the system. Good for you.

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Holy shit, i used to volunteer at a food pantry and we didn't give out nearly this much shit. It was just a bunch of bread products and canned veggies most of the time. No wonder you guys have welfare problems on the west coast, you're letting people eat like fucking royalty for free.

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>Or are the *target demographic of food banks* expected to be able to make smoothies?

a blender is a one-time purchase of like 20 bucks

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I am frugal and poor. All of my nice furniture and decorations is just stuff I got on craigslist/facebook for super cheap, sometimes free. My tables/chairs were a set for $70, then I cleaned them and finished them with a $10 can of varnish. The weird knickknacks were a dollar or less each, from yard sales. The cabinet in the back corner was free, and I found a guy with a truck and paid him $20 to drive it to my place. It's not hard to live decent on a low budget, it just takes a lot of effort.

This is completely private, no government money involved. Persons and privately owned stores donate to privately owned food banks run by privately owned churches.

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Well I'm jealous.
I'd still feel like shit going to one since I take someone's brand new vehicle to get groceries.
I'm all in on total societal collapse before it is necessity.

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Yeah I know. It's just a strange thing to come across. Like when you find out that the homeless in LA have gym memberships to take showers. It's conceptually sound, but it takes you by surprise.
Well shit anon, good job and good luck.

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>Puget Sound
WA bro what's up? Where you at? Everett here.

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>Maybe you guys could help me come up with meals to make out of all of this?
nope, you shouldn't accept free food if you can't make it.

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You can freeze the stone/drupe fruits, blanch and peel them, toss in a ziplock with a bit of sugar and paprika, and seal the ziplock. They're good for blending for smoothies or for making pies.

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I'm from lynnwood but I'm in spokane taking care of my daughter.

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I am no fool, I was just trying to bait people into responding to my thread to keep it alive. I've got a lot of meals planned and I'll post them in here for as long as the thread is alive.

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If your local food bank has terrible food, you should talk to them and get communication going between them and local grocery stores/convenience stores/produce stands, anywhere that has perishable food that's still good after the best by.

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I go to the food bank 2x a month and get basically the same thing. Nothing wrong with it. I also tell them it's for a family of 6 when it's really just me.

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Where can I find these

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I don't want to go to a food bank because I don't need the resources. On the topic of free food though, you can go to those farmer produce markets and ask them for their nonsaleable fruits and vegetables, usually just has bruising or a tiny bit of mold you can cut off, and then you can make smoothies with them.

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that'd be great anon, keep this one going. I'd love to see what you come up with.

This is actually kind of a neat exercize, forces you to be creative with what you have rather than cooking the same convenient stuff over and over again.

good luck on your endeavors, Anon.

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nope, i go to mine and they give me a bag of frozen meats, mostly 1 whol chicken thighs or breasts, ground beef, etc. fresh produce, tubs of Boursin. it all depends.

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Trader Joe's anon.

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don't post this to /pol/, you'll have a bunch of prepper faggots raiding the food banks

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If you're not too proud to take handouts surely you can't be too proud to take work.

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>stay at home to supervise child
>get shitty minimum wage job and go to jail for child neglect

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Been there a few times and don't recall seeing these. Are they seasonal? Where would they keep them?

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> Whitest city in the US
Lol of course

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They stock them at the beginning of October

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But I have a job and I go to the food bank :)

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>Had a kid you couldn't afford
>That's my problem somehow

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I'd rather be able to provide for myself but I'm not too proud to allow myself to starve to death, the food bank people were nice

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jesus christ that's like $200 AUD worth of food here and you got it free?
Freeze most of bread. Keep the meat frozen if you can.
First easy meal I can think of is taking a can of the cream of mushroom (I assume you like it), some of the diced onion, then dice some of the capsicum/peppers, add a bit of water and get that boiling, add in the chicken alfredo pieces warm everything up, then finish by adding some of the potato pearls with a bit of milk (dry/instant potato is a jacque pepin secret for making nicer soup).
Mac & cheese is another obvious one you can make.
beef meatballs + chilli + can of tomato in a saucepan until the meatballs are cooked.
spanish omlette (tortilla/frittatta) with the vegetables & eggs will work.
the flour you could use with the walnuts, cranberries & plums and make sweet bread or scones.

