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>it is legal for Subway to sell unidentifiable fish slop as "Tuna" in the USA

Imagine not being European and having the most rigourous food quality and safety standards on the planet

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Imagine not reading the fucking article

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Shame Europeans can't cook for shit tho.

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I thought it was common knowledge that you don’t get tuner at subway

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Imagine reading the headline of an article and misunderstanding it. How retarded can you get?

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Yea ok Mr Hussain

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>it is legal for cocksucking OP's to make the same fucking thread for 3 days

you got shit on the last 2 times you cunt, kill yourself

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yeah but isn't it lovely to have a tomato that actually tastes like a tomato?

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well DNA is in the blood and there shouldn't be any blood in the sandwich anyway

watch a true crime show for once in your stupid life fucker

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Don't care, still eating Subway tuna.
Simple as.

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Take any meat and mix it with spices, veggies, and a shitton of mayo and have it tested and they'll be hard pressed to find animal DNA

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>DNA is in the blood
>watch a true crime show for once in your stupid life fucker
I know this is a cooking board but jesus.

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No DNA here

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A possible explanation.

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Meat DNA test exposés are always a load of shit. The journalist always sends it to exactly one lab, they never send control samples, each different person who tries it gets wildly different results, and meat known to be genuine fails the same tests.

As your own article points out here's a different source that came back with tuna DNA: https://youtu.be/ETqb9Umlo8A?t=110

Unless I see a journalist who can be bothered to do the actual legwork and trace it back to the supplier and find something fishy I don't give any credence to these articles. Someone is suing them over this, see if they win that case.

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>it is legal for journalists to publish overtly deceptive articles

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>subway deceptively markets not-tuna as “tuna” to trick retards into thinking they’re getting a tuna sub
>”based corporation muh freedom libtards trolled!”

>company producing milk alternatives adds word “milk” to end of product name making no deliberate attempt to hide that it isn’t truly milk
“NOOOOO why are they allowed to do this?! Jews trying to trick me into drinking soy!”

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Journalism is a joke, every single journalist should be shot.

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I’m sure what you mean by that is “all journalists that don’t agree with me should be shot.”

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>Journalism is a joke, every single journalist should be shot.

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Your view of what other people think and say is so distorted you might as well be having an argument with yourself.

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Visual depiction of this debate

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>“all journalists that don’t agree with me should be shot.”

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>it is legal for journalists to publish overtly deceptive articles

It's called libel, and people do actually win those suits.

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No, all of them. The 0.001% that actually do what a journalist is supposed to do instead of print their uneducated or paid for opinions and whatever distraction nonsense they can recycle from youtube content farms can write a gripping article as their doors are bashed in, they are an acceptable loss.

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But any competent journalist can create any narrative they want while avoiding the lies about specific facts that would count as libel.
Politics is the obvious example. You can turn on a TV and flip between Fox and MSNBC or something and hear fanatically opposite reporting on any event or issue imaginable. It's impossible for both to be remotely true, you know that one or both are being overtly deceptive, but both are legal.

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All, literally all "journalists" must go to prison and all media houses must burn down. Only then we will know peace, free of snakes poisoning people's minds.

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Only in Europe are in the top ten for world food safety, the UK and Ireland. EU food standards are well below American food standards.

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I used to work at Subway and we didn't get some kind of "Subway Brand Tuna" delivered, we'd get those bigass cans of Bumblebee.

This is like slandering TGIFriday's because Coca Cola is made with corn syrup instead of sugar.

Subway doesn't make the tuna, God makes the tuna. You have a problem with the tuna talk to him

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All journalists who violate the sacred role of their profession in preserving civilization by lying, making shit up and repeating garbage for clicks should be shot, along with every person who works in advertising in any capacity

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Yeah European are so smart

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Yeah those smart yuros

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>it takes the entire world to compare to 1 country


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>ateeq rafiq

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That's right ahmed.

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yeah maybe if its against a non jew. kike judges will never rule against their own if theres a way to slip out of it.

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I know that in america you become american as soon as you set foot on the soil, but in Europe you don't change race by crossing the border.

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Misidentfied tuna is a common problem in restaraunts all over. This is clickbait garbage.

