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what is the worst restaurant experience you have ever had?

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Got a hamburger and it's not put together yet. I say to the waitress, "hey, put the top on the bottom," she say I gotta do it myself. As for the Coke? Yow, where's the ice? Like only two cubes in there. So mad I'm not even gonna drink it. Then comes my dessert, I said chocolate topping on my ice cream, yum, that's great. But they put a wafer in there too. I did not want such a thing. So mad, not eating it. I crush the wafer in my fist, put the money on the table and storm out. Never go there again.

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very autistic
hope you have a painful life

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>go to a restaurant with family on a hot summer day
>the big windows are wide open to the busy street
>radio is blasting too loud
>the air conditioning is so cold me and my mom start feeling cold and get stiff neck and shoulders
>food is lukewarm or almost cold when it arrives
>plates are burning hot to our fingers when we tried to adjust their position on the table
Needless to say, we didn't eat there a second time.

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I worked at applebees for 3 days to pay off my court costs when I was 17.
It was my first job now that I think about it.
I dont know how anyone works in restaurants, especially places like applebees, its definitely not for me.

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>does their job by crumbling the wafer
>doesnt even eat it

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The French Laundry

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My worst experiences at restaurants are when my family complains and makes me uncomfortable

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Same, my family always says retarded shit when we go out to eat, and they talk loudly too. I don’t really like eating out with them. They also always pick the same places to eat at.

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Don't know exactly where, but it was on the I-10 heading towards LA. Ordered a plain burger and fries with a coke. Simple, right? Well not to the high schooler manning the kitchen, somehow fucked up that meal. Coke tasted like water with artificial sweetener, radio was blaring some shitty AM country station, overall just a god-awful experience. 9/10.

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whoa real life sperg

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>be 7 or 8
>out to dinner with the cool kids
>start feeling sick
>go to bathroom
>dad loudly knocks on the door
>yells in his mighty dad voice ARE YOU POOPING?
>entire restaurant stares at me when I exit
>got called poopy at school for two years

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fairly certain this is a monologue from somewhere

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>hey, put the top on the bottom,

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Put the top on the bottom

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wHAT do you mean?

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Take the top. Put it on the bottom.

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the burger, flip it? why?

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This one time I stop into a small restaurant in town on my day off. Mid afternoon and it's deserted. A guy who smells like cigarettes and seems super glad to see me stumbles out of the back and hands me a menu with like 14 pages. He recommends the seafood chowder he made fresh last night. While I'm drinking my shitty tap water and studying the menu, the Pepsi guy shows up with a tank of syrup and demands payment. The waiter-owner guy haggles and argues with the Pepsi guy on the floor of the restaurant while I'm sitting there, offering to cut him a check. I slipped out when the coast was clear and didn't look back. I can only imagine how defeated the guy felt when his only customer sensed his desperation and decided to bail. I've gotten mediocre service and shitty food before of course but nothing compares to that experience.

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Nephews birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese

All was well until all the kids from the poor family birthday party kept coming over taking our pizza. The staff tried to help but it turned into a whole fucking screaming crying thing and by the time Chuck-E came out the kids were all upset

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Put the top on the fucking bottom

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And you eat 'em both up

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I don’t think I’ve had a memorably bad experience before. I am blessed

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Not really the worst or anything, but the sheer number of people who don't know mayo contains eggs is staggering.
I've got an egg allergy and I usually tell them this while I'm ordering and yet I still get served shit with mayo because people don't know.
My favorite experience was at a fried chicken place. I was gonna get the nashville hot and I asked about eggs, they told me no, there's no eggs.
I asked about the white sauce on it and they said it's mayo. I told them that mayo's basically all eggs and oil
And from the back of the restaurant I hear

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The waitress grabbed my big belly while shouting "Manbaby, manbaby! Everyone look at the fatty manbaby!" She then bullied me into leaving a tip.

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>egg allergy

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I've literally never met anyone else with an egg allergy and I'm pretty sure I'm just alone in my own personalized hell.

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Ok chud

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>go to sushi place for all you can eat
>host is indian
>chef turns out to be mexican
>lukewarm rolls
>fried rice tastes disgusting
>really try to stomach it but struggling not to vomit
>hiding food in napkins, putting rolls in gf's purse
>have to pay $15 for uneaten fish
>walk outside and throw it in the garbage infront of host

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Took the kitchen about 3 and a half hours to get my two friends and I 2 beers and each a basic steak dish (which came cold and also insanely poorly cooked) and three wrong beer orders. The restaurant at the time had only two other tables occupied. One of my friends complained to the manager, who actually turned out to be our waiter. We walked out and didn't pay.

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Okay Poopy.

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not bitter story but I once went to the White Castle drive thru and the man at the speaker said "Hello welcome to McDonald's can I take your order?"

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“Poor family”

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When I was a little kid, like toddler, I was allergic to eggs and I would turn red when I ate them. But then it went away, and now I’m fine eating eggs.

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Waiter raped and killed my pregnant wife.
I only tipped a couple of bucks in retaliation.

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>host is indian
I'd have turned tail and run at this juncture.

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ok ill bite... mine isnt really an experience so much as it was me trying to make a pass at the waitress
>go to local italian place by myself
>waitress comes to serve me
>tells me she likes my shirt
>make a pathetic autistic attempt to return the compliment
>tell her her that hair reminds me of a cute loli I saw once
>she asks me what a loli is
>i giggle a bit, nervous to answer, tell her what that is and that it is completely legal, etc etc
>after that she looks at me like shes seen a ghost
>grabs her manager, they ask me to leave the restaurant immediately
>walk out in shame and sweating and on the verge of tears after the first verbal translation ive had with a real woman since grade school
why am i like this bros

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Imagine being this schizo

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Was it a sexual bully? Sounds hot.

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Stop bullying me ;_;

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When I was about 10 years old I went to a fancy restaurant with my family, and the server wouldn’t give me a real cup. I asked her for a glass cup and Idk what was up but they didn’t give me a glass cup. So my pissed off 10 year old brain thought it would be fun to fuck with this bitch who didn’t give me a cup. I waited until my family was getting set to leave when I punctured the bottom of the styrofoam cup with my fork twice. The cup had a ridge around the bottom which raised the base of the held the liquid. So anyway I set it back down on the white cloth tablecloth and walk with my family to the front while we’re waiting for my dad to get the car. As we’re leaving, I turn around and see that about 1/3 of the table has been coated with my sticky red Shirley temple. I tried to hurry up my parents, and they didn’t end up noticing before we left the restaurant. That was my worst restaurant experience, but I felt pretty fucking good for getting that whore back.

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The 2 worst restaurant experiences I've had were both at IHOPs.
>Go for hangover food at about 1pm on Sunday after breakfast rush with 4-5 friends
>Restaurant mostly empty
>Waiter, sassy gay black guy, is clearly in a shitty mood, takes 15 minutes to even get drinks, coffee is cold and many drinks are wrong (ex: brings some weird OJ with grenadine thing instead of just OJ)
>Food comes out slowly and randomly
>Almost every order is wrong AND cold
>Order bacon, eggs and toast, receive a stack of cold pancakes
>Been there over 2 hours by the time everyone gets their meal, still wrong and most friends just gave up and ate what they got, tired of sending things back, which keeps infuriating the waiter, who makes loud "UGH" noises at any request
>Another party walks out without paying, and gives our table a stuffed pancake dessert they got instead of whatever they actually ordered.
>2 friends never get their meals (having sent wrong ones back) and just pick off of ours and the desert
>waiter AWOL for 30m.
>Been here over 3 hours, cant even get coffee
>Decide to just leave
>Suddenly, waiter cares enough to notice our table in the empty restaurant and starts screaming bloody murder and yelling to "call da police" on us
>Starts crying and sperging out and calls the cops on us while we're in the front of the restaurant
>never even got a bill
>Cop gets there, explain we had been at this fucking IHOP for 4 hours now, 2 of us never got food, others had also walked out, and never got a bill
>Waiter turns waterworks on for cop, quickly rund up our bill. It's crazy, tries to charge us like 300$ for 5-6 people eating at fucking IHOP
>Cop sees through obvious bullshit, let's us go with no issue and without paying

I actually went back there maybe 2 months later because it was very close to our college and asked about that waiter - the staff recalled the event and said he did basically the same thing (calling cops) several times and had been fired. Fuck that faggot.

