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How much do you spend on food per day would you estimate? I'm a fat fuck who spends 30-50 dollars a day on food ordering apps and need to do a lifestyle change but I'm curious how much people actually spend on food.

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Breakfast: $0 (I skip breakfast).
Lunch (weekdays), $4-5 convenience store sammich/onigiri/bento
Dinner: $2-$10 in ingredients (cook dinner, so a very wide range)
I also buy two bottles of water per day, at $1 a piece.

Total then, $8-$17 per day.

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how in the fuck do you afford that shit? i spend like $10 a day on food because i dont eat out and preplan my meals

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£130 a month, works out roughly £4.40 per day as a single person. I use an app to track all my spending. Includes the occasional takeaway also hygiene products such as shower gel, toilet roll, razors etc. I could halve that if I really wanted as I am putting on weight as it is. Spending £30 a day sounds ludicrous. Takeout food and sodas don't even taste nice to me.

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i'm on pandemic unemployment right now and get like 500 a week. it's expiring next week so i'm completely fucked so i might kms

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holy shit dude, start cooking meals at home you enjoy and go get a job at arestaurant so you can get free food.

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This still doesn't make any sense anon unless you're a fucking underage faggot

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i'm a 402lb binge eating neet with not skills, no job, no life. my mental state has been spiraling for the past year. once this PUA runs out i'm toast. i was thinking of signing up for community college but i'm turning 32 in july and i feel old and worthless

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Larp some more underage faggot

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i'm posting out of genuine need for help you braindead retard

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My daughter has a calico critter toy who has a plate of food that looks exactly like that...

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probably about 3-5$
I eat mostly beans, lentils and rice though

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go for a walk right now. it doesn't matter how far. get out of your chair and go do it for at least 5 minutes and then come back and drink a glass of water. keep doing this. start browsing the computer standing up for periods of time. go apply for dishwashing jobs or something like that, plenty of places are looking right now. you CAN ALWAYS MAKE A CHANGE. life is a collection of your individual choices and you always have different choices.

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Start off learning how to make fast food you like if you want to learn then. Cooking isn't all about avocado salads and french toast, it's supposed to be fun. Learn to make your own pizzas, fried chicken, burgers, whatever you like. It will be messy at first but you will get better and it will be rewarding, and you'll save money. Experiment, don't be afraid to try and learn. Slowly introduce healthy things like eggs, wholegrains, and leafy greens into your experiments. I forced myself to learn, no one taught me. You will feel shit if you eat shit all the time. And if you have no skills go get a warehouse job at Amazon or Walmart. Take responsibility my dude

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Nah, you aren't larping waterhead. Go back to your containment board faggot

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just apply, at least you'll be doing something and people would sooner think ''well hey better late than never'' than ''wow look at this old guy''
This guy's idea is probably better

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I maybe spend about $10 on food a day. Less if I did meal prep for the week.

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It really is too late, just keep collecting disability

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Keep pushing it and get to 700 pounds so I can see you on TLC channel

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Good I hope you get nothing

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toast or eggs for breakfast
2 chicken salad wraps for work lunches
1-2 sugarfree energy drinks
yoghurt, nuts, chocolate, anchovie on crackers, omlette for snacks
dinner is usually more wraps with chicken, chicken soup, yoghurt again, cheese and crackers, etc
Sparkling water as well

it works out like 80-120NZD a week ~around 90usd

plus I spend more on random shit from the cafe, occasional stuff from shops etc

I make 23nzd an hour so it's about, realistically, 1 day of work in my work week goes on food. 2.5 days goes on rent/internet/power etc. Plus I have to buy petrol, clothes, other random stuff.

Damn typing it all out I realize how poor I am and how little money I make..

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At least you still manage to scrape by, which is good. I imagine power and rent must be high there.

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i'm a cheapfuck but was fat before in the past. I tried to use food stamps or my mom bought me shit, or my uncle gave me his left over bbq, etc, etc. or I ordered off the dollar value menu. Per day when i was a fat fuck, i prob spent 3-4 dollars on food per day. then family gave me the rest of my food.

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Eggs: 12 ($2/day)
Milk: 2 gallons ($3/day)
Steak: 454g ($2.50/day)
Potatoes: 500g ($0.50/day)
Stir fry: 250g ($0.50/day)
Beer: 5 pints ($6.50/day)
That's $13 a day with plenty of calories to spare. How do you get to $50?

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Maybe try reading the OP next time kiddo.

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I'm a skinny degenerate alcoholic and I can't imagine drinking $30-50 worth of alcohol every day. I don't drink bottom shelf garbage either.

