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>he doesn't buy his hot sauce by the gallon

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I prefer Tapatío

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They don't sell the black label by the gallon

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>buying so much 80% goes rancid before you use it

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>Does not subsist solely off of bloody mary's with the tomato juice replaced by valentina

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But I do

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it's got vinegar in it dog, it doesn't go bad.

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For me it's a tumbler of worcestershire...neat.

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It'll turn green.

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>green pepper turns red
>red pepper sauce turns green

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how do you think they get yellow bell peppers, anon?

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not relevant, yellow peppers taste like the inside of my dick

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Why, yes. Yes I do.


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This is a great hot sauce. The black label is even better

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This is the sauce that white guys see their poor Mexican friends using and assume its the best.

Couldn't be further from the truth - they don't eat this stuff because its the best - they eat it because its the best value.

There are much better sauces and most Mexicans would choose a different sauce if cost wasn't in the equation.

And yes i have brown hands.

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>>he doesn't buy his hot sauce by the gallon

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Nah, Tabasco and Franks also have merit. There's a reason they became popular in the first place, and the economy of scale is only a part of the equation.

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It's tasty, though

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I like a nice spicy salsa. Never understood the appeal of hot sauce. Not a fan of the disgusting fermented smell and flavor.

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Fuck that, man. Black label Valentina tastes way better than Tabasco. It's better than tapatio and Cholula too. I legitimately really enjoy it.

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>not pronouncing it right
It’s War-Sester-Sheer-shire

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>hot sauce
>go rancid
look at this cracker

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It's basically vinegar and salt, it'll last for years.

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its the best hot sauce for chips tho
but yes I wont use valentina for food, there is el yucateco or castillo habanero for that

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I wholly doubt anyone who doesn't post their own gallon

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There are still people that consider Cholula hot sauce? I bought a bottle because I'd been hearing the name everywhere, and sure the flavour is pretty nice but NO heat whatsoever. I had to drench food in it to even taste it.

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It's diner hot sauce, what did you expect? Real great on breakfast foods with potatoes and eggs.

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ive had a bottle for 2 years

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that looks like you were trying to make jenkem

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>Flavor Cunt.jpg

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>only 1 gallon

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>tfw yurop only sells 2oz tobasco's

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5 oz bottles of hot sauce last me forever

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There's no point in watching him now that he censors the puke.

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post hands then, fag

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geen smoesjes, homo

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I just call it a hot sauce like I call Frank's a hot sauce. Technically it is but the heat is so minor. Cholula does have some nice flavor, especially the lime one

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I only buy a big glass bottle of this one, and that other faggots is wrong, this is the best salsa roja by far
But I only use it for snacks
I use my mom homemade salsa for my eggs and other food

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mexanon is right, valentina is way out of balance flavor wise, it just tries to hit you with a ton of flavors and confuse the tongue to simulate actual good sauce. I also find it kind of mealy/pasty in a strange way. definitely wouldn't put this on something really good, it would ruin it, especially if it's a simple dish like tacos that doesn't need much embellishment

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I buy a different bottle every time. It makes it more interesting desu.

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This is the only acceptable alternative to Valentina. Cholulafags get the rope.

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Nice basic bitch hot sauce

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the el yucateco sauces are better than that overspiced tapatio or valentina

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>buying something with yuck in the name

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nobody cares about your heckin' big chungus carolina ghost reaper diablo specialty small batch beard oil sauce, Derek, you insufferable fucking cunt. Frank's gives food a nice vinegary bite with some slight spice, i.e. it does exactly what a condiment should and nothing more - enhance the existing flavors of what you're topping with it without drowning them out.

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>not wrapped in a giant crumbly paper bag

It's just not the same.

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Its true bros....the milk jug (coupled with my vertical picture taking skills) is not nearly the same classiness. On the plus side I can vouch for the taste. The steak-cola I serve gets pretty solid reviews most of the time.

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franks kinda sucks though, it's good for making wings but the consistency is just off, for actually using as a condiment I would always use crystal or tabasco

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I think tapatio and valentina (black label) is the best for chips and snacks. Dont like them so mich on actual food.

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I like Frank's on things like frozen pizza. I don't care for Tabasco as a topping...but it works well for mixing into recipes that require some spice - like chili.

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wkuk have got the band back together and are re releasing old skits on yt.

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>waving the flag of domestic abuse on your wedding day

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post your brown hands holding a bottle of CHOLULA and I will believe you
>t. white-handed Texan

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No shit I had no idea the stuff that costs less per ounce than bottled water wasn't the middle class hotsauce

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Absolutely based.

