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>ginger ale
>"healthy" granola sugar bar
>fruit snack
>other sugary bullshit snack bar
>weird red water that's probably got some sweetener bullshit added to it
>yogurt probably some vanilla sugar flavored shit topped with a cup of sugar coated granola
that's like at least 800 calories from added sugar by lunch

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Those portions would look huge if placed next to someone who wasn't a fucking whale.

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>liter of coffee that looks to be half milk
>220kcals of milk right there
>giant plate of eggs, mostly consisting of pan fried potatoes and peppers
>snacks, kind mini 100kcals fruit to go, 50kcals, another kind mini 100kcals
>250kcals in snacks
>water with mixer, I assume it's 0 calories because there's so many of those on the market.
>ham, cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread, 270-320kcals, times 2 because who would make half a sandwich
>600kcals in sandwich
>can of ginger ale 130kcals
>large bowl of yogurt, with granola and fruit, 400kcals

Grand total of 2100kcals.
Even if my numbers are off a bit, it's well below 3000kcal.s
not too bad I guess

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>imagine feeling the need to eat a snack at 9am when you've just ate a giant plate of pan friend food and drank a liter of sugary milk

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I feel like sugar has more negative impact that just calories for someone who is overweight or obese.

I also feel like with the amount of sugary shit she shows, she eats well above 2100 cals but I dont want to do research.

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I listed everything that was shown on camera.
The only (???) is the "water" she's drinking, but there are soooo many 0 calorie flavorings for water I'd assume it's one of those.
Even it was kool aid, a half gallon container would be 500 more kcals. But I doubt it's kool aid
So, 2600kcals roughly.

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You're not only way off with your calculations, but it's literally just half of her day and she's already WAY over her requirements. You're probably fat, too.

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Post the real calculations bud, I'll be here waiting.
I started writing out all the estimations so I could mathematically call her fat, but what is shown in the video is less than 3000kcals.

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But she didn't even get to dinner and you can guarantee that she gets dessert too.

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>is less than 3000kcals.
She's a girl, she shouldn't be eating more than 1500, you retard.

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I think you have an unhealthy obsession with that hamplanet.

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the initial kcal estimate was 2100kcals, the 500+ was with kool aid as the drink of choice, which it's probably not since there's so many 0 cal water flavorings on the market.

I'm just writing what she has in the video. If someone posts the whole source I'll check it out.

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>the initial kcal estimate was 2100kcals
2100>1500, fatlord.

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That's probably still a deficit for someone her size, lol

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>and now for my snack
>3 snack bars
Snacks are a meme you fat bitch. 2 meals a day, moderate sized. The fucking breakfast was a full on meal that looks like it should have done her for hours.

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anon there is a 0% change that yogurt bowl was 400 cals. Plain yogurt (no sugar, no flavouring) has 112 calories per cup. Probably at least 1.5-2 cups of yogurt in that bowl. 168 calories of JUST YOGURT on the absolute lowest end possible. What are the odds that she is eating vanilla or strawberry or whatever the fuck else that is loaded with sugar? Would be closer to 281 cals for the same amount of yogurt.

Granola is also pretty calorically dense--that's literally the point of it. When people take granola on hikes or camping it's because it is ligthweight, easy to carry, tastes good & has a lot of calories (which you need when you're actually being active--not whatever this hambeast is doing).

ALSO calorie counts only matter at all if you're consistent with them. There is no chance she is consistently eating below 3000 cals per day and maintaining that weight. I'd also wager there's snacks that she doesn't count because it's "not worth it".

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So 281kcals for yogurt. 65kcals for 1 cup of raspberries, let's say it's 1 cup of granola, even though it's definitely not, 500 more calories.
Still below 3000 for what's seen in the video. fuck

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>Still below 3000 for what's seen in the video. fuck
What's your problem?

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That I came here to shit on her for being a fatty, and even with the worst possible estimations it's still below 3000kcals, which for someone her age, est weight, est energy expenditure at zero, her Total Daily Energy Expenditure is about 2900kcals.
So being well under 3000kcals is still a deficit, albeit a small one, for a fatty her size. But y'all refuse to accept it and try to keep nitpicking things that I already fucking wrote about in the estimate.
Believe me, I want to make fun of her for being fat, but what she has shown in the video isn't anything that wild

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>her Total Daily Energy Expenditure is about 2900kcals.

