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Street foods

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that's not on a street

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fucking barf

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>"huh, this actually looks go-"
>fuckton of condiments
Jesus Fucking Christ

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>mexicans have whole shops dedicated to these vile concoctions
what . the . fuck
no wonder they are the third fattest country in the world, right after the us and the uk

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I'm honestly surprised they're not ranked higher. I have never seen a mexican family that weren't all severely overweight.

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What is she doing? Is there quite enough lime on it?

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i've been eating ramen with walmart branch queso flavored potato chips, very flavorful
the way the """cook""" does is with sog the chips, not good

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Ramen and chips. Carbs with carbs. Who would do this?

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the only thing this is missing is gummie bears and tamarind

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Look man, there are times where you just want to treat your tongue by eating ramen with smoked beef chips alongside it. The msg tastes so fucking good you just teared up when you eat it on rainy nights and you're hungry as fuck after coming back from office.

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And here I thought Mexican food was one of the premiere cuisines of the world.

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I actually literally cringed while reading your post.

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Of all things people can feel superior about I can't imagine it's about not enjoying tasty food

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montezuma had some good ideas regarding food, before they became mixed with spanish food, and became even better

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i'll come in your back orifice

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Eating better than other people is the most ancient status symbol.

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I'm not saying better, I said tasty. How utterly petty can you be when you see someone enjoying tasty food and thinks "imagine enjoying that."

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if some straight guys came in my back orifice, i would really enjoy that

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what are these places called?

I see so many videos posted here but don't know the name for it

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It's called envy and it is forbidden by the bible. But the bible has never stopped anyone from feeling their animal impulses.

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