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Why are Frozen pizzas so bad?

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because they were frozen

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Make your own pizza -- it's not difficult anon

You can freeze your dough ( either already stretched or in the dough balls ).

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Specifically the dough. Fresh pizza has airy dough, but even the best frozen pizza always has crust that's so, crumbly, dense, or tough it gives me rectal lacerations when I cram it up my ass.

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>he lives where he can't get Heggie's 'za

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Stop it

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Screamin Sicilian makes the only good frozen pizza

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Freezing kills yeast. Also, the sauce is garbage and cheese is frostburned and flavorless.

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The question is why you'd expect them to be good. You're taking a food founded on a big disc of freshly baked dough and freezing it for months. And then, to give people any reason to choose them over cheap fresh options, they cut every possible corner with the ingredients to make them cost as little as possible.

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tombstone is pretty good, usually throw a lil extra 'zarella right before i take it out

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frozen pizza is kino wtf you talking about, i ate an entire tombstone for lunch today and some nice fried fish and mexican rice for dinner

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Totino's. It's barely even pizza, but it's perfect.

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Frozen dough is laughing at your post.

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Do you know how yeast works?

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>black olives, anchovies, fresh tomato slices
Jack's is literally the best example of a "good" frozen pizza. The reason most are so bad it that they charge more than LC's, and when it's all crap price and convenience becomes a factor.

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My man

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If it's not pizza, then what is it?

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pls gtfo out

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