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I just want to eat hot dogs. Is that so wrong? This was the first image when I googled 'hot dog'

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I broke out the Hebrew Nationals, really fancy ballpark buns, some Bush's Baked Beans and some Lays thick ripple cut potato chips for the 4th of July. Shit felt just like I was out at the Bar-B-Q. Washed it all down with some good ol' Miller Light too. Tasty as fuck.

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Nothing wrong with eating a bit of anus.

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as long as your foundation looks like this and you don't add ketchup or tomatoes it's okay

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jesus christ are those fucking slim jims?

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When I eat hotdogs it's pretty much just dog + bun + mustard
I have no idea why people overcomplicate them so much

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>plain 't 'gs

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Nathan's was started by a polish immigrant

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They're oven-cooked hot dogs split open to get more crispy parts.

They're not plain anon, I added the only condiment a self-respecting needs on their 'og, ketchup

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chicago dogs were designed by a fucking retard

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of course they were, it's in the name

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random hotdog-adjacent question: how are avacados with sugar instead of salt?

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And who was that?

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worse than plain

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how the fuck is that hotdog-adjacent?

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It's unbelievable that no one knows who started a trend in hot dogs that lives on to this day. Just unbelievable.

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i want to know...

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oh so you're one of THOSE people huh? All condiments are wholesome and heckin' valid on your 'og

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>still no deli mustard
>still no onion crank
>still no kraut
>polish sausages gone forever
I keep screaming but the CEO of Costco won't answer

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it's not really that ambitious a dish anon, just stick a log of meat in some bread

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Plain is only good when the hot dog is of decent enough quality that its juices flavor the bun as it is heated.

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That's a portillos

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I'm only a snobberino regarding 'chup and 'toes on dogs, otherwise go fucking nuts

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I still have dreams about her every once in a while

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probably. what is the problem with that, though?

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People appreciate more the things that they can no longer have. It's called reverse psychology.

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They never stopped serving the polish dog up in Leafland. It's also $1.50 Canadian here for the combo, which works out to something like $1.20 American.

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>he's afraid of nightshades

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is it too late to get canadian citizenship?

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Fuck off, we're empty.

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Why is there a knife covered in a light brown mustard from a jar next to a hot dog that is clearly dressed in bright yellow mustard from a squeeze bottle?

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I really Hebrew Nationals, they always taste rubbery to me

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not what I said, 'tard

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check'd n base'd yon-yons

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then why are you so 'fraid of the red plant touching your precious dogs

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they didn't want people to think they didn't also have bright yellow mustard and also a knife

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I understand /ck/'s hatred of anything from the democratic republic of chicongo but the hot dogs aren't bad.
There are "men" out there in Seattle putting cream cheese on hot dog

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>cream cheese
put on some bacon and i'd cram a half dozen up my ass

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Some of the best recipes and dishes are so simple, and "elite" chefs try to overthink and overcomplicate them, it's pretty fucking annoying

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that's probably the reason

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Where is the ketchup?

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Once again, black people have to ruin it for the rest of us.

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tomato does not go with a dog, even if processed into a hfcs solution

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You can't buy a hotdog and soda at Costco anymore? When did that change?

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Seattle dogs are great, one of the few things I like about the city, but to really get the full soy experience, it's supposed to be cream cheese, grilled onions, and sriracha.

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>cream cheese on hot dog
sounds good especially if you had something(s) complimentary, onions, pepper, garlic, etc

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like jalapenos in the god damn pic

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i'd rather a fresh one than some bottled sugar
but i agree there are much better condiments

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washington fag here, u can still buy these... but the 'nion and 'elish is missing.

