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What do I prepare for a femoid to make her do this?

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Be an absent father.

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>What do I prep
My cock, you cuck.

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Shove your cock into her anterior fornix
It's like a factory reset for women

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do they really need constant attention like a codependant toddler their whole lives?

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this, look up jelqing and semen volume supplements

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just give her your wallet.

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as a serious response, just cook whatever the latest viral tiktok recipe is. They usually aren't that amazing and are simple enough to be idiot proof, but women lose their minds over that garbage. So there is no point in trying to overthink it.

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Before anyone asks, it's called ahegao. I'm into anime so I know about this shit.

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You could spend a lot of time making a really nice dinner, but 9 times out of 10 you can get similar results just by grilling a decent steak, preparing some garlic mashed potatoes, and having some asparagus on the side. A lot of women (and men) nowadays seem to have dismally low food standards, and are impressed by just about anything not out of a box.

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Ice cream cone

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