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What do I serve a girl to make her do this?

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I have immigrated over from other boards I regular'd only to find every board has these retarded repeat threads every week that only get 10 replies. Why do anons do this?

Inb4 black roosters
Inb4 black on white webms
Inb4 Reverse Buck Breaking

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new to 4chan?

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Far from it, I just thought this quirk was specific to the boards I stick to. I guess anons are just globally fags.

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A $100 monthly subscription

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This website sucks.

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and yet here you are

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asking 4chan about girl stuff. here we go....
try warm lefse with an orange juice roux

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use olioil instead of butter and real orange squeeze

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Specifically that reaction? Ghost peppers, I guess?

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>has never once escaped deletion
Give up, faggot. Not even the jannies find you funny.

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try unleavened bread. like the kind an old nun would have in her recipe book. maybee w/grape jelly. the cheap kind

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seafood pasta seems to be the default answer. oysters blah blah.
That or a LV bag.

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Spanish fly flan with custard and wine.

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Give her indications that you actually know BDSM practices, and are proficient with shibari. If you get a personal session with her, fuck her brains out, then leave her tried up in shibari and suspended like a meat chandelier, with a huge running vibe in her ass and a blindfold on and a ball gag in her mouth, and leave her like that for hours.

Or maybe that's just me.

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reminds me. try a walleye taco with a carlo rossi reduction as a slight glaze over. or you might have luck using cow tongue instead. long as you dont tell her what part of the cow the beef came from. incel, AWAY!!!

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and if vegetarian, try vegetable pot pie and snickerdoodle/pb hybrid cookies.

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got a meatball recipe that i always wanted to see if itd work. its nice ground chuck 1lb, two of the hippiedippie kind of brown eggs, crushed club crackers, tiny hit of hot sauce. lmk what happens.

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what's ligma?

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chopped chickenw/ bacon and havarti sauce stromboli. might want to use croissant dough. maybee veggie in there too so you can give it texture.

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see what happens if you serve it with a rasberry jelly. report back

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>tiny hit of hot sauce
Sounds bland

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Pussy smells and tastes weird after mushrooms and truffles.

Pasta fucking limone. Except if she is lactose intolerant.

Risotto fucking sucks because you stink to high heaven if you cook it.

Maybe some asian rice noodles with shrimp?

Pre-fuck dishes are best to be light. Maybe something fish?

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Joe mama

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A divorce

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a hot coom sundae

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totino pizza roll

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