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He spends a lot cause delivery apps charge a lot. Your alcoholism is cheaper if you're going out to buy it yourself

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10 dollars a day to feed me and my sister, at most. Occasionally I'll go full fatmode and get a whopper or something.

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I spend a 1/3 on food what I spend on alcohol. I usually buy 2 12 packs of white claw spiked seltzer which are about $17/ pack at the local rite aid. So that's about 30-50$ /day depending on the cycle ( I buy in the morning or have some leftover from yesterday). It was worse, I used to smoke. If I have leftovers from last night's dinner I have that while sitting in my underwear listening to my project manager drone on about project builds, while I'm downing my 7th seltzer of the day.

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Invest in a pair of high quality kneepads

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>I also buy two bottles of water per day, at $1 a piece.
Dude... you could buy like 12 bottles for $1.50 at a grocery store and use a refillable bottle when at home so you don't lug it around all day

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You can buy sparkle water and vodka and mix it yourself

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just start drinking hard alcohol and embrace your alcoholism

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I know, but I walk 25 minutes during my morning commute and again on my way home. In a suit. Carrying a work bag. In the baking humidity and sun of Tokyo. Carrying a liter of water on top of that is kind of a pain. I drink filtered tap water at home, the bottled water is just after I get to work and throughout the work day. I will say that I love the taste of the Suntory water, though. It's much better than my water at home. It's about $500 a year, I know, but for quality of life I think it's worth it.

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Mostly eating cheap noodles and rice with cheap veggies and legumes these days. Probably between 5 and 7€ on average for a day I'd say, including the copious amount of tea I drink. You can eat for really cheap if you put in a little time.
I do however see massive spikes when I go to the pub because I like to pay for rounds.

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Nice, I thought I was the only one who ate off of my keyboard.

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>i was thinking of signing up for community college but i'm turning 32 in july and i feel old and worthless
Don’t worry, everyone in community college is either old and worthless or young and about to be worthless. You’ll fit in fine

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You just really wanted to tell everyone that you live in Tokyo. That's neat, anon. :)

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if you weren't so goddamn obese, you'd be okay. unfortunately nobody anywhere likes a fat old neet so you may as well kill yourself

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I'm a big fan of the Apple keyboard plating on display here

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And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids!

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The life of a dancing english monkey is tough hey?

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Yup. That's why I mentioned it. If I say "suit" and "walking to work", I figured I'd get "oh... You can't afford a car, but you wear a suit?!". But if I add "Tokyo" then everyone will easily understand "loser English teacher" and go about their merry way. I'll have you know I'm an executive English monkey, however (in-house corporate teacher).

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>skipping breakfast

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Too old to understand that reference, but I just prefer extra sleep in the morning to everything else, including food. Haven't bothered with breakfast since I moved out of the house in 1991.

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$200 month maybe up to $300

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Enjoy your gay sex gay guy.

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Wow soooo terrible and heavy. Don't want you to ruin your softie hands either.

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Pretty sad tbqh loser.

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I go to the store 2-3 times a month and usually spend anywhere from $80-150
I dont eat out

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>30-50 dollars a day
God, I would kill myself if I spent that much on food everyday.
I don't have any hard numbers since I don't eat out much anymore, I guess it would be my grocery bill or the price of individual grocery items divisible by a number of servings or something.
I would estimate around $5 or less for each meal in a typical day and I stretch meals with rice and I eat leftovers as lunches for work. My grocery bill ranges from $35 to maybe $80 on a biweekly basis depending on my needs and what I want to prepare.

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This. I want to see some shit posters end up on TV.

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As an ex English monkey, just don't get stuck. Lifers are the most depraved, sniveling scum on the earth

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>not drinking at least $30 of alcohol a day
Sorry sweet pea but you ain't an alchy you attention seeking cunt shut the fuck up you boring bastard I hope you get fucking stabbed to death by a nig you cunt waste of life piece of shit

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I eat only rice, beans, and frozen veggies.

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$10-$30, average of $25

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I spend 50 dollars per week

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Breakfast: Usually $4-$7
Lunch: Usually skip (hard to find time at work to take lunch)
Dinner: Depends on the night, but I average $11.
Total: $15-$25 per day.

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That is an example of Japan's plastic food samples, so I'm not surprised.

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Like 5-8 euros. Foods cheap in the Balkans. I can order enough chinese takeout for both lunch and dinner for 10 euro.

>> No.16345229

He said that he's been overusing delivery apps. In just fees, you're looking at nearly $10 per order.