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>drinks a liter of coffee that is looks like 50% milk and sugar
>enjoying a sandwich
>pans to two big ass sandwiches
>eats 3 fucking snack bars as a snack
>doesn't even show her dinner

There is nothing moderate about her diet.

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>her Total Daily Energy Expenditure is about 2900kcals.
found the fatass

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big surprise, fat people expend more energy just existing than thin people

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>not too bad I guess
It's also not what she eats every day. This was the best version of a day's worth of food she could think up to show people, and it's still mostly granola bars and fried potatoes.

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TDEE 2813 is what I got with my estimates of her weight, age and height

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>big surprise, fat people expend more energy just existing than thin people
Obese people shouldn't eat to maintain their weight.

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Nope, you're right, but by the estimates of the based on the tiktok video above, she's below her estimated TDEE

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looks like 3-4 cups of coffee, heavily spiked with milk (which has sugar) and possibly sugar/syrup/other junk to "make it taste good". let's say 2/3 a cup of milk and a tablespoon of sugar so we're talking about 20g

decent breakfast! high protein, low carb etc.

three candy bars for a snack lmao. just looked it up, that's 17g of sugar for a snack

flavored water - odds its sugar free? i'd say 50:50 but we'll be nice and say sugar free

2 sandwiches lol, given that it's the good ol USA, each slice has probably ~3g of sugar, so another 12ish

yogurt bowl is probably some fruit flavored yogurt with that berry mix on top. gotta be close to 30g sugar there at least.

>The AHA suggests an added-sugar limit of no more than 100 calories per day (about 6 teaspoons or 24 grams of sugar) for most women and no more than 150 calories per day (about 9 teaspoons or 36 grams of sugar) for most men. There's no nutritional need or benefit that comes from eating added sugar.

She's eating triple the amount of sugar she should be having per day and wonders why she's a blob. smart stuff.

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she could lose a pound a month for the next decade and still be morbidly obese

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True, but that's not the point of the video. Maybe's her diet is to maintain that weight for a certain type of man

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this is /ck/, not /mlp/, so i'll keep the comments about her personal life to a minimum, but the point remains that she's a land whale who eats way too much and has deluded herself into thinking she's eating healthy.

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average American female is only 64 inches tall

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isn't that 2900 calories to maintain her obese status though? that shouldn't be seen as a good thing. and most of the time these people aren't honest when trying to talk about what they're eating. you can see obese people saying they only eat a tiny salad every day but still gain weight. it's easy to make one video to try and convince everyone your diet is fine, and then go back to binging on junk food all the time when no one is looking.

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>litre of coffee only 200 cal
>pound and a half of fried breakfast food 500 cal
>3 halves of sandwich on plate = 1 sandwich somehow 600 cal
delusional fatty

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that was twice the size what someone with a non-physical job should be eating just for fucking breakfast

>> No.16592315

That makes sense, it was magic that made her a fat gross monster. Somewhere out there a witch has cursed her and there's nothing she can do now but give up.

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Is this a 3d render or a photograph?

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>1 liter of coffee, with half milk, 500ml of milk is between 200 and 260 calories
>I wrote that it's clearly two sandwiches, you're just too retarded to read.
>is this much chicken on a plate that is the size of this much chicken
goddamn ck posters are retards

>> No.16592330

>times 2 because who would make half a sandwich
half a sandwich x 2 = 2 sandwiches to you?

>> No.16592333

>is this much chicken on a plate that is the size of this much chicken
Ah yes everyone else is the retard

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>I listed everything that was shown on camera.
At the barest minimum of the visible ingredients. Fat people tend to add a lot of invisible calories during the cooking process (like triple the portioning of butter or similar) because they're directly chasing the taste of caloric surplus. It's like their very own umami taste. They're physically addicted to high calorie consumption and their bodies have been trained to need it to be "fulfilled"

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>ham, cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread, 270-320kcals, times 2 because who would make half a sandwich
ham, cheese sandwich on whole wheat = 1 sandwich
times 2 = 2 sandwiches
the "because who would make a half sandwich" was in reference to her shot of 3 half sandwiches on the plate. I assumed /ck/ readers weren't that retarded and could understand this. I guess I was wrong.


