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What should I cook for a woman to make her do this?

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Cook the books at your job, embezzling funds to support a superficially-glamorous vapid Instagram "lifestyle".

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Date night? Wine glass ramen. Gets her juice flowing and you'll be knee deep in gash in no time flat.

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Pasta all olio

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fentanyl (al a syringe)

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Anything that keeps you in the kitchen long enough for her to "get to know" your roommate Tyrone.

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Anything, all these women nowadays know how to do is eat out of boxes or out.

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Fill her pipes with grease.

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Focus entirely on plating (presentation); the flavor is irrelevant as long as she can share it on social media. Alternatively: hot chip.

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>Anything, all these women nowadays know how to do is eat out of boxes or out.

Really the answer is "nothing"--instead, take her to the most expensive and trendy restaurant that you can afford.

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semen latte

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