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breakfast: granola+milk = 1 euro
lunch: slices of bread with some spread, some cheese and sausage on the side = 2 euro
dinner: big cut of meat or fish, salad with spinach, carrots and cherry tomatoes, oven baked potatoes= 10 euros

I drink tap water and generally avoid snacking so I think I'm around 15 dollarydoos. I can get to 3000+ kcals with the above when I'm bulking btw, just with increased portions which has minimal price increase since I buy in bulk

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I choose the homeless life to afford daily Ubereats

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That's on average nearly 15k on food. If you'd just eat normally you could save like 10k a year. Invest that money and you can be a richfag in a couple of years amd also live to an ages where you actually have time to spend that money instead of wasting away from diabeetus and bed sores

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About 40 dollars a day on the healthiest diet this planet has to offer. All made from scratch.

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Let's see, yesterday I ate,

Breakfast: homemade buckwheat bread [$2.00 for the flour, quinoa, eggs, oil, etc.]
Lunch: Fries and drink from Jack Astors [$9.00 - this was anomalous - a first outing with friends in a long time.]
Supper: Chicken drum sticks, noodles, potatoes [$12]

I guess around $23.00 yesterday, but subbing that expensive lunch for eggs and potatoes or whatever would make it more like $15.00.

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Right now between me and my fiance we are spending $120 (canadian dollars) a week on groceries cumulatively and go out for dinner once a week, about $50-60 average including drinks.

So total food budget per person, per day works out to $12.85.

I think it's pretty telling that going out to eat just one time per week makes up about 30% of our food budget.

We live in an expensive region though, so elsewhere you could get this much lower

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>How much do you spend on food per day would you estimate?
Why estimate? I keep track of it.

FYI I get plenty of fats, carbs, and at least 100g of complete protein per day. Nobody's fault but your own that you can't feed yourself properly.

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very nice autismo chart. Do you have a collection of mealpix to share? I'd be interested in seeing just two or three of your average, typical meals.

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I normally spend around 50$ a day for lunch at work. I like good food. Skip Bfast and eat whatever at home.

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My meals aren't anything /ck/ worthy. Like, I just ate rice, lentils, olive oil, and soy sauce out of a pan with a spoon. Breakfast was a 5km run followed by 400g homemade Greek yogurt and some overnight oats out of a jar.

You can't expect to spend less on food while still eating gourmet all the time. I have a huge advantage of working in a food store though. Last week I got a 500g joint of lean gammon for literally free.

>Reduced from £5 to £1 due to sell by date
>Staff discount brought it to 80p
>Had a 50p coupon
>Store membership card had some money on it so I paid the last 30p with that

Bought a bag of frozen peas and made 3 fucking amazing and large portions of pea and ham soup.

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I wish I had some positive news for you but asking an anonymous meme board for help is pretty weak. If you don't WANT to change for yourself nobody is going to make you do it. Have you walked around the block a few times to start to build a positive habit and build confidence? Start there, or don't - It's your life.

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I hate this meme so much.

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With vitamin supplements, yeast, and all the water you can drink you can literally just stop eating. Like, you're not going to starve to death if you're 402lbs you actual fucking retard.

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You dont have to live like this. Its tough, but you can lose weight. Its never too lste for college either; that's a fucking meme.

>> No.16346007

College is a scam for retarded kids. If you have an internet connection, you can teach yourself more than any human in history could.

>> No.16346008

>Here's my food budget in bong bux bro
These numbers mean virtually nothing to almost everyone.

>> No.16346015

So, OP, either TRY to lose the weight snd turn your life around and at least feel a little bit for a time if not actually begin to remedy your situation (which you CAN remedy completely. Just takes time) or continue to be fucked and make no changes.

>> No.16346024

I had a great college experience desu. But I know I got lucky.
For a good education you actually need to research programs and institutions and faculty. You can't just pick a type of career at your local college and hope for the best.
Look for small class sizes, proof of hands-on work, and passionate, invested faculty (mentor experience). Also pick something where you will learn some actual hard skills.

>> No.16346027

But you have no proof of it.m and you didn't actually sit down and learn it in-depth with help from professional teachers and tutors snd the ability to actually have a social life and no; even though they are retards, most of even thr crazy radfems you see around and probably never wanna date are not always bad personality disorded people 24/7 in all ways like you proabbly think.

>> No.16346032

Depends what you consider an education. If you want to specialise in one field then sure you'll need to immerse yourself in that field. But to become a generally "educated" and critically thinking person you don't need to go that far. Hell spend enough time on 4chan and you'll get there.