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it's an average, not a sum you idiot. you could take every country individually and they'd still be much lower the the US, apart maybe from mexico or some other massively obese latino country

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You are correct, and DNA doesn’t survive the temperatures needed for meat canning
So all journalists right? there’s no honest journalism

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lmao based retard post

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>GMO’s are bad

Yurotards are absolutely antiscientific retards

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Being European sure feels good. Being better than everyone is a good feeling.

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you are now aware that cooked DNA is not suitable to identify species.

there was no usable DNA in the sample because it had been cooked you dip shits.

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Uh huh yuro

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the lab said that either the samples had no tuna in them or they were so heavily processed that the tuna DNA wasn't identifiable.
I'm guessing that's the cause, there's no doubt that fast food chain restaurant fish is incredibly processed, especially something like tuna slop which doesn't even have to retain any shape or look at all.

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>heavily processed
cooked will do that

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> Company slaughters en mass tuna of all species
> brands like bumblefuck and starkist are known for mixing all the meat of the bones into industrial meat slurries, draining the fat for supplements and then adding soy broth for flavor
> golly gee why can't we identify the slurried broiled remains of 5,000+ fish in a single can???

You fucking retards are lucky sausage is made from a single species or else we'd have the same fucking problem there too.

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anon most tuna brands punch the circles of meat out of a single carcass, that's why the meat still has the grain

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If you read the article you would know that the labs didn't expect to find results from a cooked sandwich that was frozen + shipped.

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Yea the good brands do, the ones I listed don't do that, go buy them and open one it's just meat slurry with no discernable muscle fibers

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>Imagine not being European and having the most rigourous food quality and safety standards on the planet

>OH N-

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based homeschooled kid

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Was this on the /ck/ mong patrol’s word calendar lately?
I swear the use of “meat slurry” has gone up like crazy.

Anyway, don’t be a retarded little fuck. You’re comparing flake tuna to solid or mostly solid tuna.
Go buy solid tuna from starkist, retard
>water is soy broth
How stupid are you?
>bumblefuck lolz xD
Okay, you’re 15. ask your mom to buy some solid tuna.

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The muscle cells have nuclei, which your arrows are pointing to, which contain DNA

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I'm a journo bro :>(

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Go look at the back of a starkist can and it says it has vegetable broth (soy) the parentheses mean that's what is in the broth. Literal subhuman with your post bud, please seek help.

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And yet our food is much better than yours.
Fuckn outta here bitch

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>Whatever they're selling it's not food
It obviously is "food" tho. Wonder what primers they were using.

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>puts tuna through international industrial standards for cooking and canning
>concerned when no viable amplifiable DNA is found

Try doing the same thing to a 100% organic sausage, made from a hand-raised pork fed only the finest grass and grain by your wife's boyfriend and then grilled. I'm not defending Subway, but god damn you guys are stupid.

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>Imagine not being European and having the most rigourous food quality and safety standards on the planet

>being so inbred that even European meat is banned globally for Mad Cow disease


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lol, still eating subway tuna subs



i am not getting the vaccine.


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In Europe you can get around this just by messing with the name just like how "margarine" legally just means "it's not butter" and has such broad and vague requirements that it's essentially a meaningless term
Not like anyone is actually enforcing this shit anyways. The local government propaganda rag here tests olive oil every few years. They grab three bottles at the nearest supermarket, take em to a lab and without failure every single time at least one of them hasn't even so much as seen a fucking olive.

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Subway in Europe sells you turkey pretending it's pork if the Subway is in a muslim neighborhood.

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>DNA test can't find tuna
>it can somehow detect covid

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i told my mom about this; thought it would be funny since she always gets the tuna sandwich at subway. she got all defensive and started talking about reporters having an agenda and fake news

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USA is 12th going purely by people qualifying as obese, and 20th going by average BMI. Oceania and the Middle East are fat as fuck.

>> No.16334260

>turkey pretending it's pork
While true, the menus do state that it's turkey ham/bacon.

>> No.16334262

>started talking about reporters having an agenda and fake news
I mean she has a point

>> No.16334273

please elaborate on what point she has, and keep it in relation to the tuna issue

>> No.16334276

>keep it in relation to the tuna issue
well shit

>> No.16334277

How is this even possible? Did he get his head stuck in between the cushions on a folding chair and broke his own neck trying to pull out?

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>European "food"

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the fuck is that?

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looks like some scandi food, probably fermented herring in a hollowed out rye loaf or something

>> No.16334509

They're mongols though.

