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Are there any non Americans here who have American dishes they want to try?

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lmao no

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>lmao no

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I'd like to try red beans and rice with a "ham hock"

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did I hurt your feelings?

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Red Beans and rice are very delicious. My mom added smoked sausage, and pickled pork and of course we had cornbread to go with it. It's probably my favorite food.

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I want to try a real Philly Cheesesteak that isn't the poorman's rip-off they serve at Subway.

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just an FYI, most "American" dishes are actually bastardized versions and mongrels mixes of other country's dishes.

There are no American dishes.

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I'm American to the bone, but I've never had a bacon/egg/toast breakfast. No restaurants near me serve it :(

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Kek fuckin euros
Bro make bacon eggs and toast wtf also wtf breakfast places wont serve that

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there isn't a single diner by you?
Go to one when you visit a new place instead of hotel breakfast (where you could also be served the same thing)

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You aren't missing out on much. It's probably the most overrated sandwich ever.

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Chicken and waffles

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Make one yourself, I'm sure you have some kind of shaved steak over there

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The barbecue.

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Chicago deep dish. I wouldn't even call it a pizza, but it still looks delicious.

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I'm Canadian so im not sure if it counts, but I've always want to do one of those things where they dump a huge pot of crawfish in front of you, fuck that looks good. You can probably find a place to do that up here, but I'd like to see Louisiana

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a crawfish boil? They're a great time with friends

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hope you're not implying eggs and bacon is an american dish

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Ctawfish are very tasty but honestly my favorite part is the red potatoes and sausage that get boiled with them.

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Damn that looks good

Didn't even know they put other things in with it, interesting. Just spent half an hour looking into it and there's a handful of posts claiming there's spinycheek crawfish in a remote part of the province, might have myself a boil next weekend if I can figure out an angling permit

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You'll need andouille for the crawfish boil. I'm sure the quebecois make something close enough

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Captain's Boil if you're on the best coast. There's a few in Richmond, Vancouver, etc
If you're back east, you won't be getting anything good there

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Chicago deep-dish, though I’ve had Buddies which I gather is rather similar
Biscuits & Gravy

I can make the latter two, and I’ve made biscuits before, but one of these days I’ll make it to Texas or South Carolina or something and try it from a recommended restaurant. I’m not too hot on BBQ, but I’ve heard South Carolina barbecue is quite an experience

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They have that in the Ontario town I live in
The only place I’ve had a seafood boil was Japan, but to be honest the best part was the bread and sausage, maybe the crab meat

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Boiled peanuts, scrapple, Cajun food. Also it seems like "barbecue" in the US refers to a bunch of different slow-cooked meat dishes prepared differently in a bunch of states, so I'd like to try some of those.

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Theres a captains boil in Halifax, but I can't bring myself to go. I don't want to sound like a snob, but I can't shake the feeling it'd be like going to an Olive Garden in Italy. I appreciate the suggestion though

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What kinda of spices would you recommend, captain's boil spice, cajun, garlic or all of em?

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Nah, captain's boil is pretty good. I would go if you're curious and are nearby fresh seafood.
I get all

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protip, if they didnt spend all day making it, its not real red beans and rice

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What do you mean "not real?" It's made of rice and beans regardless. Rice and beans don't change into something magic after 24 hours. Your IQ is 80 while mine is 120, sit down.

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anon, making REAL red beans and rice is an art. fuck off if you dont know

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Sounds like my 40 IQ advantage is really quite the advantage, little man!

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listen up, how can you tell i know you are a northerner?

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I'm actually a southerner

Southern Canadian that is lmaooooooo HALFWIT DUNKED ON

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you didnt answer my question :)

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biscuits and gravy, grits, definitely won't get elevated much beyond what you make in the home kitchen. i mean yeah the biscuits and gravy will be richer, but there is a pretty easy "flavor cap" that is hit with those foods, so i wouldn't be expecting much in that department.

unless you royally fucked it up using your local ingredients, of course.

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Well it's not a valid question as it contains an incorrect assertion ^^

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Roast beef with au ju is 100x better. Phillies are a way to sell shitty chipped beef with some cheese.

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i'd give southern barbecue a go. seems like there's a lot of really delicious food that came from slaves and post-slavery poor black people using whatever they had. most other american food is not of any interest to me

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I'm kind of curious about the legendary 'Twinkies'.