>> No.16346062

And no, they don't care about you being "old" either.

What choice do you have? Go take welding classes, get into STEM, get a business degree, do SOMETHING even an English degree will at least get you doing something and if you do your resear h and everything, you can still likely figure something out.

Even shit like machining and tru j driving requires you to go through formal training. If you don't recieve training ina skilled field, you are FUCKED. This isnt even new shit.

Or if you reallt don't want to, maybe you could get a job at a nursing home as a dishwasher, work really hard, and work yourself up to recieve training from the head chef for a prep cook position like I... couldn't do that one time...

Get an apprenticeship or go to college or vocational school. This isn't even a new thing; this is how employment has akways worked. Valuable skills, knowledge, and training = more valuable worker

>> No.16346077

Even an art degree is more valuable than what you are doing to yourself right now.

>> No.16346080

1) Good work ethic
2) Being smart

You now know everything that an employer wants.

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-2 Eggs
-2 pieces of toast
-2 strips of bacon or 2 sausages or 1/2 an avocado
Total: $1.50/day

-Protein shake
-Leftovers from last night’s dinner
Total: $1.50 or $0/day

Huge variety here. Sometimes it’s a $10 pot of escarole and beans that stretches for 2 nights, and sometimes it’s a $20 steak and baked potato.
Average is about $12/serving/day.

So I guess about $15-16/person/day. Which squares, as my GF and I spend about $600 on groceries per month. We also go out to eat once or twice per week, but that money comes out of our recreation/leisure budget. Huge price variability there too; sometimes it’s a Wendy’s $4 for 4, and sometimes it’s a $30/plate hipster fusion spot.

Total spending is about $1000 per month total on food for 2 people. Our combined take-home after taxes is ~$115k, so we spend about 10% of our income on food. We could definitely spend less, but (Wendy’s aside) I like to buy quality organic ingredients from Whole Foods, Vons, and farmers markets.

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WHY THE FUCK ARE THERE ONLY 7?!? 8+8 THEN 7 fuck you prick faggot bitch! SUCK MY WHITE ASS

>> No.16346388

God the life of a poorfag gives me the shivers

>> No.16346394

Truth. I graduated with an English BA from a state university, and have just accepted a salaried at $93k + guaranteed 10% yearly bonus for a total pre-tax income of $102k. My last 2 jobs paid $67k and $73k respectively. I’m 25 years old. I don’t do anything related to English whatsoever. Absolutely needed a degree to open the door to a position like this. My GF has a fucking BA in Fine Arts and is salaried at $65k, and she is strictly work-from-home. She works a max of 42hrs/week.

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post w2

>> No.16346416

I cook a majority of my meals, probably $10 a day on average. $20 tops if I include eating out every once in a while.

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I have another 35k bonus coming July 10th. My girl makes about 150/year. Anything else?

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That’ll do. God bless you and your girl.

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>/ck/ - Food & Cooking
>[Post a Reply]
>08/21/20 New boards a
Same, good luck with the spreadsheets.

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The absolute state of fat NEETs
>only $150/yr
Didn’t know they had internet in 1823.

>> No.16346504

You know what I meant

>> No.16346584

>The absolute state of fat NEETs
You linked me twice when I'm the guy in >>16345944 who ran 5km for breakfast, dipshit.

>> No.16346606

Ran out of filling. Don't overthink it their existence was fairly brief.

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>30-50 each day on food
>210-350 a week
>500 covidbucks a week

>> No.16346703

This month
>349 GBP Groceries
>327 GBP Restaurants

I've been lazy af not cooking lunches but this also includes going out and drinking.

>> No.16346714

I spend $30 a week so about $4-5$ daily

>> No.16346827

This. All the old folks at my uni classes were cool, and got a lot of respect for trying to better their situations.

>> No.16346861

$30 of alcohol is 3.5 liters of bottom shelf vodka. I'd say anyone who can down 3.5 liters of popov in a 24 hour period can be classified as an alcoholic. That's a liter and a half of straight alcohol, broheim.

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>>Reduced from £5 to £1 due to sell by date
>>Staff discount brought it to 80p
>>Had a 50p coupon
>>Store membership card had some money on it so I paid the last 30p with that
This is a sinle most jewish post i've seen in a while. Thanks, anon.

>> No.16346890

$60 a week, roughly, so $8-$10 a day

>> No.16346967

10-15 or roughly 100 dollars a week.

>> No.16346977

You could learn to cook at home and cut your fat fuck food budget in half, eat better quality food, and still indulge your fat boy tendencies. Do that.

