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What's the proper way to reset your gut flora?

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What a cute webm.

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Slurping up my greasy diarrhea

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With a fecal microbiota transplant.

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I wish I could murder every cat

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so how do I go about this?

Can I eat my own shit or do I have to eat someone else's? If its from a cute girl, is the effect better?

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>the fecal material can be given through nasogastric and nasoduodenal tubes, or through a colonoscope or as a retention enema
You get a person with good gut bacteria and push their shit into your gut with a tube inserted into either your nose or your ass.

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I just wish you'd get a job and leave the basement for something other than murdering cats at 3am.

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Cut out the junk and start eating whole foods. Eggs, vegetables, fish, meat, yogurt/kefir, sauerkraut/kimchi and other fermented foods are probably a good idea as well.

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go scoop your cuck box it's stinking up the kitchen

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antibiotics to purge yours, then inoculate with good flora.

if you eat your own shit then you'll just have the flora you already have. you have to find someone with good flora. if you don't want to cap their shit and swallow it, you could just open your asshole and let them shit into your ass.

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There's a South Park episode explaining that

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>shitting up everything with politics
fuck off
cats were cool way before /pol/ decided to take a stand on the issue

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cats were never cool
you got duped by a brain parasite

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Retarded tinder whores don't like cats? Cats must be based.

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I swipe left on roasties with dogs

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/pol/fag here. Cats are great because they're proudly self-reliant and if you die they go feral instead of curling up and starving to death. Dogs are great because they're energetic and form strong bonds with their owners.

People who get triggered and burst into rants about how much they hate either are the sort of people who had bad childhoods.

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I'm sure you do

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how do you do it without involving other peoples poop

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I don't have a cat I just prefer to avoid needy, infantile women.

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maybe get off tinder?

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Eat a lot of powerful antibiotics and then take probiotics of your choosing such as yogurt or pills with the types of bacteria you want. That's not a really safe or good idea though. The best bet is just to consistantly introduce the flora you want daily and hope they colonise your gut.

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Dry fasting followed by lots of raw goat milk kefir.

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Just fast for a few days. Your gut flora die off and are repopulated when you begin eating again. It’ll help insulin levels as well. Just drink water for a few days and add in electrolytes on day 2 or 3. Sodium chloride and potassium chloride are the main 2 to consume.

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Oh thank god, it was bread. The thumbnail made it look like something else.

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I have a cat and he's very good. I put him on my tinder profile and he got me many dates. I'm currently with a girl who only swiped right because of my cat and cat jokes. Or maybe my height, I'm 6'2" so maybe it doesn't matter what my profile says.
>I showed you my pussy now show me yours
>My pussy is hairier than yours. Bet
>I stroke pussy daily

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this post is dripping with insecurity

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Taco Bell

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This sounds like it will make me fart mustard gas.

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Unfortunately that bread was also a cat.

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wow two creepy cat losers found each other imagine my shock

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>not having a house to let a cat shit and piss in a discreet isolated corner

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Eat a lot of unpasteurized fermented foods. Sauerkraut, yogurt, even dark chocolate is fermented although sugar has a negative effect on gut flora. Real sourdough bread is supposed to have a positive effect even though it's been cooked. Eats raw fruits/vegetables. Avoid anything that could give you diarrhea as that pushes out beneficial bacteria. I'm not positive about this but I wonder about preservatives in food since they inhibit bacterial growth if that has a negative effect on gut flora.

You could also just take probiotic pills.

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pretty much every major civilization across the world has thought cats were cool

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cats are obsolete

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Have nothing against cats or people that have them but their places ALWAYS smell. And don't give me that bullshit that it doesn't

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Cats are masculine and drive off roasties, sounds based to me lad

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Mine doesn't. I am meticulous about changing the litter and vacuuming to combat the fur. The only time it stinks is after he poops and I'll go flush the turd immediately. Any other time you'd never know.

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Sleep tite, kotters...

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Are they dead?