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I make 70k a year but still go to the food bank early every morning and take the best things. Am I doing it right?

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Yes, if not you then a nonwhite might grow up nourished and be that much more capable of crime.

>> No.16665712

Makes sense, thanks.

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Foodbank manager here; Don’t let OP fool you. You think we just hand out food for absolutely nothing?
When you first arrive at the foodbank, you’ll be stripped naked and deloused.
We believe in helping people. The disgusting parasites you carry aren’t people. Simple as.
After that, we examine your means. No free food for people who could otherwise buy it or barter for it.
Do you have a wife? If so, she’ll be spending the night with me. Don’t worry, you can take the food home now and feed yourself and your kids a nice dinner. Just come pick mommy up in the morning.
If you don’t have a wife, your daughter will do. 16 is legal in my state.
If you don’t have a wife or daughter, as long as you’re slim you’ll be acceptable if you put on a Japanese schoolgirl outfit and don’t talk. I mean not a peep. Just stay silent while I’m enjoying you.
The you can feed your family. Be grateful.

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Believable until the last part

>> No.16665731

Good thread OP. Best of luck with everything.



Based and ancap-pilled.

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You didn't get all that crap from a "food bank".

OP is a giant faggot, as usual.

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aren't you allowed to eat roos for free
I'd argue that's a better deal than food banks

>> No.16665778

all that food for 2 people for 1 week? no wonder you're all obese, that shit would last me a month

>> No.16665838

>feeds two americans for one week
notice I didn't say people

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That all looks good and I'm glad people in real poverty can be provided for.

But honestly I wouldn't use one of these things unless I was literally starving. The idea of not being able to provide for myself would make me feel like an utter failure and a piece of shit. Charity handout pathetic faggot. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror, knowing I was a complete failure of a human being.

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I feel like I need to get a shitty rotted out 90s civic to blend in though. If I go in my new truck I don't think it'll go over well

>> No.16665937

no rent out a hummer limo and go

>> No.16665949

Keep going anon, I’ve been telling people this for years, every time there’s a
>how do I live for two weeks off $17

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Bro I see all kinds of cars at the food bank, from 90s civics to geo metros to miatas to brodozers to fucking lincolns and teslas

>> No.16666004

>he doesn't deposit his tendies at the food bank for safe keeping
your never going to make it

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Food costs literally nothing, how are you even alive

>> No.16666026

You have a fancy food bank near you.. The one I went to a few times only had canned and dry goods except holidays.

>> No.16666109

You get out what you put in. The food bank I go to has a ton of volunteers that drive around and collect food from local businesses.
Food banks run on donations, you can't blame the food bank for people not donating, unless they are asking for donations from the right places.

>> No.16666121

It's not even a foodbank, it's a foodshare. If my bank just gave my money away I'd be pissed off. But it lends my money and keeps it secure in return and for my term deposits gives me a share of the earned interest, and that is good.

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mate I'm not black I can't hit them with a boomerang.

>> No.16666154

then smack em with your didgeridoo or run em over with your ute

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In the UK and they have a wide variety. I've never used one but my old job meant I interacted a lot with food banks. They supply most things that people would buy from a supermarket and the essentials that make things hard.
There's pressure on supermarkets to donate, then you have the people who donate tins as they leave stores etc and they also buy supplies and sometimes even ask companies directly.

Some of our foodbanks publish lists of things they're short on and occasionally they'll be short on things like tinned fruit, preserves or rice etc their absolute biggest shortages are on things like sanitary & hygeine products. Razors, sanitary products for women, deodorant & cleaning products.
Absolutely everyone donates beans, meats, tinned fish, pasta, soup etc to a point they're basically always overstocked.

I hope I never have to be in a position where I use one but they provide an essential service for those living below the poverty line and failing to make ends meet.

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cook the shallots soon, they go bad really quickly

>> No.16666234

what's the expiration date on the milk

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I volunteer at a food bank. I pick up that sort of stuff from the back of a grocery store all the time. Expensive stuff that people in the area cant afford expires and gets donated. 30/70 Organic-Regular stuff.
Sometimes we struggle to get enough. Sometimes we have all 6 of our chest freezers overflowing.
They let people self pick with social distancing rules. Still leaves tons of bread and veggeis left over that either gets picked over by the volunteers at the end or get fed to pigs. I usually grab stuff to feed to my chickens as well.