>> No.16347008

I save money on food so I can spend it on actual nice things like video games and dragon dildos.

>> No.16347012

Sure thing, chubs. Post physique.

>> No.16347018

Usually $20-60 on alcohol (beer & wine), $12-50 on food depending on where I eat at.

>> No.16347244

Man this website is great for my confidence, so man opportunities to go "man I may not be flawless but atleast I'm not that." I recommend you do something similiar to grow some confidence before you set away for college. Dunno where one can find posters in worse state than you, maybe /a/ or /r9k/.

>> No.16347344

Except without the piece of paper they call a 'diploma' it doesn't matter what you know. An employer will say that you are not qualified.

>> No.16347369

good going sir, thank you for good advice.

>> No.16347480

can confirm. I'm worthless too
t. community college professor
we get dudes out of prison, homeschooled spergs, and single moms just there for the cash

>> No.16347500

fat fuck please just go bankrupt and die

>> No.16347657

idk. probably $300-$400 a month on food.

>> No.16347705


>> No.16348271

4-5 yurocoins, i do omad

>> No.16348346

100 dollars a week for 2 people and i cook all the meals

>> No.16348444

I did 66 cents a day for a few years while living with my friends. Now that I'm married I spend about $6.60 a day to cover both of us.

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File: 574 KB, 1080x742, 8edTyT2A8Cc_7KOICRbG1nyFGTvs1lpQhCyS18lvrxA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need help balancing my budget

>> No.16348760
File: 84 KB, 1315x1027, Screenshot 2021-06-27 203149.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need help balancing my budget

>> No.16348801

>live in tokyo for 8 months to do a research project with a partner university
>most gaijin friends I make are dancing english monkeys
>most miserable bastards on earth
>start considering moving to japan and teaching english even though it's not my primary language
>everyone tells me to do it including all other english monkeys except one guy who graduated from being an ALTfag
>just tells me to finish my degree, get some experience back home, move to work at a mid-size to large-size international company and earn enough money to own a car

is it really that fucking depressing after a few months?

>> No.16348819

>How much do you spend on food per day would you estimate?
Either $4 or $40, there's nothing in the middle

>> No.16348909

I think I spent about 6 bucks today.
I had about 1/2 a box of penne left over from last night, so I split that into two meals.
One meal was a couple cans of tuna, various pickled vegetables (beets, carrots, cabbage), peas, onion, mayo, sour cream, parsley, salt and pepper.
Other meal was pork chop, tomato sauce, peppers, onions, parmesan. chives, dried herbs.

>> No.16348917

Anywhere from $4 to $10.

>> No.16348995

Averages to ~15$ a day

>> No.16349048

Tfw poorfag.

>> No.16349124

I'm 28 and spend $0 on food because my mummy buys everything for me. Anything I ask for she'll buy.

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File: 3.50 MB, 640x506, 1623358029581.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf, how? I'm also 25 and I've got my bachelors and masters in ECE from a state school and I still couldn't get jobs at the makerspaces or those entry level school IT jobs (where they hire students and pay them with tuition waivers). When I was in grad school, i applied for an office position in my department to help keep our ABET accreditation and the fucking asshole professor interviewing me said my only asset over the other applicants was that I was born in the US. ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHSHHSHJSSJSJKSSJ

>> No.16349814

Just learn to make a few dishes that you like which also use ingredients that are plentiful and cheap in your local area from local farmers, preferably something relatively easy and not time-intensive. Then you can eat really well for cheap.

>> No.16349947

Yeah my breakfast/lunch/dinner money all comes from my anal lube budget so I don't really spend money on food at all.

>> No.16350006

I have just bought a small plot in the country and want to grow as much of my own food as possible.
So depending on how you look at it I have either spent thousands of dollars or will spend nothing on food.

>> No.16350242

You are getting some flame and I thing that is a good thing

>> No.16350247

Imagine going to work just to be starving and eating shit food every day.

>> No.16350340

Remember that vegetables are very seasonal and not very nutritious, you're probably best served growing stuff like cabbage or pickles that you can ferment and store long term. Beyond that your main focus should be milk and egg bearing animals, and meat. Maybe get into fishing as well, possibly building a fish pond on your property if you don't have easy access to somewhere you can fish

>> No.16350430

>An employer will say that you are not qualified
Employers will say just about anything to get you out of the door if they're not confident in your work ethic or think you're stupid. The qualification likely has little to do with it.