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Nah, they're probably being sedated for a discount "spay/neuter day." Hence the pizza for all the volunteer staff.

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dead tired

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The table on the right is snacks for the normal staff. The table on the left is for the Chinese staff.

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Hasta la vista, kittay...

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Not on my watch, bub.

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Is it normal to have neuter-day partys like this in amerika? Do the cats need to be in the same room as the pizza?

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You have deep chiseled etchings on your cock?

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>Oh boy finally a good thread about the interactions of diet and gut health, plus maybe some tips on what to eat!
>its just a cat thread

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...You don't?

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I know you're being facetious, but them being in the same room as the food is definitely an odd thing, but it's the only explanation I can think of. You can see a piece of paper on the table with the cats that would probably have some information on each cat.

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When you chose to reply, you had a choice: you could continue with the off-topic cat discussion, or you could return to the OP's question.
You chose the former.

You are the person you hate.

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women are attracted to masculinity
catfaggots are antimasculine

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>coming to 4chan for medical advice

Diet protip, cherry pits will kill your belly fat.
Gather a hundred of them, crush them and mix with some water till you have a paste. Stir into Monster Energy Zero Ultra. Drink. Cram can up your ass.

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Food poisoning.

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>I wish I could murder every orc and skaven

Fixed if for you

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My question was at least half serious. I lurk 4chong since 2010 and have seen all kind of shit but that pic really baffles me.

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I'm even more certain now that it's a spay/neuter/vaccine clinic for the cats. You can see even more scraps of paper next to the cats if you look carefully.

Still, the food being in the same room is silly. Perhaps it was setup by someone working it to share with their friends or something? To show the work they were doing and that they were being fed lunch? Undoubtedly taken by a woman, likely in her early 20s.

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Wrong, rosaries are attracted to men that they think they can control, owning a cat already shows them that you don’t do things to attract females, you just do them because you like to do them.

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Did you meditate upon the sorrowful mysteries today?

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Going full bukkake, about fifty or more men, mature if all possible—on the receiving end.

I mean it ain't pretty, but beauty and health rarely come in that format.

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your first statement doesn't have anything to do with your second statement
but it's all catfag cope

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>Not using the pine pellets.
I hate clay litter so much.

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>stupid thing THEREFORE WOMAN
Egregiously low IQ post.

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Nah, it's the vanity of it. That's what make me think it's a woman.

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it's all disgusting and property value destroying

>> No.16477653

It's 2021. There's an absurdly vocal group of hilariously vain and self-aggrandizing men out there that we make fun of all the time here. Did the picture need a bottle of hot sauce in it for you to draw that conclusion?

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That's the most defeated pair of eyes I ever did see, I don't need to bully this fellow as he's already a broken man

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>t. some stupid layman faggot who hates cats as a result of his autistic social malaise, recently found out that everyone has T. Gondii, and made the retarded assumption that it affects the massively complicated human brain the same way it affects the one-note rat brain

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a cat ass brain parasite typed this post

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Cats have been a part of 4chan culture since the beginning, newfag. Go back to /pol/eddit

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Eat out a homeless man's anus.

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Girls don't shit

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What else would I eat out?

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lol can have a long cheeseburger amirite fellow old timers

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take a laxative and purge yourself, then for the next couple of days eat a lot of fermented food, probiotics and yakult

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Caturday was ironic, dickweed. We were making fun of normalfag internet.

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But I have a cat and I hate women and lift only to lead women on for a week then drop them like a sack of potatoes.

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I've trapped cats and taken them to a cheap vet that had low cost spay and neutering one Friday a month. It was a dingy vet office run by an Indian, but he did great work. Since they are psycho feral cats, they sedate them right in the trap. I can't imagine that they could lay them all out like in the pic because they often have fleas, and go nuts when they wake up, so maybe these are pets or cats from a shelter

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>I would I could murder every Asur.
Corrected that for you.

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Up the ass is safer. I worked in a hospital and they fucking killed someone by putting the tube into their lungs and drowning them with shit.

