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Either add an ingredient or a cooking step.

I'll start: basmati rice

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Grind it to a fine powder

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jack's non newtonian sauce

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well this just took a dark turn

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throw it away and order delivery

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dog dick

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Mix the semen, dog dick, shallots and rice flour into dough balls.

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rustic, yeah?

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Turn deep fryer on and allow to heat up

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Test heated oil by throwing a bag of ice-cubes in there first.

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I was gonna you need an egg as a binder but I think the ooze is satisfactory. Was expecting a sloppa but we got fried balls...Brits....damn Brits

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Three cups of Cool-Whip

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Use a pastry blender to cut in a stick of butter

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sear in hot pan

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Add more olive oil

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Discard the pan

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put everything in a new pan with a cup of olive oil and butter

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leave the heat on and go to sleep

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Wake up, discard bed

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Already ruined

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Freeze overnight

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typical weeb

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I can't believe you've done this.

Roll deenz in panko

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Oil steamed clams

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just a little more cum

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All this time later, grubhub driver has arrived. Apply hammer to head, drag body in, feed the food to the jackal in the guest bedroom.
Appetizer balls done, wala, moving onto the entree. Defeather driver by ripping out hair.

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Bring the cum to a low simmer, and reduce to a glaze.

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mmm long pig

I like where this is going

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Drain blood in shower, skin and set aside the hide for tanning later

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Explore stomach contents for potential surprise basket ingredients.

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Perform circumcision. Marinade prepuce in soy sauce, mirin, sake and sugar overnight

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mcchicken with 3 mcchicken sauces

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inserted via enema as stuffing

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butter the bread on the outside and place sandwich into your sandwich sealer/toaster

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Baste carcass in cum so the meat doesn’t dry

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add secret aardvark

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remove secret aardvark

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Do the hokey pokey with secret aardvark

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Fuck the Secret Aardvark

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wa la, dish is done

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Put finished meal in garbage disposal and then turn on for 30 seconds

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knorr stockpot served on the side

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Right, onto dessert.
Take a melon baller to the giant heap of shit you've been glomming every one of your poops onto that has been a festering stalagmite in the center of your dining room table for seven years.

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Place on very hot pan and spread it

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but I am le tired

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When edges get crispy remove from heat

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A cup of hot, frothy piss from my goth gamer girl gf on onlyfans. I'm her "biggest D" every month so she brews a fresh batch for me, her bf, while contorting her kawaii face into a LEWD ahegao!

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Why? My Peenus Weenus of course :)

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Serve with a side of prozac for this fellow

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Drizzle semen reduction over balls

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