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It only takes about 4-6 hours. You simmer it while doing your laundry.

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My stepdad's family traditionally throws brussels sprouts in there as well. I was skeptical at first but they really absorb a lot of the spices and flavor in the boil.

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bro the east coast knows how to make good seafood you're retarded>>16589466

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The east coast of Japan maybe lmaoooo

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lol anyone who calls them "phillies" doesn't deserve to have their opinion to be taken seriously
your local arkansas restaurant slapping steak-ums on a shitty piece of bread isn't a cheesesteak

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>lol anyone who calls them "phillies" doesn't deserve to have their opinion to be taken seriously
And here you are calling them a cheesesteak LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Nobody gives a shit about your crappy scrap meat sandwich smothered in cheese wiz

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>but one of these days I’ll make it to Texas or South Carolina or something and try it from a recommended restaurant.
Eh. Although they're served in restaurants, biscuits and gravy is very much a "home cooking" kind of dish and everyone has their own recipe. Some people add extra seasonings or ingredients to the gravy, some people like the sausage chunkier of finer, the gravy thicker of thinner, people have their own recipes for biscuits, etc. I've never had better biscuits and gravy in a restaurant than I have in private homes and it's a pretty popular dish where I live.

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dumbass, you CANT answer it

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4-6 hours is a very large amount of time, if i did something 9 am to 3 pm id say i spent all day doing it

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I kinda want to move to the US or at least work there on a student visa program: here’s everything off the top off my head:
Most of the fast food branches to find out how good or bad they really are
Galatoire's in New Orleans
Philly Cheesesteaks
Southern or BBQ in general
Reuben and pastrami on rye sandwiches
Steel Reserve for the lolz
And a lot more
Trashy, I know

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Yes you added rice to cassoulet. What a culinary achievement.

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Ice cream sandwich
Lobster roll
Stuffed turkey
Apple pie

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Its not active work, you just get tied down to checking on it during the day

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my overall point was if they made it in like 2 hours its not authentic

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Where are you from? What are your cheap booze options? Steel Reserve is garbage but it's actually worse than a few similar garbage booze and costs more. If you want the full on hobo experience get Natty Daddy or Camo Black Ice

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Ice cream sandwiches rule but it's just two cookies with vanilla ice cream in between. It's nothing uniquely american.

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this argument could be made for almost any dish anywhere

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Why are acting like such a snob? I just said I lke red beans.

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My mom soaked beans in water overnight for the next nights dinner.

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not being a snob, just not being a retard suggesting people try beans like you're such an exceptional retard that you're the only one that has had beans.

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Can't really think of something truly american. But would love a real, original southern gumbo, but that's partly fFench, North African and Native American.

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Small dick energy

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>t. retard who gets excited over beans

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>person says I would like to try red beans and rice
>reply saying it's good and one of my favorite foods

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Favorite food?

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Lol I knew you had small dick energy

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your mom was a good cook

>> No.16590890

My mom even soaked beans overnight when from a can, she was a downer. I miss her.

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Swiss here. I really want to try Texan BBQ and louisiane Cajun food.
I made gumbo at home and loved it.

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I kinda look like that… I’ll try contacts again (couldn’t do it at the doctors office, they were such a pain, I couldn’t put them in) and I got some face fat. That picture is a wake up call for me every time I see it but I never answer

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Don’t listen to any of these clowns. Chicago style italian beef with the giardneria and the sweet peppahs, nuff said

>> No.16590958

I Red Beans and Rice was by far her best dish. She also made a great chicken and gravy. Grilling isn't her forte though kek.

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What meat did you have in it? My family added, chicken, sausage, crab, and shrimp.

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cajun crawfish sounds nice

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you don't have apple pies or ice cream sandwiches? aren't those kind of universal? most countries in europe have their own version of apple pie

>> No.16591199

well why not just go partly to france, north africa and the american continental landmass to try some
or you could just go to Louisiana

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Nothing is gained from cooking beans that long, if anything they'll get overcooked and mushy.

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Barbeque comes from german immigrants to Texas you nigger loving faggot

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Combined with what the slaves were already doing, yes. Germans introduced mustards American BBQ but there are many sauces which pre date German influence. Usually more vinegar based. Seethe all you want but that's facts.

