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What can I serve a female guest to make her do this?

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My dick

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Something big and black

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"Fascinate" may have come from Latin [fascinum] "human penis; artificial phallus; dildo"

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What is wrong with your toe?

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Your mom's boyfriends gut?

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women should be cooking for you

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Literally anything you can already do competemtly, while making it seem like whatever you’re doing is what you usually do.

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>very white mushroom caps

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Wow, fugging up “competently” surely makes me an authority, lol. Point remains, though.

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point remains you're a retard and women don't care if you do it well.

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Steak typically got me laid when i was in my 20s. My wife who i met in my 30s likes stir fry, so i make her that when i have a day off.

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Why are those roasties giving chad meds?

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i know this is off topic, but how did you end meeting your wife in your 30s. im relatively well-adjusted anon that has had a few gfs and a healthy sex life, but im single and 28 now. Id like to hopefully get married one day, but im just curious what its like dating in your 30s, beause thats ideally when i would wanna settle down

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>women don't care if you cook well.
Nigger what? They 100% care. If they don’t, they aren’t your type. I literally gf then wifed up because I could cook and entertain (pour wine/beer/socialize).

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>mom i posted it again

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Financial stability without requiring any loyalty in return.

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Imagine being a grown ass adult man and you need somebody to cook for you.

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The left side unironically happened to me, though.

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Pasta with white sauce and broccoli.
Women literally do not know how easy it is to make and they think it's fancy when it isn't in the least.

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That has nothing to do with it.

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She's gonna leave soon.

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This. And then you're here forever.

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I feel like italian dishes are always the quintessential "romance dish" but I despise italian food. If she doesn't like sour, meaty, heavy, german dishses just order a pizza.

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summer rolls really impress women early on
because it's 'healthy' and 'clean' and 'exotic'
you can flex on her with knife skills. The dexterity of julienning vegetables impresses women
you can do the majority of the prep (preparing proteins, making a sauce) ahead of time, so you're not leaving her alone while you try concentrate
and you can have her roll them as well so you can teach her something and cheat your way into physical closeness

it's not a good dish to eat as a dinner because it's tedius to get full off it but it is a great thing to do as like a snack before drinking or if you have something more susbstantial already prepared to eat after.

literally read my exs diary once and she had a spreadsheet of reasons to leave me in it and in that 'don't' column was food and it was in all caps and it was underlined.

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Literally me

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What book?

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Chocolate something you made.

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Jesus I think women are adorable, but imagine writing that in your personal diary

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It all comes back to BBC.

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Rohypnol in lasagne. I dose up my sister when I'm in the mood for vaginal sex and I can get about 5 hours of doggy style.

Most nights I just rape our miniature horse Sven.

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> never heard of birth control

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didn't realise men took birth control

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They can't cook by themselves.
Last time i made simple sausage with rice/onions and sauteed apples and she said I was a great cook.
I learned that shit in a kid's magazine when I was 7.

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Literally nothing these women only want money. That's it. They're whores. Hookers. Prostitutes. They seriously need to be locked up institutionally before they cause economic problems in the future.

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For the most part, they never have to mentally advance beyond the age of 10 or so. You just have to decide if that's good enough or you will hold out for an overachiever

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Bake some bread. Bitches love simple carbs

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chicken alfredo

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cant eat this
cant eat that
make sure you check before you start the stove

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So, she left you after all?
What was in the "Do" column?

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not bibimbap, that's for sure :(

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no i left her

cheated on me and didn't feel guilty
liked her ex more
i dont have enough money
i want to do stuff outside

fuck i can't even remember it was a long list

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What book is this from?

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That sucks.
At least you have your summer rolls anon.

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I'll give her my forcemeat if you know what I mean.

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lol this nigga doesn't even recognize escoffier

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Shieettt nigga I don't really use cooking books the only one I've personally bought for myself is Le Repertoire de la Cuisine, Is it worth getting some of his books?

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would recommend not serving something heavy, esp steak. my go to is seabass w/ chive veloute, tenderstem broccoli n some variety of potato

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