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I saw a finger. What did you see, anon?

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an aggressive regimen of enemas and laxatives, followed by the literal consumption of athlete and ceo feces.

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sodium bicarbonate
cut all refined carbs and dramatically reduce overall carbs
Don't eat breakfast

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rest well, kots

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I can confirm the fasting method. Drank lots of water but I didnt go as long as 2-3 days. I would just not eat maybe every other day for about a month. And eat small meals when I did break fast.
Started taking a fiber supplement with probiotics also.
It was nice actually having solid shits again.

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>Cyclical civilizational collapse is a thing
>they all loved cats

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The litter itself also has an offputting odor, not just the poop and piss.

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>This thread is legitimately all about cats
I was actually interested in the gut flora thing. I feel like mine could use reseting. I randomly get stomach pain and diarrhoea after eating sugar and I feel like my gut flora have something to do with it.

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Just start taking probiotics. I take a pill everyday. If you like something to drink buy the salud drinks 4 for $1 if you can find them, otherwise eat yogurt.

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Why is everything politicized up the ass nowadays?

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Caturday was a thing on /b/ back in 2006. It's probably still a thing now.

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Yogurt, kefir, buttermilk. Whatever you eat your gut will get used to at the cost of everything else.
Is the reason why people acquire lactose intolerance, dumb fucks.

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The quality of 4chan has decreased in direct correlation to the decrease in interest in cats.

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Kimchi and other fermented vegetables.

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Cat posting as always been lowest common denominator normie shit

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insoluble fiber and kefir every day

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You have to have a family members shit, usually 1st degree family member. Or just eat a lot of yogurt

>> No.16479489

I fucking hate this website

>> No.16479503

fast for 48 hours on water and salt repeatedly
snake diet

i had IBS from working in a collections call center and it went away after like a month of regular fasting

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Eat some yoghurt, OP

>> No.16479550

non soluble fiber that keeps peristalsis high
flowers of sulphur for 1-2 days (just a very small pinch)

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It's good for your tummy
If you take the advice about lots of fibre please remember to also get some fluids in you. Otherwise it'll just make you constipated.

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I have a cat and he's gotten me laid a fair few times.
First you show them your kitty and then they show you theirs.

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so I started the carnivore diet, one thing ive seen is some people go "what about gut flora blah blah, fiber blah blah", so theres been a few carnivores who get their flora tested and they all came back in 90+ percentile, so somehow meat only diet seems to be the way to increase it
>reddit spacing line
ive seen some people say that probiotics are mostly a waste, they are killed off by your stomach acid before reaching the colon

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My litter smells like pine wood because... that's what it is. They took sawdust and made it into little pellets that fall apart when they get wet. Not a bad smell and not that awful gritty clay litter.

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Yogurt, kombucha, yeasty products, but if you're a woman be careful. Remove alcohol and go for a plant heavy diet.

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how's the carnivore diet working for you? I hear you can only do it for a short while.

>> No.16480305

>how's the carnivore diet working for you?
im about 40 days in, it was an experiment to see if it would cure my mental ilness, because theres lots of anecdotes, but it hasnt, I have some days where I think it has, than the next day, im back to being crazy, I have have some physical benefits though, my left arm used to be way weaker than my right, and they kinda evened out without doing much weights, I noticed when I picked up my weights and was able to do the same amount of reps with both hands when before I could only do half with my left, and my body odure has lessened by like 95%, I have to really stick my nose into my armpit to smell any B.O., and I dont snack any more, I eat whenever im hungry which is only twice a day, once between 7am-2pm, and again between 4pm-8pm, ive loss a little bit of weight even though for the first 2-3 weeks I was eating 3000-4000 calories, I stop measuring but I can tell im eating less now, maybe 2000ish, 90% of the time I eat a pound of beef for my first meal, dipping each peice of meat into butter like lobster, and a pack of bacon and 6 eggs for my second meal
> I hear you can only do it for a short while.
it first started getting popular in 2007 from the 'zeroing in on health forum', theres people who have been doing it since then, check kelly hogan on youtube, shes a carnivore OG

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Cat website, Redditor.

