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Why do this people have amazing beers?

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They invented the pils, why would they not make the best of them?

I feel bad that I never tried Budweiser when I was in the Czech Republic a few years ago.

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The best beer I ever had was on my honeymoon down in Fredericksburg, TX. at pic related. It was German.

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maybe the only beer he had was in his honeymoon

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Go away, foreigner.

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Beer is easy drinking. People always say it's "too heavy" but its really not. That's if you drink a beer that 7% abv and higher. Find something crushable in that 4.5 territory and your talking. You won't be going to bed for awhile. Beer can be fun to drink. Just depends on how you drink it and what quality of beer your drinking.

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God I want a tanku pilsner right now

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Kozel Dark is by far they best lager I've ever had.

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