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>we wuz bbq kings n sheeit
Oh yes the traditional european barbacoa, the one cool trick that DA JOOZ don't want you to know

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Yes, absolutely. Gumbo, and other cajun/creole cooking, as well as those smokey barbecue things which look like they give you lung cancer and cholesterol poisoning at the same time.
I'm not interested in most other American food, because bluntly, we already have it over here.

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Apple pies aren't even American

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That image is disturbing, it's like Jack but in a parallel universe where he didn't have a YouTube channel

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It's called a grill over charcoal. The entire planet uses it since 500000 BC.

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try 50000

>> No.16591398

Did the entire planet also come up with mop sauces for the meat? Or to know how long to cook it and at approximately what temperature to produced the desired bbq results? Big difference between grilling and barbequing champ

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Yes. Please be nice.

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This. Chicago Italian beef, when done right, dipped with chicago style oily giardiniera, is the pinnacle of beef & bread cuisine. I've been around the world and tried French dip, steak kebab, roujiamou, and even japanese wagyu sando. Nothing else is as complex and satisfying as a real chicago Italian beef, from Johnnie's in Elmwood Park.

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I'm very interested in American bbq culture, particularly when it comes to smoking meat, which i think they have perfected

>> No.16591452

>truly american
what you described is in fact truly American. That's the whole point. well the entire point also includes the annihilations of native people but mostly its a bunch of people mashing things up to makes something better.

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America was founded by white protestants for white protestants. It's not about mixing of any kind, the homogeneity of our values and heritage is our foundation, as it is for any true nation.

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i want to in'n'out burger

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I’m American but have never really had anything Cajun

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The food from twin peaks looked good. Cherry pies. Huckleberry pies.

I also have this fascination with American diners in all those movies. Please tell me the food is good in diners. Or at least good in terms of pricing.

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"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

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Yeah I'll probably give in and try it, I don't really see myself driving 5 hours to cape breton to try and catch crawfish with a line and reel, and try and try to do a boil in a campground.
Thats what I mean though. I live just outside Hali, why would I go to some franchise place when I can get fresher stuff from a guy on the side of the road for 1/10 the price and cook it in my backyard?

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Nothing about that quote mentions the tired or poor from alien ethnic groups. It was meant to describe the white Christians fleeing oppressive regimes within Europe. The United States of America is a concept inseparable from our racial character, it would cease to exist were our stock to be replaced.

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Of course. This site has a lot of foreigners obsessed with America.

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>The food from twin peaks looked good. Cherry pies. Huckleberry pies.

Twin Peaks is kino and Cooper always makes me want coffee.

>I also have this fascination with American diners in all those movies. Please tell me the food is good in diners. Or at least good in terms of pricing.

In my experience (Eastern US): Menus are large (10+ pages) with an emphasis on filling "comfort food", all-day fried breakfast, and unlimited coffee refills. In New England, many of the old diners were owned by Greek immigrants and still have a few token Greek (or Americanized Greek) items on the menu. It's not the cheapest, and never the best, but the portions are huge; you'll never leave hungry and may even take leftovers to-go. Many diners here are open 24/7, convenient for night owls as well as obnoxious drunk partiers. Diners near the highway can be pretty large, not so quaint, and they get a lot of travelers and tourists, since people "know what to expect." But most will still have an option for eating at the counter (ideal for singles) instead of a table or booth. Booths are comfy. In the cities, there are some "upscale/gourmet" diners, but they lack charm. The culture is probably somewhat different out West, and especially in small towns like those depicted on the show.

American coffee is not (and is not supposed to be like) European espresso. But IMHO American diner coffee, its characteristic heavy stoneware cups and saucers, and unlimited "warm-up" refills from a waitress who still dresses like a woman--this is just as important and iconic as a European or Seattle-style cafe, and I should rather have one diner in town than a thousand Starbucks.

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yes, their BBQ where an old black woman use a mop on meat cooked inside huge barrels.
then she calls me "sugar" :)

>> No.16591852

canadian here, I want bbq, doesn't matter the state but texas bbq looks the best, I wanna try skyline chili, I want a real good greasy ass smashburger, I want to try shakeshack, I wanna go to wawa, god it just sounds so easy to get fat there.

