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What does /ck/ think about Kenji?

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legendary chef

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Would be less shit if he didn't show his face

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great chef but "a bit" of a weirdo

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Why did you put "a bit" in quotes

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All the people who I know who are Dictionary/experts are fucked in the head when it comes to the everyday life. Doesn't matter what hobby or career. Those people are weird. Not hating. Just the truth.

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His book is regarded a bible by foodies, no?

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cah man's tapped init

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I don't think about gay shit.

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>guys gals non-binary pals
what did he mean by this?

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It annoys me to no end. I think he has a wife and children, but always gives a salute to a bunch of fags.
This is what happens when you stay in California too long

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I wanna be Kenji

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he's a fag who cooks with a gopro on his head but no shoes on

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He writes a fantastic cookbook. Sometimes I get annoyed by him but that’s probably just projection on my part. He seems to be a trust fund kid who used that privilege in a positive enough way, which is eye-rolling at times. Seems like a nice guy.

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>trust fund kid
>used that privilege in a positive way
>is so disingenuous that he refuses to go by James
>sells $8 pretzels in a sitdown german restaurant in rich fuck town, CA

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his name is way too long so he's truly sus. plus he puts peas into his mac and cheese. grade a freakazoid.

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Thank you for sparing me the desire to see who this faggot is.

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Good, but his most recent videos have been hit or miss.
His roasted potatoes videos is one of my go-to's.

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Why are there always so many threads about people on this board? I hate people. I want to discuss food and cooking, not people.

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that's just the standard price for the area though. why would you undersell your shit for no reason and make it harder or impossible to pay the overhead?

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We just need an e-celeb board so that /v/, /k/ and /ck/ could be great again.

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lets discuss how people can make food to cook itself

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overrated af

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his name is James

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I'm a hapa and I think he looks weird

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Son of a whore race traitors who is insecure as fuck and annoying

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You seem to be the racist, as is very common with your types. I simply don't give a shit about your fucking nations and don't want to visit them.
If you want to call me racist for disagreeing with you then you must have been shillary supporters since that's the best that they can do.
Are you still seething in your closets because Trump beat your annointed one?

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I dislike having to hear him slap his lips together while giving me a pov of him eating

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james is a retarded cuck. his cooking is 4/10

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>positive enough way
>post shit about eating the rich on twitter
>moves out of cali when it gets infested by the homeless due to policies he supports
>shits on white people and he's half white
hell of a blt though

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Probably the chef I've learned the most from. High average quality of content. I like him a lot.

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Looks like the bells palsy guy

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Great chef, was the only reason Serious Eats was worth visiting for so long, and The Food Lab is a great book. His youtube videos are nice, too, as long as you don't get buttmad at him supporting The Gays. The art is great, even if the artist is a bit of a faggot, in other words.

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We have this thread every day

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I don't

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>took his wife’s last name
Maximum Cuck

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Congratulations on repeating the things you read on a meme cooking board without thinking about what these words actually mean. Well done!

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Take the pea pill

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virtue signaling left-wing cryptojew

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>discuss people
>discuss food
what's the differrence?

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>letting your wife talk you into taking some other guys last name doesn't make you a cuck
The delusions some people have

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I don't really care about him as a person. I hate his humor and his attempts at small talk in his videos.
But his culinary knowledge makes it worth it to watch his shit.

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I'm not even american you obsessed tard

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His bolognese recipe is terrible

>> No.16377658

Please don't post pictures of that jerk

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did he get the vaccine?

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His recipes on SeriousEats were often overly involved

I like his POV cooking videos on 2x speed, those recipes are a lot more reasonable imo

I wish he wouldn't film himself cooking barefoot

His dogs are cute

He did an hour long podcast with the nice awkward couple from Chinese Cooking Demystified and talked over them for like 90% of it, particularly interrupting the wife many times. I thought it was an awful look but it fits with my image of Kenji being both vain and socially unaware.

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i wanna pork that thick little chink so fucking bad

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hapas look weird and are not nice to look at, idk why though

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