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The virgin hot sauce enthusiast vs the chad harissa chilli paste enjoyer

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Louisiana Hot Sauce or gtfo

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harrissa is real gud.
only cape brand tho

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Cape all day every day!
Although, I prefer the tubed version. The ones you buy in the can mold in the fridge just a day after being opened no matter how you close it in my experience. Maybe I'm doing it wrong

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I usually buy the tubes too.
The can with some ceranwrap over was good for like 3 weeks though.

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huh weird, mine seems to mold no matter what I do. Maybe I slould tighten the wrap around more. Either way, long ass time since I ate it, gotta go down to my oriental shop and buy some

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huh weird, mine seems to mold no matter what I do. Maybe I slould tighten the wrap around more. Either way, long ass time since I ate it, gotta go down to the oriental shop and buy some

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>hot sauce
>this is your mind on plebbit

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excuse me, vinager-based hot sauce masterrace coming through (this thread, along with all the talk of purging in another has made me realize how shit pussy trash the entire demographic that visits this board is)

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I see this a lot on here.
Is it a regional spelling?

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Not everyone can read and write, and Tabasco is often pronounced as toe-bas-co by some people, hence the made up spelling that is sort of phoenetic. Sadly, it should be pronounced tah-bas-co instead, unless you have some regional accent, and yea, poor reading skills.

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This is the only hot sauce i'll ever need

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I would if I could. I have to beg my friends to bring me a galon of franks when they visit, cause its not sold here cause of USA sanctions and shit. No one makes buffalo wings here, it's hell.

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because it's overrated

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>buying premade anything
american spotted

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I am sorry to be the one that tells you this, but in the scope of shit pussy trash and purging you'd be shocked to find out which side of the line you're on.

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In australia we don't have big bottles like that. I wish we did.

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>being poor

>> No.16464996

>Making your own hotsauce
I've got "make your own hotsauce" kits for the last 3 years for christmas and I just put them in the trash the next day

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I wish they'd just buy me a bottle of booze or you know fucking hotsauce, I like cheese I don't want to fucking make it

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The stuff they released would get them cancelled and protested nowadays

>> No.16465501

based nd gringo pilled

>> No.16465505

They do twitch now and have been uploading their tamer sketches in HD to youtube, you can tell they're hyper aware of that shit and a lot of them cuck on shit, except for Trevor who posts here so it's not surprising

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In English, usually only one vowel in a word is truly enunciated, plus the ending vowel if there is one. The rest are just pronounced "uh", and the emphasis is usually on the second. If you pronounce all the vowels you sound like some ESL weirdo.
So we say "tuhbAsco", meaning that the spelling isn't clear just from hearing in.

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Yeah, equivalent to giving a kid a bike for Christmas, but it's still in the box and needs to be put together.

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Enjoy having to trade for cheese with what little you have to offer after the boogaloo kicks off, cheeselet

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pfff, nothin personnel, kid.

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I was a scotch bonnet guy for a long time, but my uncle came to visit a few months back and he introduced me to Secret Aardvark; this shit is fantastic. I put it on pretty much everything, I can't get enough of it.

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love sambal, tastes just like the malagueta my grandpa used to make

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> "make your own hotsauce" kits
> kits
Jesus Christ it's real. I guess Americans really do.

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imagine spilling all of this on your floor

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I buy Valentina Black by the half-gallon and make my own salsa. Am I gonna make it /ck/?

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This reminds me of an ed edd and eddy episode

>> No.16467042

But that would mean I'd actually have to consume it instead of collecting hundreds of different types

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why not both, saucemaestro

>> No.16467422

i'd rather get this than some of these meme sauces with the omg ebic haha names like "fiery anus blaster" or "dr. flameturd's shit in your sock drawer special"

>> No.16467487

Id have the dr. flameturd desu

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I'd buy that and pour it down the drain just for that jug, that looks sick

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I synthesize my own water from condensation too

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Over at the homeless shelter I used to eat at they would get these gallon jugs of hot sauce either with food stamps or donated to them, and they'd wheel those puppies out to provide some goodness to people - usually for Baked Chicken and Porkchops and Ribs, other stuff like that which, being decent, could still use quite a pick-me-up.

And I learned just how good these (somewhat mild) hot sauces could be for average fare foods. Being that we had big jugs of it to spread around nobody really had to go easy on it, though we didn't bogart it because once it was gone they wouldn't have more for awhile.

> this was also where I got Covid just before everything got shut down in 2020
> mild symptoms but EVERYONE there got the covid and you didn't even need to get tested to know that.

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Me and some brah’s enjoying small batch hot sauce at a local brewery

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What's it like being homeless Anon? Do you carry your memes and reaction images on a flash drive?

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