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>look at waiter/waitress
>they look back
>i put food in my mouth
>they rush over to ask if everything's alright
every fucking time. ive stopped going to restaurants

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I hope you didn't tip that whore waitress

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This is a food board not your fat sexual fantasy

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Not really a 'restruant' but when I was about 11 my friend's family was having a pizza hut night. I remember it being pretty good until my brother suddenly freezes halfway through eating a breadstick, reaches into his mouth, and pulls out a most likely used blue bandaid that had been baked into the bread somehow. Kinda fuckin ruined it for me. Best part was when my friends parents called management who basically told them to get fucked because they don't use blue bandaids in the kitchen.

>> No.16613701

I guess I'll take the bait and assume you're actually this retarded. A lot of reastruants leave the top fucking bun off so that you can put on whatever condiments you want and then close the burger. Op is a genuine fucking sperg and didn't know how to navigate this situation.

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I don't want to believe this is real. Did it not cross your mind that real people in real life don't take kindly to pedophiles?

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>dirty lettuce on a burger, forgotten order, drunk cook
>one chinese restaurant with so greasy food that it dripped down my fork. i didnt finished it and hat stomach ache for the rest of the day.

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Waiter got my order wrong, when I said something he started arguing with me about it.

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it was a pho place i normally go to for take out but this time it was a group of friends before trip to cabin
all times will be from the moment we're seated
>we're seated
>30 minutes before we're given menus
>40 minutes before we're given water, half the table is missing their water still
>1 hour and some change before we talk to someone and they come and take our order
>1 hour and 30 minutes before people are served, we start eating straight away cause not everyone has their food and some are still missing their drinks
>2 hours later we're all done eat
>no tip
it was a pretty average 6pm dinner time and the restaurant probably had 60-75% of the tables taken
but man it was ilke wtf when i noticed other tables seated after us and being served before us
also noticed the regular wait staff or even hostess when i go for take out is not there that day

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some of the spring rolls or w/e roll that had chicken in it was undercooked

>> No.16613927

not memeing but i don't think they ever wanted you eating at their restaurant in the first place

>> No.16613929

>>1 hour and some change before we talk to someone and they come and take our order
i don't understand how anyone wouldn't be making a big fuss after 10 mins and either leaving or getting shit done

were you all drunk and horsing around? the only way this makes sense

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>go to canada
>"Italian" restaurant
>order spaghetti with meat balls
>tastes blant
>proceed to eat anyway because hungry
>waiter asks hows the food
>tell him its okay, a little bit tasteless
>manager is called to the table
>young roastie asks me in the most condescending way why the food is bad
>asks me why I keep eating it anyway and it's unfair because they could change it
>ask myself how you could improve a Bolognese based sauce within a few minutes
>say sorry
>get free stuff at the end
>pay meal + tax + tip

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maybe i remember the owner just eyeing me everytime i talk to the hostess/register person when picking up my take out

no we were normal i would say
not making much noise other than talking in the waiting area
there was a total of 7 people
we just wanted to be polite, like maybe they're busy
i think the moment most of us had it was when we had to get up to talk to someone and also missing water for some at the same time
the moment that got everybody was when someone spat back out the undercooked chicken

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Not really a restaurant story, but last week I had some really bizarre and frustrating experiences at fast food joints.

>really wanted mcdonalds for some reason
>go to the one close to me
>pull up to the speaker
>line next to me is moving
>wait a few minutes
>ask for help
>line next to me is still moving
>five minutes go by
>more silence, get pissed and leave
>went to another one and started to order
>they had a 2 for $5 option
>order two burgers from that
>"ok do you want two burgers or the 2 for 5?"
>I want two burgers on the 2 for 5 menu
>"ok but do you want the 2 for 5 or just to burgers?"
>theres at least one more round of this and she's getting rude
>extremely confused and pissed I just fucking drive off
>i have no clue what even happened there
>drive across town to another one
>everything goes fine thankfully, got my burgers

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im just reading my own post and its not like we expect to always have someone on hand to us
but it was quite literally in an hour of being there, the wait staff or anybody from the restaurant stopped by a total of 3 times
>1 to seat us
>2 to give us our menu
>3 to give some of us water
i remember a little before they brought us the water we were questioning should we be upset or anything, like is this slow, should we go up
and then they brought us the water so we're like ok
then we start dividing it up and we're missing some

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later that day I had a craving for mozzarella sticks

>go to sonic right by my house
>pull up order sticks and wait
>realize I don't have enough cash to pay for it
>forgot my wallet, don't have cards
>just leave
>go home grab my wallet
>decide to go to arby's
>line is super long, wait for like 20 minutes
>really want those fucking cheese sticks
>get up there, can't really read the sign
>Order an 8 piece or whatever it is
>"We only have a 6 piece sir"
>Ok, I'll do that one, whatever is the largest
>radio silence
>doesn't give me a total or ask if I'm finished ordering
>ask if he's still there
>pull up anyway
>start to get really annoyed, especially considering the earlier fast food experiences
>squeeze out of line and speed off
>fuck it I'll go to Burger King I think they have cheese sticks
>make it over there, everything goes smoothly and they're really nice
>the cheese sticks are horrible

I'm never getting fast food again.

>> No.16614078

Walked into a fast food joint and the employees were black

>> No.16614080

but you didn't even try the food?
I don't trust your opinion lol

>> No.16614085

>it's the cooks fault the coke was shitty and the radio was playing country music

>> No.16614089

that's good service, though, they should also suck your dick too

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>> No.16614092


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One Sunday me and my dad went to Friendly’s. He let me order an ice cream sundae for breakfast. He went up to go to the bathroom and never came back. Plus it took 45 minutes for my ice cream to come out.

>> No.16614107

I went into mcdonalds and got raped by a massive black chick with blonde extension

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>> No.16614167

did you tip with a rip?

>> No.16614177

ok now this is based

>> No.16614203

The most recent was I went to a Japanese steakhouse in Rehobeth and the waitress just plain never came to our table for 15 minutes so I left. I assume it was shift change and the cunt knew the tip wouldn't be hers. I always leave restaurants and never come back if not greeted or if there is a line.

>> No.16614209

There is no am country stations in phoenix anon. It was also your fault for being on the west side of town. That is the ghetto side.

>> No.16614212

Damn that is a hasidic jew move

>> No.16614216

In Tokyo me and my brother tried to get into Jiros by paying our hotel concierge 2000 yen to book it for us and he got a driver to take us to a soapland and i got a ripstart

>> No.16614218

Mayo should be banned anyway. It ruins everything it touches. Why the fuck do places assume your condiments instead of asking?

>> No.16614231

>assume your condiments

>> No.16614234

Fuck fags

>> No.16614254

Oh man every girl I know who worked as a waitress at like a fucking Bob Evans or something pretends to be an expert on service and complains about everything.

It's odd because they were probably the same ones that were like "YOU'VE OBVIOUSLY NEVER WORKED AT A RESTAURANT BEFORE" to people with mild complaints.

