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Black coffee is disgusting.
Stop pretending to be sophisticated because you like dirt water.
You're just exposing yourself as being a midwit with shit taste.

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I am lactose intolerant and have yet to find a truly good milk substitute.

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I drink it black because sugar is fucking terrible for you and adults don't need too/shouldn't be drinking milk/cream.

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I don't enjoy milk or sugar with my coffee. Otherwise I'll be knocking back 12 coffees chasing after the sugar high after having milk induced diarrhea.

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Good coffee doesn't need milk or cream. Some times I have a spoon of sugar if I want a treat

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I only drink my coffee drinks black, adding anything else, makes a coffee flavored sugar drinks which is for women only.

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Continue seething, OP. Drinking the sweet stuff makes me drink too much and get jittery. Besides, coffee has a great taste.

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>waaah waaah waaaah all coffee must be drank with milkies and sugar
Herb'd in the proper fields. A thread died for OP's retarded opinion. Verification not required.

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Such cope in this thread.
Black coffee tastes like hot piss and you all know it.
I tried it for the first time last night with my Maxwell House instant because y'all meme'd me into it.
It was horrific.
Fuck you.

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>tried it for the first time last night with my Maxwell House
You drank shitty coffee beans black, no wonder it tasted like piss. Grind your own beans and then try again

t. new englander

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>Tries shitty instant coffee
>Immediately trashes most popular beverage in the world

Imagine if I got food poisoning from some chicken then immediately condemned all chicken

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Instant coffee tastes like hot piss, anon. Try freshly ground coffee next time.

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I drink black because the 300mg of caffeine that goes into me in a single mug need maximum milage.

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"midwit" is probably the most annoying 4chan buzzword insult

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nice b8. everyone who drinks instant coffee knows its shit

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lactose free milk, duh
To any skeptic, try making turkish coffee. It needs the minimal equipment of finely ground coffee (sozen grinder on amazon, around 30 bucks or so) and a small saucepan-like thing called a cezve or ibrik.
This is the best coffee you can make at home without investing in a $1000+ espresso machine.

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Also for best results, use a light to medium roast 100% arabica, single origin Ethiopian or South American arabicas seem to work the best. No dark roasts should be used.

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I bet OP only ever tried instant black, and imagines all black coffee tastes like that.

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that "coffee" you posted is disgusting, learn to drink espresso based coffee

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do hipsters really

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also a dab of butter.

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cope, this is a custom handed down to me from my ancestors

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I wouldn't call it disgusting, but I wouldn't say I love it all the time. I don't like coffee that much but when I have it I have it black. Sometimes it is nice to taste something bitter. Gives the palate a shock. Cold black coffee is actually good tho.

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Boomer's don't.
My dad drinks three cups of instant shit a day is is convinced that it's actually good.

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sugary or milk coffee gives me the shits so no thank you
also OP is a faggot, kys, etc,etc.

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Instant for cooking ingredient (e.g. cakes) and/or drink with milk. Ground beans for black filter.

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Honestly the bitterness helps wake me up in the morning. Actually I tried a different coffee today (sister got some while on vacation) and it's surprising how different it tastes black compared to the Folgers or whatever I usually drink at work. You really get a feel for coffee differences when it's black as opposed to just taking shitty powdered creamer or whatever.

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>Black coffee is disgusting
But the benefits are worth the taste (which you get used to). Stop being a child.

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I'm not pretending to be sophisticated. Sugar upsets my tum-tum and cream just makes it taste watery. I'm so acclimated to bitterness, black coffee just tastes nice and roasty like an irish stout. Also thanks to destroying my bitterness receptors by drinking black coffee every morning for 10 years, IPAs taste like fruit juice and I have acid reflux.

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BRO how else am I going to impress anonymous losers on the internet except by being an insufferable tryhard
>my steak: BLUE RARE
>my coffee: BLACK AS NIGGERS
>my pp: 12 INCHES, SOFT
don't trip yourselves ladies I'm here all day

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>black coffee in now a hardcore drink because "normal" people usually drink their coffe with loads of sugar, cream, vanilla, marshmallows, chocolate chips, milk, honey, cotton candy, tibetan peaches, etc.
why even drink coffe if it doesn't taste like coffee at all?

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What are the benefits of black coffee? Other than not taking in dairy and carbs anyway. Genuine question.

