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what is the worst dish that comes from this country?

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You can barely call the slop that comes from here food. Nothing but engineered, mass-produced poison

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Rent free lmao. Why so upset, friend? Can't think rationally anymore?

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St. Louis style pizza

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all of them

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Good pick anon. That stuff is nasty

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Because I have to live here

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If you live in America and seriously can't find a way to eat healthy, you're disingenuous or stupid to the point you probably need a handler.

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I would say the worst dish that comes out of America is chipped pork or “BBQ” as they call it. See, americans and pigs have identical diets in the fact that they will eat literally anything and everything that comes into sight. With this being the case, americans eating any kind of pork is practically cannibalism

so i would say thats the worst thing to come out of their country...aside from bombing innocent brown children for oil and israel

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something from utah. idk what it is but the mormons have the worst food culture in the usa. you could argue soul food is worse in that a lot of it is very unhealthy, but at least it tastes good.

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Prove it

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you don't have to live here you stupid piece of shit
march your worthless as down to mexico or on up to canada. get the fuck out, no one wants you here.

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lmao get fucking nigger

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Whoa there satan, you can keep your retards we have enough here already eh.

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That weird sweet square bread, thy fucked up one of most basic foods.

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Looks like how my mom would make homemade pizza.
She would add the cheese halfway into baking and not right before it goes into the oven.
So it'd be both the bad kind of greasy and the cheese and toppings would fall apart.

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Sorry but >>16442186 is right, American idiots are the last thing we need. Though I guess you could send them to Nunavut if you really want.

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This type of shit with basic unseasoned mashed potato. Classic American white meal and it is flavorless. You'll see a bunch of basic white women on instagram and tiktok making these disgusting meatloafs with hot dogs and cheese inside the idea someone makes this shit for their family is unfathomable.

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Fuck off, we're full.

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Christ, thanks for the dismal memories of meat loaf night. Often times with a completely dry egg in the middle. I have never once had the slightest inkling to cook this abomination since living on my own.

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>can fuck up a meatloaf
Do you also burn salads, you braindead dipshits? The fuck?

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Why the ever loving fuck would you eat mealoaf over
>steak and fries
>chicken beans and rice
>a good cury ad rice
>meat prepared in literally any other way
>various types of salad
>a normal ass sandwitch
Seriously it's trash

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>what is the worst dish that comes from this country?
Mac n cheese. Worst pasta and fake cheese.

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>leaf on an Iphone complaining about America
fucking pottery. Neck yourself.

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I feel bad that your incompetent mom made shitty meatbricks that have gotten you so biased against a good dish. A good moist meatloaf with creamy mashed potatoes, a rich mushroom gravy, and a veggie side is top-tier, plus you can make meatloaf sandwiches the next day.

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What if yo used real shell pasta and quality cheese?
spoiler get some salt and garlic on that and eat it hot. It tastes like a delicious creamy cheesey soup.

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Nobody's complaining here dumbass, eat a cookie and chill the fuck down.

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You must make the meatloaf ever because I literally ate some just last week it only had a dry texture despite being moist but also gave me the runs right after eating.

I had meatloaf from multiple while families homes as well multiple times but tasted pretty similar except also I've also never had meatloaf unless a fat person was cooking.
I don't know you so ill take your word that you make a good one. But I never had a good experience with meatloaf before.

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Rocky Mountain Oysters

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those abominable jello casseroles from the 80s

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jello salads

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Altoona Pizza.

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It is kind of weird to take ground meat and then try to glue it all back together. I feel any meatloaf recipe would be inferior to something made with the same ingredients but fried loose in a pan. I don't say this definitively because I haven't tried every recipe.

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who's the 29th saint?

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Fucking abominable. Who the fuck would eat this

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Meatloaf can indeed be one of the worst foods if not done right - dry and bland. But done right it's great! I like using a mustard glaze on mine, with a little bit of mayo thrown in. Try also making one with ground turkey, that way you have a different meat to pair flavors with. I use my glaze for either beef or turkey.
Once I made a ground beef meatloaf and used a combo of ketchup, Worcestershire and hot sauce as a glaze. That one was really damn good. If you're not into mashed potatoes on the side, go with french fries or roast your taters. Or, just forget taters altogether and have some greens on the side. It's not an elegant meal but its very satisfying, and as the other anon mentioned meatloaf sandwiches are great as well. Give it a try anon!

