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How do you lads like your omelettes?

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With the eggs not browned, burned eggs are fucking disgusting

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Cream cheese

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scrambled, runny

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With the ingredients on the inside unlike op's pic

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i've discovered that my favorite way to cook eggs is to dump them on a really hot, oiled pan and then take them out less than 10 seconds later. works with scrambled and omelets.
i hate hose buttery, soft and pillowy "french style" omelets for some reason.

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i like putting ham, grated potato and cheese in mine.

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Ham and sharp cheddar with pancake syrup drizzled on top. Picrel; made it for breakfast.

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The best way

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>pancake syrup
Never heard that one before, although I knew someone who put grape jam on it. And I put raspberry jam on an egg sandwich that was pretty good.

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Caramelized onion, soft broccoli, and cheddar. Or sauteed mushrooms and onions with cheddar. Once in a while I like it just with bacon, ham, sausage, and cheese if I'm really hungry.

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Yes. Also I want the ingredients INCORPORATED into the egg, not just shoved inside a plain omelet. How hard is this to fucking do??

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Japanese style eggs with nori and cheese

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Smoked salmon and spinach.

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With various meats and vegetables

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for me, it's the chef john parmelet

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what the fuck is pancake syrup?
americans, stop naming shit without implying its content

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Its contents include but are not limited to high fructose corn syrup. I thought that was obvious.

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He's probably a bong.

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The "proper" name for it is table syrup, which isn't much more descriptive.

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ITT American children tell us how they can't eat savory food without added sugar. Baby palates.

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I just like it plain, eggs are delicious

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>medium-high heat
>drop whisked eggs into pan
>once bottom of the mixture solidifies, drop shredded cheese, spinach and ham on the right side of the omelet
>fold left half over the fillings
>fold the omelet one more time and remove from heat once the inside has properly solidified
Simple as.

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Salt, pepper, smoked paprika, not too cooked but not too runny either.

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Bacon/ham/lardons, a little bit of allium - onion, leek or spring onion, fry off, reserve, wipe pan.
Make stiff peaks with egg white while warming pan with a bit of lard, pour into pan, break bottom so keep getting more liquid/foam egg in contact with pan, when half of egg is cooked add precooked ingredients and some grated strong cheddar. Season as you cook. The cheese will be melting before the egg is cooked through.

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Fuck that
The whole point of the fold/roll is that the ingredients are on the inside

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>Make stiff peaks with egg white
Omelettes are not meringues. Where are the yolks?

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Dad made me an omelette today With cheddar cheese, cucumbers, red onions, and bell peppers
It was good enough

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i don't eat chicken menstruation UGH

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>Not eating any kind of menstruation
>Still call yourself a man
Lowest of the low.

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Isn't that just french style with nori laid on top before rolling?

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I like my omelet plain

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i like my omelette a bit runny in the middle, sprinkled with grey north sea shrimp and chives

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I eat your dads menstruation aka his diarrhea after a night of wings and beer you queer.

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Kill yourself.

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I will after I off you first.

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OK Flip.

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I don't get it. Are you some sort of internet whore?

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If you mean my boyfriend, filled with cum.

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Sausage and gooey melted American cheese with sausage gravy on top and hash browns

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>He doesn’t put egg whites in his Bloody Mary.

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Of course I don't. I'm not gay.

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If you’re not gay then why haven’t you lapped up a fresh miscarriage off the bathroom floor on a bright shiny Sunday morning. You degenerate.

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with plenty of veggies in it. Have to work on not browning it though.

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For me its
>Denver omelette
>Hefty side of fried potatoes
>Pico de Gallo on top

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The correct way i.e. french.

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Not bad.

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so you like raw eggs

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Really? You've started appropriating omelettes now?

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