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lol brainlet

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>why even drink coffe if it doesn't taste like coffee at all?
because of the caffeine which is the only reason people ever drank real coffee
that and it takes the edge off the first cigarette of the day
you're really not impressing anyone bragging about drinking wageslave shitwater because you skimp on a tsp of sugar or 2

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I like my coffee with just cream. Tastes the best that way to me.

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Good for your heart
Wakes you up
Appetite suppressant/encourages weight loss
Calorie free drink
Diuretic (can be good or bad)

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Have you run out of gummy bears and choccy milky?

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Coffee making me poop is mostly bad for me. My diet is pretty clean so my shits rarely require more than one or two wipes. However when I add coffee into the equation it turns my shit soft and keeps me wiping for minutes on end.

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>first cigarette of the day
Who even smokes anymore except white trash and the French?

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gays, women over 40, latinos, etc

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You must be 18 or older to post here.

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get some wet wipes for those times

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greece and russia are over 40% smokers

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quality coffee prepared well is naturally sweet and not bitter enough to need cream
yes, your shitty preground drip coffee does taste like shit, I can't disagree with you on that

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But anon, I drink my coffee with two tablespoons of creamer.

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>all coffee is the same

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says who you dumb ass sheep

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For me? It's Coffee Instant: Type II
Verification not required.

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Herbs go in all fields Anon, not just the proper ones.

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Idiot thinks that the coffee shits is in any way equivalent to "The shits"

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cope grinderless beancel

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Mummy let me drink some of hers once, daddy said I wouldn’t like it and boy was he right! It was hot and ewwy! Burned my tongue and was bitter witter! I just has my juice boxes now, they make me happy, especially the apple ones, they’re so yummy :)

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Your dad was a hipster as well?

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Because coffee with milk and sugar tastes like coffee with milk and sugar, and I like the taste of coffee with milk and sugar.

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Coffee is only enjoyed by people who fell for the American work ethic jew propaganda and want to feel "energised" so they could give Moshe more shekels

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I hate sugar in coffee, it leaves a film on my teeth and I don't have much of a sweet tooth anyway. I did it for about the first year or so when I started drinking coffee cause that is what you do, right?

I also don't care for cream or milk either. It offers no appeal to me. I like the bitter taste of coffee, I like the consistency, I like to appreciate the flavor the beans impart like they are. Quit adding creamer not long after I stopped the sugar.

Same with most liquor; they should be good enough neat at room temperature, maybe with some water if they are a really high proof.

But on that account I can enjoy a good cocktail from time to time because their is a myriad of different kinds and they can offer new depth and bring out new flavors.

If black coffee is not good enough in it's own right for you then I suggest you need to try different beans, roasts, ratios, grinds, brewing methods, temperatures, etc.

Or maybe you just aren't a coffee person at all. Try tea.

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>t. wristed milk drinker

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>actually drinking a raw ingredient plain
>thinking adding cream and a sweetener makes a difference
I never have touched a coffee machine in my life. There are people for this. You are all absolute plebs.

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T. Literal retard

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imagine being pleb filtered by fucking coffee lmao

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Cringe and glaringly insecure

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Back coffee is fine. The issue is that all US """Baristas""" are retarded and can't even make coffee correctly.

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t. never had good coffee. Started drinking it black in 5th grade and haven't gone back. Diluting your coffee with anything but water is shameful.

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You're an idiot. Coffee is the quintessential relaxing drink, people drink it in leisure times as much as they do during work hours. Cafes have historically been hang out places and they are far from empty during weekends. It's also customary for hosts to offer their guests coffee.

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Drinking black coffee IS sophisticated and masculine, otherwise you wouldn't bitch about it. Assuming that people actually drink coffee to appear either sophisticated or masculine, why do they choose coffee and not choccy milk or Oreos? Why do people who eat Oreos and choccy milk not get accused of trying to appear sophisticated or masculine? That's right, because black coffee has an inherent sophistication, otherwise the same empty accusation would indiscriminately involve any food or drink.

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I drink it black because i'm lazy and use hot tap water with instant coffee.
No need to polish a turd.

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you two should fuck
that way i don't have to read both of your faggotry here

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Based af. I too was brought up with the coffee is cool narrative. Coffee is literally a drug they give you at work so you're more productive. Don't drink that shit

>> No.16633589

no, it's the association with office work that makes it "sophisticated". You dont think a guy working construction is sophisticated if he drinks cofffee.
It's cultural brain washing for wagies

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Coffee drinkers have lower rates of all-cause mortality than people who don't drink coffee, Karen. I'm sure you can share scary blog articles about how bad coffee is in your soccer mom group chat.