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you are retarded and there's a 99.7% chance you're obese

>> No.16592358

I love /ck/ fat phrenology, you should make a fake textbook or something

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>7:00am - 9:00am
Coffee syrup drink (300-400cal)
>9:00am - 10:00am
Breakfast hash (400-500cal)
>10:00am - 4:00pm (snacking)
Fruit to Go (50cal)
Kind Mini Bar x2 (200cal)
Red water (???)
>12:00pm (lunch)
sandwich x2 (450-500cal)
Canada Dry (130cal)
>6:00pm (dinner)
Yogurt bowl (looks like it has a bunch of bran flakes) (300-450cal)

So 1830cal - 2230cal, I probably underestimated the sandwich slightly. I doubt this is what a regular meal looks like for her (show for the camera).

>> No.16592371

I'm just estimating the calories shown in the vid, don't gotta be fat to do that

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Who are you talking to, faggots? it's a video, she can't read your posts

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>fat phrenology
we just jumped from 99.7% to 100%

>> No.16592383

I saw the beached whale and immediately had to close the window. I'd appreciate a trigger warning next time.

>> No.16592385

yes i can you silly boys

>> No.16592418

>assuming she wasn't lying about what she really eats in a day
>not acknowledging that she didn't even yeah about her dinner in the video
you are a coping fatass or a troll

>> No.16592419

it's cause it's so funny that her video proves the point it's trying to make. Another anon got similar estimates >>16592367
yet incels here can't accept that what she shown in the video wasn't that over the top.

>> No.16592429

Go for a jog, fatty.

>> No.16592431

Show us the receipts for what food you buy in a week fatso

>> No.16592432

>her video proves the point it's trying to make
The only problem is that there is a big fat ugly body in the video.

>> No.16592435

>I doubt this is what a regular meal looks like for her (show for the camera).
yeah if she thinks 3 snack bars after that fairly large breakfast and coffee was good then you know she does a lot worse off camera. and there's no way she really eats fruit and yogurt for dinner.

>> No.16592439

not an argument against anything I've said or what's in the video

>> No.16592440

>proves the point
ive got don't bad news about the internet and people telling the truth

>> No.16592447

>what's in the video
A fat ugly body is in the video though.

>> No.16592455

Doesn't change the calories shown in the video. You really should try having sex, it might help make you less of a shit person

>> No.16592461

lose weight piggy

>> No.16592466

>shown in the video

>> No.16592470

That's what we're discussing here. Nothing else, considering everything else is speculation
not an argument, incel

>> No.16592476

>Doesn't change the calories shown in the video.
It makes the video pointless.

>> No.16592477

>considering everything else is speculation
it's not entirely speculation when someone of that size is going to need about 50% more calories than what's shown in the video

>> No.16592480


>not too bad I guess

For a male. Women should be eating closer from between 1,400 and 1,600 she's eating almost half as much more than she should.

>> No.16592482

you can't get that fat without consuming a lot more calories than you burn
also post stomach fatty

>> No.16592494

>not an argument, incel
my wife is sitting on the couch beside me, try again piggy

>> No.16592497

Post pic of her, incel

>> No.16592512

obviously not going to do that
but you keep coping lardass

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It was 2100kcals
your only argument is that I'm fat (???), clearly an incel since you won't post your "wife" (anime body pillow)

>> No.16592529

Even still that's the recommended calories to maintain about 160 lbs for a male, and she's clearly way above that.

>> No.16592534

calories to maintain whale status are even higher >>16592175

>> No.16592537

you are fat, it's obvious by how much this is all bothering you
and i don't care I'm going to go work out and then walk to the post office with my wife
you're going to consume a sweet treat because you "deserve it" for all your hard work
cope seethe and most of all don't forget to catch your breath fatty

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>yeah well, I think you're fat so I won the argument
The absolute state of cope for losing the argument. Go have a nice workout and walk with your "wife" anon. Kek

>> No.16592560

Assblasted faggot.

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File: 1.09 MB, 1584x1631, ifeqb5g3cu051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Assblasted faggot.

>> No.16592569

damn she's fat

>> No.16592576

It's pretty sad to see how many people are sick and dying due to obesity but you still have irresponsible people like this trying to convince others that they're just naturally obese and only eat healthy food and that there's nothing wrong with being so overweight. With over 100 million obese people in the USA it's a little scary thinking about how many deaths they could be responsible for.

