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You ever chuck these in the fridge for a couple hours? they taste so much better.

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Also, zapping them in the microwave is amazballs.

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superior creme pies coming through

i can't seem to find them anymore though

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end your life

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fudge rounds

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awww bless your little heart

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microwaving little debbie is sacrilege kys yourself

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Go back.

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It absolutely isn't. The fuck is wrong with you?

It's okay sweetie

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you really don't belong here and it shows

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Where the fuck is Big Debbie?

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>scrikit KkKlub

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you microwave your prepackaged snack cakes and it fucking shows, they are best enjoyed refrigerated everybody here knows this

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You're speaking for everybody big boy?

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all rational actors in this world eat their little debbies straight from the package directly from their panty, are you some sort of chef inventing a new dessert dish with heated little debbies and melted gellato or something? I guarantee you the concept will fail

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Who the fuck uses the word "amazeballs"

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>willingly being retarded

no need to be upset anon :*

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I'm not upset, I'm just asking a question.

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>you microwave your prepackaged snack cakes
that's exactly the kind of behavior I've come to expect from /ck/ so I'd say he fits in perfectly

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Yes! I toss swiss rolls in the freezer for a few hours and they're so much better that way

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>not microwaving them

Fucking heathen

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You both suck dick and I'm very upset the way this thread had turned out.

Must be a seasonal thing. I'll be on the lookout this fall.

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There's both room to FREEZE and HEAT little debbies.

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Move out of the way, the actual GOAT is here

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I fucking hate this site. Both of you, kys.

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Where do they even sell these?

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for me it's the banana twins

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nothing personal kid

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Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeet the fuck out of here with these

There's one true queen and that's little debbie

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What's wrong with you?

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It's okay anon, let it out

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this shit way too formal most of y'all don't follow suit stacy dash most of these girls aint got a clue all of these hoes are made of records i produce i might take all my exes and put em all in a group

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he always says that
I'll have to try it duder

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>american culture is getting excited over fast food menus and snack cakes
genuinely depressing

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these are my favorite things ever but i rarely eat them because they are bad for you.
sweet food is bad for you anons. stop.

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These boxes always strongly remind me of autumn. I guess because my mom would get into the idea of sending me to school with a really nice lunch but by the time we hit Halloween that was out the door.

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wholesome memory

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