>> No.16350433

>vegetables are not very nutritious
Hahahaha what the fuck looooooooool

>> No.16350441
File: 97 KB, 426x309, 1598971565578.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Remember that vegetables are very seasonal and not very nutritious

>> No.16350450

i limit myself to 10 dollars a day, including drinks

if I save constantly I'll buy something nice to eat at the end of the week

>> No.16350674

One of those things is super gay, and it ain't the dildo

>> No.16350682

Since this is /ck/ I assume the video games get crammed up his ass.

>> No.16350768

I'm on covidbux too and disabled to boot and I suck at cooking but it's not hard at all to stay under 5 bucks a meal even with frozen crap and take-out

If you can boil water get some noodles and bouillon and oatmeal. Eggs are cheap as fuck and so is most streaky bacon. So are bread and butter and cheese. Curry roux is cheap and easy to make. You can get huge quantities of rice for a few dollars.

If you literally cannot pour cereal without it catching fire you can get frozen pizzas and other shit with enough calories for a full day for five bux each at Walmart,

>> No.16350772

The answer is nepotism

>> No.16350774

>Slowing down metabolism for the whole day

>> No.16350785

I should have applied for this shit during the summer before I got back into school. Or shouldn't have went to school at all.

>> No.16350792

>He has no self control and has to binge food first thing in the morning
Yeah no thanks I wake up with just a glass of water and a cuppa.

>> No.16350808

What's the point of the yeast?

>> No.16350817

covid unemployment assistance was a mistake

>> No.16350839

Without it the economy would have totally collapsed

>> No.16350845

I hope you do rather than draw another check from my hard earned salary in order to be a fat fucking failure.

>> No.16350852

>Day trader
>Pump and dump patsy
>"Hard earned" anything

>> No.16350873

That's some hefty projection you have there, anon. For your information I have a real job, but I also trade stocks because I don't waste my extra money like retarded OP eating everything in site while sitting on his ass on my dime. Fucking faggot

>> No.16350888

I've spent as little as 200CAD inflation adjusted when poor a month, to about 550CAD a month on a health kick. I'm rather thin averaging about 140-145lb.

Right now spending about 400CAD a month and cutting back. Spending on delivery is fucking stupid, if you cannot help yourself fill your freezer with processed foods and you will spend way less.

On a low budget the only real problem is protein but you can get that on the cheap if you're willing to eat anything.

>66 cents a day
Did you live on gruel?

>> No.16350900

Sure you do, kid
Shit posting on Reddit is a fine job

>> No.16350920

are you the same idiot who was spamming threads here recently about GrubHub "forcing" you to spend hundreds of dollars a week on takeout? if not, you two should be friends. you can have heart attacks together.

>> No.16350926

Maybe $350 a month for me and the gf. We mostly cook from raw ingredients.

>> No.16350929

Is it supposed to say "Hodling" or was it meant to say "Holding"

>> No.16350937

I probably spend about $150/mo on food (maybe $200 including beer). I rarely eat out and make cheap meals like beans and rice, chicken and rice, vegetable soup, etc. in big amounts for leftovers.

>> No.16350943

With it, we're only prolonging the collapse and making it worse when it does fall apart. Now that wageslaves have tasted neetlife with stimmy checks and unemployment that pays more than their lost wageslave, no wonder there's a recent sentiment of wageslaves refusing to go back to work. (which will collapse the economy anyway)

There's no winning when the people on top are intentionally fucking us over to save their own skin.

>> No.16350944
File: 145 KB, 1600x1029, kotlett_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or around $11 to $12 a day if the average month has 30 days.

Cooked potatoes, onions, chops in sauce and carrots today.

>> No.16350951

I assume so. "Hodl" is a meme word, I don't know if that sounds right. It's more or less interchangeable with "hold", I imagine it started because someone made a typo

>> No.16350975

>Stimulus only prolongs the collapse and makes it worse!
That's fucking retarded. Stimulus fights collapse by maintaining the flow of money. I'm not talking about a stock market collapse, I mean an actual disruption of basic supply chains.
>People actually organizing and demanding wages be brought up to match inflation of cost of living will collapse the economy!
Quite the opposite: more money in circulation instead of sitting in bank accounts is by definition a stronger economy

People like you are the kind of idiots that think giving poor people and the disabled money is akin to burning it, as if those people don't buy groceries or pay rent.

>> No.16350980

Hodl is an r/wallstreetbets meme used to convince retards not to sell the stock they've been tricked into pumping

>> No.16351122
File: 20 KB, 400x400, 1621623736347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The china virus made meat too expensive. How do you eat well without it? Every vegetarian recipe I see is either a giant pasta dish for fatasses or a kale salad for skeletons.