>> No.16614259

what is

>> No.16614270

good man
fast food sucks

>> No.16614284

this, I was eating fast food almost every day on my lunch break and overtime (combined with alcoholism) and gave me serious GERD and IBS
Now I have to eat extremely healthy just so alcohol wont hurt my stomach.

You can be an alcoholic, or you can eat fast food every day, but you sure as fuck can't do both without killing yourself very fast

>> No.16614303

Dang. Feel bad 4 u anon.

>> No.16614310

Cheese sticks are easy to make anon.

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It was 10 years ago, which is why I don't remember exactly how many people were in our party and a lot of the details, but my group of friends talked about it for a long time, it clearly was such shit, all of us remembered it. About 5 years later I had a similarly shit experience at a different IHOP in another state near a different college, also on a Sunday afternoon, but that time wasnt the staff's fault, but instead an awful family who were using the staff as babysitters for their spoiled rotten nasty kids, throwing shit, running around and screaming.

I have never been to an IHOP on a Sunday since, but then again, I'm not in college or a poor grad student anymore so IHOP has lost it's appeal in general as cheap hangover food.

>> No.16614477

>in a block, the consistency of gouda
I hate america.

>> No.16614589

Dude just order pick up from an italian/pizza restaurant or something. Probably just as fast (if you call ahead obviously) and only slightly more expensive and much better quality. There's a fried fish place near me that does freshly battered ones for 8.99 a lb which seems like a lot but you get like 9 of them for 4-5 dollars if you order a half lb

>> No.16614605

>staying fofr 3 and a half hours

>> No.16614759

Don't care

>> No.16614769

One time my mommy overcooked the Wednesday night chicken tendies. I screamed at her and slammed my door. Thursday night chicken tendies were perfect. :)

>> No.16614775

Had a very similar experience at IHOP but the police never showed up when we walked out.

>> No.16614787

You were cold from the AC with the windows open?

>> No.16614901

Yes. Keeping the windows open mostly just let dust, noise and warm air in from the street, and the AC was stupid cold and blowing directly from above our table.

>> No.16614921

>Order 7 meals for pickup at a local Thai restaurant, going to be delivering 4 of them to a family that was quarantining due to covid infection, others are for my family. Arrive to pickup meals, total is much more than expected. Was told that there was a 20% automatic gratuity added for party of 6 or more. On takeout. Nicely explain that half of the order is for another family, they can split the order if they want to go through that hassle. Young snotty bitch refuses. Explain that it's ridiculous to charge that on takeout in the first place, especially without notifying me in advance when I placed the order, and springing it when I arrive to pick it up is borderline extortion. Bitch gets even more snotty. Grudgingly pay it because other family is expecting it. Call restaurant after dinner rush is over to discuss events with owner/manager. "This company uses blah blah blah call screening services. This number has been blocked from calling."
Momentarily considered going ninja in the wee hours of the night and vandalizing the shit hole building in a way that would make them miserable inside for a few days even if they didn't own the building and pay for repairs, but quickly thought better of it. Found out the owners had recently turned the business over to the children, who are apparently wannabe kikes trying to run it into the ground for extra profits now. Actually planning to try my hand at a green curry dish next weekend, wish me luck!

>> No.16614948

Moments like those are when you pay with card, so you can dispute the charges.

>> No.16614957

literally last week in deerfield beach florida:
>go to ihop with dad
>lot is completely unlit, only 1 car
>"oh they closed" he says. "no look the 'open' sign is lit up" I say
>on our way in the black cook is sitting on the dumpster smoking a cigarette
>once inside the waitress is yelling at the kitchen to get her order for the one table that she has
>dad lets her know that the cook is outside
>dad decides we're leaving and goes outside to roast the cook
>waitress comes out and starts yelling at us to stay while I'm frantically pulling the locked door of the car

>> No.16614971

My worst restaurant experience is as bar staff

>hot summer day, fairly busy, im working the bar with another person
>a waitress, fairly new, comes to us, panicked
>needs the manager, who is who the fuck knows where
>she comes to me, because apparently im the next best thing
>go see what is wrong
>a fat lady has turned a table into a literal shitshow
>changing diapers in the middle of the restaurant, on a dining table
>what the fuck am i going to do here, no fucking idea
>tell woman to please not do this in the fucking dining room
>incoherent entitled shit
>still no manager, decide to take a risk, tell the table to leave, try to apologise to the tables around
>she screams stuff about leaving a bad review
>provided drinks to other tables as an apology

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>be maybe 10 years old
>went out with my dad for errands
>on the way back home we stop at Burger King, which was weird because my dad had said multiple times he hated Burger King and that one in particular
>I didn't even want Burger King and told him let's just go somewhere else
>he insists we eat there anyway
>nothing out of the ordinary inside, it's pretty clean and the staff are all just doing their jobs
>order our food
>nothing wrong with my order, but dad complains his food is ice cold
>he runs to the counter, throws the burger at the guy working the register and screams at me that we're leaving
>horribly embarrassed by all this
20 years later and to this day I have no idea what the fuck this was all about.

>> No.16615019

>egg allergy
lmao, suck it up you pussy

>> No.16615085

he said put in on the bottom, i can only assume he's saying put the lettuce/bacon/etc under the burger instead of on top

>> No.16615105

use words different than top and bottom to describe what you're putting where

>> No.16615108

it was near Blythe; it's also been 20+ years so who knows if that station even exists anymore
nigger, I was talking about the whole experience

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Its things like this that make me realize most of the hominids around me aren't actually "people." What conscious being thinks that is remotely acceptable? Yes women are prone to troubling bouts of solipsism (seriously just sit down sometime and watch the entrance to a busy place such as a small/grocery store, women will stop in the middle of the walkway with people all around them to adjust/fidgit with/check on things, it's wild) but this is something totally different. I absolutely cannot fathom how creatures like this exist and thrive in the same environment as me. I sincerely don't consider them the same species and want them to be relocated somewhere far away from me. It's absolutely baffling.

>> No.16615146
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god I hate fat people

>> No.16615151

Your dad was fucking a girl that works there, I guarantee it.

>> No.16615162

Why does a highly unusual incident reflect on most of the people around you? How do yo make that leap? And how do you accuse other people of solipsism at the same time as finding yourself a rare true person in a world of drones?

>> No.16615164

>they don't use blue bandaids in the kitchen.
>hey mr manager, there is cum in my salad
>sorry sir, cum is not on our menu

>> No.16615175

You clearly haven't spent enough time in public. Similar behavior occurs surprisingly often. It's easy to recognize peers as well, I didn't claim that everybody is a troglodyte.

>> No.16615208

u stupid bitch

>> No.16615257

>get active over there
gets me every time.

>> No.16615365

if you have allergies, dont eat out. seriously just fuck off and stop making everybody else's life miserable too with your stupid requests

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We got an edge lord here

>> No.16615375

the lack of self awareness is astounding

>> No.16615379

jesus christ dude. i hope this is a larp
thanks for making me feel better about all the dumb shit i've said tho, nothing i will ever say can be worse than this

>> No.16615383

No, he's right. The allergy snowflake needs to move to California or grow up.

>> No.16615384

One time I went out back of a restaurant to smoke a cig while I was waiting on a table, so that I wouldn't be smoking around a crowd of non smokers. After my meal, a waitress walks up to me and says "give them to me" I'm like "excuse me" and she tells me to give her her cigarettes back. I take my pack out of my pockets ( I smoked American spirits, so not too many other people do) and I asked if they were hers. She says someone saw me back there and her cigarettes went missing. Bitch didn't even act sorry. Never going back. Too bad, the food was pretty good.

>> No.16615415

once i went to get vietnamese with my grandma, and she ended up being "scared" of everything on the menu because she has never had asian food in her life or something and didnt eat anything

>> No.16615432

my father doesn't eat any american or "ethnic" food period, he even cooked a pizza for us once but didn't eat any ofe it

>> No.16615433

What does he eat?