>> No.16591892

Diners are great. But they're sort of a regional thing to an extent. The only restaurant experience I really missed while everything was closed down was going to a diner late at night.

>> No.16592107

Thanks for the insights, anon. One of my dream trips in life is to go through a long American interstate road trip and to stop by diners and shit.

Although I’d assume that the coffee Coop drinks is still the shitty bitter over-roasted type.

>> No.16592121

Why come on the internet just to lie?

>> No.16592125

yes, you wont find good coffee outside of city centres, and small towns (but mostly only west coast ones), otherwise dunkins is always gonna be ok

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The best restaurant biscuits and gravy will always be subpar to what you can make at home. Without fail, they make everything way too rich. Ultra-buttery biscuits filled with sugar and gravy made from pure cream is such trash, but it's all that you can really get from a restaurant. And it's so universal in America, you don't need to go to Texas to get some that's different than California or New York or something.

>> No.16592176

I had a BLT at twin peaks. It was below average at best.

>> No.16592194

Eastern european country in EU, I already had my share of cheap beer and liquor but I like trying out different things. I'll keep your opinion in mind. Also forgot about Four Loko kek

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What exactly are some American dishes? American cuisine is mostly just bastardized versions of other cuisines so what is there to even want to try?

>> No.16592216

I mean the pie with the dough on top and the little holes

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I followed the recipe on the banish show made by that Louisianais chef guest so :
Chicken thighs and smoked sausage.
Had to use a neighborhing french alps sausage known as Diot (spelled Dio).
I still do it from time to time, it's a great recipe and warms me up inside.

>> No.16592259

That's part of Creole style red beans and rice. You crush the beans with a spoon at the end so it's more of a paste.

>> No.16592271

you got issues man

>> No.16592275

I seen a video of a restaurant who would take a cheeseburger and pour melted cheese on it so that it hardens and formed a shell around the burger. I'm willing to give it a shot, I like cheeseburger

>> No.16592282

>One of my dream trips in life is to go through a long American interstate road trip and to stop by diners and shit.
The disappointing thing is that diners are from the pre-Interstate era, so for the most part you'd need to use Google Maps routing with "avoid highways" checked to get sent down the US and state highways instead. Interstate exits tend to be fairly homogenous - three gas stations and a McDonald's. If you're driving through the South, at least, you can add a Waffle House to that which is its own special category of diner though.

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That's only just over a century old, so not indicative of founding ideals at all. Also America only accepted pan-European immigration until like 1945, so it would still only apply to White people.

>> No.16592304

Not a foundational priniciple.

>> No.16592578

Then why did they bring a bunch of black people over? Big hole in your theory.

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Real southern breakfast of grits biscuits and sausage gravy, pretty much everything else I can get here in canada

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Whites didn't import the slaves, almost every slave ship manifest had Iberian Jewish captains and investors. The trans-Atlantic slave trade was a Jewish enterprise, as was the institution within the USA. White Christian America mostly opposed slavery, but for reasons largely unrelated to black welfare. Northern abolitionists argued that maintaining a large negro population in our country would be detrimental long term, and that plantations reduced the economic relevance of white yeoman farmers who would go on to plow the great plains and build our modern breadbasket.

>> No.16593121

An inscription by a frenchman on a gift statute does not override what the founders thought when they started the country and wrote its founding documents.
Texas BBQ is usually beef, and usually dry. It's a world away from the wet pork BBQ of the southeast.
Simply driving on US whiteshields instead of interstates will usually lend a decent "pre interstate" roadtrip experience. Be warned though. A lot of whiteshields are not limited access, meaning they have traffic lights, low speed limits, and are prone to traffic jams and unscheduled roadwork, so only roadtrip on them if you don't have a set time you have to be at a destination.

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>> No.16593317

Just getting better glasses and a better hairstyle should be enough. Don't fall for the mew jew.

>> No.16593432

Maybe bland texas bbq where they don't have sauce and just use salt and pepper

>> No.16593476

you sound very stupid. hope you're satisfied!

>> No.16593591

Hilarious seething then desperate yuropoors itt trying to claim none of our dishes are “truly american” whatever that means.
I’m sure you wouldn’t claim that Spaghetti isn’t “truly Italian” cause China invented pasta fucking retards.