>> No.16592592

Why, they're only killing themselves, and they don't have national healthcare so who cares, no sugar tax too

>> No.16592594

I'm the fag that keeps posting about the calorie contents of what she showed in the video. I agree, fat people are fat by choice and there is no health/beauty at any size. Heart disease is the no.1 killer in the united states mainly due to people being fatties.
However, incels in this thread were unable to grasp that I was counting the calories in this video, I wasn't saying she wasn't fat, I wasn't saying she was healthy. I was only counting, but this enrages incels for some reason.

>> No.16592622

I started dieting/fasting recently, cut out sugary drinks and snacking, also started favoring protein over carbs
progress is slow and steady, lost around 6 kg, but as a side note, my arms doubled in size due to my muscle training so now I look like a monster while still fat since the it wasn't done being used up yet

>> No.16592629

>I was only counting, but this enrages incels for some reason.
No, you were claiming that her caloric intake was okay, which is isn't.

>> No.16592634

if she's eating "healthy" while still gaining weight, she's got a sedentary life style, she probably also unconsciously snacks and consumes sugar water

>> No.16592641

Well the stuff she eats is not that bad but the problem is that she eats way too fucking much. Also if you're not a logger or some shit liek that then you really shouldn't be eating eggs, chicken and potatoes for breakfast.

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It is though, given her size, age and weight, 2100kcals, which is what is shown in the video, is a caloric deficit for her. >>16592175
Does she eat more outside the video? Maybe, probably. But if she truly only ate what was in the video it would allow her to lose weight.
It's not fucking magic, you gigantic dumbass.

>> No.16592646

Psychopathic personalities don't have an internal mirror
in their mind if something is wrong with their life, it's immediately someone else's fault, never theirs, they can do no wrong.

>> No.16592648

>seething over how other people live their lives
Is there a single fucking board on 4chan where I can get away from this shit? Honestly, I like using this site because I can call anyone I want a faggot or a nigger, but it's really not worth sifting through all the twitter/tiktok/instagram/reddit reaction threads.

Oh yeah, and fuck you, OP. Nobody with an IQ higher than one (1) cares.

>> No.16592649

ok, you fat

>> No.16592650

Again, why do you assume that she's significantly taller than average?

>> No.16592660

I may be fat, but I have literally never posted a social media screencap or link on this board or any other. You fucking wish you were as holy as me.

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File: 18 KB, 726x405, faggot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here ya go fag, basically the same numbers. Happy yet?

>> No.16592662

Keep on keeping on anon
I also started working on recently and it honestly feels great
seeing your body get stronger and your weight lower
being able to do more and more push ups every other day
the progress feels fucking great

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>guzzling down a giant mug of coffee, bigger than any normal mug
>somehow thinks a potato is healthy
>literally 3 fucking candy bars
>3 fucking sandwiches as a after-nap snack
>drinking her calories
>likely full fat yogurt

>> No.16592671

>Doesn't change the calories shown in the video
Like >>16592344 pointed out, we can't know what excess calories she added in prep to the dishes. The giant boot of cream and sugar at the start that "everyone drinks" should have been a huge red flag to you about that specific fat person behavioural pattern of self-delusion.
Even despite that, the meals are slightly over-portioned, the snacks were unnecessary, and she completely skipped what she ate for dinner. This was her when the cameras were on, and even still she failed at her goal of portraying normalcy. You just know how bad it gets when she's all on her lonesome.

You are defending her way too hard for this not to be personal for you.

>> No.16592672

Potato and full-fat yogurt are fine. It's the huge portions plus all the processed junk food she eats that she probably isn't showing that's the problem.

>> No.16592673

I wish you would post belly pics with timestamp.

>> No.16592674

ok, but you fat, and you're also insecure

>> No.16592681

>>seething over how other people live their lives
he says, then proceeds to post prescriptivist seethe about how other anons are using the site

>> No.16592684

thread reminder that spiking your insulin many times a day is much worse than if you do it just once (OMAD baby)

>> No.16592703

if she was eating like that every day, there's no way she'd be 300lbs
a little overweight, sure, but not obese
good chance she made the video as a thing like "omg guys i'm appearing to eat healthy here in this video"
i've got no problem with fat people, but i have a problem when they claim they're healthy

>> No.16592704

>You are defending her way too hard for this not to be personal for you.
>you've gotta be fat to defend your points against mouth breathing retards
yeah, nah

>> No.16592707

yeah, you fat

>> No.16592731

I don't know why fatties lie to themselves and others like this. I'm fat because of the days I eat an entire pizza in front of the tv, every fat person has had days like these. But some choose to pretend they eat normally every day, just sad delusion.

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