>> No.16351134

Roast or braise a whole chicken and eat it over 2-4 days

use the bones to make stock to add flavor to stews and braises

>> No.16351200

truer words were never spoken. also, fuck you.

>> No.16351260

like 7 euro
aldi is cheap

>> No.16351338

10€/day for groceries and about 90€ in delivery apps

>> No.16351341

(90€ each month for delivery, not day)

>> No.16351355

Not the guy you’re talking to but the answer is networking while you’re still in college. I studied philosophy undergrad but a buddy who worked in accounting for a construction company recommended me for an entry level project management position. After a couple years of experience I moved from construction project management to tech project management and now I’m in federal government consulting which is pretty sweet.

you just gotta make friends bro. chances are some of them will go to places you wanna be, and if you ask nicely they might be able to recommend you to HR.

>> No.16351416

you need to be 18+ to post here, kiddo.

>> No.16351448

I live on $11 to $12 a day (93-102SEK), not by necessity but we cook everything from raw ingredients so we know what we eat and always buy big packs on sale like 1 kilo norwegian salmon for $9 or 1 kilo veg beef for half of that or 1 kilo prime beef for $10 or rootfruits or fruit or salad vegs.

It's enough for me and my gf, breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks if needed.

Of-course we go out now and then and its really really good an fun but i mean if i cook a steak dinner with some beers and invite some friends it's like <$20, if i go out and do the same it's like >$100.

>> No.16351496

4-5€ per day, I like many different foods, I don't eat much meat or fish and I make most things from scratch, so I can get my meals for under 2€ each

>> No.16351578 [DELETED] 

Not even niggers are this careless with their money.

>> No.16351605

The poor should be put in zoos for our amusement

>> No.16351648

On average about $5 a day, and I can say that knowing it's true because I've tracked it for ages


>> No.16352103

I dont know how long ill stick with it but yesterday I started a bacon and eggs routine

bacon $3.88 (sale thick cut)
eggs (6) $1.50
if I need a snack before bed $2 worth of pepperettes

>> No.16352382

The only things you eat all day is half a pound of bacon and six eggs?

>> No.16352384

About 5 EUR/day. Probably less.

>> No.16352574

starting yesterday, (375g) a bit more than half a pound

>> No.16352579

forgot link

>> No.16353253

Le great reset man, pls.

>> No.16354229
File: 88 KB, 863x1497, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

~$500 with alcohol
eat out 1-2 times per month, some rare pizza, everything else is groceries

I'm surprised this is so uniform actually, because I'm not budgeting shit

>> No.16354246

I have this keyboard. I spilled a beer all over it one night drunk and it got all sticky so I washed it off in my sink and let it air dry. Still works fine. Pretty robust keyboard I'd say.

>> No.16354262

You suck at cooking

>> No.16354300

What the fuck man I make $110k a year and I only spend like $7 a day on food. My breakfast is about $1.25, lunch I either skip or have leftovers, dinner I'll spend like $20 on ingredients that give me three or four meals

>> No.16354363

You're paying way more in taxes than you should btw. Are you in California? That's still awfully high. I'm married with similar salary and my yearly federal tax is near 15k, state is 6ish, fica is another 7-8 or so

>> No.16354365
File: 503 KB, 2000x3565, aDdhiZw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you don't actually need to learn to cook to eat healthy or cheap

1. Buy an air fryer with a rotisserie. You can now make /any/ meat or fish just by throwing it inside and pressing a single button. It is also way more fucking delicious than ubereats after it spends 0.5 hour in a delivery bag.
2. Raw vegetables, fruits and berries. In US people look at me like I'm a lunatic when I say that I eat raw cabbage or two pounds of raw tomatoes, but it's literally the laziest, crunchiest and most delicious way
3. If you have a trader joe's near you, then it's the best place to buy healthiest frozen dinners you can throw in microwave. $3 including tax for 1.5 pounds of chicken fried rice ready for consumption after 7:30 nuke in microwave.

Bam, no cooking, eating healthy, well under $500/mo

>> No.16354631

Contrary to what this other faggot said, the answer is not nepotism. As a child, family was lower-middle class, although nowadays my dad pulls ~160k/yr, and my stepmom does about 120k. I got a job bussing tables in a restaurant when I turned 16, and have worked ever since. I began operating an online retail business (no MLM bullshit, Amazon dropshipping, etc. but a legitimate business that sourced name-brand items from a 3rd party wholesaler) at 18, and worked that on the side through college. Also during college I got a bullshit $12/hr general office admin job working for a department within the university.