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This stuff is terrible. It's probably the worst beer that I've ever drank in my life. If you ever visit the USA, be sure to pick some up.

>> No.16593721

actually, not really

>> No.16594080

Cajun here, that looks acceptable.

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I'd argue camo is worse but it's a damn close race.

>> No.16594468

its literally the same anywhere else in the world. bbq is not special even if its in america

>> No.16595169

Are you fucking retarded, or have you just never left your house? Jesus.

>> No.16595189

Saved for later use. Might document my experience and post it in future threads kek

>> No.16595439

I have two questions about American bacon.
>does American bacon have a noticeable smoked flavor/aroma?
>does American bacon always/most of the time have sugar added?

>> No.16595584

Yes. They are British.

>> No.16595591

Not typically.

>> No.16595646

Also Dutch.

>> No.16595655

I believe it. There's a lot of cuisine osmosis between the western european countries, and, you know, a fruit pie is just a fruit pie.
It does piss me off that people assume all the stews and shit are French just because when you say "coq au vin" it sounds like A Dish rather than when you say "chicken in wine".

>> No.16595657

American bacon just typically refers to the cut (side bacon or streaky bacon). If you want any of those things you mentioned, it's usually specified like "smoked bacon" or "maple bacon" or things like that, otherwise American bacon is just your typical salt-cured side bacon.

>> No.16595665

There's a massive cultural overlap between the Nederlanders and British due to their proximity and centuries of close ties.

>> No.16595677
File: 55 KB, 600x351, boczek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Basically I'm asking because I'm wondering if I can just replace local ingredients with bacon in recipes when translating into English and get the same result. So I guess I'll make sure to specify smoked bacon, thanks.

Pic related is what I want to replace.

>> No.16595682

Poland. I'd love to try real Gumbo.

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File: 1.90 MB, 326x326, 1628935652837.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>M-muh americ cusiener!
>you hav no chin incelt!

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File: 298 KB, 1600x1200, 1600x1200_chicago-hotdog[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna try

>different varieties of hotdogs, like chicago and newark dogs
>text mex / ""mexican"" stuff in south western US
>one of those breakfast around the clock diners, with a huge plate of pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon, breakfast is the best meal of the day imo
>New england lobster rolls maybe
>smash burgers maybe

>> No.16595750

Thanks !

>> No.16595759

You can't possibly be that far from a local diner or even a chain diner like Denny's or Perkins. Even if you're in a small isolated area, there should be one of these within a few hours drive.

>> No.16595779

where the fuck do i find this garbage, i live in minnesota and ive never seen this but i want it

>> No.16595912

fuck yes
the potatoes, corn, garlic, and sausage are my favorite part

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>> No.16596099

>BBQ in general
Come to Kansas City bro. The must visits are
-Arthur Bryants
-Oklahoma Joes

>> No.16596105

>grill over charcoal
Oh wait, you’re serious. Let me laugh even harder

>> No.16596174

god i want to break apart meat with my hands all day
is that a job? hand meat breaker man? 25$ an hour?

>> No.16596602

So you've never had red beans and rice or cassoulet. Why are you even posting?

>> No.16596635

I want to try poutine and "authentic" tacos

>> No.16597245

Heart attack inducing fried fair foods

>> No.16597267

>wit o witout onions?
>ok back of tha line

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I've always wanted to try the height of American cuisine, the Hungry Man series of culinary delights

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I can't stop thinking about it bros

>> No.16597344

That brownie is truly unlike anything else

>> No.16597348
File: 84 KB, 800x600, vwala.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is American food so based

>> No.16597368

>enlarged to show quality
I should start putting that on my dick pics.

>> No.16597399
File: 266 KB, 1080x1080, pinto-beans-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

An equally goo thing to try is pinto beans and turkey neck, my grandmother stews in low in a pot for like 4-6 hours and it's great served over rice

>> No.16597411

This is something I've found out is much better home made because frying your own chicken and using a waffle maker tastes much better fresh. The exception would be if you live in an area where it's regularly served and not just some tourist trap sloppa

>> No.16597433

Scrapple its kind of like a breakfast sausage flavored spam and somehow manages to make you feel even worse than spam does. Would still say it's worth a try at least once, especially on a buttered english muffin

>> No.16597450

>natty daddy
My stomach screwed up just thinking of that taste

>> No.16598229

>"people" went for this b8

>> No.16598231

Good choice.