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based fuck chicagoans and all of illinois

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no shit sherlock I was responding to the written text

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hotdog buns are shit and every hotdog and sausage is better off without them

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>not just 'corb'

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i once knew a man named ryan korb that sold heroin weed and xanax, he lives in his car now
don't be a korb

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I just want some corb

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LMAO that is legit him too, figures

>> No.16494017

i once knew a man named michael korb that had a degenerate son who sold heroin weed and xanax, last i heard his son was living out of his car

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>POV: you're looking in the mirror and think you're hiding your receded hairline pretty well

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too many onions

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Gene and jews hot dogs the best in the world!!!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VppCPxtlQ4Q

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Jews unironically make the best hot dogs in the world, the kosher shit is unmatched

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Hot dogs are only good if made correctly. Its not hard to do. pic related

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'chup is unironically the best and only condiment you need on your 'og

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>buy kosher hot dogs
>melt cheese over them

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stop anon, you're gonna make me cum

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In my restless dreams, I see that fast food… KFC popcorn chicken.

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You're not fooling anyone, Shlomo.

>> No.16495375

>supporting j*w filth
No thanks.

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Based ass cramming poster

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What is it about hot dog and pretzel together that makes it so freakin good. I can't stop devouring these things. It's the only food that does that to me.

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Why did jews do everything america is famous for?

>> No.16496565

Hebrew National is as good as Nathan's for the same (((reason)))

>> No.16496577

jeez, those chunks, and please poppy seeds is a no go with meat.

>> No.16496587

Jewish people have a genetic defect caused by generations of inbreeding, which led to unusually large brain size. Einstein's brain was studied and found to be abnormally large. They also suffer from a disproportionate amount of mental illnesses. Autism is the result of high intelligence gone awry.

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You take that back! Poppy seeds are delicious and they go with anything.

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>I have no idea why people overcomplicate them so much

Variety is the spice of life.

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>> No.16496765

for the same reason they didn't chop up that pepper and the tomato slices; Le Presentation!

>> No.16496781

add coleslaw and you're on the path to Dixie

>> No.16496790

ol' Nate ain't dodging the ovens this time

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Cinci-bro here
This chart is woefully missing my local flavor

>> No.16496821

says the anon who's got onions whenever he wants them.

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Jail in Cincinnati? You just know that lil white boi is getting jackhammered by fat black cocks nightly

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you may want to reconsider.
>>be me, watching Bob Probert and the Wings on my 13" Mitsubishi; circa 1990.
>>sitting on my couch in my boxers eating jalapenos right out of the can.
>> scratch my balls.
it took an hour for that region to calm the fuck down. No amount of water, or "cooling" lotion would help.

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Im going to be making some hot dogs in like an hour. Im going to pan fry the dogs till theyre crispy, cook/chop up some bacon, put it all on some buns with some shredded cheddar and cook it in the oven till it all melts. Im worried the buns will get too hard before the cheese melts. Should I microwave it before putting it in the oven, or do it in an entirely different way?

>> No.16497024

I cannot seem to find a good chili-cheese dog near me, but would love to be able to have one when the craving hits. Is there a good canned chili to put on a dog?

>> No.16497036

the buns have already been baked; to re-bake will not on be redundant, they may loose all moisture they ever had, or ever will have...

>> No.16497039 [DELETED] 

You cuck. Don’t let them rut YOUR boi.

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Oh neat. A retard replied to my post

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those things are like crack to me. I can legit take out a dozen of them, no problem

>> No.16497194

what the fuck

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just ordered some Nathan's thanks to this thread. Can't wait for my 'ogs

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oh my god
this was fucking amazing

>> No.16497390

They make high quality pornos

>> No.16497409

must be with yellow mustard, raw diced onions and hot peppers only!

>> No.16497487

Ketchup on a hot dog is a classic American flavor why don’t you take a short walk off a long bridge then shoot yourself bucko

>> No.16497683

Hormel no beans with some nathans dogs and mexican cheese blend. Toast the buns and wahlah easy as shit and tasty

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>no beans

>> No.16498520

Typical Seattle. You rockin the Ol beard n sundress combo too?

>> No.16498534

Not him but for me it's
>eating as a dish? beans
>using as a topping? no beans

>> No.16498602

Diet coke? Noooooo. Enjoy coke the real thing, enjoy life.

>> No.16498609

I'm so used to diet coke now that normal coke is like an injection of sickly sweetness. It's too much for me

>> No.16498642

>raw white onion

>> No.16498657

based re-wilder
Get rid of the fucking migrants though pls

>> No.16498661

Classic west coast poster.

