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What's the point of them?

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you carve out a tiny slice, put it on the table and then you pay your tithe to your roach overlords

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Pretend they are a little table

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So the pizza doesn't get smashed I guess. They are fun also.

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it's a new covid-19 safety device that you press onto the neighboring slice so you can pull out your slice without cross contamination.

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Damn i would never had figured that out. Thanks anon

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No problem :)

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i do this

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its a table for ur pizza

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I used to use it as a table for ants

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They're for the box integrity. Sometimes they get piled on top of each other and you don't want the top to collapse and ruin the pizza.

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You need hands to pick things up dumbass. Duh.

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Found the Biden voter

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I'm not american sir/ma'am.

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Barbie footstool.

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Pizza Areator
big pizzas need air holes to properly circulate heat post-cooking to avoid soggy points

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Keeps the cheese off the box. Next question

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does not disqualify you from being a biden voter

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Many decades ago some pizza chain ran a promo of with the Barbie doll company offering a 'free dolls table' with each pizza. The company which manufactured these little tables had such a surplus they sent them to other pizza places (even those not doing the promo) and the practice stuck even after the promo ended. Now all pizza places have one for the sake of having one despite not knowing the origins.

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>the intelligence of the average amerilard
pathetic *spits*

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everyone does this

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The longer it sits in the box and steams the cardboard, the more likely the box top sags especially of another box is placed on the top. It acts as a stop for the top pushing down to the top of the cheese.

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>america america america

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It's to hold the pizza together after slicing it. You're all morons

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rent free

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It's called a pizza saver, created in 1974 by argentine Claudio Daniel Troglia

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But he isnt dead

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>What's the point of them?
It's a free eyeball scoop.

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What's that??

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Now you know.

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he touched the pizza afterwards anyway, what an idiot

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>have to touch the pizza to take it out again
kinda defeats the purpose there broseph

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It's for the mice to dine on with the leftovers when you throw the box out.

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Its so you can carry a pizza in a messenger bag, I used to deliver them this way with my bike. Try it yourself just close the pizzabox and hold it sideways.

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Oh shit! Makes sense...

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No one does this

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i think a very small percentage of people may do this, but evidence is unclear

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