Well, it's not.

>> No.16598437

/pol/ has arrived.

>> No.16599768

>sees humans having discussion
Who let this ape out of its cage?

>> No.16600127

>american dishes
>adding bacon, cheese and corn syrup to my own culture food
Only if i want to shat myself

>> No.16600151

whats an "american" dish? like a real one not one from other country and claimed as american or americanized

>> No.16600164

Matzah ball soup, challah, latkes, bagels and lox, gefilte fish.

>> No.16600227

I had one from a street vendor in Philly and it's literally just meat and cheese. I don't get the hype.

>> No.16600280

Deep fried everything

>> No.16600328


>> No.16600381
File: 62 KB, 976x850, pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>allowing the pancakes on the same plate as the eggs/hash browns/bacon

>> No.16600515

we aren't all autistic like you anon

>> No.16600571
File: 1.49 MB, 346x261, 1424308285235.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16600578

Yes, that is typically how those kinds of breakfasts are served

>> No.16600590

Often, if you order a stack of pancakes, they're provided on a separate plate like the toast in that picture. If anything, the toast is more often on the same plate as the main meal.

>> No.16600597

thanks, no i don't think i want to try it then

>> No.16600619

You say so, but in most cultures people would gag if they see desserts on a plate that contains meat/eggs/whatever.

That said, I think it's probably the same for Americans, but in this context one shouldn't think of the pancake as a dessert, but more like a kind of bread that is a little sweet, which is appropriate for meat/eggs/whatever. It's surprising to a foreigner, but it makes sense.

>> No.16600629

Dunno, I've usually been served the toast on a separate plate. Pancakes, waffles, etc tend to come with everything else. Guess that's just anecdotal.
Pancakes can be served for dessert too. They are a versatile food. Also, isn't there some Arab dessert that has chicken in it? Unusual to have meat with sweet, but not unheard of.

>> No.16600652

You're missing out on a lot. It's probably the best sandwich ever.

>> No.16600657

>You say so, but in most cultures people would gag if they see desserts on a plate that contains meat/eggs/whatever.
Maybe if you're an Asiatic used to eating homogenized sloppa, but the contrast of sweet and savoury flavours is a common component in European cuisine. Also:
>cake = dessert
Confirmed not German.

>> No.16600661

>That'll be $300.

>> No.16601078

Look, I wasn't saying that all combinations of sweet and savory are strange, I specifically said "dessert". You can put honey or jam on your meat and it would taste wonderful, but imagine eating a slice of chocolate cake (with chocolate icing and filling and all) with a meaty dish. And I don't mean finishing the meat first THEN eating the cake, I mean eating them TOGETHER, one bite from this, one bite from that. I think people from most cultures wouldn't appreciate the idea, maybe unless you're a psychopath or something.

Sweet and savory definitely go well together, but not every combination makes sense. My point was that in this particular case, pancakes resemble bread enough to function like a bread (for this meal at least), hence why it makes sense, but a foreigner can be easily surprised by it because they just think of the pancake as a dessert.

>> No.16601537

It is true, pancakes for breakfast and dessert is a bit weird. But that's what Americans do. By the way I found that pudding dish with chicken I was talking about. It's Turkish.
Now that is fucking strange.

>> No.16601559

Pudding with chicken in it? Eww.

>It was a delicacy served to Ottoman sultans in the Topkapı Palace.
Kek, sounds like people trying too hard to justify their wage goes back hundreds of years.

>> No.16601586

Wow, that's unusual. Interesting find anon.

>> No.16601603

I was born and raised in America, but I've never had biscuits and gravy.

>> No.16601606

I wonder just how many pairs of gloves he went through. Why does he use his bare hands for random parts? I hate it

>> No.16601614

after thinking about it for a while, no, not really.

>> No.16601733

actually on second thought I'd like to try those big pastrami sandwiches from the jew stores

>> No.16601805

philly cheesesteak.
Not really dishes but i want to try chik filee or whatever that fast food place is called. Pretty much every american fast food place is only in America. Only have pizza hut,burger king and mcdonalds in my country.