>> No.16498679

Peak cringe

>> No.16498897

>first image is a chicago dawg

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>be me
>go to gas station with stepdad to buy cheap cigars
>see hotdogs on rollers
>see sign, 2 for $1.59
>ask stepdad if he wants hotdogs
>yeah, he does
>I grab a bun, put a hotdog on it
>my stepdad grabs a hotdog, the hotdog slips out of the tongs and falls on the floor
>my stepdad asks where a sink is so he can rinse it off
>cashier just tells him to throw it away and grab another
>he grabs another
>we load our hotdogs with ketchup and relish
>go to cashier
>2 hotdogs please
>"those arent hotdogs those are cheddarwurst"
>I am baffled
>ask how much
>$2 each
>tell her she can either sell us 'two hotdogs for $1.59' or her 'cheddarwurst' can go in the trash
>she chooses trash
>tfw we just wasted $6 worth of some shitty bloated hotdog
>tfw its all that chubby slampig of a highschool student cashier's fault
>I go to the grocery store down the road and buy 8 hotdogs and 8 buns for a total of $4
Legit, fuck that bitch

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>> No.16500743

>ketchup on hot dog
Very elaborate troll post

>> No.16500757

>literally consuming jewish phallic objects
American's are funny sometimes.

>> No.16500766

>chubby slampig of a highschool student
>Legit, fuck that bitch

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>this nigga right here dead ass doesnt go to ikea JUST to eat hotdogs topped with ikeas bomb ass salad dressing
i dont meme desu i am full on serious. Shits cash and i legitematly often drive to ikea JUST for this. Pickles, crispy onion flakes and some delicious ramch dressing with some whatever the redish stuff is called and some sweet hones mustard mayve even mayo woth regular mustard if i am feeling extra lucky
t. euro

>> No.16500804

That’s not what reverse psychology means you fuckwit

>> No.16500810

why do you think that's a meme? 'chup on 'ogs is fucking amazing, only plebs think otherwise

>> No.16500813

that's why I cut them into little pieces so it doesn't feel like I'm deepthroating a jewish cock

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File: 1.51 MB, 498x278, vadvvfwvfv.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>chubby slampig of a highschool student
think she's 18 by now bros?

>> No.16500818


>> No.16500822

>dead ass
do a flip, niggermonkey

>> No.16500827

>a good full beef sausage
>bellpepper jam
>soft mild goats cheese
>a high quality bun

>> No.16500838

>ruining a good beef sausage with a bunch of prissy shit

>> No.16500843

>think she's 18 by now bros?
I first wrote that in 2019, so probably. Why, you want some fucc?

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You plebs have no idea.

>> No.16500864

I would pay to see you burnt alive, faggot.

>> No.16500866

Ketchup on Hot dogs is fucking fire my dude

>> No.16500900

>Why, you want some fucc?
ye, slampigs are the best of fuccs

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>> No.16500916

It's because he gets the $0.99/pack niggerdogs and slathers on tomato frosting to mask how hideous they taste.

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File: 51 KB, 575x499, internet-tough-guy-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16500926

Have you had one? Or are you just acting like a child on the internet?

>> No.16500928

how dare you, Hebrew Nationals are the most patrician of hot dogs, and I won't stand by and see them slandered. Also ketchup is totally valid, no one likes a bigot anon

>> No.16500933

I see a river of condiments drowning a small thin tube of beef. Doesn't look very appetizing to me, but to each their own

>> No.16500942

Dirty Harry has this rant about ketchup on hot dogs. For some reason people think Harry is a role model and believe him.

>> No.16500948

>small thin tube of beef
It's a hot dog aka barely any pork meat and zero beef.

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File: 264 KB, 400x400, happyadrian_400x400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cha on ogs
Aaaah a man of excellent and refined taste. I too am an appreciated or hotdogs and like to smack some mayo on my hotdogs from time to time. Indeed good taste anon.
>Pic related the average multiple controversial sauses on hotdogs conniseur

>> No.16500956

Don't listen to the fans. That's a classic meal, great job anon

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File: 292 KB, 1080x1383, Screenshot_20210802-142954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bigot is a derogatory word used against white people. Nobody likes an anti-white, anon.

