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Post foods with funny names

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tim tams

also "noodles" is a funny name for a food

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Yes. Also known as ‘Ras El Abed = Head of the Slave’ in Arabic.

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abed means slave? how unfrotunate. why are so many people named abed then?

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I’m not sure, I can only speak a little bit of Arabic, but a quick googled search says it means worshipper/adored/devout. So it probably has multiple meanings.


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It has a single meaning, it's just that as a name it implies ''slave of Allah'', or even says so directly in the name Abdallah and its variants

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What do you call a regular slave then?

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Negerboll (nigger ball)

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french fries

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Niggerhead cabbage

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why is there a slightly different name for this exact candy in 100 different languages, why and how is it that popular

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for the germans out there
for the rest:
>chocolate covered foamed sugar product with migration background

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Based german

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Those are niggerkisses

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One time our principal passed these out in class to soften blow of telling us one of the kids had died (congenital heart issue, he was in hospital waiting for a transplant actually) and he referred to them specifically as "nigger kisses" instead of the common "negro kisses"
I remember that very vividly even though I don't remember the kid's name.

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I love these so goddamn much

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I knew I've seen that somewhere before.

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jesus christ does no one even remember the classics?

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négercsók in Hungarian, lit. negro's kiss

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i feel like most the the foods with funny names are british.
but people here only wanna say the funny nigger word because it makes reddit mad or something.
tim-tams guy is alright though

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no. this is a negerboll. that thing is skumtopp/chokladtopp/skumboll

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To be fair, the funny nigger word is funny, though.

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My grandfather used to call these colored toes, but apparently that's considered offensive, so now they're toes of color.

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Whats the deal with egg creams? They don't have egg nor cream?!

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>"Black" is written in a graffiti-esque font

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I always thought it is a drink i.e Martini but it's even better turns out

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>that thing is skumtopp/chokladtopp/skumboll
no it’s a dickmann

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fat bomb, fat head pizza

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>Tim Tams

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I don't know where they're from actually, I've only seen them in a Fijian grocery store lol. is it australian?? some good good colony cookies

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Top kek

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that's a havregrynskugle anon

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Colonials have the best sense of humour. It's a cross between having "posh" parents who are unabashedly in love with cheap packaged meals.

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tim tams are good but at least in canada everyone is definitely a big faggot about them as if they aren't just chocolate cookies

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What's so funny about "tea cake"?

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...What's wrong with teacake?

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>the height of comedy to a good chunk of anons is someone saying nigger
I swear I lose more and more faith in this shithole of a site every day,

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Tell us the best joke you know

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This ingredient can be part of an healthy diet.

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dietz nutz

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What's the difference between a garbanzo bean and a chickpea?
>I've never beaten a garbanzo till she beans

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Alt. Punchline
>I've never paid $50 in Reno to have a garbanzo bean in my mouth

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>Fried greasy bread
>Bull nuts
-Hush Puppy
-Rocky Mountain Oyster

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Those were around for a week then I never saw them again.

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thats unfortunate as i had a light chuckle when i saw them make a cameo in a commercial recently. they weren't the featured product though so I'm inclined to believe you

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Because Arab culture was founded upon slavery and the slave trade.

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holy shit im german but ive never heard bimboschmatzer. sounds like some shit austrians say

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how are they faggots about it

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>”Stop over at the pakis and pick up a couple of faggots”

Something I couldn’t imagine saying.

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Probably also means servant of Allah or something. It's always about that guy with those people.

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Creme de la Men
but why is it green?

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Nah, Austrians say Schwedenbombe (~swedish bomb), but they're slightly different from Negerküsse since they add some cocoa to the foam.
I prefer Negerküsse.
T. German in Austria

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nigger cookies.
they taste pretty good.

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