>> No.16615446

"traditional food", classic spanish food, he also would never eat in a Mc Donalds, BK or similar either, nor drink cocacola cause that's giving money to american terrorists

>> No.16615460

based grandma

>> No.16615481

How many swords do you own?

>> No.16615496


>> No.16615767

Swarming children to steal other peoples anything. Many such cases. I've seen the perms try stealing a golf cart. Hasidics are the gypsies of jews.

>> No.16615774

For me its texas bbq sauce I bring from home. I order everything plain because no restaurant can be trusted to not ruin food. Cans of el pato if mexican restaurant.

>> No.16615785

This is what mental illness looks like. Get help.

>> No.16615963

just curious what part looks like mental illness?

>> No.16616019

What, dehumanizing worthless people?

>> No.16616115

would you describe the kids as "youths"

>> No.16616135

No idea how this pasta keeps fooling people

>> No.16616238

How do you not know your grandma well enough to know that?
A lot of these old crones are still pissed off about Pearl Harbor, losing in Vietnam and Korea, and the Chinese being gommunists, most oldies assume that if they get slant eyed neighbors they'll start kidnapping and boiling the local pets.

>> No.16616281

the only time i go to mcdonalds is to leave an upper decker

>> No.16616299

>Now I have to eat extremely healthy just so alcohol wont hurt my stomach.
Goddamn dude are you me? I can't do weed in any form, can barely drink because they both give me GERD issues.
And I'm fucking 25 and in great shape. But if I stray and eat indulgent food at a restaurant I'll be dealing with that for days.

>> No.16616302

Based ESL poster

>> No.16616384
File: 47 KB, 650x367, 1626280842412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

waited 20min for a chilli dog at dairy queen and my morning shit the next day was literal sewage. i didnt learn my lesson the first and went back for another a couple months later

>> No.16616386

Insanely autistic

>> No.16616439

i think your dad might be based

>> No.16616539

naw, my grandma is just scared of the fish they use, i wish she was racist like that to at least have a reason not the try the amazing cuisine that is vietnamese

>> No.16616570

Was pretty poor as a kid. When I got my first job, I spent my first paycheck at Red Lobster for all-you-can-eat shrimp, because shrimp was my favorite food. One of the girls who worked there was a popular HS junior and saw me sneaking shrimp into a plastic bag to take home. She got the owner, the manager, and 2 other servers to berate me in front of everyone while she stood there with a smirk on her face. Luckily word didn't spread fast because the very next day one of the Mexican kids brought a gun to school and was showing it off during lunch. But since I grew up, basically ANY 'quaint' or flyover 'local' diner or restaurant is ALWAYS garbage and a HUGE disappointment. Canned green beans or insta potatoes. If it's not a hippy chic new-age bistro, and it's ANYWHERE between Colorado and New York, it's guaranteed to be inedible dogshit. And trust me, I know bad food.

>> No.16616571

I was at a high-end hotel in Bangkok. part of deal was that breakfast came with the rooms, which made sense since this was like a 4 star hotel and we were already paying through the nose. Overall the breakfast was pretty good, they had Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Western dishes and they were all decent if not amazing.
Turns out that what the agreement stipulated was a SINGLE breakfast and we didn't figure that out until we reviewed the bill 4 days later and discovered an extra $150 tacked on.

>> No.16616584

>Move from Queens to Northern Virginia
>badly want pizza
>see a place nearby called "Pizza Boli's!"
>weird name but ok
>walk in and its 6 hideous smelly Indian dudes
>"hey can I please have two slices of cheese?"
>"ok just one pie please"
Fucking inedible garbage. Jesus christ it tasted like cardboard and had barely any sauce on it. Then I started noticing my neighbor ordered that shit like twice a week. And they were white! What the fuck is happening??

>> No.16616595

Aromatic cuisine is also going to be a wash for oldies, they can't smell for shit.
Imagine what a snooze fest pho would be if your nose was all blocked up so it was like there's no star anise.

>> No.16616620

>If it's not a hippy chic new-age bistro, and it's ANYWHERE between Colorado and New York, it's guaranteed to be inedible dogshit
most likely bait, still retarded.
Fucking Chimp-cago is stuck in the middle and despite being a war-blasted shithole it has the cosmopolitan amenities faggots need to survive.
For me though, it's the MO residents who larp as Germans and make sausage all day.

>> No.16616695

Obviously I'm not talking about cities. Cities get a pass from flyover commentary. Im talking exclusively white rural towns

>> No.16616750

Don't know if it counts but my delivery driver just stole my fucking order and sent a black pic. I got refunded but still.
It was burger king so I don't think I've lost that much, decided to order at a better place

>> No.16617536 [DELETED] 

Straight up one time I was at hardees and I saw an obese women drop something and when she bent over to pick it up she shitted a little bit. It sounded like a normal fart but the smell was unbearable. Before I (and presumably others) left the establishment due to the offensive stench I saw her shove her finger down her sweatpants (which had both a fresh stain and remnants from poopies of old) and dig out a small bit of poop which she then licked off her finger like it was chocolate frosting. Later on that week over a joint I told me buddy (also quite overweight) about this incident and he told me it was the hottest thing he’d heard in a while. I thought he was joking but I moved my eyes slightly down and saw the outline of his chode in his unnecessarily tight sweatpants.

>> No.16617786


>> No.16617790

you mean people shouldn't...
shouldn't believe...

>> No.16617823

>be 12
>discover steaks
>delicious and apparently amazing for young men
>family go to a smoke house for dinner
>waitress comes over and asks what we want
>I say a flatiorn, served rare sill voo play
>she says, obnoxiously, 'uh, we only serve flatiron medium-rare here. That's how flatirons are served!'
>say 'oh, ok' then ordered the ribs instead out of fear of getting scolded for something else steak related
>never order any food again that offers multiple choices when ordering

>> No.16617844
File: 18 KB, 464x266, buttered toast man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be 13
>go to semi fancy place with family + grandparents
>notice ladybug in salad
>jokingly point out to dad
>yeah whatever it happens
>waitress comes back
>everyone stops eating and stares at us
>waitress freezes
>"s-sorry, sir i'll go back and have them remake the salad free of charge and you'll have drinks on the house"
>waitress goes back
>"you see there son, i was just testing her reaction to see how big of a tip she should have"

>> No.16617849

It's a true story. I just like sharing it when I get the opportunity, as >>16617786 has discovered.

>> No.16617853

your dad sounds based

>> No.16617883

lol this fag seething over copypasta

>> No.16618164

I hope you redditfags found this copypasta funny

>> No.16618166

Align the vertical most selection with the vertical least

>> No.16618345

Based poor kids taking back what's rightfully theirs

>> No.16618351

euros have no sense of humor, this is hysterical

>> No.16618356

I have never heard of this before, must be an American thing

>> No.16618367

I went to some "homestyle" pseudo buffet that opened up in town like a year ago with a friend. All you can eat but the waiters bring it out to you. The plates we were given were left over plastic plates from the previous shitty steak house that was there. They had deep cuts in them and some nasty orange stains in the cuts. The table had a giant sheet of paper with crayons on it for children to draw. The food took about 30 minutes to come out and had absolutly no flavor whatsoever. The sides were all packed into a single tray and each side had barely 2 spoonfuls of content. The waitress was a snooty bitch that wouldnt leave us alone our entire time there that i told off as i left. They closed down in about 5 months, surprising absolutly no one. And no, i did not leave a tip

>> No.16618370

Cool, by the way no onions on my burger yeah? Thanks champ

>> No.16618391

I used to work with some faggot who always cried about being allergic to onions but would eat stuff with onion powder

>> No.16618428


>> No.16618445

the worst restaurant experience? well, living in provincial Germany, it would be easier to list all good expirience since gastronomy here fucking trash. You order something spicey, it's not spicey at all. You order a medium stake, it's well done.Everything is drowned in sauce. Drinks are stupid expensive, small and basically never have Ice except you specifically ask for it. Even the "better" German restaurants my family visits on holidays together usually have those problems around here.

