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This is basically sea hot dogs.

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wtf is leg style

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>he doesn't know about crab arms

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In the shape of crab legs, something normies haven't eaten or like 20 years now, so they dont even know what crab legs look like cooked.

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You fucking know it, brother.

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man, imitation crab meat is so fucking good, eat it right outta the bag as a cold snack

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>sea hot dogs
I lol'd. Have a (You) for truth.

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It tastes like pasta, but I like that. Often make pasta (crab) salad with just mayo and maybe one other ingredient like corn or something. I have no explanation for why I think this is so good.

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I don't usually post here. I had a bud that worked a huge commercial crab ship. Processing onboard type big ship. Don't eat that shit lads.

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But.. there is no crab in this at all. It's pollock.

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It's still pretty gross, especially in the first couple mixers and augers. Once you dump in the sugar and bleaching agents in the final mixer it's pretty inoffensive though

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I like krab but I can only eat a little at a time before I start getting sick of it

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Yes. And just like hot dogs, they're fucking delicious.

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omg, stacy, what a loser. anon might as well have shit his panties on stage infront of thousands. forget ngmi, he's already lost hehehah

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delicious with ketchup

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Put some this in your greek salad next time. Good shit senpaitachi

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Just the same as hot dogs. Aint nothing wrong with it. Grow up and eat the sea hot dogs

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taste great fried op. seriously add some sesami oil, some soy sauce at the end so it doesn't caramelize so soon.

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I for one love a good plate of sensation

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Pretty much considering it's not crab but rather fish paste shaped into sticks and dyed red on the outside to look like crab. But like a hot dog, despite being gross as a concept, they're not bad. It's no replacement for real crab meat freshly picked, but it's ok for cheap seafood salad or faux new england crab roll, in homemade "sushi", particularly for those not comfortable working with raw fish, and good deep fried (but then again, not much isnt). If you dont have the budget for real crab, particularly in dishes with a lot of other flavors that would prevent you from really getting the most out of fresh crab, it's pretty good.

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I am concerned about the pasta you've been eating anon

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It's Nu-Crab

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Damn you, now I want smoked crab sticks.

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I've got a pole right here for you to smoke if you're that hungry.

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they make for pretty good sea hot dogs with some pickled cappage and wasabi mayo among other things desu senpai

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yeah you're right come to think of it

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