>> No.16334511

Apparently it's a Finnish delicacy and a bunch of presidents and world leaders have eaten it at some famous Finnish bakery.

>> No.16334513

Meant >>16334410

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The company who had chemicals in their bread that is mainly used to make rubber soles of shoes and yoga mats?
That subway has questionable tuna?

Nah, I dont believe it

>> No.16334623

>each different person who tries it gets wildly different results, and meat known to be genuine fails the same tests.
seriously? is there a good reason for this or are scientists just bigger fuckups than what they'd have us believe

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Tuna is that stakey red meat you can buy for 30€ per kg from supermarket meat area,
Canned tuna isnt it and has never been. No one cares what species "tuna" is as long as its sorta alright to eat.

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>are scientists just bigger fuckups than what they'd have us believe
You guessed it.

People who haven't been around "educated people" have this assumption about them being really smart and almost infallible.
Finding out that a heart surgeon can be a fucking retard is like learning that Santa doesn't exist.

>> No.16334641

>t. EU cuckold
Now put your mask on and stay at home.

>> No.16334648

>Electric chair
I guess it was a powered reclining chair, and he closed it while his head was down the back of the seat, rendering him unable to re-open it due to panic

>> No.16334665

>is there a good reason for this or are scientists just bigger fuckups than what they'd have us believe
Its not a fuckup, its just the fact that millions and millions of different variables exist.
There is a reason people clamor on about "Peer reviews" in science. Just because one lab said something doesnt mean shit.

If you want something to be *accepted* by the scientific community, unbiased third parties will have to do the same exact tests in different labs, and if all different parties come to the same test results and meets strict criteria, it can be viewed as valid. And then, and only then can something like a drug be used in clinical trials (which can still fail at this point, even though its been proven in a lab by different parties)

There is a reason you see clickbait articles of labs finding new experimental treatments and cures for cancers or aids and then it fizzles out and you never hear of it again. Because it fails peer review.
And the cool thing about that, people go over the findings to learn about WHY their tests failed, and what the variables were further honing future developments.

Its pretty neat
Though if you are a smooth brain and disingenuous about how it all works, you can be like >>16334637
Fuck peer reviews, this guy watched something on Bitchute!

>> No.16334716

but isn't it their job to identify things based on dna? does every test they do need to be peer reviewed?

>> No.16334721

Stop being proud of a shit tier fast food chain you mong. Either that or get the fuck out if America

>> No.16334724

but it's just fucking subway. i thought it would just be a quick laugh

>> No.16334735

Reminds me of people claiming Taco Bell beef is only 30% beef or something which wasn't true. Or when I was a kid and people saying McDonald's beef was made out of worms. I can understand not trusting the food quality at these places, because they all basically just sell processed junk food anyway. But they probably do use tuna even if you can set up a test to say that's not what it is, and I think we should try to focus on the real issue of most people eating too much processed junk food, sugar, etc.

>> No.16334747

I worked at subway. Yes, it's real tuna. It comes in bags and is the same as the flaked canned stuff.

Tuna is some of the cheapest animal meat in existence. Faking it makes no sense because anything else that tastes vaguely similar is substantially more expensive. If you want "fake" meat in subway a better example is the seafood sandwich, which uses imitation crab (a type of fish).

>> No.16334750

>does every test they do need to be peer reviewed?
As said >>16331695, they sent out to another lab and got conflicting answers.
Its a lawsuit, they dont just bank on what one random lab says.

>but isn't it their job to identify things based on dna?
Yes. But keep in mind that the only reason these tests are even being done because there is mass scale fraud in the fishing world.
Mislabeling fish, lying about their source is rampant. You cant really tell so they get away with it.

Why they couldnt find any Tuna specific DNA vs whitefish and other DNA, who knows.
It could have been anything, including that subway sandwhich not actually containing tuna. Or they could have been completely incompetent.

This is why you wait until more thorough testing is done, and not worry about clickbait.

>> No.16334781

Aside from the frivolous lawsuit, the only reason its taking off is because of the recent fraud among fisheries.

>> No.16334789

Yes, which makes no sense for canned tuna since that is by far the cheapest fish in existence. The people who filed the suit are either trolls or controlled opposition.