>> No.16666239

What's the process for this exactly? I have severe agoraphobia so if somebody can just throw some shit in my trunk I'd be happy to pay back with cash donations.

>> No.16666246

>I hope I never have to be in a position where I use one but they provide an essential service for those living below the poverty line and failing to make ends meet.
i think it's one of the most unarguable forms of charity. i don't really think people would abuse "free deodorant and free vegetables" if they had an alternative option.
if i was truly desperately poor, it would be a godsend.

>> No.16666251

>Still leaves tons of bread and veggeis left over that either gets picked over by the volunteers at the end or get fed to pigs
crazy to consider. there are definitely people who are poor and not getting adequate nutrition, yet, still we have edible food to throw away.

>> No.16666256

They must have been too busy nodding off on fentanyl and missed their food bank pick up.

>> No.16666257


>> No.16666263

I wonder what the most expensive food item has ended up at a food bank

>> No.16666276

So wait, is that thread a troll ?
Did OP really got all of that free ? And its supposed to last him a week ?
If true then what the fuck man, everything he got would have cost 300 dollars if he bought it where I live,

>> No.16666277

is there a drugbank where i can get donated fentanyl for free?

>> No.16666319

cops won't let me onto the golf course with the ute

>> No.16666323

man that would be so cool

>> No.16666331

Nobody cares what car you go in.

I go to my local food bank, lots of free stuff and they just load it into your car because of covid. I can buy my own food, but it's like a free IRL gacha game.
I don't feel bad for doing it because they probably end up throwing stuff out/can't give it all away at the end of the day anyhow.

>> No.16666338

What did you get banned for?

>> No.16666340

Imagine having to own a car to even be able to access a food bank. America, fuck yeah!

>> No.16666342

Three days to drink two gallons of milk

>> No.16666343


>> No.16666348

I get what you're trying to say, but how else are you going to haul a week's worth of food for multiple people from point A to point B?

>> No.16666349

can you make a sauce from some of it and put it in a jar to make it last?

>> No.16666352

I'm going to mix it with butter, flour, cheese, ground cayenne/paprika, and sauted onions/peppers to make some killer nacho cheese sauce.

>> No.16666353

But I don't know what to do with the other gallon and a half aside from just drink it. I don't need 2 gallons of any kind of sauce.

>> No.16666363

same thing as previous, bechamel and cheese to make a kind of alfredo or cheddar sauce for pasta. or to top vegetables.

custard uses a lot of milk. and is easy to make.
milk freezes pretty well if you intend to use it for cooking. it's not so nice to freeze and drink though.

>> No.16666365

>he thinks poor people make sensible financial decisions

Poor people are driving around in the banks brand new car just like you my dude

>> No.16666373

well if you don't know what to do with the rest, try experimenting and make a cheese

>> No.16666376

I think I'm going to make yogurt out of a gallon, drink a half gallon, and make sauces out of another half gallon.

>> No.16666382

How is it your problem when he gets handouts from private entities, no tax dollars involved?

>> No.16666386

That's not a food bank that's a regular grocery store.

>> No.16666389

He said handouts, not specifically private charity. That includes welfare

>> No.16666393

A wheelbarrow. thats what i use.

>> No.16666397

Or make cheese

>> No.16666400

How fat is the average person there?

>> No.16666404

if you don't consume at least 4000 calories a day then you're never gonna make it

>> No.16666406

>burger reading comprehension

>> No.16666407

Based and Sikh pilled.

>> No.16666445

>let the kid suffer because his father is a retard

>> No.16666871

That's what homes for unwed mothers used to be. They both go, the kid to be watched after and the whore as punishment/forced motherhood

>> No.16667254

I've been to a food bank for the food as well as volunteered at one and yes they give shit like this. It can be worse or better. It just depends on what they get. He's definitely not lying because there's a shit ton of weirdly branded random shit and half of it is reduced. A lot of people don't use a food bank because they're embarrassed or retarded when this shit's going to be thrown away anyway.

