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This is how pizza should look. Take a good look.

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mama mia

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Not enough cum on top. 3/10.

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>Take a good look
>picture is blurry

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why even bother putting basil if youre not gonna attempt to spread it evenly

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The amer*can flies into a fit of confusion and rage if every single bite isn't totally identical. Fascinating behavior.

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it was just a question spaz

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agreed, i hate the overcooked cheese on fast food style/NYC style pizza.

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Let's start with the basics : if it's not cooked with woodfire, it's not a pizza

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>burned crust
Enjoy your stomach cancer, real fun having all your food digested by your large intestine.

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>that much bread
it's like you enjoy shitty fast food pizza.

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There's more basil spread around the pizza. It was cooked so it wilted but you can see it in the sauce if you look around. The few leaves on top are just more of a garnish I guess.

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>burnt on the bottom and tastes like shit
>unappetizing whole fucking leaf on top
>supposed to be fancy but looks lazy as fuck
>some child outside the restaurant window literally vomiting
ah, authentic italiano

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Fuck, posted the wrong image.

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where can i get pizza like this

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most NY style local pizza shops worth a damn carry anchovy and almost all pizza places have tomato and pepperoni

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and in NY they got this kind of pizza? like with not a lot of crust? looks good

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this pic is so fucking old

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>2015 was 30 years ago

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Weak bait

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But that’s a cheese pie.

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Looks like pizza, tastes like pizza, it's a pizza

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This. The crust seems too burned.

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What the fuck is this


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nigga, SHUT ur beta bitch ass up. who tf eats the crust on pizza

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This is how pizza should look. Take a good look.

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Fakhin bootiful roight in the luv for me 'ome n cunt-tree

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tenglandt ?

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this can be mitigated with a high fiber diet.

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It literally looks like someone put a lunchable pizza under a broiler for a few minutes.

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>eating boring pizza because it's "authentic"

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why don't they give you little chairs for those tables? :(

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I love how every time someone tries to be a pizza elitist they always post some neopolitan dogshit as if that's good

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As a kid I watched the Tim Burton Wally Wonka film and was obsessed with the toothpaste cap toys Charlie had and began collecting the dividers in Pizza boxes to make my own I guess, I must’ve collected over 50 for a few years and one day I realised
>It’s retarded
>They stink up the room when I got new ones
Dunno why I typed this out but your post triggered something in me.

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>This is how pizza should look. Take a good look.
This is how *ITALIAN pizza should look

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not enough cheese.

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This is how pizza should look. Take a good look.

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Speaking of pizza how much pizza do you get with 2 large pizzas vs 1 extra large pizza?

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>the difference in good pizza and bad pizza is the cheese is sliced from balls and not shredded and evenly distributed over the entire pizza.

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I don't think that's enough char to really be a significant cancer risk.

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I used to work at an independent pizza joint... after every shift they'd make me a personal pie. I love margheritas.

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This is how pizza should look. Take a good look.

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