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What kind of idiot orders the regular Chic-Fil-A™ chicken sandwich over the spicy one? If you do this explain yourself.

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i eat what i want

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what kind of faggot posts cats?

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>chick fil a
There is literally no reason to ever eat that soggy overpriced “fried chicken sandwich”. Popeyes master race Yankees go home

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I'm white.

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>not getting one of each
sorry, kid.
you're just an idiot.

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I dont like my anoos burning 8 hours later when I go to poop

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Sometimes it's a free offer and sometimes I'm just in the mood, faggot.

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Popeyes is for poor blacks

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Poor blacks are my neighbors and friends and keep the neighborhood safe from other poor blacks. They also make some very good food. Don’t come to New Orleans snowflake

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and poor blacks have good taste in fried chicken shits delicious.

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Who wants to go to a nigger infested, top 5 murder capital of burgerland?

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hey Aaron

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Were number seven actually and down about 20% since 2018. Anyway don’t come here please. Don’t want you to get shot ;) yankee

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I do not know who Aaron is. You guys wanna hang out at kingpin sometime?

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I order deluxe

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The classic is best in it's simplest form. There's something verging on perfection with just sweet buns, juicy fried chicken and 2 pickles. Anything added only takes away.

I do like the spicy chicken deluxe better tho.

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>Anything added only takes away.
>I do like the spicy chicken deluxe better tho.

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>I order deluxe

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I'm over in pcola. been thinking about heading over Nola ways for a visit tho. got some buddies there

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>Deluxe spicy chicken sandwich

Fellow masters, I bow.

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i like cats

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My guy. I'm talking specifically about the non spicy.

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look at this redditor foaming at the mouth

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I can’t handle spice. Even eating a single small jalapeño slice makes me want to kill myself.

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>get btfo
>y-you’re just mad and I bet also from reddit!
You foam at the mouth but from gargling the cum you just sucked out of a police officers dick. Don’t fucking respond to me, return to the sea

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I legitimately can't tell if this is a troll or legitimate, organic cringe.

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Yo dawg. Not sure if you knew this, but mermaids ain't real and fish dont got opposable thumbs for typing n shiet. I don't think there any cops in the sea either my dude.

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do you love hearing your neighbor yell at her black boyfriend all night
do you love the smell of briquettes doused in half a bottle of lighter fluid every sunday
how about almost hitting 11 different niglets playing outside when you drive up to your apartment
at least COVID stopped the once a month eviction

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It is fried though. It gets cooked in a pressure fryer. Same thing KFC uses for their original recipe.

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I like spicy foods but why do people eat so much spicy food? I like other flavors and am tired of the rampant ridicule by boring losers who refuse to try new things.

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>What kind of idiot orders the regular Chic-Fil-A™ chicken sandwich over the spicy one? If you do this explain yourself.
When at Wendy's I opt for the superior spicy chicken, yes.

Chick Fil A chicken is very delicately flavored, and I absolutely want nothing but mayo to not complete with the delicious pickles, or that butter toasting inside the bun. Spicing up the breading hides that nice flavor. So, normal chicken sandwich for me. If you need flavor, use Chick-FilA sauce instead of adding mayo, or zesty buffalo or sriracha sauces. I suggest it sparingly unless you hate pickles or something.

We need to convince ChickFilA to have Church's fried okra so they can be perfection to do away with all the competition.

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Based chicken sandwich intellectual.

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new Orleans btfo

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mardibros I don't feel so good...

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Why even go to CFA at all? The line is always so long that it's not even fast food anymore, and you can make a better sandwich yourself at home.

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I would trust no other group's opinion on fried chicken more

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I don't like spicy food, it burns.
t. white people

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>tfw no more spicy chicken biscuit

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dude that is fucked up.

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White kind of idiot orders chick fila at all? The CEO literally said that white people should wash the feet of congo apes

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rent free

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White people invented spicy food. dumb monkey

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wypipo who don't season they food but kneel fo' blacks

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>do you love the smell of briquettes doused in half a bottle of lighter fluid every sunday

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This, and I'm okay with that.

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I do.

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I’m sorry you’re scared of black people anon. living in New Orleans is my favorite thing about life and multiculturalism is part of the culture here.

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eeew yucky

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ok black twitter

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