>> No.16334815

big if true
gonna go rape some women now
no ruber

>> No.16334816

Anon, all *whitefish* is dirt cheap.
They couldnt even be bothered to take the dolphins out before grinding them up for years (and I dont believe for a minute they do nowadays). Albacore tuna is being overfished, its documented fact that fisheries are lying about their sourcing as of recent.

Its very possible that a their suppliers could be giving them some other whitefish other than albacore. And unless you were DNA testing them, you would 100% get away with it.

>> No.16335800

Not him, but the NYT journalist who wrote the source article said that the testing lab refused to be named and that the lab themselves were the ones who were concerned about the viability of the test with a sample of fish had been cooked, mixed with mayonnaise, frozen and then shipped cross-country.

Not to mention that the original article references a separate test done by Inside Edition (of all things) which definitively found tuna by a lab willing to have their name published.

>> No.16335810

>Tuna is some of the cheapest animal meat in existence

>> No.16335828

thank you for elaborating, interesting info

>> No.16335901

No, you actually arent, but have fun!

>> No.16335942

Yeah but you arent a person. You're a shill who has gleefully thrown away their integrity so you could in turn sell the soul of the general public and strip them of their liberty for a meager paycheck. You are a literal demon doing your part to enslave humanity for ((((their)))) profit. I hope you watch your family die in a house fire, hearing them desperately beg for help as if that alone will stop the flesh sloughing off their face, their cries turning to pained gurgles and questions of why you didnt save them, and that you have to live with the haunting flashbacks of the bliss their existence brought you and the agony that made up their final moments of life, for the rest of your existence, before finally being lynched in the street like the criminal you are.

Media. Must. Die. They've already killed the information, and the same must be done to them. One at a time.

>> No.16335953

Literally an evil pawn. The fact that a juorno somewhere, somehow dies everyday gives me they joy i need to keep going in this gay world.

>> No.16335955

Based. Mass media outlets need to be truck bombed.

>> No.16335956

No, the whole media crowd should end up in a mass grave yesterday

>> No.16335964

>our one test did not work in confirming the species of fish
cool, this tells me nothing

>> No.16336000

I don't read "articles", fuck this click bait shit for low IQ.

>> No.16336002

>this law exists
We've already lost. Humanity's future is unthinking bugmen.

>> No.16336011

I mean you have a point but dont shit on hog sausages until you've had one, that stuff hits different.

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>Its very possible that a their suppliers could be giving them some other whitefish other than albacore. And unless you were DNA testing them, you would 100% get away with it.

Supposedly Subway's tuna specification is for skipjack or yellowfin. Not that it matters, because unless they're very closely monitoring their suppliers, there's no way to know if they're getting the product they've ordered.

>> No.16336037

>chemicals in their bread that is mainly used to make rubber soles of shoes and yoga mats?
Those same chemicals are in your blood you scientifically illiterate moron, cry harder and read a fucking book.

>> No.16336044

If a food's been cooked (like subway tuna has) the DNA becomes denatured and is no longer identifiable. It says this in the article. It also says that even if subway is serving fish that isn't tuna, it's the cannery's fault, not Subway's.

Don't be retarded.

>> No.16336054

Micronations don't count, we're talking about a nation of 300+ million here.

>> No.16336096

>Some Finnish speakers today find the name kalakukko somewhat amusing, as kala is Finnish for "fish" and kukko is "rooster", leading to the often used but non-morphological translation, "fish cock".

>> No.16336103

Subway is unironically more popular in France (where they have fucking baguette sandwiches on every corner) than it is in the US.

>> No.16336130

Remember folks, the greatest trick the journalists ever pulled was convincing people they were REPORTERS.

>> No.16336144

Pretty sure that was the point

>> No.16336597

>the greatest trick the (((journalists))) ever pulled was convincing people they were REPORTERS.

>> No.16336644

You don’t buy from subway at all

>> No.16336662

tuna > meatball > turkey breast > roasted chicken >>>> all others

>> No.16336688

I really, really love these Tuna threads.