>> No.16618514

Absolutely based

>> No.16618688
File: 10 KB, 250x250, 1612993687015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go with my wife and children to a restaurant we usually go
>all the staff is women only now
>waitress brings menus
>I tell the waitress that I would like to start having the drinks first while we make up our mind in what to order
>ordered 2 modelos for my wife and I and 2 cockes for my children
>10 minutes go by and we haven't had our drinks
>Raise my hand and the waitress comes
>"can you please bring us our drinks?", I ask
>"I'm sorry, the kitchen staff is preparing them that is why is taking so long", she replies
>"why are they preparing them? they are already prepared and come in glass bottles. They have labels with modelo and cocacola on them", I replied
she went to the fridge and brought my drinks

>> No.16618700

I can only imagine you and your entire family are obese.

>> No.16618711

we are a few kilos above our medium
what does that have to do with anything?

>> No.16618716

That only obese people act like that.

>> No.16618720

what? being honest?

>> No.16618723

>coming back from vacation to a pretty lake for a few weeks, now on the road back home
>stop at first restaurant we see, my whole family is starving
>some dumbass motorcycle themed place that serves burgers, whatever
>nearly empty, music blaring
>order some sort of lamb burger, i love lamb so cant wait
>50 minutes go by, no one else has ordered since us and everyone whos sitting down already had their food when we arrived
>ask about burgers, get told theyre coming soon
>30 more minutes, burgers arrive
>burnt, dry, and cold.
>feels like an actual shoe in my mouth
still makes me seethe to this day.

>> No.16618769

>visiting parents
>local pizza joint/bar that they have only had a few times
>mother doesnt like bars so we call in an order for pickup.
>I had eaten on the way there, so it was just 1 large pizza (probably sausage mushroom or something like that, dont remember, it was mundane)
>we go and pick the pizza up.
>half way home, mother says the pizza smells strange through the box
>opens it up, its completely red
>i can start to smell it too, fills the car with a sharp spicy smell
>its obvious they completely doused it in some sort of hot sauce, it must have been some sort of specialty *spicy* pizza or some such
>all my life, my family has never done spicy. Chipotle mild salsa is borderline too spicy for them (my mother especially).
>normally my father would avoid fruitless conflict and would have just bit the bullet and eaten whatever fuck up pizza they gave him, but there was 0 chance in hell either of them were touching this pizza
>they call back and say the pizza was wrong and they would like their correct pizza.
>we get there and go to the drive up window
>woman (who must be a manager or owner or something) is steaming mad, has the pizza
>she doesnt ask for the other one back, she shoves the new one through the drive up window and starts bitching.
>some words were exchanged
>her exact parting words were "enjoy the pizza that you stole from us" and slammed the window and walked away
>didnt even try the other pizza, just threw it away

Who knows what nasty shit she did to the replacement pizza.
It still makes me fucking mad when I think about it, but it does give me solace that some other guy who ordered a to-go ultra spicy pizza ended up with a sausage mushroom, and probably came in 5 minutes later bitching that his food was wrong.
I bet the manager felt like a real dumbfuck when it finally hit her.

>> No.16618834

My mom and dad were bickering over something about their loveless sexless marriage and my dad attempted some kind of powerplay on my mom at a restaurant by hitting on the college aged Asian waitress very blatantly in front of my mom. Unfortunately for him, he’s a mess with 0 self awareness and social skills that were last relevant in the 60s so he just made everyone including the waitress uncomfortable with his creepy smile and cheesy pick up lines

>> No.16618872

I have more than a few stories of being a complete piece of shit customer.
My favorite is ~20 years ago with whole family (im around 10, older troublemaker brother about 17, 1 year younger brother, parents)
At this point my older brother rarely came to restaurants or stores with us anymore, hitting that age where he wanted to be grown up and on his own. Going through the rebellious skateboarding phase and all that.
Im enjoying being with him, and he had been making me and my little brother crack up all day.

>kids have never eaten taco johns before
>in a town we dont go to often, dad decides thats where he wants to go
>mom hates the place, says the food "tastes like shit" in the car and is in general annoyed to be eating there
>mom doesnt curse often, we are forbade to curse, just some tension
>we walk in, place is empty, order something to eat
>brother has ShoeGoo in his pocket because he skates, he starts gluing straws and other stuff to the table, we are laughing and giggling thinking its funny
>food is ready, its not very good,
>i know my mom is already mad, must have been a mistake or something, she goes back up to the front to bitch
>my brother deadpan yells to the cashier "my mom says your food tastes like poop" as my mom is going karen on the cashier
>already in a giggly mood, i think its the funniest thing ive ever heard in my life. I have a laughing fit
>i laugh so hard I fucking puke all over the floor
>so mid meal im puking on the floor, my mom is yelling at the cashier, brother is gluing shit to the table
>after I puke, my dad quickly rounds us up without finishing eating, and shoos us all into the car to leave
>brother dumps 2 drinks on the floor as we leave all the food barely eaten on the table and run out of the store

Pretty fucking horrible kek.
In my family its still referred to every once in a while as "the time we got banned from Taco Johns".
I unironically have not eaten at a taco johns since and I live 5 minutes away from one.

>> No.16618884

Went to an Ocharleys in Georgia with my sisters family and she has two autistic kids. Place is run entirely by ******* this is like 2016? The place is only a third full. It takes half an hour for them to take our drink orders. It takes another half hour for them to take our food orders. It takes an hour and a half to get the food and they completely fucked up the order. My brother and I wanted to get the fuck out by the time they took the drink order but my sister said her kids would have a meltdown and she wanted to use my brother's credit card to buy everything in the god damn place. I have never ever had such a miserable experience. I don't think if Jews came into a Nazi restaurant they would have had a worse experience. I can't even remember all the details. But if I had a gun I would have killed every worker in there.

>> No.16618907

i can confirm this, i was the 'girl' working there

>> No.16618920

I remember my mom having an episode like that
It was a bad part of town in a really bad BK,
They fucked her burger up
Cashier was getting snippy which made my mom go beserk, so the two were yelling at each other.
Somehow they actually make her a new burger as she is standing at the counter being combative.
She takes the brand new burger and slams it into the trash can and we all walk out of the store.

Ive asked her about it and she says she doesnt remember, but I absolutely do.
I too have no idea why or how she flew off the rails like that. She isnt normally like that at all.

>> No.16618921

>ordered 2 modelos for my wife and I and 2 cockes for my children
>and 2 cocks for my children


>> No.16618935

Order medium rare chicken burger for shits and gigs.
Actually get rare chicken burger. Literally pink inside.
Still eat rare chicken burger because retarded teenager.

>> No.16618944

Based chef

>> No.16618959

is raw chicken even legal to serve?

>> No.16618976

No idea. Place was pretty backwater so I doubt they cared either way. This was in Europe for reference

>> No.16619006
File: 131 KB, 1440x1715, mchadit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

got a random coupon from doordash for half off mcdonalds
tell my roomate fuck it, im ordering an assload of mcdonalds for the heck of it, my treat
ordered at ton of burgers and fries, finally comes through and gets dropped off

it's a fucking mcflurry and 2 filet of fish sandwiches, no receipt and they're cold.

i was pissed, but i got a refund. ive been fucked by mcdonalds, maybe they forget an item or a size, but this was an absolute stretching of my asshole by mcdonalds. the mcflurry i didn't fucking order was absolute salt on the wound, when the fuck did their ice cream machine start working?

last time before that i ate out in person before that was at dennys, waitress placed a coffee on my table and the top of it had a weird film and the edge of the mug had fucking lipstick on it. not like one of those faint stains of lipstick that happen, oh no, like actual fresh *MUAH* fucking lip imprint on it. i almost threw up and walked out without saying anything else, the two people i went with decided to stay and regretted the decision.

