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Why the fuck didn't you guys tell me grits were so fucking good?

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i told you every day, now cook some shrimp with a little bacon and put that on top instead of butter

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What if I made seafood stock with the shrimp shells and used the stock to boil the grits?

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Hey anon is learning how to build flavors

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Saw that in Treme

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American food is a joke. You guys seriously eat cornmeal slop? But dw, you but an extreme amount of butter in so it tastes nice, right?

Just answer this and answer honestly. How is grits different from the sludge made from flour and water that they make in Africa?

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I don't get it. it's just porridge right?

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How is grits any different from whatever cheap easy slop your country makes?

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>wheat porridge or oat porridge: VGH MY ANCESTORS!!!
>corn porride: ugh do americans really?
The extent to which America lives rent-free in eurofags' minds never ceases to amaze

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p o l e n t a

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No mud?

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>reserve some of the cooking broth to the side, heat it while rest of liquid boils
>crack eggs like normal, scramble
>throw grits into the boiling liquid
>meanwhile, temper eggs with the broth you reserved on the side
>once the grits are cooked, add in the tempered eggs and stir until thickened
>add cheese and whatever else
This shit is a cheat code for the creamiest possible grits, far more than you could ever achieve with just cheese by itself

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found the buck

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Do Italians really????

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What the fuck is a grit

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Boiled white cornmeal. It's basically polenta but with a different type of corn that's finer and not yellow.

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Europoors actively engaging in damage control

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>he doesn't know

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basically a porridge made from hominy corn that's been soaked in lye
if prepped right it can have a nice creamy consistency that goes well with many things

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Yoots these days..

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I know My Cousin Vinny is supposed to be a comedy, but I have relatives who freak out about the idea of using lard for cooking exactly like Vinny did in that scene. Why are retards like this? They don't bat an eye about dumping butter into everything but you talk about using lard for frying or for pie crust and then it's suddenly time for a lecture on how saturated fats are bad for you.

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You usually don't change people's minds; you wait for them to die.

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>I know My Cousin Vinny is supposed to be a comedy, but I have relatives who freak out about the idea of using lard for cooking exactly like Vinny did in that scene.
The humour comes from the fact that for some people it's an odd thing to be particular about and for others its a relateable thing to be particular about. It's known as "Observational Humour".

As for why people are particular about it, for some people it's akin to a daily ritual or something core to their life. Telling them otherwise would be like telling people of a certain colour not to wash their chicken. It's just ingrained in them.

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you dont have to stick a whole butter into porridge to eat it.

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they're kinda gritty

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American bros, we got too cocky

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This sounds intriguing, I'd be interested for a more detailed recipe. What's the ratios, and what is the starting "broth"?

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stop seething anon, it aint healthy. so what you eat disgusting animal fodder swimming in butter.

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Half cup of grits
2 cups of chicken stock
half cup of chicken stock, reserved
two eggs, scrambled in a bowl
heat the 2 cups of stock to a boil, and the half cup of stock to a near-boil
Add grits to the 2-cup pot, stir and cook as usual
Meanwhile, keep the half cup heated
When the grits are basically done, temper the eggs by slowly whisking in the heated half cup of broth
By the time you're done doing this, the grits should be finished
Pour the tempered eggs into the grits along with cheese to taste, and stir vigorously
You'll know it's done right because the eggs won't scramble even though you just dumped them into a boiling hot pot
Keep stirring until everything is combined and the eggs are finished cooking -- you'll know because they'll suddenly firm up
Plate up and eat while still hot. The tempered eggs will make everything extremely creamy while still hot, but when they cool they'll firm up into an almost pudding-like consistency

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>disgusting animal fodder swimming in butter.
><insert X cuisine>

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>others do it so its okay

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Polenta is pretty based, anon

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I have no idea if you're in here just to seethe or you're just genuinely ignorant, so I'll assume the latter. Grits is commonly eaten four ways, with a single pat of butter (rare, never seen this), with cheese, or with a little honey or maple syrup, and possibly a little butter, or lastly with a little animal fat and salt. It can also be eaten plain, but like plain oatmeal this isn't common. Cheese grits are more common to certain parts of the south, The other ones are verbatim exact recipes for oats or "cereal" for millenia in europe, so I'm uncertain where you get the "a stick of whole butter" idea. Butter up until the 1950s was not something that was extremely common in southern households, and it goes bad quickly in the heat even with a crock, so it would be used sparingly at best.
Shrimp grits like another anon said are common, and looking back at it there are far more than 4 ways to do it, those are just the most common I've seen.

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here >>16304714
Thats a big chunk of butter to make le flour water edible

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Thank you anon that sounds delicious, I will have to try that as soon as possible. Much better nutrition too, getting some eggs and stock in to get more protein.

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theres no flour in it. butter is optional. seethe harder

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>soaked in lye
sounds ok, I guess. Doesn't lye come from China though? Natural tastes are always yummy.

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>food has to be complicated poncey fag shit

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>anywhere near american high-fructose corn syrup corn slop

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yes, this is a good idea. some other herbs or vegetables might be nice in the stock too
if you do it while this thread is alive you should tell us how it went

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only blacks put sugar in grits

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the only difference is that hominy is treated with lye. go suck off another euro man that has never worn deodorant though, you need to preserve your culture

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Have you tried creamy gritz? Cheesy gritz?

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It's nixtamalization, as done with hominy, masa harina and grits. It's very much an American Indian process handed down. You can buy grits off amazon. Northern states Americans prefer with butter and sugar. Southern seem to prefer the savoury kind. Shrimp and grits is on the top 100 foods to try before you die list. I like the cajun shrimp and grits variety.

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Never forget that when the Europeans brought corn back to their continent they forgot to ask the natives why they were boiling the corn in ash, and left that step out, and consequently, started dying of malnutrition in droves because most of corn's nutrients aren't bioavailable until it's nixtamalized.

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I've been waiting for you to kill yourself, honestly.

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Pathetic cope even by yuro standards.

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>t. Snails and butter

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I like my grits with tobasco, shrimp or crayfish, and cheddar. Nothing better.

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To make grits taste good you have to put in so much fat that you might as well eat a stick of butter.

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t. cooklet

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Maybe if the only flavor you appreciate is butter.

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>some british autist is going to jolt awake tonight drenched in sweat out of a dead sleep screaming GRITS

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>Doesn't lye come from china?
Fucking what? Lye (sodium hydroxide) is made fucking everywhere. It's piss easy to make aswell. The fucking native Americans made for thousands of years it by leaching it out of ash.

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