Right after graduation I accepted the highest paying job that would hire me. Dispatching trucks. $20/hr. Night shift. Worked holidays and weekends. Because I wasn’t a retard like the no-degree dispatchers, within a year I was promoted to general manager, operating a fleet of about 30 vehicles. A year after that promotion, I left for greener pastures and moved across the country. Took a job as the general manager of an industry-specific rental company. I affected meaningful change and implemented policies that directly resulted in cost savings and revenue growth. Worked there for 2 years; couldn’t tolerate the coke head owner anymore, and tendered my resignation. Coasted on savings and juiced unemployment for 6 months while passively job hunting. After turning down a few mediocre offers, I accepted a pretty cushy 40hr/week, Mon-Fri, no after-hours bullshit position paying $93K + bonuses overseeing assembly line production.

In my experience, the 2 most important things when it comes to making money (other than being born rich, or getting lucky on crypto/stocks):
1) Develop your ability to communicate confidently, concisely, persuasively, and non-threateningly.
2) Grit your teeth and work through bad conditions/bad bosses/bad hours etc. IF, and ONLY IF, there is a definite light at the end of the tunnel (i.e., promise of a promotion or raise).

>> No.16354684

It's great for a while. I was in Korea not Japan where the conditions were marginally better. The problem is life is so easy there yet ultimately unfulfilling. You can fuck hot girls but you're only an exotic foreigner status symbol to most of them. You can make good money (sort of) for easy work but there's no way to advance or challenge yourself. It's not a very secure gig and nationalist moments can blow up your income or visa. Get tired of being a semi-literate retard in most scenarios etc.
People get addicted to the easiness and start getting scared to go home because muh resume gap/culture shock. In reality they just don't want to resume working hard around people that can accurately gauge their attractiveness. I think about going back all the time but I know I would be very unhappy within a year, at least if I went back to teaching. There are people that stay long term despite that resentment and have wives/kids there. My advice is to go, and either work towards being 95% sure you want to stay or making an exit plan. If you're ESL yourself or not from a stereotypically white English-speaking country though, it will be a lot harder.

>> No.16354837
File: 62 KB, 1216x699, picture of me in my lair.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not from a stereotypically white English-speaking country though

>> No.16355175

>Did you live on gruel?
Cheap meat, eggs, and rice mostly. Living in a rural area results in food being cheap if you know where and when to get it.

>> No.16355672
File: 338 KB, 538x572, 1495353650955.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>healthiest ready meals

>> No.16355731

Full of all sorts of essential amino acids and nutrients, but is low enough in calories to not break a fast.

>> No.16355751

Buy chuck roasts or whole chickens or pork shoulders, those are the cheapest meats.

>> No.16355813

I spend about $50/week
I eat mostly organic too.
Learn to cook, you fat retard. You will save money, look better, feel better, and be better. And going to the grocery store will get you away from your screen.

>> No.16356295

what do you eat with it? I can eat a whole chicken in a sitting, and than something else small 6 hours later

>> No.16356564

I skip breakfast and lunch and eat about 1000 calories or so in a meal that is usually a piece of fish and then a lot of veg with shittons of fat if it isn't a fatty fish.

Been like this for five years and I think I'm slowly dying.

>> No.16356579

Whoops, this is about £5 a day or so, I buy whole fish and portion and freeze for the week and veg is dirt cheap. I only drink water so no other expenditures.

>> No.16356745

About 150 Euro every 2 weeks for 2 people as we cook all of our meals

>> No.16357023

0-3 € per day.

>> No.16358064

You should really have something small to eat for breakfast instead, a cup of tea and a piece of toast for example. 1000 calories doesn't seem enoughfor a day unless you're just sitting around doing nothing. How much do you weigh and what job do you do? For me I don't skip meals, I also snack alot inbetween which all adds up to around about 7000 calories or so a day. I get food cheap though so it's not so bad on the wallet

>> No.16358734

I'm a poorfag, so no more than $5-$7 a day on average.
It's easy for me because I have a roommate that buys all kinds of junk like sugar for Kool-Aid and tea, hot dogs, hamburger patties, buns, milk and cereal.
Even then, I really only need 1 meal a day with snacks, or just 2 basic ass meals. If I do spend money, it's at a cheap restaurant with a coupon.

>> No.16360244

Yeah I know, I do sometimes manage a cup of coffee that's more milk than coffee but for the most part lack of appetite is a problem.
Last I checked I weigh about 65ish kg at 6ft.

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