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>caramelised onions
>seeded mustard
>smoked beef sausage
>bun with melted butter and some garlic
Name a better hotdog.

You can't.

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>smoked beef sausage

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I'm not claiming it to be the best, but I am claiming it to be surprisingly good. Just hear me out on this one.

>cheap low-quality mystery-meat hotdogs
>cheap low-quality white hotdog buns
>cheap low-quality salsa that comes from a plastic jar
It has to be the shitty stuff, otherwise it won't work. Too high of a quality can ruin it. On their own, these ingredients would be terrible. But when combined, it's quite amazing. I found this combination by accident, and I swear by it. Yes, there are better hotdogs, but if you're ever in a circumstance where you have these exact ingredients, you'll have a blast.

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Americans need to fuck off with their pork beef chicken hybrid ''''hotdogs'''

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Denmark has the best hotdogs

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I prefer vealwurst to a beef hot dog but the toppings are on point. Better be spicy mustard with seeds too

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Smoked sausage and beef hotdogs are two different things my obsessed foreigner friend.

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Americans did not invent hotdogs and your trash is not the standard, buddy.

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>food falls before fat guy can eat it

why does this happen every time

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>caramelised onions
stopped here, absolutely shit tier taste. Raw white onions are the only kind possible with hot dogs.

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me on the left

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What are Denmark hotdogs like? I imagine that they're swimming in mayo at the very least.

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>your trash
In your case it's spelled you're.

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I'm not going to lie to you boys, I simply would not complain if the hot dog and bun in that webm was replaced by my penis.

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brave and daring.

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Then it would be a 'Lil Smokie in the bun

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Well they don't make buns that small, so it's more like a pig-in-a-blanket.

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is jack literally retarded? the fat nigger cant even bite shit correctly

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god I wish that was me

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do frogs really?

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The girl? Fag.

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Gain flexibility and athleticism, and be hungarian so you have a big dang.

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it's 2021 and /ck/ is still getting worked up by jack

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Ketchup, mustard and roasted onion.

What the actual fuck is wrong with amerifats putting 3 other dishes on a fucking sausage

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>calling tomato sauce ketchup
american ''pure nordid alpinoid aryan'' larping as a yuro detected

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Who ja/ck/ing it here?

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0:19, more specifically.

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Mamma Mia!
I have a large sauerkraut for her to choke on!
Mamma Mia!
I have garlic sauce for her to drizzle on!

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I want to bang her in her toilet hole

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good video

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is there a reason she seems to be fellating it?

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Because Homer is. >>16306378

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Yeah because she's a weirdo attention whore.

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Haha it kinda looks like she’s sucking dick haha

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This is best for hot dogs, hands-down. Have to get it shipped to me after I moved out of Alabama, they don't sell it in stores west of Texas

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I honestly never thought I'd see that on here. Good to know they ship, I moved to VA and miss it

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Yuropoors need to fuck off with obsessing over Americans all the god damned time.

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aussie master race. kill yourself subhuman.

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Don't you have an abbo to rape, Chang?

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lame retort.

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Lame reply for an equally lame continent. Your only claim to fame is being the exported criminals of Europe. At least Africans had a high point before they descended into the annals of American crime history. What's your excuse, Nigel?

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>ultimate hotdog guide
>listing weird 3rd world shithole dogs before all the american hotdog styles
>not having a chicago style hotdog, arguably the most iconic hotdog, in the first row

i can tell whoever made this pic was a seething yuro

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what else, bud? emu war? poothetic

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why do americans put their tongue out before they eat. its fucking disgusting

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This is something old fat people do. I have no idea why.

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probably sensitive teeth from litres of coke

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>tfw I'm fat but not old
>I don't do this
Aw shit, I better lose weight before I get too old and start tonguing my food.

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For me, it's
>sweet baby rays
>pickle relish (scooped with a fork)

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It's a sign of mental retardation. You can probably guess where Jack sits.

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Chili, white minced onions, cheese, and mustard on the rare occasion I eat one.

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>Chicago dog clearly on the list

You are retarded

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He knows it's on the list, he's indignant because it's not at the top.

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>Don't you have an abbo to rape, Chang?

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do you think she knew I would jerk off to this video of her when she made it?

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what that tongue do

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replace the hotdog with my penis and that woman with myself and boom, self suck. I got the whole head in my mouth last night. N

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I don't know much about regional American cuisine, but apparently my favorite of all the hot dogs I just randomly threw together would classify as Carolina style slaw dogs?

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Even the woman in the background thinks she is a loon.

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Stop speaking in riddles man! What do you mean??

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this sauce is just pure sugar

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Or as /ck/ would say, "it's just spicy ketchup"

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>hello, based department?

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I don't interact with people who have holes in their earlobes. Might as well be a nigger.

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U wot? Austrian here. Proper Vienna sausage is made with a mixture of pork and beef.

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