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Cow balls

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I'd eat it. Wouldn't call it a pizza though.

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Well, that's ok. But only cause you got dubs.

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Looks alright, what makes it bad?

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fuck off asshole

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hoover salad

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philly cheese steak

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>Looks alright

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The fake cheese

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Was this actually purchased at a shop? Like with money? This looks like what a stripper would microwave for her kid before going to her "other job" at the truck stop.
I have a unique perspective of having a mother who made the worst meatloaf in history, and a mother in law who makes the best. I agree with both sides of the argument! When it's bad it's literally inedible ground up MDF board. When it's done right, it's wonderfully delicious. One anon said something about mushroom gravy on it, and that is also acceptable, but is more Salisbury steak at that point.

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That's exactly the problem, you're looking at it wrong. The trick is to make it almost like you would meatballs, though just a touch drier and tighter. Some very-finely minced or grated veg, some milk-soaked breadcrumbs, and good high-quality meat (I like 85/15) that isn't overworked. People who literally pack meat into a loaf or don't use any kind of moistening agent are literally the kind of braindeads I was talking about.

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Ah, my pro-loaf nigga is still in the thread. I agree with all that you've said. For cheat codes add 1/2 a packet of onion soup mix (or a whole packet if you can find low or no salt options) and for the glaze it's amazingly simple and quick to make a reduction of whatever tomato based sauce you like the best. I'm partial to brown sugar, normal ole ketchup, molasses, minced garlic all cooked down for a few minutes and put on with like 15 minutes left in the baking.

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le 56% can't digest milk so no racist milk or cheese is available in usa

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Provel, specifically.

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Glad to see someone else with an appreciation of a well-made homestyle dish. Cheers.

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reminds me of homemade pizza my aunt used to make for me when i was young. other than the obvious "fake" cheese,it's pretty spot on. that being said, replace the american cheese with any other normal cheese and i'd sure as hell eat it.

thanks for the nostalgia!

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Costco's take and bake meatloaf is actually really good. The meat is very flavorful and has a nice spice to it. Glaze is a bit "standard" but that's not a bad thing IMO.

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st louis style pizza

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Hm, I've never tried that. Costco take and cook stuff is either very tasty or fucking slop, haven't found much in between

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That's a nice memory anon, but even with mozzarella the pizza in that pic looks grim. It's basically a thick ass piece of toast with a slim bit of toppings. And I love Sicilian style pizza, but that ain't it champ

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new york bagels
20 dollars for a cold bagel with way too much salmon and cream cheese

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*ruins ur potluck*
that looks kinda good
american cuisine has come a long way in the past couple decades, but if you go to any given restaurant on the european mainland it becomes abundantly clear how mediocre it is. the quantity>quality amerimeme is real
definitely a contender. anybody who says this crap can be "good" is lying to themselves. at best it's meh, at worst it's an abomination, and the spectrum skews heavily towards 'abomination'.

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>mayonnaise """""salad"""""

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Green bean casserole or hot dish

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>*ruins ur potluck*
maybe you're just gay.

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Many people overdress pasta salad, but there is nothing inherently wrong with it.

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Why would anyone ever make this over meatballs

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is that not literally all american cheese?

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Apparently it's biscuits and gravy. A personal favorite of mine, but it seems to baffle and anger all non Americans for some reason

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Anything with American """"cheese""""

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When a dish is loaded with fat and carbs yet still manages to be extraordinarily bland, it's probably time to retire it.

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How the fuck is there enough of a demand for this for it to be a business?

>it seems to baffle and anger all non Americans for some reason
I am an american and I was confused about biscuits and gravy until I had it for the first time. The only gravy I knew about prior to that was the stuff you put on mashed potatoes, and it confused me as to why anyone would want to eat a biscuit doused in that.

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I was always confused about the meatloaf horror stories. I always enjoyed it when my mother made meat loaf. Then I realized I am not a white midwesterner and my mom actually knew that food needed seasoning. Why anyone would cook an unseasoned loaf of ground beef is beyond me.

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It's not the dish's fault you don't know how to spice things properly or use enough aromatics.

It's mostly just Anglos and Anglo-adjacent people.