>> No.16336742

Oh shit so you mean we can just change the criteria to make the results fit our narrative? Hell yeah faggot

>> No.16336918

hmm lets see what happens to that fish before it gets to your sandwich
>shipped across an entire ocean and country
>processed again
>mixed with unknown amounts of mayonnaise and additives (the FDA doesn't explicitly define "tuna salad" aside from "contains tuna")
>shipped to individual stores
>slathered on a sandwich and mixed with many other ingredients and chemicals
>possibly cooked again
and then to get to the lab
>sat at room temp for unknown amount of time
>scraped off the sandwich
>shipped across the country
>eventually tested
just trying to point out how ridiculous of a situation this is, but I'm pretty sure the real reason why they can't find "amplifiable DNA" is because of how little tuna is actually in the tuna salad mixture, since the FDA only defines how it needs to be cooked/stored, what pH it needs to be in order to stop botulism from growing, and the serving size/reference amount/label statement
i wonder how few ounces of fish you can add to a gallon of mayo and still call it tuna salad

>> No.16336927

I really, really, like this image

>> No.16336930

tuna is cheap af, what are they using that is cheaper than tuna?

>> No.16336996

Cooking the meat completely obliterates the DNA. Subway isn't going to serve rare tuna so obviously there won't be a viable sample to test at a store. It says this right in the article.

>> No.16337163

how much food has to be in a dish for it not to be considered false advertising I wonder.
I tried looking it up but I can't find anything on it.

>> No.16337187

Hot dad?

>> No.16337252

why were you so aggressive and belligerent in your response? did your response achieve anything? was it helpful in combatting ignorance? why couldn't you have just named the chemical and told him more about it? is it any wonder that there are so many people having a knee-jerk anti-scientist reaction if this is how scientists behave instead of outreaching to less educated communities and being helpful?

>> No.16337738

Sorry, but I dont get paid to wade through the masses of Dunning-Kruegerites to hand pick the ones that have a chance of pulling their heads out their asses, i burnt myself out trying to do that on /x/ a while ago. There are so, so many stupid people who act as if they know everything and they all need to be met with the same handful of canned responsescritic in order to accomplish anything, because teaching yourself anything is something our society doesn't encourage. Don't think, just consoom and regurgitate.

To put it more politely (and succinctly), the point of my outburst is that what product a chemical is present in tells you precisely nothing about it. The only thing that tells you how beneficial/harmful any particular compound is by looking at what and how it interacts with the human body, and its presence in yoga mats doesn't yield any of that information. It does however, make it sound scary to the less educated, which is very useful if you're trying to manipulate people, usually to sell some "organic" "chemical free" bullshit.

>> No.16337769

Don't mean to sound condescending btw, critical thinking isn't really emphasized in our school system which is what leads to these massive amounts of ignorance and misinformation, which takes a significant amount of personal time and energy to pull yourself away from and rise above it, which most people simply don't even care to do. After all, it's better to be wrong and agreeable than right but controversial.

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>> No.16337801

I can't tell if you're baiting, retarded, or just a shill who's still in training. You should kys anyway though

>> No.16338254

is this truly the power of American education?

>> No.16338257

can't tell if serious and retarded or trolling and retarded

>> No.16338261

Aren't homeschooled kids generally smarter, since only the competent parents have the willpower to educate their kids on their own. They're just socially autistic.

>> No.16338296

Yeah, that's the gist of it

>> No.16339284


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>> No.16339435

Based and Pobedonostsev pilled

>> No.16339453

>>it is legal for Subway to sell unidentifiable fish slop as "Tuna" in the USA
>Imagine not being European and having the most rigourous food quality and safety standards on the planet
This is dumb. It's an obvious hit piece by a deceptive writer. Hasn't this been thoroughly deboonked already?

>> No.16339458

Lmao imagine admitting to being a brainlet this much, go back to >>>/x/ where the rest of you tards congregate

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>Lmao imagine admitting to being a brainlet this much, go back to >>>/x/ where the rest of you tards congregate

>> No.16339906

American education, everyone

>> No.16339939

>150 posts
>7 IPs

>> No.16340212

>DNA is in the blood
The absolute state of burgers

>> No.16340242
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nice post format you fucking newfag

>> No.16340247

using the return key is "reddit"

>> No.16340253

yes, subway tuna is tuna. period. you fucking idiots.

>> No.16340256


theres no additives. its just tuna and mayo.

>> No.16340259


and the tuna is made at the subway
and theres a normal amount of it.

>> No.16340261
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you fucked up, just admit it

>> No.16340262 [DELETED] 
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haha this anon fucking shat the bed three times in a row, fuck /ck/ is low iq.

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