Honestly, I've never seen a noticeably fat person at one. They're usually surprisingly normal looking people with families/kids, old people, and very occasionally a dirt poor younger person. I rarely saw people who looked like hobos, crackheads, fat people, or even blacks (probably because they prefer just using foodstamps). This was near Phoenix as well.

>> No.16667322

Eh, if I lived near one and they said they had too much stuff, I'd happily go over. As far as I'm concerned its a way to be frugal as long as I'm not taking it from people who need it. I don't know why people are obsessed with this idea of food banks being a sad handout, I'd be stoked to get some of the stuff OP got.

>> No.16667440

>It's all based on donations from local grocery stores.
I worked at one before and we would be forced to throw away pallets of meat if the label had some minor printing error. They rarely gave food to the food bank because it costs manpower and is cheaper to throw in the bin.

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>imagine being poor

>> No.16668648

Blame your jewish manager for that one, no reason to not donate it unless it's literally recalled.

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I never went to a food bank but I do enjoy banking my food

>> No.16668909

The place my aunts go to gives out 1-2 pks of spaghetti noodle, couple cans of tomato sauce, diced/crushed tomatoes, couple cans of chicken or tuna, lots of veg, bag of potatoes, beans, random cans of string beans and fruits. Sometimes peanut butter, corn meal, probably a bag of rice, loaf of bread, and chicken broth added in.

There's like 3 areas near my home that have these handouts weekly, all separate from each other. I see mostly elderly asians lining up, a few of my aunts help hand them out and get a few extra bags for doing so, then we get the stuff they don't want or know how to use. We have so much tuna and spaghetti pasta still.

>> No.16669623

We also used to guillotine retards like you. Hope we can bring it back soon.

>> No.16669713

>All I did was pull up
Do you have to not use a vehicle when you go to these places?

>> No.16670070

The one I go to requires you to have a vehicle because of covid restrictions. The state wouldn't allow them to operate otherwise. It's drive-thru style.

>> No.16670188

i worked at a homeless shelter for a year and management told us never to bothrr bringing lunch or supper, just to raid the food bank pantry instead. a bunch of it ends up going bad and they can't (for legal reasons) serve stuff that's even a day overdue, even if it would be perfectly fine.

this thread has inspired me to go hit up my local food bank.

>> No.16670516

It’s better to donate cash instead of your almost expiring food soaked in sodium. I’d freeze the bread before mold sets in. My mother and I used food banks when she only had $20 to her name and could either use it for gas, food, or laundry. Tough decisions that I’m glad to be out of, I should look into volunteering at a nearby place.

As far as OP is concerned, look up MyFridgeFood. C O M, the website generates recipes based on whatever you have on hand in case you don’t know how to cook in general. Good thing for a college student practicing or someone with no experience and too much food

>> No.16670634

>NOOOO there can't be ANY consequences for ANYTHING single mothers do!

>> No.16670861

Crazy? These people willingly will trade foodstamps for 50 cents on the dollar. What makes you think they are smart enough to go get perishable goods that require more prepwork than Mac and Cheese?

>> No.16670865

It's better not to ever donate anything, woke corporations will donate in your stead.

>> No.16671061

>they can't (for legal reasons) serve stuff that's even a day overdue
This is not true if you are a nonprofit

>> No.16671177
File: 1008 KB, 2281x2500, 20210909 update.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just so you all know the timetable, I picked this up very early on Tuesday morning. I am prioritizing the things that will go bad first.
I opened the crackers for vegetable/cheese snacks and used some of the olive oil for dinner tonight. Nothing else has been touched
We've eaten through all of the ready-to-eat salads/wraps, a couple were pretty slimy so I picked out the meat and toppings and we just ate that. All of the meat was put into the freezer (it was already frozen), a couple cheeses were opened, my daughter ate one of the yogurts yesterday morning.
One of the milks was sour, so we are drinking the second gallon at a steady pace. I used the cheddar cheese curds and some havarti to make cheese sauce with some of the milk. Tomorrow morning I'm going to use some more of the milk as well as some eggs to make custard for tomorrow night's desert. I opened the cream cheese to go with vegetable snacks.
All of the stuff in the bread picture was frozen except for one hand pie, one mini cheesecake, the apple cinnamon loaf, and the fancy loaf of potato bread in the brown bag. I spread a little butter on top of the cinnamon loaf and baked it for a few minutes to warm it up and reconstitute it for breakfast on tuesday and had the leftovers for desert last night. I just ate the heel of the potato bread to see if it was still good, and it's not even stale yet, I'm keeping it in a ziploc bag and we will be having toast with eggs and cheese in the morning. We had some of one of the mini cheesecakes with half of a hand pie for desert on tuesday.