>> No.16601925

Agreed. I went to Philly and went to a few places and it wasn't that amazing

>> No.16601931

It's pretty good but not the best sandwich ever. But it's pretty high up there

>> No.16601935

It's honestly better than expected. Lots of complexity in taste for such a simple dish

>> No.16601971

uh, I don't know any american dish, can you make an example to see if it looks tasty ?

>> No.16601996

Brisket. We don't have brisket here and I'd like to give it a go. Funnel cake sounds really nice too. I've tried a few American foods such as American bacon (best bacon I've ever had) BLTs which are amazing.

Say what you will about American cuisine, they know what tastes good.

>> No.16602025

>Don't have brisket
Is it not sold in your country?

>> No.16602120

Not until recently but I don't think it's real brisket. I think it may be the same cut but I highly doubt it's cooked for hours like the Americans do since it's sold at a grocery store. I've never seen it served at steakhouses or other restaurants.

>> No.16602277

lmao seething eurocuck.

>> No.16602350

Cornbread. Johnny cakes. Pone. Mesquite barbecue. Wild turkey.

>> No.16602394

I'd like to try Mac and Cheese, grits, Dr. Pepper, Taco Bell, tater tots, twinkies, and other things I can't remember now.

>> No.16602410

>but that's partly fFench, North African and Native American.

So it's American then.

>> No.16602420

Not really.

The only thing I could've been interested in was native Indian food.

Googled for recipes and it looks terrible.

>> No.16603203

If you have a butcher shop local to you, see if they sell the cut. It's worth a try, even if you have to simply oven bake it. Brisket is supremely based, good luck in your search anon

>> No.16604011


>> No.16604017

which president wrote that?
which amendment is it?

>> No.16604086
File: 115 KB, 850x566, 1411095640472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ctrl f
>key lime pie
>0 results found
Our food is good guys, I promise.

>> No.16604101
File: 25 KB, 452x286, youretellingmesomeonewoulddothat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Riddle me this- assuming it's even true, why should we bother respecting it? This nation was founded on colonization and the displacement and genocide of its native people. Why shackle ourselves to the vision and moral compass of such people?

>> No.16604119

I'd like to try New York style pizza and Chicago deep dish. I've wasted so much time watching the cokehead pizza reviewer from Barstool Sports. just want to find out how overrated it is.
Also apple pie probably
cheesesteak looks boring but still want to try it.
New York hotdogs also to see how not special they probably are.
same for overpriced Jewish deli sandwich
If anything I'd be most excited to go to all the different fast food places to compare and rate them. Taco Bell seems very based.
they don't have Dr. Pepper where you live? nani ka

>> No.16604126
File: 36 KB, 305x551, 1626171126636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao you almost got me there, but stop trying to derail the thread just because you got BTFO when you got called out for >implying that krauts can roast anything without an oven

>> No.16604129

Can't you get apple pie pretty much anywhere? I'm pretty sure it's of European origin anyway. Try pumpkin pie, it's more American. And white hots > NY hot dogs.

>> No.16604181

yeah ofc, I've had apple pie lol, it's a common thing here. but most countries have different variations on it. so I'm assuming American apple pie you have on 4th of July is different.

>> No.16604303

American barbecue, particularly brisket. Of course we have both charcoal grilled and smoked meats here but nothing that's prepared quite the same way. Eventually I'll cook it myself, though for brisket specifically I don't think I can get the specific cut at all.

Basic but high quality cheeseburgers - I like burgers that are at most bun, patty, cheese, pickles, onions, and sauce, but literally only places like McDonalds or Burger King serve them here. Every single other burger place(and it's not like we don't have them, there's like a dozen or two in my city) puts an entire goddamn salad into the burger every time. And not like iceberg lettuce either, which I don't mind, it's the fancy shit every time, and almost always tomatoes too.

Philly cheesesteak, thinly sliced roast beef sandwiches, and pastrami - there are some roast beef sandwiches available but they're clearly not prepared the same. Like all the "pastrami" sandwiches I had here were grey roast meat, not pink cured meat.

Mexican food, including fast food mexican food like taco bell. We have a few mexican restaurants but the food they serve is just... bland. Sometimes it will be at least sour or spicy but it always tastes under seasoned like no other cuisine.

>> No.16604331

Diners are maximum comf

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