>> No.16480341

You gotta poop back and forth.

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>> No.16480379

One of these things is not like the others
One of these things just doesn't belong

>> No.16480383

lol, kek

>> No.16480441

holy shit, one reason for not drinking milk I hear spewed around is that no other animal steals anothers milk

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kimchi is the only answer if you have ever had acid reflux/ heartburn/GERD

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Does kimchi actually help with that? I always thought probiotics were more for lower GI than upper. I hope that's true, I recently got into fermentation and have like 5 litres of kimchi to go through over the next few weeks/months

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you should not believe the shit he vegans tell you, anon

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>> No.16480753

Imagine the smell

>> No.16480930

Why do newfags hate cats so much? They beat out atheists and vegans in obsession with letting others know their preferences.

>> No.16480939

Not the guy you're responding to, but as a former redditor, I'm totally gonna break your bubble as reddit is absolutely in love with cats, there are literally dozens of cat subs, and I've never seen people mix cat love with anything about manliness or politics there before.

>> No.16480950

That's how you know it's working.

>> No.16480951

1. Eat yogurt. It has friendly bacteria that aids in digestion and in purifying the gut from other harmful bacteria.

2. Don't listen to anyone telling you to eat poop, may get severe infections because a lot of the germs of the big intestine aren't exactly supposed be to your stomach or small intestine.

>> No.16480960

>a lot of the germs of the big intestine aren't exactly supposed be to your stomach or small intestine
Not only that, some harmful viruses may also reside in the big intestine. For example you can get herpes if you don't soap your hands properly after wiping your ass and then you touch your lips. Shit is not something you can just take out of your ass and put in your mouth.

>> No.16480970

Because they're jealous and seething at knowing they're always going to be newfags. They heard about catposting and caturday from the dark ages and know they can never be fun or cool so they parrot retarded shit they read on /pol/ threads in 2018 right after they arrived.

>> No.16481072

animals feel shame

>> No.16481366

ya it gives u healthy guts bacteria to prevent heartburn, but can cause heartburn. shit captcha

>> No.16481380

Cat people are not capable of genuine love.

>> No.16482571

Who the fuck ever said "Cats Are For Girls!"? What is this? Why write an article about this? Why give it a fucking socio-political opinion? Are we really that lost as a culture?

>> No.16482577

There's nothing cute about animal abuse and that obese cat is proof what a piece of shit the owner is.

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Purge your current flora with a week of water fasting and laxatives
Then start with only drinking gallons of milk until you start shiting gold

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We do a lot of things other animals don't do. Even if it wasn't incorrect, it would still be shitty non-argument.

>> No.16484161

Gtfo underage

>> No.16484627

obtain shit from a healthy relative, better if its someone who lives with you because you're more likely to have similar flora
dissolve with a bit of water and inject in your asshole

>> No.16484668
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real ironic

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underrated post

>> No.16485651

>I feel like mine could use reseting
resetting your gut is a meme spread by retards ignorant of both physiology and microbiology
even broad spectrum antibiotics don't kill everything, and your gal bladder and appendix will harbor bacteria to recolonize your gut anyway

>> No.16485669

Anon, when cats lie on their back their bodies sorta flop outwards
Literally all cats are like this - they only look fat when they lie on their backs

>> No.16485694

yeah I love my cat and would absolutely vault that dork for giggles.

>> No.16485703

>putting the tube into their lungs and drowning them with shit.
What the fuck

>> No.16485707

Cats are shit so its on topic

>> No.16487330

>cyclical pooping
>a shit ouroboros

>> No.16487343

I work in an ICU. We check in several different ways that the tube hasn't shifted before each "meal" but I know there are plenty of retards out there who think they know better.

>> No.16487406

Are you familiar with the concept of "pillow therapy?"

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