>> No.16619104

It’s supposed to be lukewarm

>> No.16619264

Is that why you're gay

>> No.16619275

You're a monster, go back and give it a chance

>> No.16619294

Dude just get better

>> No.16619305
File: 240 KB, 800x600, 1496271802822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Went to one of those American - Korean fusion restaurants
>Got extremely bad food poisoning
>A month later they shut down

>> No.16619342

>or if there is a line.

>> No.16619343

Are you black or fat or something like that?

>> No.16619346
File: 68 KB, 364x1024, 1628278898249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nuh uh! 4chinny told me cunny was based!

>> No.16619356

>Mayo should be banned anyway
Cry more shitlicker

>> No.16619375

>an awful family who were using the staff as babysitters for their spoiled rotten nasty kids, throwing shit, running around and screaming.
Should have just smacked them

>> No.16619392 [DELETED] 

>Found out the owners had recently turned the business over to the children, who are apparently wannabe kikes trying to run it into the ground for extra profits now.
Just murder them they won't be missed lol

>> No.16619401

Being obese

>> No.16619416

I'm 27 and decently healthy otherwise as well (only five pounds overweight)
I read something that there is more stomach and colon issues for people in their 20s than ever before so maybe it's something in the water

>> No.16619422

5 pounds yeah right lol

>> No.16619430

>its my birthday and i get to order whatever
>explicitly told not to look at the price since i always order cheapest thing
>sees shrimp alfredo, no one else likes shrimp in the house
>wait 30 minutes for order to be ready for pickup, hype
>get home after getting the food, look in container
>its a single shrimp covered in butter sauce and 2 thin slices of garlic in a giant tin by itself
>have to boil the noodles at home myself after paying $16 for a single shrimp

>> No.16619438

for your sake I hope this one was made up

>> No.16619445

>Was told that there was a 20% automatic gratuity added for party of 6 or more
For pickup? Wtf

>> No.16619455

I was diagnosed with EOE and my gastroenterologist said there have been so many more cases in recent years, especially in children.
It has to be something in food, water, home products that is causing it, there's no way it would just be happening naturally.
I can understand why people go off the deep end and start following really wack and fringe diets.

>> No.16619463

"you are what you eat" is true in that sense, it's hard to avoid eating garbage constantly. No surprise we are getting all these afflictions & diseases related to the modern diet. And just about everything else like exhaust gasses & nuclear test radiation blowing all over. All I see is cancer, cancer everywhere

>> No.16619567

Could be more, haven't weighed myself in a while but I hover around 170lbs

>> No.16619603

My boss took us out for dinner once. It was shit
>boss had booked our table in advance but we still had to wait 45 minutes for a table to become free
>sit down, gets the menu, it's really shitty
>the music is way to loud and they're playing the top 100 most trashy whigger music I've ever heard
>the waiter comes and takes all of our orders after like 20 minutes
>half the table get their food 15 minutes before the rest... t-thanks
>one of my colleagues gets her steak 30 minutes later than the rest of us, even after asking the waiter twice where her food was
>the food we're okay but very bland and boring. I ordered a salomon steak with potatoes. The potatoes were actually fries and I didn't get any kind of sallad. I also got way to little sauce.
Overall a really shitty experience.

>> No.16619658

I've also had terrible experiences with fast food here in rural Sweden, with rural being everywhere except in the middle of Stockholm
>visiting Stockholm for an event
>goes to Burger King to get a little something, because its sunday evening and nothing else is open
>it's completely empty
>orders a whopper and a small soft drink, "takeaway please"
>guy who looks like a blend between Professor Fink and a dirty arab immigrant takes my order
>it takes almost 10 minutes for me to get my bag
>inside is a whopper and like 20 pieces of paper towels
>no cup for the drink (you get the cup and take the drink yourself here)
>"brother bro, where's my cup?"
>he makes a big deal out of it, saying I have to pay for a drink
>show him my reciept and tell him I ordered from him and not even ten minutes ago
>he still makes a fuss about it, wanting to control check it against the computer
>finally gives up, gives me the cup
I hate the arab immigrants here. They try to hustle you EVERYWHERE.

>> No.16619665

Visiting a suburb to Stockholm for an event*

>> No.16619711

Odenplan BK right? That place is a complete shitshow. Went there drunk three years ago and witnessed the employees fucking up every single order

>> No.16619766

Nah, it was in Tyresö Centrum, though all fast food places in Sweden is stacked with the lowest tier of immigrant workers and the service is therefore always shitty.

I've since moved 800 kilometers away from Stockholm and I'm never coming back to that shit hole :) Kom hem till Norrland, vita man.

>> No.16619880

>eat at arbys
>fries are soggy
>sauce tastes off
>bun is burnt
>wake up the next day with my stomach on fire
>shit my brains out
>throw up in the bathtub
>lightheaded and dizzy, briefly think i'm gonna die

never again

>> No.16619891


>> No.16619896

Does growing up in Stockholm remove people’s ability to serve customers? The only good service I’ve ever had in Stockholm at a restaurant was from British or yank xpats

>> No.16619911

Explain faggot

>> No.16619916

based. fuck fat people.

>> No.16619917

>Does growing up in Stockholm remove people’s ability to
Whatever word comes after "do": yes.

>> No.16619923

to*, I have a fever sorry

>> No.16619940

I don't wait in line for things especially food.

>> No.16620014

Egg allergy isn't that uncommon.

>> No.16620023

sounds based honestly

>> No.16620307

Home you recover from your second shot anon

>> No.16620313

Is there aby culture as undeservingly self-righteous as the Italians?

>> No.16620314

I know. It's the top 8 or 7 or whatever. But still have gone my entire 26 years without meeting a single other person who was also allergic to eggs.
For as common as it supposedly is I feel like I should have at least met one other person at this point.

>> No.16620347

major kek brother, but that was a team effort

>> No.16620501

I work in a restaurant. everybody here is chinese except for me.
There's no structure, hell, my boss has been out since Wednesday, I can't get a hold of him. His family calls the restaurant multiple times a day looking for him. Anyway, I was hired as a server, but also mix drinks, host, do to-go orders, bus the tables, clean the bathrooms, sweep and mop the floors. Worst experience was Super Bowl Sunday, everyone but me called out.

>> No.16620816


>> No.16620833

Malcolm in the Middle tier.

>> No.16621123

I didn't know Dairy Queen had chili dogs, I'm going to try them instead of checkers tonight

>> No.16621227

guess I'm moving to Europe

>> No.16621252

haha.... thanks for reminding me of a similar situation

>> No.16621258

>go to subway
>only one employee there
>only one there
>starts my order
>two people walk in
>finishes putting meat and cheese on my sandwich
>sets its aside and asks what the other two people want
>walk out as they say sir, sir

>> No.16621269
File: 58 KB, 640x625, 1502509947450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not someone who gives a shit about manners or being rude, but I don't get the point of complaining unless you can actually score free shit. If you have a serious problem with your food step to the kitchen staff instead of being passive aggressive to the waiter janny, complaints will fall through the grapevine otherwise. Giving the shitty chefs shit would be more fun because they have an ego, the wagies aren't personally invested in the food.

>> No.16621286

it's like it was written just for my pleasure
why does this please me so?
relatedly, i live in boston, and i was admiring how few fat people there were in the city this weekend. felt good.