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We shucked the corn last night and boiled it to go with the leek/chard/bok choy/shallot stir fry. I also cut up some radishes, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, carrots, and celery and made a big vegetable snack platter to pull out whenever we need something to snack on.
I froze the pre-cut fruits for future use. I cooked down all the apples into applesauce and canned it. I also cooked down all the plums and some nectarines into jam. I juiced the lemon to make the applesauce and jam. The mango was sliced thin and added to the vegetable platter.

I also want to say what the FUCK is this? Who is paying $26/lb for chocolate coated almonds?

>> No.16671225

You can get those at sprouts for $10/lb. Peanut are $6/lb. I used to chug the peanut clusters like they were food.

>> No.16671235

This is completely not true, shallots have better shelf life than any other allium. I've kept some for 4 months with no noticeable change in quality.

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sounds really pleasant. that's a ton of peppers, i imagine you're planning a salsa or something?
could definitely make some vegetable soup with all that shit.
onion, bell pepper, and celery are the "holy trinity" of cajun/creole cooking. i can't really decipher the meats but you could make jambalaya with whatever it is, be it pork or beef or whatever.
most cajun cooking is braindead easy, and is a "just whatever you got" sort of style.

>> No.16671350

I have no idea what to do with the peppers. I don't know what kind they are or if they are spicy or not.
As for meat I have this in the freezer:
>cooked meatballs
>peppercorn marinated pork loin
>sliced beef
>bacon cheddar beef patties
>chicken breast and fish from two weeks ago

I'm probably going to do some kind of large soup or stew with the beef and a lot of vegetables. If I do that, I'll also thaw out the rolls. I've used fennel before and I know I can just search "fennel recipes" on google, but what would you guys do with fennel?

>> No.16671422

wtf, do you just show up in your car, no questions asked, and get free food? I thought that in the UK things would be more strict to avoid anyone getting free stuff.
If that's the case, I might start going. I get £20800 per year, but I live by myself and it will take ages to get enough money to buy some land at this point.

>> No.16671436
File: 62 KB, 1384x324, Screenshot 2021-09-09 at 13-32-01 How food banks work - The Trussell Trust.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, nevermind...

>> No.16671444

It's never as easy as these people make it seem.

>> No.16671455

Exactly. and then there's the
>nutritionally balanced
Knowing the average brit it must consist of highly saturated fats, simple refined carbs and hardly any protein, all with a micronutrient deficit.

>> No.16671470

Food bank is meant for people who are food insecure, ie don't have a comfy income

>> No.16671471

that looks like a government program, see if there's a private, non-government option
idk how you brits work so that may not even be a thing, i know how you guys like government doing everything

>> No.16671483

There's independent ones, but they're far more scarse and there's probably some kind of control. They probably exist mostly in big cities.
>i know how you guys like government doing everything
Good thing I'm not british. I despise all governments and do not actively contribute to society. Why do you think I want free food despite being able so save at least half my wages?

>> No.16671536

You tried to try as little as possible, what else can be done?
At least you still get free healthcare, I spend like $200 a month on that.

>> No.16671554

Yes I used to volunteer at a food bank, and after food drives alot of times they would bdg us to take a box home. The best time to go is at the end when you dont see alot of cars left because if they haven't run out yet you may get 2 or 3 boxes.

>> No.16671604

>I spend like $200 a month on that
So how does it work? If you don't go to the doctor then why do you have to pay? Or are those $200 due to some disability?