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Idk what these other people are on but you're right and it's impossible to find shit that doesn't have all those poisonous processed chemicals in them, and even if you buy produce and meat you don't know what's going in them anyways, as a lot of produce is sprayed and animals are fed garbage. They're feeding us shit. Even if you grow you're own fucking food there's microplastics and pesticides in the soil. There's no escape

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>I was confused about biscuits and gravy until I had it for the first time
Confused yes, but were you also angry at the concept of biscuits and gravy? That's the general attitude among non Americans on this board when it comes to this humble dish

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I'm not from the south, so it was alien to me for the better part of my life. But diners still serve it up here. I just didn't know what it was really, so I never got it. Then I got it and it's honestly pretty good.

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Iowa City, Iowa style pizza

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that's just detroit from little caesars
it's a big loaf of bread and that's it

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Cedar Rapids style pie

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Make it a Denton, TX style za for me pham

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this shit is flame though after about 8 beers, nglkd0ay

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kek thats why my captcha failed

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>Makes you gag

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When I learned what frito pie is I was horrified

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meatloaf is great when cooked right though

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Chili with corn chips and cheese served in a casserole dish?

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It's so bad, even other Americans deny it's of American origin.

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File: 1.95 MB, 720x404, American Cooking part 2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 2.87 MB, 720x404, American onion stuffed patty.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Anything that comes out of America's "melting pot"

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Can you guys give us a break? It's a midwest city full of dull retards what did you expect.

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What the shit is this

>> No.16444419

Not only is it german, it is also a scripted comedy program

>> No.16444436

Those silly Germans thought they were making a comedy about Americans, but it turned out they unknowingly reenacted the typical American lifestyle.

>> No.16444444

And that retard tried to argue that she was speaking English and that "you can tell by the lip movements"

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what's the point of even checking these?

>> No.16444503

there's a reason oldfags only cared about gets and not all digits in general.

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This is 100% correct. Its like chef boyardee tomato sauce served on a cracker crust with the worst cheese you can find. And If you don't eat it immediately the sauce soaks into the shit crust and sticks to the box so you can add cardboard pizza box to the ingredients list. I've never been so upset by a pizza in my life and I'm not picky about food in the slightest.

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File: 291 KB, 2000x2000, 518f709f-7a51-4838-b4fb-8204bd64a7c3.eda752f04fe05edcf6de41dd065df1c2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That sounds just like the Jiffy pizza kit you can buy at the store for 99 cents. It's a crappy just add water dough that turns into a brittle cracker in the oven. They used to include a small can of sauce but I think they did away with it.

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>he thinks all American food is mcdonalds and frozen boxes
mexican intellectuals

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a meatloaf made using ground turkey sounds like something I'd enjoy. Not the anon you replied to but thanks for the recommendation

>> No.16444884

What an idiot, its not that bad, its basically a big ass meatball and everyone loves meatballs.

>> No.16444888

probably dry out easily if you're not careful or don't have a good mix of ingredients

>> No.16444894

Yea, no one cooks meals from scratch retard, we're all eating out of boxes and cans. God you people are boring.

>> No.16444950

I mean it's a slightly bizarre thing to do to a scone but it's not bad.

>> No.16444959

meatloaf is really good with maple butter. of course the meatloaf itself has to be well seasoned and moist but that should just be a given. cornbread is a good side with it.

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At first I was like, why not just put onion on your burger after it's cooked?
But then I was like

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Worst dish has to be what Americans call "pizza". Pic related is a Bossier City, Louisiana style

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Everyone knows Flagstaff, Arizona style reigns supreme you amatuer

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Step aside peasants. Carmel, CA pizza takes the throne

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Imagine blowing a get this gud

>> No.16445369

Adding to the choir of absolutely abysmal tier when cooked wrong and a solid option when well seasoned and prepared

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American biscuits are not scones. Scones are crumbly while biscuits are soft and flaky,

Oh, fuck off. Americans perfected pizza. New york and detriot style is superior to whatever peasant bullshit that is served over there in italy.

We don't talk about any of the shitty flyover pizza, though.

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This must be from one of Chef Pepe's restaurants. No really, that's his name. Chef Pepe. Owns a bunch of Italian places in Carmel.

>> No.16445628

If you hate bbq I don't want to know what the fuck you're into you degenerate faggot. BBQ is the greatest gift bestowed to man. Just because it tastes like good and not cock doesn't mean its not delicious.

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Lutefisk. Not American but they eat this nasty shit in northern MN. It's fish that's been pickled in lye

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