>> No.16621310

My parents are the typical picky kid eaters who never learned to enjoy more. I grew up picking because of them, but around 13 I started just trying stuff out, and it was great.
To this day they claim to like the taste of onion, they just can't handle the texture, it makes them gag. They will cook with onion powder, my mom will eat minced onion rings from Burger King, and she has now started eating onion rings because they always smell good when I bring them.
When Dad would make chili, I wanted to quarter an onion and put it in the pot for flavor, but he wouldn't let me. Only onion powder, so I couldn't just take all the onion out for my serving

>> No.16621321

My mom took us to the local Friendly's on a school night. Me and my brother were 9-12 years old. We place our orders and an hour passes. Another hour. Another. I beg my mother to tap a waiter passing by but she won't. 3 hours she does and they admit they just forgot us somehow. We were sat right next to where the staff comes in and out of the kitchen and they just let us sit there for 3 hours because my mother went full retard.

>> No.16621431

Your mother went full antisocial, likd you probably are
That sounds like an insult, but what I'm trying to say is that the wait staff is 100 percent in the wrong, not your mother

>> No.16621462 [DELETED] 

Imagine being 12 and not taking charge and begging your mother to talk to a waiter and then presumably years later going to cry about it anonymously on 4chink

>> No.16621487

Why were you in court

>> No.16621633 [DELETED] 

I lit the neighbors beagle on fire

>> No.16621804

Lol made me kek out loud even if this is a larp

>> No.16621811

I was in Baltimore and I saw a guy get stabbed. I'm not sure that's really the restaurants fault, and to be fair I was the one in Baltimore so, mea culpa.

>> No.16621835 [DELETED] 

Did you stay to watch them cut his head off?

>> No.16621943

Raw chicken liver is legal to sell, I guess all chicken should be

>> No.16621958

>new American-Chinese moves into old breakfast location
>family has a rule of only eating at a place that's been open 6 or more months
>mom orders and hates it
>they shut down a week later due to cockroach infestation

>> No.16621968

No, though I had to talk to a cop.

>> No.16621985

Literal nonissue as long as front of house isnt busy smoking crack and masturbating in the walk in

>> No.16622045 [DELETED] 

Waiting three hours for your mom to say something? What the fuck does the white trash waitress smoking crack have to do with anything?

>> No.16622051

His mom isn't getting paid to say something, the waitress is getting paid to take her order

>> No.16622080

I use chicken livers to catch catfish on the Chattahoochee River.

>> No.16622116 [DELETED] 

I was laughing at his retarded faggot ass for crying to his dogshit stupid mom. It’s hilarious a friendlys waiter getting paid to work would not give a single shit about his whole family of retards.

>> No.16622202

>Yow, where's the ice
Absolutely based

>> No.16622516

That happens. Knew a kid who couldn't eat garlic but could handle the powder.

>> No.16622695

You and your entire family sound like you guys should be removed from the gene pool

>> No.16622833


>> No.16622845

I've never seen a Chinese football fan, like one in a jersey or one with a team bumper sticker so I'm surprised they all ditched on the super bowl..

>> No.16622846

What's this from?

>> No.16622851

Anon, you take that shit back if they do that to you, there's a level of shitty that's passably acceptable and they crossed the line.

>> No.16622855

I mean she's a woman, maybe she was on the rag or pregnant or some shit.

>> No.16622867

>jokingly point out
Were you just gonna eat a dirty salad covered in bug shit? Is it because it was a "cute" bug?
Don't do that.

>> No.16622990

nothing too bad, but usually when I eat out with my brother
>go with bro to burger king in miami
>takes like 20 minutes
>fries are missing
>come back and tell them
>we outta fries
>no offer to refund or swap after paying
>they were out of straws or ketchup too

>went to steak and shake for a burger and shake
>lost track of time talking, 20 minutes pass
>remind the girl behind the desk
>oh I’m sorry I’ll get that right out
>lose track of time again for another 20 minutes
>getting angry now
>interrupt the high schoolers talking in the back and they bring out cold burgers and melted shakes.

>at denny’s, high
>waiter seems cool
>yo I can throw in some pancakes if you want *wink*
>oh you want blueberry ones?
>I’ll pile on some extra bacon too
>don’t mention it dude
>ends up costing twice as much

>> No.16623015

>winking is supposed to translate as "I want this for free" to the waiter
Oh. Hmm...

>> No.16623051

that was the waiter implying that he was hooking us up for free

>> No.16623166
File: 3 KB, 125x125, 1628577168781s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>his mighty dad voice

>> No.16623408

This but everywhere in Sweden without exception. The whole country is a podink town

>> No.16623416

Flyover pizza place that used cracker crust, ketchup and velveeta.

>> No.16623420

they all die off because they can't get vaccines.

>> No.16623429

not exactly the worst but it was my most recent
>order small burger and small fries at five guys
>total is $10.01
>pay with $20
>$9.99 in change is given to me
>look down and see a penny on the floor in front of me
yeah you guys are never getting a tip from me if you can't even offer me a single penny

>> No.16623438

Sometimes as you go to the shitty fast food place after working overtime for the past 12 days in a row, as your order is given to you ice cold and completely wrong, you just wonder in complete disbelief how retarded someone must be to fuck up such a simple job

>> No.16623445 [DELETED] 

God I hate niggers. I wanna grab that hoe ass nigga jigga booga boo by her weave and throw her out the drive-thru window

>> No.16623447

I can't think of the worst one ever right now, but on Thursday night, I went to Burger King even though I hate it.
>pull up, there's a decent lineup but that's to be expected at 1 am
>the lineup doesn't move in 10 minutes, people are getting out of their cars to check if anyone's even inside
>eventually an employee comes out and tells me and the guy in front of me to back up because someone wanted to leave
>no one leaves, we get back in line
>25 more minutes pass
>I get my food
>it's shit
>didn't even make me fart a ton like the Roadhouse King does
35 minutes is definitely as long as I've ever waited for fast food. Oh, I just remembered a bad one from when I was a kid:
>go to McDick's because my mom didn't want the whitewashed Chinese food we usually got at that strip mall
>workers are rude and weird as fuck for some reason, totally atypical
>we keep getting served raw burgers
>my dad literally comes back 6 different times and the burgers were raw or rotten or something
>my sister and I are projectile vomiting everywhere
>we get home
>my sister throws up all over her doll house
>I throw up on my mom, but she holds up my favorite pillow to shield herself and I ruin it

>> No.16623449
File: 207 KB, 1600x902, 1505145644-8520306503-941d6d427c-h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes you can order chicken sashimi in some places

>> No.16623455

Usually if youve got to wait in line for more than a few minutes it means the employees are just retarded teenagers and burnt out druggies and your order will be fucked up beyond all belief. If your wait goes past 5 minutes, just leave

>> No.16623462
File: 124 KB, 800x533, 9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

apparently it's called torisashi. would you buy raw chicken from a vending machine?

>> No.16623468

>t. soicvck incels too afraid to talk to waiters & ask them why their order is taking longer than expected

>> No.16623469 [DELETED] 

>burnt out druggies
I don't live in the midwest, anon. Actually, EVERY SINGLE fast food worker where Iive is Indian or Chinese. I haven't seen a (glorious) (clean) (deserving of praise) white person working in a fast food restaurant since the 2000s.

>> No.16623485 [DELETED] 

Good lord that sounds awful. Imagine having to deal with nasty ass minorites every time you want a shitty burger

>> No.16623487

The only time I ever go to fast food is in the middle of rush hour when they are pumping out food
I dont order anything special.

You tend to get fresh food that way, workers are thinking about fucking your food up or anything.
If its taking more than 5 minutes, there is a serious issue.

