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Post things that you have baked recently.

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My panties are full of rock hard constipation poo right now, I'm watching schindlers list again.

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Do you feel like your travesty of a OC didn't get enough recognition, OP?

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I broiled some whiting. I may do it again someday.

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I made these buns for some barbeque pulled pork I made over the weekend. They were very good and super fast to make. 1 hour proof, 30 min rise, 20 mins bake.

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i stir my dough with a hand blender. bread comes out with tiny fucking bubbles, doesnt even rise. what can i do that isnt kneading? im fed up with kneading.

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Looks a bit too dry for my taste but still would >>16566950
Sounds bretty gud, home-made always tastes better

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Make a no knead bread. No need to knead! Lol. Just be prepared because they usually take like 24hrs to make.

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Reminds me of a certain mukbang youtuber

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they were a little dry but not on the inside. combination of being the first time broiling with a new oven and the fish being partially frozen. It'll improve next time

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wholemeal Banana Bread with Cream cheese frosting
2 loafs and a dozen muffins

it didnt rise much despite using a fair amount of baking powder, any tips?

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made some lemon cookies, very tasty

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Give me the recipe, I fucking love lemon in my sweets.

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here ya go. I don't recommend looking at the video tho, this ho is too much

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>No need to knead! Lol.

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her voice is giving me a stiffy

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I’m the actual OP of that thread. I did not make this thread, someone else did.

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Wew lad. I'd like to bake up something with her.

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This a juicy bread you made here anon

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guyse is it gone bad im on day 4

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Dios mio...is that sourdough starter? I hope it’s that color because you used rye flour, anon.

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>rye flour
i use wholewheat and normal white one

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Then it should be fine...I think you could feed it and give it a stir, although none of my starters have looked like this

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yea i refed it i think it was bubbles that dried out cuz low hydration

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Did I just get low-key goatse'd?

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i thought it can't be that bad. i was never proven wrong in under a second

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wait until he posts the one with the nutella on it

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did anyone else find the sesame seeds unnecessary? the browned crust already perfectly reflected his discolored asshole imo.

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Post it

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So I ripped up the bread and added nutella

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Then I closed it again. Anyway I’m gonna stop beating a dead horse. I’ll make it better next time.

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make a soup like zurek and dye it slightly red/orange

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In a few minutes I'm going to make some keto brownies.

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>it didnt rise much despite using a fair amount of baking powder, any tips?
Post recipe, it could be from a few different things.

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I fucked up my starter multiple times, until i tried rye flour. It makes everything so much easier.

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anyone ever added buckwheat to their dough? the flavor is delicious but the dough loses all of its structure and turns to batter.

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i fucking hate jannies so much its unreal

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I’m thinking of doing this. Would adding gluten help?

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recipe said 1 egg but it was a big batch I needed the it a small batch so I used just egg yolk that I used instead eh not bad but i shouldn't have messed with it.

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i just used a mould nigga

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Mitosis bread

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That's buttcheeks nigga

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That’s some good looking bread

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I wonder what his end game is. I though once he reach 350 pounds, he would go to the heart attack grill, and that would be his magnum opus moment for his channel. But he already passed that. I am curious if he trying to reach my 600 pound life story.

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he already did the grill. also he said once he is 30 he'll lose the weight. on that, he has said that its "all an act" not sure where that line crosses when your asshole is literally all over the internet

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675 Wholemeal Flour
4.5 Teaspoons baking powder(just checked the label, it 'expired' in 2019)
200g sugar
180g brown sugar
1 Tablespoon apple pie spice mix(had no cinnamon)
375ml coconut oil(to substitute veg oil)
10 frozen bananas(lost some water during the defrosting, didnt think to keep it, added some back to get it a batter consistency)

baked at 180 until a toothpick came out clean

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I made Submarine roll and 2 loaves of amish white bread. My first time making bread.

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Bread gives me diarrhea so I can't eat it anymore.

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Why did you add a bread scrotum hanging down below your ass-bread loaf? It looks hella gay.

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I made a keto cake :^)

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boy's already given himself serious stretch marks, he's going to have hanging skin everywhere even if he does lose the weight. it's ogre.

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Yo dawg, I heard you like cramming so I crammed your cram so you can cram while you cram.

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I recently bought layered pastry to try out, and the things I bake with it never rise after proofing. I tried it two times but the croissant I made with them wont rise and wobble, like the ones I made with with my own pastry.
Is store bought just that shitty or did I fuck up somewhere?

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w-what is it

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Anon, I...

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he just wants money

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rising isnt dependent on kneading. kneading is for better texture cause it streteches the gluten strands or whatever bullshit. put yeast in and leave the bread in a warm place for at least an hour until it grows in size and thats all that matters for rising

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I baked some chocolate cookies and this one came out looking like a baby face

very nice cookies though, would recommend
they're from a barry lewis video where he compares quick and easy cookies to ones that require a bit more effort

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>that squeaky brattish voice
>those lips
>those tits
>those eyes
and the cookies look great too.

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That looks like someone spreading ass and you can see his hanging balls.
If that was intentional. Bravo.

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I though he wanted to hit 350 to get the "Free' meal part.

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Made with a Dutch oven on the fire.

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did u get a ban for that post? ii hope not. or the jannies really are pathetic faggots.

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Made burger buns for a bbq tonight, they were nice.

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Made burger buns for a bbq tonight, they were nice.

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looks like nikocado's ass

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WOAH your bread looks like the surface of mars

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How did you make that dough?

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those look great

burger/brioche buns are so easy to make, I don't know why people don't do it more often. it really doesn't even require a powerful oven, just some planning ahead.

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Damn these look good.
I tried chef Johns, but honestly the effort you put into them is bigger than the result.

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>once he is 30
holy shit he's not even 30? imagine selling your lifespan in the most dishonorable way just for attention and money

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Guess that’s what I’ll be making today

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because not everyone is a fat gluttonous fuck

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Given how quickly he gained the weight there's a good chance he could still get away with minimal loose skin. But from the way things are looking he won't.
The stretch marks stay either way.

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The so-called "selfie" culture is so strange to me.
I never liked being filmed or having my photo taken and I sure as hell never took self portraits.
But there are people out there who look like that and a comfortable in front of a camera.
I can't imagine letting anyone see me if I had a gut like that.

Those look great.

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it looks exactly like NASA photos, shopped into the shape of bread

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I made this pretzel stromboli type thing about a month ago. Made dough by scratch, do you think I could make it with pizza dough and just boil it in the alkaline water to make it pretzel?

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Ansonmills.com has the recipe.

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Interesting, if you dont like cooking wtf are you doing on a cooking board?

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