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What can I serve a girl to make her do this?

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A wad of bills

t. incel online racist who watches anime

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If you can make pasta (and like actually make a nice looking dish with sauce from scratch, not sloppa), its usually tasty, comes across as effortless, and goes well with wine

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your cock in her pussy

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mc donalds

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girls love sugar and cheese so a small meal, something light, a bolognese, then fine cheese and wine and then for second dessert you bring out the chocolate goodness, spare no expense. she will cream and lick your bunghole

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>and lick your bunghole
I really don't want her to do that (it smells like braps)

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Just hit the flambé and the knickers drop

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so direct her to whatever you want licked then, your choice brappbrah

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would be nice to have my peepee licked, I reckon

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in all serioiusness, almost all women LOVE chocholate and if you give here some intricate chocholate dessert she will definitely love it, just up to you to not fuck it up with some sperg shit, and I trust u will keep cool

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a high end vibrator probably

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Anyone who posts any iteration of pepe (that isn't a panel of Boy's Club) or wojak deserves to be doxxed, hunted down, and murdered for being a blight not only to this board and this website, but also to the collective intelligence of the entire human race.
Furthermore, they're breaking>>>/global/rules/6 and>>>/global/rules/10 so they must be reported as soon as possible and as much as possible for the greater good.

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Homemade pasta with seafood, fresh bread, and a salad.. Serve with white wine.

>not super expensive
>can keep it light

Girls love this shit and, unless theyre Italian, freak out about homemade pasta. Ravioli is fun too since you can make it together and it's like an activity.


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Girls don't want to smell fish, it makes them self-conscious about their cunts

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Ask her about some of her favorite meals, and then pour all your autism into learning how to cook one of them.

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>What can I serve a girl to make her do this?
Chocolate moose.

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>chocolate moose
more like
>chocolate DICK

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a black guy

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>this new

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>this is your brain on tranny and gay porn 24/7

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>falling for obvious bait

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Kek, I've been doing NOFAP and NOPORN for 3 years, invest all my time in redpilling on /pol/ and /r9k/ and other boards. You're the loser here

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If you think raising a woman's confidence will make her more likely to hook up with you, you got a lot to learn buddy.

Seriously though if your seafood pasta smells like fish you're doing something wrong. Good shrimp and seafood should smell nice not fishy.

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the olive oil cake recipe that I stole from an authentic italian restaurant

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please be pasta

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You think that's crazy? He does this on multiple boards and has been banned many times. He's a mindfucked schizo who needs to constantly feed off 4chan.

Here is him posting on /k/

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