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What made you wake up one day and say... You know what? I want to eat some grass. It isn't filling or does anything. Is it mental illness? Ok maybe not that far. Why eat grass?

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My salads are mostly fruit like cucumber and tomato. Whatever my garden is producing in bulk.
They make my farts awful, idk how vegans do it.

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>Buy packet of cos lettuce for some sandwiches
>Use two leaves for sandwich
>Come back next day
>They're shrivelled, brown husks
Fuck these meme lettuce. It has crispness going for it and that's all. I fucking hate it.
Use spinach.

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You put grass on your food just so that it makes it harder and not as smooth/soft? Dumb. Just toast the bread or use old bread damn...

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Salad isn't grass.
>It isn't filling
Good, if you stuff calorie dense foods down your throat all the time, you'll consume more calories than you use to feel satiated, and that leads to obesity.
>or does anything.
Your pic related is lettuce, and it's a great source for some nutrients.
>Why eat grass?
70% of all crops grown for human consumption are grass, like: wheat, barley, oats, rice, corn, sugarcane etc.

>fruit like cucumber and tomato
Brave to say this on /ck/.
>They make my farts awful, idk how vegans do it.
It's only like that if you eat it in combination with animal priducts. After a while your gut biome adjusts. My farts have no or little smell, many vegans report that.

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>paying for something you can literally go outside in your yard and rip up and eat.

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Everyone for health reasons should eat a 80+% meat diet and supplement with cheeses, dairy and nuts.

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No to everything you wasted time posting.

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Then go continue wasting time buying a chunk of grass and only using 2 sprigs of it.

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What? My objection to cos specifically is it spoils at light speed so you can't use it.
Do you know what lettuce is?

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Then freeze it. It won't hold its shape as well after thawed but the color should remain for months. Still will get what tiny bit of nuitrition there is in it.

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Kinda a pointless thing to grow and consume. Might as well eat bark, paper or tissue. Looks pretty in your yard though.

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It help me shit good

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Or I could just do as I initially said and buy spinach as a green over such a shitty produce.

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Our stomachs aren't designed to efficiently digest greens. This diet is helpful for those who need to lose weight, but it adds some flavour to your meal otherwise.

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Why buy it at all? So I can eat a fucking green leaf? The fuck would I eat a leaf? What human wakes up and says, I want to eat a fucking leaf? I think it's some kind of mass brainwashing. I mean... Its 2020.

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Really? Bitter shit? Why?

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Enjoy your heart failure with 45 lad

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idk senpai the body just knows when it needs certain vitamins and minerals and it knows it can get these from dark leafy greens.
plus that cronch of a fresh crisp veg can't be beat

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Glad I don't get those "urges". I think it's brainwashing by governments who want to lie to people and say it's healthy.

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Heart disease is caused by carbohydrate not fat

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do you also not know the difference between thirst and hunger? many such cases.

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i like to eat leaves with sauce on them for a late night snack

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It's tasty, refreshing and crunchy.

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Just put it on meat instead.

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Why not take a crunch out of a big ball of green stuff after taking a bite out of a fat animal?

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Lol why tho?

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Why not just fuck a kid after you fed it?

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that grass tastes amazing with olive oil, parmesan cheese and slices of chicken breast

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Oh yeah ceasar. But it tastes even better if you throw away the green shit.

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Sometimes I just want something fresh, crunchy, not full of sugars and starch, and carries water. I don't want to eat fruits all the time.

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It's crunchy and grows without much effort

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So is talc.

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If its the animal products that are making me fart how come I fart less when I eat more animal products and less plants? Are you a moron or something?

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retard take. Honestly I love me all kinds of salad. Green salad with a good vinaigrette is a god tier side. Your kiddy taste buds only used to fat and carbs I assume.

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op post your hands

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>eating grass
>vinegar sauce

Fuck off with your trolls.

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I can eat food that I don't necessarily like but is good for me.

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I hate salads with a passion, so i drench it in whatever sauce they have

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That helps, but your still eating fucking leaves. Hunans aren't rabbits LOL.

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If you can't appreciate bitterness you have the palate of a tiny baby.

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I have yet to hear a counter-argument to >>16476407

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Quit your bullshit and go suck on a dandelion.

"The ability to taste bitterness is important because many toxic compounds have a strong bitter taste. Being able to recognize bitterness helps us avoid poisoning ourselves."

Enjoy practicing eating poison. My god people are retarded.

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There is no counterargument. I finished it there.

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For me, it’s spinach

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based non schizo anon

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Pah-let-te clean-ser

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Wow, check out brainiac over here. Hey four eyes! Go play with your dolls!

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Especially in the summer, a nice crisp cold bowl of salad makes for a great snack.

I go thru two bags of Dole Very Veggie salad every week, topped with Wish-Bone raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing if I can find it, otherwise Wish-Bone Italian dressing.

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>Wish-Bone raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing

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Some bitter flavors are pleasant. It's bitter, but not in a way that makes you feel sick to your stomach like eating it is wrong. If any bitterness in anything ever makes you feel that way then you probably eat way too much sugar and have fucked up your tastebuds.

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I assume when starving people (sense of smell and taste are heightened while starving) noticed certain leaves and vegetation smelled sweet and savory.

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Machus Red Fox Salad

From the restaurant where Jimmy Hoffa was last seen alive.

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“The dressing is SO simple: into a jar or container that has a tight-fitting lid, combine 1/3 cup granulated sugar, 1/3 cup white vinegar, 1/4 cup olive oil (back then they used salad oil but what is that exactly? jk) and 1 teaspoon kosher salt. SHAKE THE DRESSING REALLY WELL SO THE SUGAR HAS A CHANCE TO DISSOLVE.”

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>It isn't filling
Then add something filling, dingus. I make salad with a ton of vegetables but add mixed nuts, grated cheese, chopped boiled egg, and homemade croutons. Salad doesn't just have to be vegetables. That along with a mustard vinaigrette or buttermilk dressing and it ends up being very filling.

The vegetables just taste good and have a nice texture. But how enjoyable a salad will be kind of depends on having proper technique. Like huge chunks of raw vegetables take a long time to chew, so you'll want to slice them really thinly like with cabbage. Slicing raw onion really thin makes it milder. Huge chunks of raw carrot wouldn't be great to eat, but when finely grated they have a nice texture and add sweetness.

I found this recipe for salad that Romans would make, and they crush the vegetables in a mortar. I've tried this and it actually tenderizes the vegetables and makes them more enjoyable to eat too.

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I know OP is just posting bait but you really should eat more salad. It's good for you and it tastes good

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