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Now that’s a proper New York slice!

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Price in australia: $12 a slice

>> No.16261077

what's that in real money

>> No.16261197

.32 cents.

>> No.16261217

Like $8 USD

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Around $6 USD Australia is a third-world shithole

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Theres an easy way to make it taste more authentic

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Does that way involve cramming or shoving by and chance?

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It does

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Looks exactly like swedish pizza margherita.

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Realistically its $5/$6 a slice from a Kebab shop in Sydney from memory

$15 for a whole Dominos "New Yorker" style dogshit pizza. Fucking hate this country

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Hopefully you will to yourself with a knife into a vital organ.

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In QLD there is a chain called "new York slice" that has always been $10+/slice. They are the full American size.

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That looks like shit. NYC is a stain upon the Earth

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Haven't they heard about oregano or basil. Fucking 3rd world place.

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You seriously put that garbage on pizza? It’s meat, cheese, tomatoes, bread. Stop being poor and fluffing up with grass because you think rich people do that.

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The original: margarita. Are you pretending to be stupid, you succeded.

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burnt and wheres the oregano you were in tears about a few minutes ago? Margarita is a frozen alcoholic mexican beverage what you're looking for is 'Margherita'
The absolute state of midwits who feel a sense of superiority while being 100% wrong.

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He doesn't know the word 'or'. So it's burned, who cares. Keep digging.

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... you think that’s burnt?

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