>> No.16623496

maybe he was just implying you didnt order enough food to fill your humongous fat american body

>> No.16623497

Eating at a restaurant next to a black family.

Repulsive table manners, loud and obnoxious. Kids literally throwing food. Food all over the floor and tablecloth. The waiters look of dismay when they arrived was depressing.

>> No.16623499

It's pretty degrading, but on the upside, it means none of the chosen people are working those shitty ass jobs.

>> No.16623505

You're a minority. What percentage of the world do you think is like you? LOL not a big one ROLMAO

>> No.16623517

Lmao, I tried to find a video of monkeys or apes eating messily and doing this shit, but I literally couldn't. Just stumbled across the monkey abuse vids on youtube instead.

>> No.16623519

Good. I don't want more people to be like me--I want to continue being special, desired, elite, at the top of the dating and money chains, and easily employed.

>> No.16623541

So stop bitching like a bitch, bitch.

>> No.16623583

> went to a mexican restuarant when i was 16 and had my first job .
> took my gf and her older sister out for dinner. i was gonna pay like a boss.
>waiter treats the older sister like she was both of our moms and wont listen to me
>i order the beef fajitas
> he brings me a big ass wet beef fajita burrito
"excuse me but i ordered the beef fajitas"
"no you didn't. i brought you what you ordered
"can i talk to your manager?"
>manager takes his side.
>feel embarrassed
>feel degraded.
>get fucking mad.
"i know what i ordered i don't even fucking eat burritos can i just get what i ordered"
>literally walk away from me
>throw burrito at the waiter.
>it explodes.
>i leave, my date is pissed, the old sister is embarrassed. there was no second date.

i could have handled that one better.

>> No.16623586

Wow, sick one liner.

>> No.16623588 [DELETED] 

Sorry, my community and surronding communities are 99.9% white. I never went to a school with a nigger in my life. In fact my first encounter with a nigger was my dad beating the ever loving shit out of him in a Khol's parking lot.

>> No.16623597 [DELETED] 

Reported to the hate speech watchdog of the UK government.

Enjoy your court appearance white racist shit.

>> No.16623611

I remember there were a few kids in primary school who had it. I think my sister did as well when she was a baby or toddler but grew out of it. Allergies are very common here in the land down under.

>> No.16623612

You did absolutely the right thing anon, fuck those cunts.

>> No.16623627

It happened. I refused to eat at that place for 15 years until it got replaced by a Thai restaurant.

>> No.16623635

i would agree but not on a first date with a 17 nearly 18 year old as a barely 16 something with her sister already thinking would be immature. it was a stupid move at the time. but fuck that waiter.

>> No.16623704

>Im talking exclusively white rural towns
I'll take limited culinary options over low crime rates

>> No.16623984

>if its not got niggers its bad food
What did he mean by this?

>> No.16624249

Chinese food restaurant was 30 minutes to closing. Soon as some Hapa qt serves my food some 4 ft tall gook goblin yanks my full hot steaming plate to close early. It became a 3 minute long tug of war.
GF was laughing her guts out.
5'10" Hapa qt walks in on the tug of war and yells at gook goblin in gookonese. She came back 5 minutes later.
Hapa qt nowhere to be found for 20 minutes. This goblin kept glaring at me every 5 minutes from behind the kitchen corner. Food was good.

>> No.16624729


>> No.16624737

Wait not you

>> No.16624872

He means exactly that, it's a common sentiment among urban-raised under 35s.
I do shy away from """mexican""" or """chinese""" when I'm somewhere where there's no Mexicans or Chinese within a 50 mile radius, but if I'm in the middle of nowhere I know I can trust in decent biscuits and gravy, eggs, whatever pies they have in the case. I'll try a regional specialty if I can find one, meant to have scrapple last time I was in coal country but didn't get the opportunity. Had some Amish pickled eggs and good pierogi though.

>> No.16625775

So he wants both buns on the bottom? Why would you eat a burger like that?

>> No.16625949

There is no top to remove for those toilets you lying faggot

>> No.16626077

Your dad was completely in the right here. She probably got a good tip and deserved it.

>> No.16626355

>go to steak and shake
>food takes 30 mins
>drinks somehow take a fucking hour
>wait another 30 mins to pay at the register
>me and all my friends got sick the next day

>> No.16626384


>> No.16626416

>adult suddenly raises voice at you
>all eyes and attention are pulled in your direction
>publicly humiliated and forced to apologize for something that wasn't even your responsibility
>replace salad and drinks which will be taken out of own paycheck
>reputation of restaurant lowers due to outburst
>it's okay because i got tipped a bit more
based but cringe

>> No.16626444

I assume the waitress was an adult
>will be taken out of your paycheck
No they fucking won't that's illegal first of all and second if you actually had ever worked behind a kitchen you'd know that there's shit to spare.
>reputation lowers
Yep, when I go out to dinner and three crowded tables away I hear some dude maybe saying "there's a bug in my son's salad" or possibly "there's a bum and salsa lid" I go and tell everybody I know, it's the most important part of my day.

>> No.16626468
File: 2.56 MB, 322x178, sopranos laughing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16626498
File: 33 KB, 657x527, 1629332525893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine that, it's a restaurant except there's a petite asian waitress under each table that sucks you off (discretely) while you eat.

>> No.16626507

I treated my mommy to a birthday dinner and she passed out in the bathroom after drinking a single mojito. Otherwise a nice meal.

>> No.16626522

>I bet the manager felt like a real dumbfuck when it finally hit her.
The kind of people who do this shit don't have the self awareness to feel bad about it. If she remembers this at all, she still thinks she was in the right.

>> No.16626541

>this is your brain on melanin

>> No.16626596

Top kek, based af
Unless you were gonna get a threesome, in which case you dun goofed

>> No.16626607

Kek should have met the hapa qt out back and had a threesome with ur gf

>> No.16626625

Should have had a threesome with your puking mommy and the illiterate Mexican line cook on a smoke break out back, opportunity lost

>> No.16626696

You and your father should have taken the waitress to the car and rewarded her with a threesome.

>> No.16626702

Made up name

>> No.16626831

my mcdonald's has normal toilets.

>> No.16627107

I've been to multiple IHOPs and never have I had good service. Endless pancakes don't mean shit when the waiter only comes by once every 40 minutes.

>> No.16627140 [DELETED] 

I was checking out a new to me mexican restaurant a few weeks back. right when I walk in this short fat mexican eyes me up like we had a generations deep family quarrel. I'm thinking what the fuck is this brown guys deal. I tell him I'm eating out on the patio and he just nods his head to the door. the tables had holes and they didn't give enough napkins to keep me from ruining shorts or a shirt.
about half way through eating lunch the only table other diners were at, was a young couple with toddler, that was finished eating by the time I showed up. eventually the kid raises hell and I fucking book out of there, leaving half of my food behind, paying the bill though
that was the best food I've had at a mexican restaurant here in shitholeville usa, what a shame. I fucking hate brown people

>> No.16627249

>I fucking hate brown people
>goes to a Mexican resturant

>> No.16627322

I’m a stick

>> No.16627351

>hey, put the top on the bottom
I'm going to start saying this to cashiers.

>> No.16627539

You have a really childish and uneducated understanding of racism.

>> No.16627565

Which McDonalds was it? I need some fast food ASAP

>> No.16627744

kek IHOP is fucking garbage. I took my mom out for breakfast there once and she found a nasty corroded penny at the bottom of her cup of coffee. I called the manager over and that fucking faggot argued himself blue in the face that WE must have put it there. Never went back.

>> No.16628636

ok so basically the same but reversed

>> No.16628728 [DELETED] 
File: 5 KB, 300x168, yow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you should have learned how to speak spanish, idiot. this is america. get with it lol.

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