>> No.16671623

I apply to be a client for health insurance, they review my application and accept me. I continually pay $200 a month or I am no longer their client and I have to put in another application to enroll in health insurance. It is a lengthy process to get insurance, so you can't wait until you're sick to buy it.
I can now book doctor's appointments and my insurance will pay for most of the visit and any treatment he prescribes me, bet it pills or rehab or surgery or psychiatric therapy or physical therapy or a hospital stay or xrays and stuff like that. If I don't have health insurance, these things could cost tens or eve hundreds of thousands of dollars instead of the $10 I pay per visit on top of the $200 monthly fee for insurance.

It's all a great big scam that's been going on for longer than I've been alive, and there is nothing I can do about it.

>> No.16671648

>It's all a great big scam
Fuck, I know it was bad, but that's BAD!
I'm from Portugal and you basically pay as you go, but if it's classed as an emergency (or even if you really don't have any other option but to go to the hospital), it is free. There's probably things you have to pay, but I never experienced any myself, so not sure. They're usually not expensive though. I believe there's no free dental care, but it's cheap enough that most can afford it. Some companies also provide you with a card that gives you a discount.

>> No.16671697

Don't forget deductibles, not him but I get healthcare through work and if I have any major issues (surgery, long stays, etc) I get to pay my deductible ($1500) and then additional bullshit until I reach my yearly out if pocket limit ($3000) and my monthly premium and doctor visit co-pays don't count towards the out of pocket limit. It's more of a scam than you could possibly imagine.

>> No.16671975

Cranberry/walnut pancakes would be breddy gud op

>> No.16672173

Getting insurance through work is a total scam unless it's super cheap. I pay just over $250 a month and my out of pocket limit is zero dollars. It makes sense for me because I have a lot of things to pay for.

>> No.16672425

Ok kids,Anon is a douche,but at least (((they))) can't take my guns and the tendies come with salad dressing

>> No.16672443

You would have to pay me to eat 99% of that junk.

>> No.16672601

what's really good are chocolate coated macadamias.

>> No.16673475

go back to jack in the box

>> No.16673959

If you live in a liberal area, just say your girlfriend and her kids are undocumented, and don't want to identify themselves. I've always gotten 4x what I should have gotten. It did help that I drove a 12 year old Sienna minivan at the time. Food banks are ace. Started during the great recession and never stopped.

>> No.16674872

>A lot of people don't understand the concept of a food bank, and even more feel "too proud" to go to one.
I don't go because I don't need to go. I make more than enough money to cover all of my expenses, and me taking from a food bank is taking food away from someone who actually needs it.

>> No.16674907

Yogurt is way easier and if you wait until the milk is starting to sour you won't really notice the difference once it's been Y O G G E D

>> No.16674921

Most food banks will take just about anything but if you don't already have a relationship or arrangement with a food bank then it might be difficult to offload your goods in a timely manner vs. just throwing it away. That said, I don't completely buy the "cheaper to throw away" argument, but then again most food banks and grocery stores don't have the staff or trucks to pick up/deliver donated goods at a moment's notice.

>> No.16675445

the second gallon was way past sour, it went straight down the drain and left a bunch of chunks

>> No.16675454

me & my family once had to use one of these when my dad got sick

it was really depressing, the fake happiness & excitement from my parent's "oh look at this!" when the feeling of sadness, embarassment and shame was under their smiles

all of it cheap offbrand let out trash, nothing what we'd normally eat, which you could tell made them so upset

was a rough time, I've never felt such a feeling from my parents, fake smiles holding in the shame and defeat

dad died though, so

>> No.16675456

looks like the apple fell straight down, no you gotta go back

>> No.16675474

>These people willingly will trade foodstamps for 50 cents on the dollar.

It was sobering to discover that the corner stores/bodegas are in on these EBT scams.

>> No.16675643

sometimes your dealer will give you full value on foodstamps which is pretty sweet.

>> No.16675672

Are you PHS guy? I’m getting a vibe.

>> No.16675687


>> No.16675693

Pink Himalayan Salt

>> No.16675706

They tried

>> No.16675745

finally someone explains what its based on

>> No.16675755

The only thing that pisses me off about food banks is how much is often just empty carbs or god forbid sugars. I’m not a ketofag, but especially for canned goods there really should be more meat, at least chicken or something else also cheap and filling.

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