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Classy delicacy or disgusting sea roach?

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Sea roaches

river roaches

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If you can’t tell the difference between crustaceans and bugs you are a literal retard and should be scrapped for organs so less retarded people can benefit from your existence.

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>the mental gymnastics required to separate sea bugs from land bugs

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You are a retard, but lobster is okay before used to be poors man food but now it cost like a thousand times what it should cost we really live in retarded times

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granpapy's generation hated them but because they are bottom feeders, not because they are """bugs"""

y'all zoomers retarded for this.

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Dilate regularly please.

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>mental gymnastics
Lobsters and Crawfish and prawns and such all have identifiable chunks of protein-rich muscle. Roaches do not have have such a thing, only having minuscule amounts of liquid which is lost as moisture during any cooking.

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Thats also why jews dont eat them

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it was seen as lowly to eat them because people would eat them off the beach when they were abundant

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people's food and now it's flipped on it's head. Just like oxtail

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>Based or Cringe?

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Both. They’re sea bugs that trigger positive responses when we consume their flesh. Simple as. Both truths exist simultaneously

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So you think giving them a different name will make them not bugs?

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Being bottom feeder is what makes them bugs tho

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so a bug that hunts instead of scavenges is not a bug to your mind?

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They are bugs

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Looks like too much hassle to bother eating

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But according to your logic here >>16299893 they can't be bugs, as they are not bottom feeders

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no just janitors of the ocean

sure are tasty as fuck

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I didn't say only bottom feeders can be bugs, did I?

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You said, quote: "Being bottom feeder is what makes them bugs"
By your definition, a bug MUST be a bottom feeder. Don't try and backpedal away from your half-assed shitpost, coward.

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Delicious but overpriced.

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Okay you're right, the way I wrote it makes it sound like being a bottom feeder is the only thing that makes them bugs. They also got many legs and.are gross in general

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>the mental gymnastics required to separate sea squirts from land cows

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Fucking /ck/

What a terrible get

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From a propositional logic perspective
"All bottom feeders are bugs" != "All bugs are bottom feeders"
It's the same as "all poodles are dogs" vs "all dogs are poodles"

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>delicacy or roach lolz?? xD
>based or cringe?
>is it a meme??
>dank or schwag?
>keyed/locked or BTFO?
>You decide!! Roflmao!
Fuck anyone who makes these retarded threads.

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Which is arguably even more retarded. If all bottom feeders are bugs then I guess catfish are bugs.

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>used to be poors man food
same with chicken wing, back in the day before all the newfags got a taste, wings were like $2 for a whole package of wings that today would cost $30, or $2.50 at a bar for 12-15 wings. chinese restaurant sold them for something like 4 wings for $.50. they arent even good for soup bones!

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Why are you such a chud

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>"All bottom feeders are bugs"
That's not what he said.
What he said was "bottom feeding is what makes it a bug"

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Imagine hating fun as much as this faggot

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Omg is he allowed to say this>>

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He said "being bottom feeder is what makes them bugs" not "all bugs are bottom feeders".
You fucking dumb gorilla nigger cunt. You're so fucking stupid I hope you get hit by a car, torn in two and all your family slowly abandons you as you turn into a pathetic wreck.
Stop being a spineless pussy, cunt.

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>disgusting sea roach
all seafood is disgusting, but sea bugs especially

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Fry in garlic parsley butter
Gratinate in oven

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That's objectively wrong. Being an arthropod is what makes it a bug.

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"being bottom feeder is what makes them bugs" argues that bottom-feeding is an essential, defining quality of being a bug. Go be ESL somewhere else.

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Does it matter? It tastes good.

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Fight the good fight anon

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>Is a sea bug
>Not a job title where you literally lob shit
I'm still somewhat bothered by this

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>mental gymnastics
crustaceans taste great, bugs don't.

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Reminder that early settlers to America had to bury lobster shells in their yards after eating them because it was shameful to eat such a low class food

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Crab is better than lobster
>Crab: Better than lobster
Here are the reasons
>crab: tender and buttery meat
>lobster: boring tough meat
>crab: tastes nice, good subtle flavor
>lobster: tastes OK at best
>crab: more fun to eat, breaking apart crab legs one by one with your friends
>lobster: Boring to eat, you need a pair of scissors and are probably eating alone
>crab: looks unique
>lobster: looks like a big shrimp with claws
These are the reasons why crab is better than lobster.

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Yes, it is the hipsters destiny to increase the price of all poor peoples foods

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Doesn't change the fact that it's still a bug you dolt.

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spiders aren't bugs

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Neither are lobsters but here we are.

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>I have never been laid.

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Yes they are

Yes they are bugs of the sea.

Jesus christ /ck/ can be fucking dense.

Pound cake between the years for the lot of you.

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Just about the only thing you got right about lobster is its vaguely shrimp like shape.
Also crabs are quite possibly the least unique animal on earth, crustaceans have independantly morphed into crab-like shapes hundreds if not thousands of times unrelated to eachother.

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isopods are the bugs of the sea. lobsters and crabs are decapods.

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Giant, overpriced prawns.

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Not worth the quantity and circlejerk of the culinary world also the barbarism of cooking one

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Ok chud

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>crustaceans are bugs too!
>coffee is a drug too!
why is it always this cope

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”bottom feeding is what makes it a bug" means that if a thing is a bottom feeder then it must be a bug. This is equivalent to saying "all bottom feeders are bugs".

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>if a thing is a bottom feeder then it must be a bug

ITT: fish are bugs

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Honestly, I wouldn't eat bottom feeder fish. I don't think crustaceans are bugs, per-se, but they're too hideous for me to even try. Same with bivalves.

Anything that's a bottom feeder can fuck off though, fuck eating something that lives off fungi, bacteria, feces, carcasses and waste.

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I feel bad for you lobster or crab with melted butter it's the best tasting good on earth

>> No.16302879

peasant food

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based bug eater

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Because they don’t want to eat their own?

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I'm sure maggots taste good with melted butter too. eugh.

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