>> No.16500964

You have never enjoyed something you didn't think you would like? Whats wrong with pineapple sauce and quail eggs?

>> No.16500970

>trusting the nu-dictionary "updated" definitions of words in the year of our Lord 2011+10

>> No.16500998

While I agree with you that the Heebs know how to make a tasty dog, I just can't do the ketchup thing on em. Do you not like Chicago style then?

>> No.16501007

Danish Hot-Dog is great

>> No.16501011

I do not eat frankfurter sausages

>> No.16501019

I'm not a fan of chicago-style, they're too busy. Takes away from the purity of a good 'og and some 'chup

>> No.16501029

Fair. To me the tomate glaze does the same, but I can understand why people don't like the 11 herbs and spices that go into a chicago dog.

>> No.16501239

Polish sausage or bratwurst
Grilled onion

I'm plain

>> No.16501283
File: 532 KB, 1242x1646, BD48BF31-7CED-43D7-87FE-B6B3BE3C4FB0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made some hotdogs the other night they were breddy gud
Except for the sauerkraut cause I was lazy and got canned. What’s a good brand of sauerkraut that doesn’t taste like shit?

>> No.16501291

Correction, that were bratwurst

>> No.16501308
File: 8 KB, 225x225, download (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For me, it's Kuhne.

>> No.16501314

I’ll keep an eye out for it

>> No.16501387

Everyone loves hotdogs! Especially the kasher ones, worth the little extra tax. Can't be hating all the time, live and let live.

>> No.16501438

I hate kikes

>> No.16501470

>think she's 18 by now bros?
Why would you want that? 18 is an arbitrary age set by overlords to try to control populations. Girls are most attractive and fertile in their mid-teens. By the time they turn 18 they've already been turned into an beef and cheddar with extra horsey sauce

>> No.16501477


>> No.16501504

For me it's chup in the bun, a slice of melted american cheese and topped with fried onions. Maybe some mustard if im feeling frisky.

>> No.16502258

bros...I took the whole-grain mustard pill and I don't think I can go back to the regular shit...

>> No.16502942


>> No.16503000

… wait are you supposed to keep the seeds in on jalapenos? i thought you got rid of them:the middle part

>> No.16503072

>really fancy buns

>> No.16503403

Ah the duality of cu/ck/s :)

>> No.16503729

Heebs are fine but do yourself a favor and get Nathan's or Sabrett if you can.

>> No.16503856


Thanks for the laugh anon.

>> No.16504535

are you having a stroke anon? this is important, as soon as you see this, grab a fork, lick it real good and ram it into an electrical outlet!!!!

>> No.16504603

I just want to eat hotdogs too, but I cant find a brand that dosnt contain wheat :(

why tf do they need to cut beef by-product with something cheaper :(

>> No.16504610

>'e 'sn't 'ow 'bout 'e 'pic 'eme xD

>> No.16505133

Drink Coke Zero if anything. Diet Coke is fucking disgusting.

>> No.16505151

Absolutely based.

>> No.16505177

Every hungry man always fantasizes about hot dogs before he has a tuna sandwhich

>> No.16505220

Love 'ot dogs
Love ketchup
'Ate Chicago
Simple as

>> No.16505242

You don’t HAVE to, i grew them myself and pickled them. I like the seeds in pickled jalepenos

>> No.16505319

stfu vegan

>> No.16506452

I had the French hot dog once over a decade ago. Amazing. I still dream of it.

>> No.16506727

for me, its those disney land hotdogs with the spicy mayo, grilled pickles and ham, and 1 slice of melted swiss. if im making a casual hotdog at home without the fancy work then ill just have a bit of saurkraut right out of the fridge and some mustard.

>> No.16506801

the best dog I ever had was just a ketchup hotdog cooked over a campfire

pic related is what I think is the ultimate and most crowd pleasing way to serve your hotdogs, with chopped onions and pickles. chopped tomatoes too.

it's a doggy dog world out there
>from chicago

>> No.16506816

Ears, tongue, all the leftover parts.

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