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what a retard, for centuries people have been living drinking coffee and suddenly one anon try to generate copium about it

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Coffee is a symbiotic parasite

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>dirt water
but its beans tho

>> No.16633728

water is the most popular beverage in the world, it isnt even close

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Adults can consume whatever they want

>> No.16633731

Stop pretending to be sophisticated because you hate black coffee.

>> No.16633733

>his manhood is determined by what he consumes
That says a lot more about you.

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Look at this little faggot jerking off his gay little taste buds. Coffee is not a drink meant for enjoying it is a fuel source.

>> No.16633743

What is masculine about drinking black coffee?

>> No.16633746

>it is a fuel source.
Food is a fuel source. Eat meat, fruits, and starches if you want fuel.

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>low brow
sugary starbucks drinks
>lower middle brow
supermarket-tier coffee, black
>upper middle brow
cappuccino / latte / flat white, no sugar
freshly roasted specialty-grade coffee, black

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The fact that women and children are less likely to like its taste than men.

>> No.16633761

>t. has never had good coffee in his life
good coffee tastes the best when its black. for your average burnt, stale supermarket beans though, it makes sense to add milk

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>upper mid brow games: the game

>> No.16633770

It's an acquired taste.

>> No.16633823

>you have to eat overly bitter foods to be a man
Okay, then fuck manhood.

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>upper middle brow game

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Hate is a jewish fetish.

Funny, innit?

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How do you know it's been ten years if your not suppose to think about it?

>> No.16634223

because he just thought about it

>> No.16634241

But how would you keep track for that long and know reliably without having lost?

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coffeebros... he really got us good... let's just call it a day

>> No.16634544

do you have a really terrible memory and need to constantly think about things to remember them later?

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I used to drink a lot of dark coffee until I started drink espresso.
Now dark coffee feels too watery for me.

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Goats may have discovered coffee in Ethiopia. Did you know that coffee is as black as the skin color of some africans and americans? While originating in ancient times, european lords thought of this hotle esteemed modern beverage as nothing but bitter muckwater and compared it to herbs with medicinal property. Biblical reference would indicate that coffee was created by god as an beverage to be enjoyed by mankind either recreationally or casually.

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nigga what else you drink coffee with? beer? are you retarded?

>> No.16637145

im trying to quite coffee because it makes me to hyper active.

>> No.16637319

weird, i just thought of this line yesterday

>> No.16637388

can you tell us some more things you heard from jre

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Imagine drinking dirt water . Or pic related for that matter. Intensely disgusting

>> No.16637779

>posts disgusting fake watery coffee
>"omg black coffee is disgusting"

>> No.16637788

I'm not addicted to sugar and my palate can appreciate mild, complex flavors.

The problem is either how you're brewing it or you're getting it from shitty places.

>> No.16637807

It really is damn tasty. Takes a few tries to get a feel for the technique.

>> No.16638463

Beer is for city-dwelling bugmen and fat rednecks who work construction. Hard liquor is the way and the truth.

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I'm so addicted to caffeine I even enjoy eating the powder out of a bag. same how alcohol tastes good to alcoholics

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I drink the cheapest instant coffee made with just a tiny bit of hot water to disolve the pellets and fill it up with cold water. Tastes like shit.

>> No.16638499

I don't pretend anything, I drink coffee because I like the bitter taste and want Coffein.
Go fuck yourself sugar craving cunt

>> No.16638509

>I tried it for the first time last night with my Maxwell House instant because y'all meme'd me into it.
KYS retard

>> No.16638540

>why even drink coffe if it doesn't taste like coffee at all?
because coffee tastes like shit but people are addicted to caffeine because they got memed into drinking coffee to be cool and "adult"

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Not only instant coffee where everyon knows it's the bottom of the barrel but also some of the cheapest trash possible, congrats faggot, you sure are the authority on coffee taste now.

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>> No.16639779

Dangerously based. Lmao at the butthurt coffee fags ITT. Enjoy your bitter bean juice while I laugh you pea brained faggots.

>> No.16639788

Holy fuck at all the filtered redditors replying seriously to this bait. Well done.

>> No.16639989

>thinking this was bait and not the truth

>> No.16641146

>I'm an insecure alcoholic and my greatest fear is that someone will notice my protruding bitch-tits

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